Golden Weekend


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It’s been a golden weekend so far:

1. The weather has been spectacular the past few days.  High 70s, almost 80 during the day, in January.  Gotta love San Diego.

Blue sky and palm trees

Blue skies by day, golden sunsets in the evening.

Sunset with clouds and palm trees

2. These golden-colored $1 dollar coins.  I paid to exit a parking lot using a self-pay machine and this is how it gave me my change.

Golden dollar coins

I’d actually never seen these coins before.  I used them to buy a pack of gum at the gas station and then to pay for part of my groceries and the clerks said they had never seen them, either.

They’re shiny and pretty, but very heavy.  I was glad to use them and and get them out of my purse because with these in it, it felt like it was about 72 pounds slung over my shoulder.

Golden dollar coins

3. These golden mango chunks.

Trader Joe's Mango Chunks

Trader Joe's Mango Chunks inside bag

4. This dough.  And it’s delicious.

Dough for Mango White Chocolate Chip cookies

Sort of a twist on these

Peanut Butter Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies

5. After all that baking, there were dishes.  Just a couple.

Kitchen Sink with dishes

5. This Method dish soap is golden.  The smell of clementines makes my kitchen smell nice and fresh.

I’ve been a fan of Method for years.  It’s more on the natural side of the spectrum and it works, and it doesn’t dry my hands out as badly as many other dish soaps (but I do wear rubber gloves as much as possible, too).

Method Clementine dish soap

6. The $50 Spa Gift Card & Tropicana Giveaway is going to make someone feel pretty golden.

7. Orange PushUp Smoothie.  Golden, delicious, creamy, sweet; tastes like an old-fashioned PushUp.

Orange Push-up Smoothies

What’s been golden in your world?

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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  1. Love the colours in this post :-)

    Things that are golden in my world:

    – Bright sun shine and warm weather in January!!!
    – Not having to go to class
    – Had a great weekend and threw a fun 24×24 dinner (p.s. thanks for the sweet comment!)

  2. Nice weather, it’s been super mild here too for winter. Golden for me has been time to relax and get our house under control this weekend.

  3. Ooh that weather looks amazing. What I wouldn’t give to be enjoying that sun right now! Haha how’s the California property market looking right about now…maybe I’ll have to look into it ;).

  4. One day, when we’ve saved up enough money to do our Great US West Coast Tour I am so coming to San Diego! It always looks so beautiful in your pictures.

    It’s cold and grey here – but we brighten the place up with lots of yummy citrus fruit. :)

  5. That weather sounds perfect right about now as I shiver under my blankets, extra sweaters with the heater pointed directly at me – lol!

    I have had a bunch of those coins before from buying train tickets. The machine gave me all of my change in them and then I tried to spend them as fast as I could!

  6. I love those gold dollars. I used to get them from the “tooth fairy” occasionally and I was always so excited. I know I still have them in a safe place in my room too. Weird? Maybe, but still good childhood memories!

  7. Just looking at your lovely photos of glorious weather cheers me up when it’s another dark and rainy day over here :-)
    Love Method products, but I’ve never tried the dish soap! I wouldn’t mind my kitchen smelling of clementines…yum!

  8. HAHA! I love that we both published posts about our great/stunning/golden weekends! Great minds think alike, eh?

    I really love those coins! They are seriously glittery and gorgeous. I would also like a dozen bags of those mango chunks. They would be a great snack, but also could be used in SO many different ways. YUM!

  9. It was a beautiful day here in Santa Cruz as well. LOVE warm, sunny, January days!

    Something that was golden in my weekend was having the opportunity to sing 2 jazz pieces tonight with 2 amazing and professional jazz musicians! WOW! It was in front of a large crowd in a new theater and I got to dress up in a formal black dress and just sing! Such fun…LOVE to do that!

    Made a second batch of your thumbprints this morning and when I came in tonight after my performance…they were GONE! :-)

  10. What a wonderful day! The weather is beautiful. LOVE the photos! It was sunny but chilly here, I did manage to go for a walk, which was nice. Dam girl your sink is clean, you should see mine, no one washes there own dishes, so they wait for me to do it! Ugh, off to do that now.

    1. In 12 years of being together, I think Scott has washed 1 bowl in our marriage :) I hear ya! It’s me or no one to do the dishes.

  11. gorgeous sky photo! wish it was like that here, although it was a stunning winter day in NYC and I got to take a walk through Central Park, eat at a vegan restaurant, and participate in a photo/video shoot for a yoga website :) All that is golden to me.

    I love those mangoes, I use them for soft serve, they’re great on their own even without bananas or any kind of sweetener..more like mango sorbet. It’s my favorite.
    oxox have a lovely rest of your weekend!!

      1. I’m going to finish off my bag of Starbucks before cracking open the Bustela, but I’ll for sure let you know when I do!

  12. Uh, yeah. Totally jealous of that weather. I definitely live on the wrong coast! Although, it was in the 60s in DC (which is making everyone complain about not having a real winter).
    I sent my husband to TJs for frozen mango chunks on Thursday, and they were out. We went to ANOTHER TJs today- they were also out! Luckily, Whole Foods has mango in the 365 brand and they were fully stocked!
    I’m making peanut butter cookies this weekend… but jumping on the chickpea cookie bandwagon. We’ll see how it goes!

  13. Hahaha!!! $1 coins…..thats all our Canadian $1 and $2 dollars are…coins!

    What gorgeous weather my friend…I’m swooning here for your weather!!


  14. My dad used to cash in money and give us those gold cones to take for lunch money occasionally as a fun surprise!

  15. So jealous of the weather! The hubby and I moved from San Diego to NYC last year, and after a year here, we are moving back to San Diego :) We just miss it too much!!! I used those exact mango chunks today in my smoothie! YUM!!!

    P.S. I currently have your ” Peanut Butter Cups” freezing up in the freezer as we speak for dessert tonight!

  16. I had lots of these coins, and people actually thought I was tricking them with fake money…
    So pretty!
    Love your list!
    Sunshine is best.

    1. Yes, me too! The clerks all inspected them very well just to make sure I wasn’t pulling a fast one over on them :)

  17. Hmmm….I made some roasted red pepper vinaigrette this morning. It was more red though.

    I wish I were enjoying that golden weather!

    I knew about those coins because I am a huge nerd and listened to the Planet Money podcasts all about them. There is actually a fascinating history behind them and why they are being released, but I won’t bore you with it. ;)

  18. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous of your weather, Averie! It’s been unseasonably warm here on the east coast too – 55 degrees! ;-)

  19. Golden for me today has included some chamomile tea, PB thumbprints w/ apricot jam (great recipe btw!), my butternut squash bread-custard experiment, and the peaceful silence in my house as I type this!