We all know it’s essential to consume enough water every day, but we have to take care of more than just our bodies and it’s important to take time each day to relax and refresh.

It’s also important to hydrate with enough water everyday, but sometimes plain water can get a little boring.

Screenshot of Dasani drops

To combat this, lately I’ve been loving the new DASANI DROPS® Infusions and have been keeping the bottles in my purse and gym bag.


• The newest way to enhance your water anytime, anywhere.

• Unsweetened, naturally flavored, with no color added and zero calories. • Adds a splash of flavor to your water, leaving you refreshed.

• Two “spa-inspired” flavors, Strawberry Basil and Lime. • A perfect complement to DASANI water, DASANI DROPS® Infusions makes up to 32 servings per 1.9 fl oz bottle.

And there’s the new DASANI® Sparkling Black Cherry

Dasani sparkling water

• The newest flavor to be added to our delicious sparking water lineup, which already includes Lime, Berry and Lemon.

• Lightly carbonated, unsweetened, has no artificial flavors and has zero calories.

• Find it in 12-packs of 12 fl oz cans nationally.

• Another great way to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout your day!


Whether you reach for DASANI® Sparkling or DASANI DROPS® Infusions, enjoy Dansani as part of your daily ‘me time’.

Screenshot of Dasani drops

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