G-Rated Cauliflower & X-Rated Dessert

Since I have a chia seed giveaway going on, I am glad that my last post on chia seeds hit the spot and you’re getting excited about seeds.  Such fun little buggers!

And don’t forget about the NuNatural’s rockin’ Stevia GiveAway either, ok lovies?

Nuff about all the loot, I’m peddling,  let’s talk about my latest eats…a really awesome cauliflower salad with orange vinaigrette that I made courtesy of Gena’s recipe.  Thanks Gena!

I lightly, and I mean really lightly, steamed a couple cups of cauli, added some chopped carrots, subb’ed out her asparagus and parsley because I didn’t have them.  In place, I added some raw zuke wedges & cukes and put it all on top a bed ‘o greens.  Also added a few raisins.

For the vinaigrette, I used 3 Tbsp OJ, 2 Tbsp EVOO, and 2 Tbsp of raw ACV.  A little less oil and a little more ACV than she used, with a few twisties of the cracky blacky.  Poured it over the veggies and boy oh boy, was this a winner.  Two thumbs up!  Thanks, Gena!  Simple, satisfying, healthy, happy in my tum-tum.

While I was in Cauli Heaven, Scott was getting in touch with his Feminine Goddess Side.  Greens, cukes, zukes, cauli, carrots, & cashews.

And for anyone who wants to see a few of the fruits of my TJ’s labor, here they are.  Nothing earthshattering but staples nonetheless.

Moving right along to dessert…Banana Softserve inside the VitaGod.  Again, thanks Gena for inspiring our creativity on the softserve love.

In goes 2 Frozen nanners, dash of lowfat vanilla almond milk (the kind in the pic above), dash of NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia, dash of sugar, and a longass dash of TJ’s bourbon vanilla extract.  You can actually see the pool of bourbon vanilla on the lower right of the canister.  I think I can catch a buzz off the softserve.  Not a bad thing by any means.

Now the softserve alone was enough.  Really, I promise.

But, I had some leftover chia pudding….

So, I decided to really make Scott’s dessert X-Rated.  For my non-vegan (but actually aside from a little dairy, he’s pretty much there) I blended a giant blob of Cool Whip, the Banana SoftServe, and the Chia Pudding.  Feast your eyes on this.

Don’t look too long.  It’s X-Rated.  You can’t help yourself though, I understand.  Here’s another shot.  All accounts were that it was every bit as ahhh-freakin’-mazin’ as it looks.


Tip of the Day:  My two Contests….

First, the Chia Seed GiveAway and then the NuNaturals Stevia GiveAway.  Please go enter!!!!   If you happened to have won something before I was giving away, don’t let that stop you.  It’s ok to get greedy, really, it is.

I’d love to hear everyone’s favorite homemade salad dressing recipes.  Something you can whip together quickly with a few ingredients and a whisk.  I can’t do store-bought on account of gluten, soy, and dairy, plus the vegan factors, so I’m always making my drizzles and dressings, but variety is the spice of life so I’d love to hear what your go-to’s are.


14 comments on “G-Rated Cauliflower & X-Rated Dessert”

  1. GASP! i am like a kid on christmas! so excited. thank you thank you thank yooooooooooou! xoxo

  2. Had to go back and read yesterdays post, cause I'm so behind! Anywho so my family and my hubands..OH LORDY my husbands think my eating is just a bit much honestly.

    I'm not raw or vegan, but I love my fruits, veggies and I don't eat red meat and I don't want things fried or mixed with sticks of butter.

    What I decided was PLLFFTTTT on them. I am freindly about it, happy to bring dishes and I don't talk about it unless they ask.

  3. OMGOMGOMG!!! I'm just getting caught up on my bloggie love and I'M SO EXCITED!!! YAHOO thank you mama! Sending you an email now!

  4. Your apple crisp looks amazing!! And I am stilll LOVING yoga–so amazing!

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