Fudgy Mint Chocolate Brookies


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Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 
Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies 

Chocolate and mint are a match made in holiday baking heaven. These mint Oreo brownies are part fudgy brownie with chewy edges; part soft and chewy chocolate cookie.

They’re dense, moist, rich, and are pure holiday comfort food. And there’s zero cakey factor. Whew, what a relief. I only like cakey if it’s cake.

There’s an abundance of Cool Mint Oreo Cookie chunks in every bite. The cookie bits add incredible texture and are a great crunchy contrast to the fudgy, smooth brownie.

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

These mint chocolate brownies are an adaptation of my trusty blondie recipe because it’s a no-hassle, no-fuss, no mixer required, one-bowl recipe that goes from pantry to oven in 5 minutes, perfect for last minute dessert needs or anytime you need an easy-to-make yet impressive-tasting dessert.

The holiday season is a joyous time, but can also a stressful time. Anything I can do to lighten the load of effort and stress traditionally associated with the holiday food prep and baking is appreciated.

Pans of bars are so much faster to make than cookies. No dough to chill or roll out, and bars are my favorite kitchen shortcut and a time-saving tip

I’d rather spend time with my family, wrapping presents, shopping, or doing just about anything else than fussing over a complicated, labor-intensive recipe.

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

Another tip is to line your baking pans with aluminum foil, and then spray them with PAM Cooking Spray. This saves big time on cleanup time. You can lift the dessert right out of the pan using the foil overhang, peel off the foil, and your pan will hardly even look dirty. Score.

PAM for Baking is a floured cooking spray and I swear by it. Even in pans I don’t line, like loaf or muffin pans, the non-stick, no-residue qualities result in food that I trust won’t stick, and makes cleanup a breeze.

PAM Original, Baking, and Butter sprays leave up to 99% less residue than bargain brands while still offering superior no-stick results, and have zero calories per serving.

Fudgy Mint Chocolate Brookies {brownie + cookie} - Easy, no-mixer recipe at averiecooks.com

What’s in Mint Chocolate Brownies? 

To make these loaded mint Oreo brownies, you’ll need: 

  • Unsalted butter
  • Egg
  • Light brown sugar
  • Brewed coffee
  • Vanilla extract
  • Peppermint extract
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • All-purpose flour
  • Mint Oreos 

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

How to Make Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies 

To make the loaded mint chocolate brownies, melt 1 stick of butter in the micro, stir in 1 egg, brown sugar, a splash of coffee, vanilla extract, and peppermint extract.

To the melted butter-sugar mixture, whisk in cocoa powder, flour, and fold in the chopped Oreos. I used 25 Oreos total. 20 I folded into the batter, and 5 I reserved and strategically placed on top.

That’s one of my tips because it creates a nice visual pop and will really make your brookies shine and stand out on a holiday platter. It’s hard to resist that green stripe, surrounded by chocolate on all sides.

The brownies have just the right amount of minty flavor, and the mint cookies help to boost it. Mint and chocolate is a perfect pairing anytime, but especially this time of year, and I just love the texture and crunch factor the cookies add.

My family went nuts for these. I wish I had one in front of me right now but they were devoured.

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

Do I Have to Use Coffee? 

The coffee doesn’t make the brookies taste like coffee and serves to enhance and intensify the chocolate flavor. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, I recommend it. Leftover coffee from your morning pot is fine.

Can I Substitute Peppermint Oil for Peppermint Extract?

No! Peppermint oil is even stronger than the extract, and the two are not interchangeable.

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

Can I Double This Recipe? 

Yes, simply double the ingredients list and bake the brownies in a 9×13-inch baking dish. 

Can I Use Another Flavor of Oreo? 

Yes, just keep in mind that substituting the mint Oreos will result in brownies that are far less minty. 

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

Tips for Making Mint Oreo Stuffed Brownies 

If you can’t find Mint Oreos, use your favorite chocolate sandwich cookies. Your mint brownies won’t be quite as minty, but they’ll still taste fabulous.

Regarding the peppermint extract — and I repeat this caveat every time I post a mint recipe because it’s very important — make sure you measure it, don’t eyeball it, and don’t over-do it, or your brownies will taste like mouthwash. If you’ve never worked with peppermint extract, it’s far more intense and potent than vanilla extract.

For example, I like to use tablespoon(s) of vanilla in recipes, but 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract is the max. Peppermint extract (or mint or spearmint extract) is sold in the baking aisle near vanilla. Make sure you select peppermint extract, not peppermint oil. 

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

Loaded Mint Chocolate Brownies — Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

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Yield: 12

Fudgy Mint Chocolate Brookies

Fudgy Mint Chocolate Brookies

Easy, no-mixer mint chocolate brownies that are packed with mint Oreos! Mint + chocolate is a winning combo every time! 

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 20 minutes
Total Time 1 hour


  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter (1 stick), melted
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 2 tablespoons brewed coffee, any temperature, optional but recommended (leftover from the morning brew is fine)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract or mint extract (do not use peppermint oil)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened natural cocoa powder (Dutch-process may be substituted)
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 25 Mint Oreos, each quartered; divided use


  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line an 8-by-8-inch baking pan with aluminum foil, spray with PAM Cooking Spray; set aside.
  2. In a large, microwave-safe bowl melt the butter, about 1 minute on high power.
  3. Wait momentarily before adding the egg so you don’t scramble it. Add the egg, brown sugar, coffee (does not make the bars taste like coffee and enhances the chocolate flavor), vanilla, peppermint extract (be very careful not to over-add or your bars will taste like mouthwash), and whisk until smooth.
  4. Whisk in the cocoa powder. It could take several minutes of vigorous whisking if your cocoa powder is lumpy.
  5. Add the flour and stir until just combined, don’t overmix.
  6. Using a sharp knife, quarter 20 Oreos on a cutting board and stir them into the batter.
  7. Turn batter out into prepared pan, trying your best to evenly disperse the Oreos within the batter. Smooth the top lightly with a spatula.
  8. Using a sharp knife, quarter remaining 5 Oreos and place them onto the top of the batter, dispersed evenly. Push them down with your fingertip just far enough into the batter so it touches them, but do not submerge; you want to see them for a visual pop.
  9. Bake for about 28 to 30 minutes, or until done. A toothpick inserted in the center should come out mostly clean, or with a few moist crumbs, but no batter. At 28 minutes (shown in photos), the bars are very soft and fudgy; if you like firmer and dryer bars, bake for a few minutes longer.
  10. Allow bars to cool in pan for at least 30 minutes before slicing and serving.


Mint Oreos: Another variety of chocolate sandwich cookies may be substituted such as classic Oreos or storebrand sandwich cookies, noting bars won’t taste as minty without using mint cookies.

Storage: Bars will keep airtight at room temperature or in the refrigerator for up to 1 week, or in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 198Total Fat: 9gSaturated Fat: 5gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 36mgSodium: 24mgCarbohydrates: 27gFiber: 1gSugar: 19gProtein: 2g

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  1. Get the kids to help in the kitchen! It saves you time on prep AND it’s fun AND the kids get to learn about cooking too :)

  2. Have everything ready before you start baking or cooking saves alot of time. Thanks for this awesome sweep and have a Happy New Year :)

  3. Cookie making is way more fun if you don’t have do it alone. I got together with 4 other gals and we had a blast.

  4. I like to have my grown son come and help me cook the meal. We stay up half the night and really have a good bonding session.

  5. my tip for the holidays are to get the kids involved and have them help in the kitchen, so it will create even more family memories together

  6. I like to bake several things at a time and I freeze a lot for later. For instance, when I make apple pies, I’ll make several, leave one out to eat now and freeze the others. Thanks for having this contest.

  7. My tip is to plan and prepare ahead of time. I like to make sure I have enough ingredients and that the ingredients I have are fresh. For example my lemon extract had expired.

  8. We always start baking desserts at least a day before to save time and ask guests to bring a prepared dish for dinner

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  9. I watched my sister over Christmas and saw that she had a list showing exactly what time she needed to start each side dish so everything would be ready on time. Thank you

  10. My favorite tip that saves me time and stress, is to start with a clean kitchen and an empty dishwasher. As I am cooking, I will clean things off and throw them in the dishwasher. This saves me the time from having to so it later.

  11. My biggest time saving tip is cleaning as things are cooking (or I am waiting for the oven to preheat) that way I have less to clean later on.

  12. My husband and I love to bake cookies for friends and family. We make very large amounts of cookie dough and freeze it. When we’re ready to bake, the dough is already made and it’s so much less work to bake the cookies.

  13. I have others in the household help out in the kitchen to reduce the stress from cooking and baking. It’s all about teamwork. :)

  14. Doing as much as possible in advance helps, like cooking and freezing parts of the meal as well as decorating early

  15. Go to other people houses and let them do all the work. I just said that after cooking the last meal for my visitors who have been here over 10 days.

  16. I shell pecans and walnuts all year long and freeze them. For holiday baking I just grab a bag from the freezer. Saves time and saves a lot of money by not having to buy shelled nuts at Christmas time.

  17. Start early make lists and have a plan and stick to it, its very easy if you start early to end up over budget so make sure you dont give in to too many impulse buys :)

  18. Those look delicious. My tip is to plan ahead and have family members help out.

    Thank you for the chance to win this!


  19. plan and prep the night before – key to success! Use Pam for all of my baking needs – cookies and cupcakes!!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  20. I keep my best recipes in a spreadsheet so I can easily check for ingredients and make shopping lists. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  21. get out all the ingredients before mixing, always a pain when you’re half way through only to find out you don’t have enough flour or something

  22. To reduce stress, promote holiday happiness and cheer, make a large batch of mulled fruit punch: I prefer Cherry/cranberry, but any sweet fruit juice works fine with some cinnamon, nutmeg and powdered cloves. Keep the punch hot in a thermos, make sure you have plenty to share.

  23. I use a silpat when making cookies. I usually spend one day baking and then freeze many of the items. The garage is really pretty cold at this time of the year and I use it as a second freezer.

  24. For a big holiday meal, I like to prepare everything the night before and throw in the crock pot and let that do the cooking all day. When it comes to using Pam, when I make spaghetti, I’ll spray some Pam in the water while boiling the spaghetti so the noodles don’t stick together

  25. If you are making both non-fridge and fridge cookies, make all the refrigerator ones first – even the day before, if needed.

    Group your recipes by heat requirements. You want to minimize having to check the oven temp.

    Always under-set your timer the first time you make the first tray of cookies. You never know how your oven will bake on a given day.

  26. Prep ahead as much as you can, write a timeline for cooking a big meal… and don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember what;s really important about the holidays – family, friends, love.

  27. My biggest tip for dealing with holiday stress is to relax. I know that is lame but it is true. Stop fretting over things you can NOT control and enjoy the things you CAN!

  28. Type out a timeline for the day before/day of the holidays, so you can make sure that you don’t stress too much in the kitchen. :-)

  29. My favorite tip is to make cookies to the point where you have made rounded tablespoons on sheets. Freeze them, then put them in a baggie. You can do this with multiple recipes – up to a couple of months ahead of time. Then, when you want them, many recipes you can bake them directly from frozen, others you may need to let them defrost some, no fuss, no mess and taste like you just slaved all day (not months before)!!!

  30. The best time-saver in the kitchen is making it a family effort! You can’t do it all by yourself. Collect some family members or friends and assign tasks for them and yourself. Things will get done much faster that way!

  31. Growing up, to help us remember WHY we were celebrating Christmas, every year my mom helped my brother and I to make Jesus a birthday cake right before Christmas Eve. My tip is simple…find a tradition or a simple reminder of the reason for the season to keep the holidays in perspective.

  32. my tip is to prepare all your salad vegatables when you get home from store and then put them in small containers for quick salads during the week

  33. I like to do the basic wrapping of the gifts one day, label the gifts with the owner’s name, and do the fancy bows and name tags another day.

  34. My favorite tip is to do as much prep in advance, such as chopping up veggies all at once in bulk, so they are ready to go.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  35. I try and bake my cookies ahead of time and then freeze them. It saves so much time and stress when it’s time to assemble the cookie platters :)

  36. Streamline gift giving where possible. I am a big fan of family gifts for my in-laws and their kids. It saves a lot of shopping time ~ once I figure out what that gift should be each year!

  37. I collect recipes all year-round for baking treats. Then when December rolls around, I know what to bake for gifts, parties, etc.

  38. I keep a calendar of when to do everything. Example, last day to buy gifts, bake this cookie, or go to grocery for supplies. It’s really saved me the last few years.

  39. My favorite holiday tip is keep things simple. I love to get the kids involved so they can help out and participate too. More fun for everyone. :)

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  40. My best Holiday tip is that if you are hosting a party make sure to ask for help if you need it. I find it that most are willing to help.

  41. Do what you can, don’t try to do everything. Don’t stress and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

  42. My favorite is bring out your inner child…have fun, try new things, make messes, be fearless, laugh a lot and share. :)

  43. We have so many Christmas baking traditions- decorated sugar cookies, wreathes made from cornflakes, Chex Mix, etc. :) My best tips are to make double batches and freeze!

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  44. Don’t stress! Remember this is about time off from work and stress and worrying, and time spent with family and friends. Let yourself sleep in because you can, don’t worry that you’re taking a few days off from the gym, let the work emails sit in the inbox for a while, and make cooking a fun group activity rather than a chore :)

  45. My favorite holiday tip is simply to stay active. Even a short workout can do wonders for your outlook when you feel stressed!

  46. I always make my cookie dough in advance and freeze it. I portion it into individual dough balls so that I can easily bake the exact amount I need for a party or the holidays. The balls can go straight from the freezer to the oven (with perhaps only an extra minute or two added to the cooking time) so it works really well.

  47. My holiday tip is to focus on your family and the people you love. Stressing out isn’t going to help. Spending time with people you love is what’s important.

  48. Awesome giveaway! My tip is to work by categories – make all the cookie dough you’re gonna need, even if you are making multiple types of cookies, that way you won’t have to go from baking to mixing dough. Let unused dough chill in the refrigerator or freezer. And do all the baking you’re gonna do :)

  49. Fave holiday tip? Relax and delegate responsibilities! Don’t overload yourself or you will be too stressed out!

  50. My tip? Make lots of lists! And pull back and do less when it gets to be too much. Enjoy the holidays, not stress over it. : )

  51. I order online and use gift cards to eliminate many headaches. But I spend lots of time getting just the right gifts for my twin granddaughters who are four and adore all gifts especially glue sticks.

  52. My Tip, truly take time to enjoy your family and friends. So often during this time we run around and don’t stop until we finish everything – and we never do. We lose the most important part of the season, and we forget what we are celebrating. Take the time to go to a silly holiday play or go to a park with your family. It will help to relax everyone and bring clarity to season. Enjoy each other.

  53. A tip is to use simple recipes and don’t be afraid to ask for help with cooking/baking! If a family member is just sitting around, ask them to help you- It’s more fun to bake with other people!

  54. What a great holiday take on classic brownies! I have been shopping around for a slow cooker but have never seen one with a stirring system built in–smart idea!

  55. I always make sure to maintain a well-balanced diet. Although the holiday opens the door for many indulgences, it’s important to consume healthy foods as well. It will keep your energy sustained for the season!

  56. Shop early! Some years I start buying stocking stuffers and small gifts very early on because it saves time during the holidays AND keeps you from spending tons of money all at once.

  57. I do a lot of online shopping. We have two adult children, a DIL, and 3 grandchildren. I ask what they need or want, make a list, and then start shopping. I the returning things so if I find anything I think might interest the little ones, I check with their parents before buying. Also I try to stick with stores that have free shopping or that can be returned at local branches.

  58. Right after Christmas last year, my husband and I started to pick up gifts for our son for this year’s Christmas. Finding toys when they were on clearance at random times through the year has really helped keep our holiday spending in check. So, while it may be too late for gifts this year for your readers, it will be really easy to start for next year!

  59. Don’t stray away from your list! You may see something small and instantly think it is a perfect gift for someone but little items sure do add up. A plethora of random gifts will surely be a major hit to your bank account. Instead, stick with what you initially planned to purchase. You’ll feel much better after Christmas with more money in your pocket!

  60. We get little presents all year & start getting the bigger ones towards October. & making Peanut Butter Fudge for the other family members.

  61. I always like shopping throughout the year for gifts during sales. I also stock up on baking supplies early on, so I’m never in the middle of making a food gift and find out I’m out of something!

  62. just try not to “do it all” :) I get in a frazzled mess trying to accomplish so many tasks. stop and cherish the moments, especially with the kids and family.

  63. Wonderful recipes! Thanks! Holiday tips: Set limits on gifts and yourself. You’re not superwoman and don’t try. You’ll only burn out faster. Merry Christmas!

  64. Do what you can ahead of time, and make sure you visit with family and friends. People are the priorities in our lives, and we can’t forget that. :)

  65. My tip for holiday baking is to plan, plan, plan and make what you can ahead of time. I make dozens of cookies and sweets. I spend the week before preparing the sugar cookie dough or icebox cookies and save them in the fridge or freezer until I’m ready to bake them. Then it doesn’t feel like a mad dash to get all the baking done and it is more enjoyable!

  66. I do a good bit of baking around the holidays, and I like to prechop, and sometimes pre-measure ingredients before I really get in the kitchen. As far as shopping, I definitely do most of mine online, save the road rage and grumpy shoppers for someone else ;-)

  67. Relax. I know it sounds so simple, but try it. Don’t try to plan a Martha Stewart affair, don’t try to out gift one another, just relax. The holidays are for family and fun, so try to have some!

  68. Don’t try out new recipes for holiday parties/get togethers. Use tried and true favorites that you know will turn out well. Saves time, as you already know how to make them. Also you won’t have to make a second dish if the new one does not turn out well!

  69. Biggest holiday tip? Plan ahead! I find that if I plan ahead and schedule everything in advance I am able to fit way more fun things in than if I just go on the fly all the time :)

  70. A group of us agree to NOT buy gifts and instead pool our money and buy a gift card for a single parent who is struggling. Anonymous gift it to them :). Deliver it in fun ways. Once we went to dominos and had the manager call and say someone had paid for a surprise pizza delivery and the card went; one year a “Santa” agreed to deliver to recipient at Work.

  71. looks delish! will deff try the vegan version!!! :D
    Holiday tip?? …sleep thru it avoiding the stress and the relo’s!

  72. I feel so silly that I just learned on this Thanksgiving how my mom had homemade cookies and goodies in our 7 stockings. She baked a bit for months ahead of time while we were at school and froze half of it, hiding it way back in the freezer. I’m going to do this now. My next new tip I just thought of: Stop looking at new craft/decoration/dessert/gift ideas at a certain point, like give myself a date in mid to late Nov., so I don’t have such urges to squeeze in ONE MORE new craft/recipe, etc.!

  73. Wow these look great! As for tips I would say shop all year long instead of waiting until December. It helps to ease the time crunch as well as the financial strain.

  74. We set a spending limit that we will spend on each child(we have 5 so it adds up fast) We make cookies,fudge etc to give as gifts which saves a lot of stress of worrying about what to buy people :) We like to just keep it simple

  75. I make list of all the gifts I need to get so I know that they are all taken care of and I didn’t miss anyone which is easy to do when you have a big family.

  76. My favorite holiday tip is be flexible. Things won’t always happen the way I want them too. Events get cancelled, people get sick, etc. I have also learned not to tell my daughter about things too far in advance. If the event gets cancelled or we can’t go for some reason, it cuts down on her disappointment time.

  77. I jot down all the things I would like to get done, and give myself a reasonable time limit. If it gets done great, if not, don’t sweat it. Remember the holidays are all about time spent with family and friends.

  78. We used to put 1 present in the kids room before we went to bed Christmas eve and they were told they could open it in the morning as long as they stayed int their room till we came and got them to open the rest of thier gifts, that way we didnt have to get up at 5am, we slept till 7am and everyone was happy!

  79. Every year I have to tell myself that I don’t have to get something for everyone. Giving gifts is my favorite part of the holidays, but it’s important to remember to be selfish and think about my own finances as well!

  80. I love to bake, so baking holiday cookies with a Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine candle lit in my apartment makes me feel relaxed and cozy!

  81. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew” since it only makes you grumpy! Be realistic, don’t feel like you have to do everything and do it perfectly. Enjoy your friends and family. Plan. Make food and goodies ahead if possible and freeze them.

  82. Is it okay to not have a tip?? I don’t really do stressful Christmas, haha… my husband and I are really laid back about it, we do things like read the Christmas story, look at lights, have dinner at a friends house… we might exchange gifts between each other, but our families don’t expect us to mail them anything from across the country. The more I think about it, I’ve got it pretty good… better enjoy it while it lasts. ie before we have kids, haha

  83. I would have to say – planning everything ahead of time and making sure to stay on schedule! :) great giveaway and these brookies sound amazing!

  84. We like to keep it simple and stress free. I’m a nurse so have worked on Christmas the past couple years. So we just celebrate when we are all together and treat it like the real day!

  85. I update my holiday card mailing list early and get the cards printed so I can do a few at a time. I send the ones that have to go farthest first.

  86. I reduce stress now by asking myself “What will I wish I had done when the holidays are over?” and “What will I be mad that I wasted time doing during Christmastime once the holidays are over?” It gives me some real perspective and makes saying “no” so much easier! My kids are 11 and 14. This is the only Christmas that they’re going to enjoy it at this age. I want to look back and be thrilled that I used this time wisely.

  87. I like to do my christmas shopping all year round when I find a great deal. That way I don’t spend all our money right before christmas.

  88. Best advice was… relax. What matters most is the togetherness. Everything else will work out. Also, to not be afraid to ask for help- still working on this one.

  89. My favorite holiday tip is to prep anything you can ahead of time. Chop onions, set out ingredients, anything that will make your cooking and baking go smoother.

  90. This year I’m making similar gifts for a handful of people, custom mugs, so I can make it personal but save time and money by using the same supplies.

  91. My holiday tip is to focus on the traditions. By focusing on those traditions that are meaningful for our family, I don’t feel the pressure for my tree or decorations to look like they came out of a magazine, for my presents to look like they were wrapped by Martha Stewart, or like I have to have a full on hot chocolate bar set up with homemade marshmallows in order to invite friends over.

  92. In order to make it through the holidays, I prepare to-do lists for everything in advance. I also give everyone a job to make my to-do list shorter! Baking and freezing cookies is also a massive time saver.

  93. One tip that gets me through the Christmas holiday is to get gifts months in advance whenever the opportunity arises.

  94. my grandma (my real mom in this crazy world) told me when i was 6 that for holidays to work you had to remember what it was about.. yes it can be stressing and it can be overwhelming but if you find your pace. if you time the things you need to do and if you spread the holiday preparations among the family not only is it faster.. but it’s better for your family :)

  95. My holiday tip is if you are an introvert, to plan for alone time in your schedule or one on one time with close friends/family members, so you don’t get burned out and end up hating the holidays.

  96. Planning way in advance always helps me. Doing as much prep as possible during the days leading up to an event definitely takes a lot of stress off.

  97. This is kind of scroogey. But I don’t decorate or host anything at my house. I go somewhere else for parties and celebrating. Then my home is normal, peaceful, quiet, healthy food. Just what I need!

  98. My best holiday tip is this: Don’t feel obligated to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you really hate going to your friend’s house on Christmas Eve, you don’t have to go. It’s okay to say no.

  99. ask for help! no one has to do everything all by themselves. i finally asked for help with Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was happy to help. I cooked the turkey and stuffing and everyone else brought the rest! It was easy for everyone and super yummy!

  100. I’ve found that shopping at off peak times helps me to be able to enjoy shopping for the holidays whether it’s at the mall or at the food store. 8pm-10pm, Monday thru Thursday, best times to shop! Also, bring a friend, another persons opinion is always helpful.

  101. Someone once told me to plan ahead and prep beforehand in order to reduce stress over the holidays. I love it! I think it really works to have a plan

  102. I like to keep a list! I make my food ahead that can be frozen and then the day I need them I pop them out of the freezer and bake it or cook it! It makes things so much easier!

  103. My parents, brother’s family, and I reduce stress by pooling our Christmas money toward a family vacation that we’ll all take together in the future. No more worrying about shopping for Christmas gifts (at least among us), and we get to spend quality time together!

  104. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!
    Loooove these cookies-they’re such a classic but yours look especially minty and delicious!

  105. For Thanksgiving try shopping ahead go thru your local papers for the best deals and remember walmart price matches!!

    For Christimas gifts make a list of the people you plan to give to and try shopping for gifts thru out the year you can get some real good deals.. last min shopping is the worst.

  106. I actually love this new, simplified idea I have seen all over since last year. Give them four gifts:

    Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.

  107. My favorite way to save time during the holiday season is by STAYING OUT OF THE STORES! Online shopping is just fine for me, thank you very much :+)

  108. I try to bake the desserts and the like a day or two before the holiday. I also keep warm chicken broth going in the slow cooker on the special day to heat up items quickly.

  109. These look so good! I’ve been in a cookie mood recently, but the mint is calling out to me right now.

    Hmm, holiday tip… lists!! My sister and I sat down and made a list of all the things we’re making for every meal while the family is together. We stick with some of the “usuals” but then try to find a few recipes to mix things up. Then we have one massive grocery list and go shopping! Once we get home, we try and sort everything into the recipes they are being used for. There’s usually a common area for ingredients that are used multiple times.

  110. Honestly, I do everything online and for what I can’t I go early in the morning before work. We also do cloth gift bags for the grownups so it’s a little quicker than wrapping. :]

  111. My tip is to make lists! I use Google Calendar to set reminders for myself and make lists so I know what I’ve purchased, what still needs to be purchased, and when I need everything done by :)

  112. Start shopping for next year’s Christmas as soon as this year’s Christmas is over. It will make next year so much more relaxing! (I’m already done for this year because I did that last year!)

  113. Make.A.List! And, stick to it! It helps so much when I forgot that I ordered something or stashed something away. Plus, crossing items off a to do list make me feel productive!

  114. I bake coffee cakes and cookies weeks in advance and then just warm things in the oven or let them thaw and serve. I work retail so this is a great way for me to save time.

  115. WINE! Lots of WINE! Also, I make tons of dough ahead of time to freeze, then I have a HUGE baking day, or two. Then I drink some more wine!

  116. I’m not sure this is really a tip, but I buy Christmas presents throughout the year so I don’t have the last-minute present rush.

  117. Brookies-genius.Those look absolutely delicious. I have always been a sucker for mint and chocolate… now only if mine would taste as beautiful as yours look :)

    I try and do most of my shopping way before Christmas, its just so hectic nearing the big day.. so stressful. I also like pre-chopping all of my veggies/fruits and making sauces ahead of time. Then its so much easier piecing everything together!

    I tweeted: https://twitter.com/mmstarla/status/404826387816538112

  118. I have to bake as I need it. I tried baking early to save time, but somehow my family finds it and it is gone and I have to do it again. I do pre-cut herbs, veggies, make sauces, marinades, and dressings ahead of time for a function or gathering. And delegate other family or friends to do stuff. They will most likely be willing to help.

  119. My favorite holiday stress reliever is cooking. It forces me to focus on something other than what I am doing in the moment.

  120. I do my Xmas shopping in advance, and get together for potluck dinners with friends and family — all of your favorite holiday dishes, but you only have to cook one or two of them.

  121. I try to stay ahead of stress by taking the time to create lists so that I can stay on track. I have lists from everything from gifts purchased/to get, what I am planning to cook/bake and all the ingredients. Then the biggest “tip”…the world will not stop if I don’t get something done. I try, but I don’t lose sleep!

  122. I try to shop during the year when I see gifts that I think someone would like. This year I lost my job so it’s been a little harder.

  123. My favorite holiday tip is to delegate things that are hard for you, but easier for others to do! It helps things run MUCH smoother!

  124. I just made these and i love them! Chocolate and mint together are wonderful, and i love the crunchiness of the oreos!

  125. I write a master list of gifts for people! When I go to stores I write down the item that I would like to buy for them at a later time (aka Black friday!) Pinning recipes for the holidays is also incredibly helpful!

  126. I do most of my shopping throughout the year as I find deals so there is very little stress over gifts during the holiday season.

  127. I make to do lists, me use and grocery shopping lists in Excel on my computer. The shopping lists are broken down by department in the order my store aisles run. I make to do lists for week prior with days and approx times and cross off as accomplished, doing as much ahead as I can. I try to plan my menus with some dishes that can be made 24 hrs ahead or more and refrigerate or freeze.

  128. Averie, Cool Mint Oreos are my favorite variety!! I love them even more than the birthday cake oreos or PB oreos. These brookies are fabulous and you leave no corner of the bars without a huge chunk of Oreo. That’s just how I’d like them.

    By the way “I only like cakey if it’s cake.” – YES! Exactly. I am not a fan of cakey cookies, as you know. And cakey brownies? No thank you. I like dense, non-fluffy versions of both. Cake has a time and place – and that’s only when it’s piled high with frosting and eaten with a fork (or not).

    Anyway, what a fabulous giveaway!! My favorite holiday tip is to simply “stay calm and breathe!” We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things, not to mention all the baking, and it’s important to just take a step back from the madness and try to stay centered. xoxox

  129. I try to do all of my baking ahead of time even if it means freezing a few things. I also shop online to avoid going to alot of stores.

  130. My advice is to not set such high standards for yourself during the holidays! Just do what you do best and do it from the heart:)

  131. The thing that saves me the most time is ordering my gifts online. Preparing my cookie batter weeks ahead of time and freezing it saves time and stress.

  132. My favorite holiday tip is to have some booze on hand. You need it to cook that bourbon cake, but it’s OK to take a sip or two now and again, too. It makes the stress of the holidays a little less harried. :)

  133. My biggest holiday tip is delegate, delegate, delegate – anything not cooking related I assign to non-cooking family members and it’s amazing how docile they are about doing it when they know that there is pecan pie to be had!

  134. I love having a holiday cooking baking party where everyone brings dough and we all bake together and exchange and then everyone has so many more cookies!

  135. I try to remember that the holiday time is to be with friends and family. Sharing of each others time, and that stressing to spend for gifts is not the way. I only make sure that we have gifts for the children. If you don’t have it to spend, don’t put yourself in debt.

  136. My favorite tip is make some dishes a few days in advance so you do not feel overwhelmed on the big day. Saves so much stress and you get to enjoy the holiday with your family! =)

  137. My tip to make things a bit easier for the holidays is as you buy gifts wrap them ASAP, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches by doing it that way! Another tip is if you plan on making and decorating cookies, have a few friends over to help out and divide the cookies amongst yourselves you could call it a cookie klatch!

  138. My tip is to make a list on your phone of all the people you’re buying gifts for and the gift ideas you’ve had for them. That way, you never get caught at the store without your handwritten list or, even worse, wandering the aisles trying to remember what that amazing gift idea was. I always have my phone, so I can use/edit the list anytime!

  139. I chop onions, garlic and celery a day ahead of time and store in the fridge till needed. Also, a GREAT addition to make creamier deviled eggs is to add 4 oz cream cheese to each dozen eggs.

  140. My tried and true holiday tips are to buy gifts throughout the year, maybe one or two a month when I find great sales and stash them away out of sight… Also to assign specific decorating jobs to each family member and make it a “family decoration day” event with lots of yummy snacks and holiday music. That way it’s fun for everyone and doesn’t feel like a chore.

  141. These look yummy, my tip is to buy my Christmas gifts through out the year instead of just during the holidays, it’s also better for out budget.

  142. My favorite holiday tip is to get my baking done a month in advance and put the cookies, pies and fudge in the freezer until Christmas. Frees up so much time and lets me bake for more people at once.

  143. My favorite holiday tip is to plan ahead. Have all meals and ingredients needs for recipes written out and organized!

  144. My tips are to get my shopping done before thanksgiving, and to plan my weekends out in advanced so I don’t get overwhelmed.

  145. bake in large batches! It is so much easier to bake all your cookies at one time, than to make batches over the course of 6/7 days!

  146. My best holiday tip is, don’t procrastinate, especially when it comes to shopping for food or gifts. Not unless you want to be caught in a mad rush.

  147. Also decide what you are going to buy before heading out to the stores :) So isn’t the time for window shopping!

  148. I just try to get lots of sleep during the holidays to make sure that I am well rested and ready to keep up!

  149. Ask everyone to contribute to holiday dinners. This ensures one person doesn’t get stuck in the kitchen all day.

  150. I try to start early to avoid last minute stress, and also I only shop online after Thanksgiving because the traffic and crowds are too stressful for me!

  151. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! I cant wait to try making the brownies for my family :) they look yummy!!!

  152. Try to get as much prepared ahead of time as possible. potatoes peeled and in water, pies baked, celery/onion chopped for dressing and in sealed container in the frig. and bowls for mixing and other ingredients assembled. Then the morning of isn’t as harried and can roast the turkey and enjoy some family time instead of trying to do it all Thanksgiving morning, Even things like opening the olives and putting in a covered dish. the cranberry sauce, relish plate, dips all prepared a day of two ahead to make The day run smooth.

  153. My Holiday tip would have to be “always try to have fun” The holidays always come by so fast. I always tell myself to try and see the fun in what I am doing. Weather its wrapping presants or baking a pie. I always try to have fun. :)

  154. I make the desserts a day in advance and some of the dishes that can be put in the fridge ahead of time before baking.

  155. The best holiday tip is to prep certain foods in advance. I also love to have extra ingredients on hand just in case.

  156. To reduce stress around the holidays, I take it all one day at a time. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, I try to enjoy the present moment, thankful for how the Lord has blessed me so far in my life. I also try to remind myself that the holidays are not about me; rather, they give me an opportunity to show the love of God towards others in my life.

  157. Stay organized! I make a list of all the items I will be baking and who will be receiving them. I usually ask who would like the to be included on the list because I do not to give a bunch of cookies and such to someone who may be dieting. This way I know how much I need to make, which makes it easier to shop. Baking relaxes me and it puts me in the holiday spirit that’s why I do it every year.

  158. I cook and bake ahead of time and freeze the foods that will still taste good after freezing. It really saves a lot of time.

  159. I try to cook ahead of time and complete as much prep as possible in the days leading up to the holiday, so I can have more time free to actually enjoy the day. Thank you for the giveaway!

  160. My favorite holiday tip is to always bake a little extra! Wrapping up some cookies or any other yummies that come out of the kitchen can make great gifts for neighbors, teachers, coworkers, etc.

  161. O. M. G. I’m dying for these! And I love PAM! I always use the foil lined pan and the spray for easy clean up!

  162. My tip for the holidays is to make day by day lists of what needs to be done!! That way you don’t get too overwhelmed with everything at once!

  163. My tip: say “No” more. It’s easy to have a full, hectic holiday calendar. But, our family tries to practice saying No & narrowing down our parties & commitments. Otherwise we’re running ragged & exhausted by the time it’s all over.

  164. It doesn’t have to be “perfect.” When my daughter was born, her first two Christmas’s I drove myself nuts trying to plan and coordinate everything perfectly. To the point where I was grumpy and so tired I just couldn’t enjoy it. I’ve learned to let things go, put the camera down, create a more simplistic menu (that involves make ahead items to save on time). It all runs more smoothly now and I’m not nearly as stressed. :)

  165. My tip/goal for this year is to not stress so much over baking for people/having them over. I need to remind myself that these are my friends and it’s not like I’m having the Royal family over!! Just enjoy!

  166. I like to cook early and freeze my cookie dough. My kids love to help and we also deliver them to our friends and family so it saves a bunch of time having the dough already made.

  167. Wow, so many great treats!! My holiday tip is to do baking in bulk. It’s more time consuming to dirty up a bunch of dishes and chill a bunch of dough on one day, and it saves a lot of time. I usually plan two full days for baking and I’m done.

  168. My favorite holiday tip is to prepare early and enjoy the celebration. Dont think about it as a task but rather a celebration and yoi won’t get stressed

  169. My holiday tip is to switch off having Christmas/Thanksgiving at each others houses so all the work doesn’t fall on your shoulders.

  170. Makes lists for everything. If you’re baking, make a list of what you’re baking and when– a timeline for gift baking is important and keeps me on track! I’m obsessed with lists this time of year. Shopping lists, meal prep timelines, Christmas card lists, gift lists, daily to-do lists. Organization is the key for me to reduce stress, be prepared and enjoy the holidays.

  171. I prepare all desserts ahead of time since they are better cold than the casseroles and main dish. Also pre bought pie crust!

  172. My best tip is to plan ahead and buy the after Christmas sales from the previous year, works great for kids in particular if you can afford to do it!

  173. I like to make a few batches of Christmas cookies each weekend and freeze the so that I have them on hand for parties and gifts

  174. Simply irresistible! Several years ago I made mint Oreo brownies and I’ve been toying with the idea of a revisit, definitely bookmarking this recipe!

  175. In order for me to stay calm and peaceful, I play Christmas music and light apple cinnamon candles, open the doors if its raining to hear the downpour, and make sure I smile all day, remember those who’ve passed and love those around me with hugs an, compliments, and kisses. XO. Merry Christmas.

  176. This year I’m going to try and spend less time worrying about silly things and when I get the moments with my family I’m going to soak them up! I know it’s not really a tip, but more something I’m going to try to focus on myself. :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  177. My favorite holiday tip is buying a lot of disposable gladware or tupperware before meals to send people home with leftovers

  178. A good tip I have is to time your oven cooking so you can start with items that need to be cooked on the lowest heat first and then moving up to higher heats. This will prevent you from cooking something too hot and you don’t have to keep turning on and off the oven if you plan to cook a few items all at once!

  179. A big tip is to write everything down. Like who and what you need to shop for the holidays. I personally go shopping on Black Friday like a crazy person, luckily our family does white elephant since we have a big family so we don’t shop for everyone except the kids. :)

  180. My “tip” is simply to remind myself daily (or hourly, or as often as necessary) to RELAX and ENJOY. This is a special season, and life is heartbreakingly short and uncertain…so soak it all up, and don’t stress the small stuff.

  181. We tried something new for our family get together last year and will be continuing to do it. My dad’s side is huge we usually have a minimum of 40-50 people that can make it, and even more that can’t. Traditionally everyone brings Christmas cards and pictures instead of paying for whipping. To ease the handing out and keeping track of these we bought Christmas stockings from the dollar store, put everyone’s names (or at least the main person in each family) on them and hung them in the front hallway. Everyone then put the cards/pictures in the correct stockings, then grabbed them on their way out. So much easier.

  182. Online shopping makes holiday less stressful and getting take out or eating out (sometimes I wind up using leftover restaurant gift cards rec’d the Xmas before) as much possible since we don’t eat out often throughout the year. This way oven can be used for cookies and such. You can check out local Amazon or Groupon for restaurant coupons…it’s amazing what you can save by doing that. However one of the biggest money savers is to do a Pollyanna or even white elephant (cheap item) exchange among family at Xmas Eve. One gift and one dish to bring hallelujah!

  183. my favorite holiday tip is LIST LIST LIST!! write down your thoughts in a small journal that you can toss in your purse or keep in your jacket pocket. you see something out and about that your sister would love? WRITE IT DOWN! when you’re ready to do holiday shopping, you already have a list or at the very least, a starting point! also, one thing that I am starting this year: every week from nov to xmas, shop for one person a week (the immediate family, best friends, VIPs) that way, when the holiday rush comes knocking, you’ll be finished with the people who matter most and all that’s left are friends, coworker, distant relative gifts. no stress!

  184. Well doesn’t all that look good!!! My favorite holiday tip- remember to take time to enjoy a little bit of the treats you work so hard to make. It makes it all just a little more fun when you don’t have to give them all away.

  185. My biggest thing is to start early! Shopping, baking, homemade gifts. I find if I spread it out of the course of a month, it isn’t as stressful as waiting until the last minute!

  186. My favorite holiday tip is to make a schedule and bake or prep whatever I can do the week of the holiday before the celebration!

  187. We give gifts to the children and draw names for the adults. Lots of baking early so always ready for family and friend visits.

  188. My tip is to shop before Thanksgiving. Then I enjoy spending time in my kitchen making holiday treats to freeze for later enjoyment.

  189. First, your brookies look fabulous! One of the best holiday tips I have is to keep easy appetizers and snacks on hand like hummus and veggies and cookies!

  190. I play my favorite Christmas CDs when I need to accomplish holiday tasks. It puts me in the mood, and I get the job done in no time :)

  191. Making a Christmas list of the gifts I have to buy right after Halloween gets my wheels turning and gives me enough time to budget!

  192. My holiday tip: shop online and do it early! It gets everything out of the way so you don’t feel stressed last minute :)

  193. We only buy gifts for the kids in our extended family and I always shop through out the year setting a price limit for each item and sticking to it. This is I snagged several rockets for the boys and nail are kits for the girls using Hobby Lobby’s 40% off coupon on multiple trips.

  194. THESE LOOK SO CRAZY AMAZING! Love chocolate and mint alll the time and how dense these are-mmm!!!

    and I guess my tip is I just keep the holidays about fun, and don’t let them be stressful!

  195. I’m sure lots more people will say this, but starting early! I’m so busy that the only thing I’ve been able to do is start looking for presents (thank god for online shopping), but every little bit counts!

  196. My best tip is to remember that the holidays are about reconnecting with my family – that’s the most important thing to do.

  197. Definitely getting a head start on all of my Christmas shopping! I’ve already started a list and ordered some stuff online. It makes things so much easier! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  198. I make a lot of stuff ahead of time….cookies, breads, etc. and freeze them. I also try to get most of my shopping done ahead of time so there is no rushing.

  199. Take everything as it comes and don’t stress about it. Also, prepping days in advanced for any baking helps too.

  200. My tip is to dig into “mom network.” Take someone else’s kids for a few hours and let them reciprocate. Keeps kids busy and happy and frees me to do other things. Happy holidays, Averie!

  201. One tip I can offer is keep it simple! Some of the best holiday cookies and treats are quick and easy. Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. Hopefully I will follow my own advice!

  202. Our family is small, so this works for me. For years I have kept notes about the holidays. I jot down what foods “worked” & didn’t. What conversation subjects “worked” & didn’t. What gifts “worked” & didn’t. It’s been a big help to go back over the notes before the holidays get here.

  203. My biggest tip is simple, start early. Start shopping in October. Make as much food ahead of time as you can. Make simple menus.

  204. My tip is to say “no” more often. If I can slow down a bit then I am able to enjoy more of the holidays with my family. The things I say yes to are usually things we can do as a family :)

  205. My favorite holiday tip is to put Mariah Carey’s “all I want for Christmas is you” on repeat because stress is the last thing on my mind when I’m belting that song out :)

  206. Your brownies look perfect, Averie! I made something similar last year with strawberry oreos and they were the best. Definitely need to try your fudgy mint version. I haven’t had brownies in ages!

  207. My best holiday tips (no matter what the holiday) is to do any baking as much as a month ahead of time and freeze (already baked or ready to bake); include as many make-ahead (or partially prepared) appetizers as possible; make all the side dishes the day before, even if you don’t bake them until the day of your dinner. That way you can have time to spend with your guests!

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  208. My favourite holiday tips would have to be making lists and try do prepare as far in advance as possible.

    I find that things will always come up, and you will always have less time than you expected.

    By the way, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen mint oreos around! Perhaps I haven’t been paying enough attention at the grocery store!

  209. I try to wrap holiday presents each time I shop. Once their done and labeled, it just makes me feel that I don’t have a giant chore waiting for me. Also, little groupings of presents scattered around makes the house look more festive.

  210. i would have to say, shop early as you will forget something, prep as much as possible, let people help if they offer even with the cleanup, clean something every single day

  211. My holiday tip is to not plan so many activities that you stress yourself and your family out. It will just take the fun out of the holidays. Also, I like to make my cookies ahead of time and freeze them until I’m ready to give them out.

  212. oh my sweet goodness these look delicious!! okay, my holiday tip is to try and make something personal for the people i care about. i buy my younger siblings actual ‘real’ presents because i know they’d feel jyped otherwise, but i make personal cards or something artistic too. :)

  213. Although it can be difficult, my number one tip is to get enough sleep! Being well rested allows me to approach my busy day with an alert and much more upbeat outlook

  214. Getting takeout the day or two before a big holiday! I think taking one meal out of the equation to plan is really helpful and then gives more time to prepare/bake/clean for the big day. Thanks for the giveaway!

  215. My holiday tips–make lists, make and freeze cookie dough ahead, get gift ideas from those on your Christmas list and shop early–and remember the reason we celebrate. Thank you!

  216. My holiday tip is to have the Christmas tree faerie come and set up the tree when there are small kids in the house. The idea is that the parent(s) set up the tree and in the morning it is magically there. The child(ren) is/are amazed that a Christmas tree magically appears. If you are worried about losing family time you can leave a new Christmas book under the tree with some hot cocoa and marshmallows to read the night the tree is “discovered.”

  217. My favorite holiday tip: Print out the recipes and cross off ingredients as you add them to the batter/dough, this way there’s little room for mistakes and it helps keep you organized. This is especially helpful if you’re making a double or triple recipe.

  218. I love to start doubling meals in October/November so come the holiday season I have lots of meals/part meals in the freezer for busy nights.

  219. Get your husband to do deep fried turkey in the yard. Then I am free to take care of everything else in the kitchen.

  220. Menu plan and shop early unless you need organic items or fresh produce. It is easier to shop for items a week or two in advance. We all know how the stores are super crowed and not fun to be in.thanks for giveaway

  221. My tip is that I do most of my Christmas shopping online so that I do not have to go out with the crowds and troubled parking at the stores.

  222. My holiday tip is to make sure the liquor cabinet is stocked. Especially depending on how many relatives come over. :-)
    Love the brownies! And I love Pam baking spray.

  223. oh my gosh Averie! Now these are Brookies! I love them and I love that they are mint, my favorite! These just look to die for!!

  224. My favorite holiday tip is to make sure you check to make sure you have all the ingredients you need two or at least the day before you cook so you don’t have to run out in the middle of preparing your dish. Reduces time and stress.

  225. My tip: drink wine. I’m not a lush or anything though I usually drink less than a glass of wine every other week or so. But during the holidays? I love drinking wine. So I drink as much as I want to. No stress here!

  226. My tip is to make as many dishes before Thanksgiving so all you have to do is put them in the oven while the turkey rests.

  227. I clean on Tuesday, and prep as much of the food as I can the day before. On Thanksgiving, I am heating up most of the food and making the rolls and gravy. My husband BBQs the turkey, which is really helpful and gives me plenty of room in the oven.

  228. For Thanksgiving, as many do-ahead dishes as possible. And buy the pies. For Christmas, start baking and freezing cookies Thanksgiving weekend. And gift-buying early and online if possible.

  229. I love to prep things ahead of time – cookie dough, unbaked scones, dinner rolls. The extra effort at the beginning keeps me stress-free at crunch time!

  230. okay, these look heavenly!!! my tip is to try my best to plan ahead and stock up. i make sure to buy extra ingredients that i know i will go through quickly! helps me feel like i have grasp on the madness!

  231. My favorite holiday tip – make the cookie dough ahead of time! Build up your stash and you’ll always have something to take to parties.

  232. My favorite tip is to prepare as many foods as you can before thanksgiving day and then simply bake them on Thanksgiving.

  233. During the holidays I really try to avoid the mall. People can be really mean during the holiday season and I don’t need that kind of negativity ruining my Christmas spirit! If I need to go out, I go when I know the mall or shopping centers won’t be as busy.


  234. My favorite holiday tip is more common sense than anything….don’t take on too much yourself! Ask for help and designate duties if needed! The holidays are supposed to be fun and enjoyed, not stressful due to worrying about get it all done for everyone!

  235. My favorite holiday tip – Take time to sit down and really savor the holiday atmosphere. Pay attention to the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, and reflect on the reason for celebrating!

  236. Make anything that you can ahead of time! I love making big batches of cookie dough and freezing it so baking up my Christmas cookies isn’t quite as time-consuming on a single day.

  237. Oh, I didn’t answer the question – I make sure to exercise daily. No matter what. Even if I have to sneak in 15 min here and there – that is my sanity. I would go bonkers without it!

  238. Chocolate! Cookies! Brownies! MInt!!! I can’t stop the exclamation points!!!

    I saw this post and I immediately remembered the last bars you posted with mint oreos. Even though I can’t eat them, the holidays would not be the holidays without those oreos! Or the mint m&ms.

    Seriously. Mint and chocolate = heaven.

  239. Cookie exchanges! They may seem like a lot of work, but if you can focus on making 1 type of cookie and have the others prepared for you it’s much simpler!

  240. I love how bright and eye-popping you make your “greens’ in your photos!

    My holiday tip is to host a cookie decorating party with friends with wine and appetizers!

    1. Oops hint the enter button too soon! My tip is to have a gift list budget and stick to it ( no matter what good deals pop up along the way ).

  241. My girlfriends and I used to stress about buying each other gifts. Now we skip the gifts and all go out for a very nice dinner(with our husbands as our chauffeurs!)

  242. I am both happy/mad at you for posting this. Happy because 1) I have never heard of brookies, so this is exciting. 2)Chocolate and mint together is my most fav. However, I am mad at you because I want the whole pan in one sitting and my waistline will not be pleased.
    These looks amazing Averie!

  243. My tip is to keep it simple. It is about the people and not the things. Getting together with friends and family and sharing some good food and memories is much more important than what will be under the tree.

  244. My favorite holiday tip? Being single and living out of state saves a lot of responsibilities, so you can just show up and enjoy the company! Also, I usually take a day off work to decorate cookies; it’s completely relaxing to sit alone all day and take over the apartment with no where else to be! Also, these brookies remind me of my favorite DQ blizzard – minty oreo!

  245. Shop online, set limits, make handmade items avoid the stores if you can it’s not worth the stress and being exposed to a cold or flu.

  246. Something that my family does is set present expectations beforehand – we usually set monetary limits, and this keeps us to buying meaningful presents for one another, and it also de-stresses the holiday and all the extra present spending that typically happens!

  247. Make lists and plan in advance. It is so helpful to have a plan for shopping or cooking so that you can stay organized and get everything done quickly, with less stress.

  248. My short cut is making cookies in advance and then freezing them, I also tend to do that with scones, fruit pies and pound cakes as well! I also admit sometimes when I am short on time to using ready made frosting.

  249. Yum!!

    My tip is to shop in small, local stores if you can, if not, order from Amazon. But avoid the craziness of the mall at all costs!

  250. My mom taught me mine… Always remember the reason for the season. This could have a lot of meanings for different people but for us it is about focusing on Christ and being with loved ones!

  251. for buying gifts, Get the target debit card and order online, everything ships free! it has been a life saver for me. I am 7 months pregnant and have a 3 year old toddler, so avoiding the stores so much less stressful.

  252. These look fabulous, Averie! I love how dense and fudgey they look. (Btw don’t include me in the giveaway- CDN Resident :) )

  253. I will keep this recipe close to my heart! My family is not a big fan of Chocolate Mint but I LOVE it!!!! I will indulge in these sometime when I am homme alone, and try not to eat the whole pan!

  254. Keep your wine glass full, and cook or prep everything you can in advance so it just needs to be popped into the oven as guests arrive.

  255. Start your holiday cooking 2 days in advance. Don’t wait until the morning of the big meal and then be too busy or stressed to enjoy the day.

  256. Get my Christmas shopping done by December 1st. It makes a HUGE difference on stress levels during the holidays. I actually bake more and enjoy the festivities more.

  257. As lame as this may sound just taking a deep breath when I’m stressing out helps a lot. I also try to exercise as much as possible to keep not only my body but my mind in shape too.

  258. A brookie, what a creative idea and just your style! I have a brownie in my lunch today but I think I would prefer one of these :)

  259. My holiday tip is to wrap your presents as you buy them so you’re not stressing on Christmas eve to get it done.

  260. I try to plan out what I’m going to make at least a month in advance and then start prepping food about a week before the holiday

  261. I do all my shopping online. i dont have to deal with pushy people or crowds and can shop around with ease to find the best deal.

  262. My favorite holiday tip, si to order things online! I have Amazon Prime, and I can ship presents to any address for free (it’s a once a year flat rate). This saves me time by not having to go to the mall, wrap, and then the post office!

  263. I start to make any Christmas cookies I can freeze early in Dec. and then pull them all out to give tins away at various gatherings. I always freeze a ton of sugar cookies and then spend one day decorating with the kids, makes it a lot easier when you don’t have to wait for cookie dough to chill, bake, and cool!
    I love to bake and have learned not to try too many new recipes around the holidays, maybe just one or two!

  264. I actually don’t have any tips, as I have a huge procrastination problem! I’m trying to get started earlier this year regarding present purchasing, so we’ll see how it goes!

  265. I try to get/make gifts all year long – sometimes you see just the *right* thing & if you don’t get it now, it won’t be there later! Happy Holidays!

  266. I purchase gift through the year as I see them on sale and put them in a little closet that we call the gift closet. (it also holds some everyday household items that we need too). I also knit items through the year. I bake and then freeze items as I can and there fore have items at the ready for when I need them.

  267. My family is all about making dishes in advance! For Thanksgiving, potatoes and stuffing are made the night before, and every family member brings a dessert, which helps take the pressure off the host and diversifies the offerings! For Christmas, we make a egg casserole the night before so all we have to do in the morning is slice some fresh fruit and cook bacon.

  268. I like to spend a day or two dedicated to baking a bunch of cookies, quickbreads, and breakfast items (waffles/swirl bread/pancakes) and then freeze them. That way throughout the holiday season I always have some sort of goodie on hand ready to thaw and eat!

  269. Favorite holiday sanitytip? Order all presents via Amazon Prime… ship direct, gift wrap option… best prices, trackable delivery… zero stress!