Orange PushUp Smoothie


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When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was ride my bike with my friends to the local gas station’s mini-mart and reach into their freezer case and pull out an Orange Push-Up.

If you like Orange PushUps, Orange Creamsicles, or Orange Julius this is the smoothie for you.

Orange Push-Up Smoothies

I loved Push-Ups and seeing those brightly colored dots meant that creamy orange goodness was soon going to be mine.

Orange push-up pop

I love it when Push-Ups begin to melt because they taste even sweeter, creamier, and better.

The same was true with this smoothie.  As it began to melt, it got even better.

Orange Push-Up Smoothies

This smoothie is a dead ringer for Orange Push-Ups.

Don’t skimp on the sugar if you want it to taste exactly like an Orange Push-Up and I promise, it does.

Half lemon

Sweet oranges ‘n creamy perfection.

Orange Push-Up Smoothies

I used this mango-orange from Hawaii’s Own brand for the concentrate.  It was on sale for 99 cents for the can at my grocery store and I was being cheap being budget conscious and didn’t want to buy the Minute Maid which was $3.29 for one can.

If you can’t find this concentrate, I’m sure any OJ concentrate or citrus juice concentrate blend should be fine.  I really didn’t taste mango per se, just an orangey citrus flavor.

Orange Push-Up Smoothies

This recipe made three good-sized smoothies and since I wasn’t going to drink them all at once, I popped the leftover smoothie mixture in the freezer and realized after the fact that I should have poured the extra into Popsicle molds for homemade Push-Ups.  Next time, I’ll do that.

For now, I’ve been eating it like orange sherbet style with a spoon from the glasses I poured it into and then froze.

Orange Push-Up Smoothies

The variations of what I’m going to do with this addictive orange mixture is exciting and has my wheels turning:

1. Pour it into molds and freeze like traditional Push-Ups (or frozen into ice cube trays or poured into paper Dixie cups with a makeshift stick inserted and peel off the paper cup after it has frozen)

2. Freeze it and eat in a bowl as orange sherbert

3. Drink it smoothie style

Orange Push-Up Smoothies

Now if the weather could just warm up a bit so my teeth don’t chatter while I slurp copious amounts of orange sugary liquid.

Sky and Palm Trees

But I’ll shiver and chatter for this stuff any day.

Orange Push-Up Smoothies

Half lemon

Orange Push-Up Smoothie

Orange Push-Up Smoothies

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Orange Push-Up Smoothie

By Averie Sunshine
This smoothie tastes like a classic Orange PushUp. If you like Orange PushUps, Orange Creamsicles, Orange Julius, or orange soda, you’ll love this easy, sweet and creamy smoothie. The recipe makes more than you may need at once. Pour the extra into glasses and thaw later for smoothies or pour into bowls for orange sherbet; or into popsicle molds, paper cups, or ice cube trays. Or simply halve the recipe. Add sugar to taste. It will vary significantly based on personal preference and brand of concentrate used. I used Hawaii’s Own brand in the mango-orange flavor from Ralph’s (Kroger) grocery. The smoothie is vegan provided vegan milk is used and is gluten-free.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
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  • 1 can orange juice concentrate, slightly thawed
  • 1 cup milk, half and half, cream, nut milk, soy milk, vegan milk, etc.
  • ½ cup granulated sugar, or to taste (you can reduce the sugar or use an alternate sugar substitute such as stevia
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups ice, or to taste
  • 1 to 2 ounces of Rum, Malibu, Vodka, Citron, Marshmallow Vodka, Gran Marnier or similar, per smoothie portion, or to taste, optional


  • Combine all ingredients, except ice and optional alcohol, in a large blender or Vita-Mix and blend until smooth and creamy, taking care the sugar has dissolved and is well incorporated. Keep blending until it dissolves.  If desired, add a splash more water or milk.
  • Add the ice and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.


Serving: 1, Calories: 483kcal, Carbohydrates: 81g, Protein: 6g, Fat: 2g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 8mg, Sodium: 72mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 69g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

If you’re a fan of fruity and creamy smoothies, try:

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Do you like Push-Ups?

Do you like orange drinks?

I also love Orange Julius and Orange Crush soda.  I haven’t had either in years, but I am fond enough of Orange Crush to order Orange Crush checks.

I am apparently stuck in a 1982 timewarp where people still write out checks and long to lick melty Push-Up with dots on the paper wrapper from the gas station.

While I’m at it, I’d like to do this all while watching The Brady Bunch and Three’s Company reruns and use my bike as my primary mode of transportation.   Ahh, childhood memories.  And maybe I’ll pour an Orange Creamsicle soda while I’m at it, too.


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  1. 5 stars
    This Orange PushUp Smoothie seems delicious , thanks for sharing this one with us. Will love to try this one for sure.

  2. 4 stars
    This Orange PushUp Smoothie seems delicious , super excited to try this one. Thanks for sharing this delicious smoothie with us, will love to share with others too.

  3. 5 stars
    Love this Orange PushUp Smoothie , this one seems delicious . My mother used to make this Pushup Smoothie , love this one . Thanks for sharing this one with us, will love to try this one.

  4. 5 stars
    Love this Orange PushUp Smoothie , this one seems delicious . My mother used to make this Pushup Smoothie , love this one . Thanks for sharing this one with us, will love to try this one.

  5. 5 stars
    Love this Orange PushUp Smoothie , this one seems delicious . My mother used to make this Pushup Smoothie , love this one . Thanks for sharing this one with us, will love to try this one.

  6. 5 stars

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  8. Thank you this is a cool throw back recipe to remind me of my childhood thanks again I appreciate the Brady bunch and threes company references take care AWESOME

  9. When I was little and not feeling good my mother would make me this drink called a roster rooster. It contained orange juice concentrate. Milk, sugar, vanilla, and ice.

  10. I used fresh oranges instead and the result was quite an experience. Am glad it’s summer so I don’t have to debate about whether it’s worth shivering and chattering for — yet!

  11. Wow, what an inspiration! I like these recipes very much and I believe children would like them to. That makes it easier for parents to give them some healthy and delicious drinks. I hope you have more of this!

  12. Oh wow! We called them “push pops” growing up, and we always got the ones with the Flintstones on the package! I loved them and can’t wait to try these!

    1. Same! And before they had the Flinstones theme, they had just big red/blue/yellow circles on the wrappers. Memories :)

  13. Holy crap – these totally taste like Creamsicles! You quoted just the right amount of sugar too. Made two nice size glasses- we added vodka. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. I can’t wait to try these! I love those push up pops I used to eat as a kid so I’m sure these will be heavenly!

  15. Okay, so here’s the scoop about this recipe. I’m trying to forget that it is made with a WHOLE CUP OF HALF AND HALF, and am trying to focus on how good it is. And believe me, it’s good. I used a twelve ounce can of Minute Maid orange juice concentrate, and it was pretty good. A little bitter at the end, but I like a little twang. Thanx Averie.

  16. Hi, it’s me again. Do you have any flavorful peach smoothie recipes? This orange one is great, but I have a surplus of frozen peaches on hand. Thanx :)

    1. All of my recipes can be found at the top right hand corner, there is a drop down menu, it says BROWSE RECIPES. You can browse based on what you have on hand.

      All of my smoothie recipes are here and most anything can be swapped out for peaches, i.e. use them in place of strawberries, mango, etc. Smoothies are very flexible.

  17. Hi, I tried this recipe without concentrate (just regular orange juice) and it didn’t turn out as creamy or push up like. Do you have a trick for this? Or should I buy orange juice concentrate during my next grocery store trip? Thanx :)

    1. Just follow the recipe and buy OJ concentrate if you want your results to be as described in the post and shown. Just using regular OJ will not work as you have discovered. No way to get creamy and push up like with thin juice! Need the thick, frozen concentrate!

  18. This is almost the exact recipe I got for Orange Julius in home ec in high school (showing my age there.) I bet it will be delicious, can’t wait to try it, and I LOVE the idea of freezing it like push pops!!! :)

    1. I think we all made that same Orange Julius in home ec class in jr high or h.s. if you’re in you’re 30s or 40s :)

  19. Could you please tell me why the print on your site is so faded is there any possibility you could make the fonts darker, it is very hard to read, thank you so much. I enjoy your recipes immensely, thank you. Diane

  20. This smoothie is so freaking good!! Yum! I used cascadian farms organic frozen OJ and then a mix of vanilla almond milk & coconut milk. I still found it to be a little intense (both sweet & orange-y) so I ended up pouring in more milk and adding an extra cup of ice. Next time I might try using a little less sugar than the 1/2 cup. Also left out the alcohol since we had this with our brunch but I will definitely be adding some vodka to the leftovers for a treat tonight :) Thanks!

  21. Looks so yummy! Wanted to let you know that I’m doing a round up of recipes that I can’t wait to try in the near future, and I’d like to include this one. I will be listing the name of your recipe, linked back to your site, as well as your site name. A photo will bein a collage format only, so that your picture cannot be “swiped” from my site. And there will be no information about the ingredients or recipe steps so that readers must come visit you if they want to know how to make it! This will go live on the 13th; please do let me know if you don’t want me to link to you for some reason. I hope it brings you a lot of traffic!

    1. thanks for wanting to include it and for the very thorough explanation that you don’t reprint in full and that the photo can’t be swiped – GOOD! Thanks for all that and go ahead & include it! :)

  22. Very delicious! I made it as written, too much sugar for me but still very good, and then I tried it with with coconut milk ( and I left out sugar) Oh, and I also added a dash of rum… very good when relaxing around the pool ;)

    1. Yes, depending on the concentrate used and one’s personal tastes, always good to adjust sugar to taste. With coconut milk sounds wonderful. And with rum, poolside, sounds the best yet!! :)

  23. Considering that the concentrate juice itself is mostly sugar, adding your cup of sugar, I can see why in North America most people are obese.

    This may be delicious, sure. But healthy? Give me a break.

    1. I never said it was healthy! It’s a TREAT. Something to be made when you feel like a splurge.

  24. Well, this is superb. Tried it with Hawaii’s Own other flavors too.
    They make Orange/Pineapple, and Pineapple/Starfruit and they are all excellent and different from the Orange/Mango. For the others I left out the sugar and they were plenty sweet but I do use the sugar in this recipe featured but a little less than 1/2 cup. I think I could live on this as my regular daily meals!!

    1. Just the standard size that’s in the grocery store freezer case, I believe it’s a 12-ounce can.

  25. I know what u mean about being stuck in a time zone , some old stuff never goes away! :) Gong to try this for lunch with my kids.

  26. Just made this. I added 1/2 c sugar, I dont think it needed even that much. I used the Hawaii’s Own mango orange. Boy it’s still delish. Love it.

  27. Sorry, for some reason I cant reply on that thread…

    (about frozen concentrate in the UK)
    Its definitely frustrated me a lot here. Apparently it existed about 15 years ago, and then just disappeared. Now there isn’t any. The closest thing I’d say is “Squash” but its a liquid concentrate. I’m not sure it would translate the same but I might give it a shot? I’ll let you know if I do! :)

    1. So weird it just vanished! Well… I would just try adding regular OJ then. Or boil/reduce down some OJ so that’s it more concentrated and go with that!

  28. Just made this with fresh orange juice and it is delicious. Just added double the ice to compensate for the frozen concentrate and it was perfect. I was afraid the extra ice might dilute the orange flavor but it was great!

  29. Hi Averie, lovely recipe! (I’m sat reading through all your smoothie type recipes!) I’m from the UK and have no idea what the orange juice is you used?! Please could you explain it to me/suggest an alternative I can buy in the UK? I really want to make this mmmmmmmmm thanks :)

    1. You just want to use orange juice concentrate, in a can, that you’d add water to, for making juice. I’m sure something like that exists in the freezer case at your grocery store. Find something along those lines and go with that! LMK how it turns out!

      1. I’m an American that lives in the UK, I can confirm – we dont have to have frozen juice concentrates of any kind here. Any ideas for substitutes?

      2. No frozen juice concentrate in your freezer cases? Hmmm – not sure what to say. Using regular OJ won’t give you as concentrated of flavor but it’s worth a try.

  30. I used half pineapple and half orange and only 1/4 cup of sugar. I probably wouldn’t use any sugar next time. It’s sweet enough without the sugar.

  31. I just made this and am slurping it as I type (with the oj you suggested) and it is absolutely amazing! I love the creaminess of the vanilla. I also added a dash of French vanilla creamer in addition to the milk. I’m glad I have some leftover in the freezer :). Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Oh I am so happy that you loved this one. I do too! I am a HUGE french vanilla person (I keep coffeemate in business!) and I bet that adds such a nice touch to this. Thanks for the comment!

  32. Yummy! I didn’t have any concentrate, and didn’t want to wait so I made it with three oranges! Worked great! Kids loved it and so did I :)

  33. Just made this exactly as written, using Minute Maid original orange juice concentrate, and it’s delicious. I’ve never had an Orange PushUp, so I can’t compare it, but this was certainly not bitter at all.

    1. Thanks for coming back to LMK you tried it and made it as written, with Minute Maid OJ concentrate, and had great success. I’m glad you liked it!

  34. Hello Averie,

    First, thank you for this excellent smoothie recipe. I can’t wait to try it! I love orange and cream things.

    Purely based on *taste* (and maybe texture, too) and just all around pleasure, which do you suggest using, between milk, half and half, cream, yogurt, etc.? Yes, I do realize as with everything, it all comes down to personal taste and preference, but I want to know what you think would taste best. Thanks!


    1. I usually use a combo of milk and half and half. Definitely not skim; whole milk, half and half, and with a splash of cream is going to be richest, thickest and is going to taste the best. But in an effort to keep it healthier, 2% is fine. Just depends how many empty calories are worth it to you :)

      1. Averie,

        Thanks so much for the reply. That sounds like the perfect combo to me — I think you got it just right. And, believe it or not, whole milk is actually healthier than 2%, 1%, or skim, so using whole works out perfect, for me! I’d explain why whole milk is healthier, but I don’t want to bore you … And I don’t count calories, either, so it works out all around.! :)

      2. I totally agree about whole milk, the whole of the milk, drinking the whole thing. Like eating the whole egg is healthier than just cherry-picking the whites out. I digress. I used to hang out on holistic and natural food forums and this recipe is about as far from that as you can get, but I’ve been on all sides of the food spectrum, so to speak and completely know where you’d be going with your ‘don’t want to bore you story’ and I concur!

    1. Thanks for the Pin! And Ive had my Vita for about 5 years now and can’t imagine life without it – wait, I can. Was just traveling and using a Magic Bullet, which felt like a toy to be honest!

  35. FYI, the stuff you linked to isn’t juice concentrate; it’s juice drink concentrate (first ingredient high fructose corn syrup). I only point that out because it’s probably why readers have experienced bitterness when they make the recipe with OJ concentrate – there’s a LOT more sugar in yours than in a version made with straight juice concentrate.

  36. I noticed the bitter taste too when I made it exactly as the recipe said, which was because of the orange juice concentrate I had. I added a quarter cup more sugar, about a 1/2 cup of water, and some dannon strawberry and vanilla fruit on the bottom yogurt and it came out absolutely amazing.

  37. This was DELICIOUS. I used soy milk and added a whole fresh mango. It was ridiculously divine. My kids loved it!

  38. yummy!!!! going to definately try this and also love the other ideas for smoothies too!!! however, because there is milk in it, it isn’t vegan. not that i care, i’m not a vegan. just saying’.

    1. yes, to keep it vegan you’d use vegan milk, nut milk, soy milk. etc which are the suggestions I made in the recipe section in parentheses.

  39. I don’t usually post comments on sites but this was so good I just had to let you know!!!! Soooo yummy! I used Dole Pineapple Orange Juice Concentrate and Vanilla Silk. I used 1/2 cup of sugar and that was plenty for us. Drank some, put some in popsicle molds and still had some left to freeze in a bowl! My husband and kids loved it!

    1. Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! All the info helps me, helps others who read the comments…so thank you! And glad you loved it…dole pineapple-OJ, with Silk vanilla. And popsicle molds…love it!

  40. orange push up smoothie be still my heart! can’t wait to make this one just screams summertime!

  41. I tried these a couple of weeks ago and the first batch was a little grainy from the sugar, but on my second try, I put the sugar in first and added just a little bit of hot water to the sugar (enough to just melt it). Let it sit for a couple of minutes to melt well and then add everything else and blended away. It was perfect!!! I also used minute maid Low acid orange juice concentrate and it turned out perfectly..not bitter taste at all! I have even halved the recipe to make on those nights my husband and I want something cold to drink here in the hot southern weather!!

    1. good info about the hot water and sugar and then the Minute Maid Low Acid…glad to hear it works like a champ – thanks for the comment!

    2. Oh thanks for the tip! I just made this and it is yummy but I don’t like the grainy texture from the sugar either. I have a sweet tooth and used a full cup but I think I will cut back a little next time lol!

      1. Or dissolve it in equal parts water/sugar, i.e. a simple syrup, and then use that rather than whole, granular sugar. Glad you liked it overall though!

  42. So yummy! Perfect cool treat after playing outside. I use turbinado in my kitchen and I could taste it in the smoothie. I just have an older Kitchen Aid mixer, so it didn’t combine the sugar real well with the rest of the smoothie. I think I’ll replace it with honey next time to sweeten it up.

    1. Glad you made it and enjoy…honey or agave could work, yes! Or make a simple syrup of water/sugar on the stove and use that as your liquid sweetener.

  43. Hi Averie,

    I tried the smoothie today, but had the sneaking suspicion that it might turn out bitter/sour, based on some of what you explained above. I think that the key is that the frozen juice probably needs to be a frozen “drink” or “beverage” vs 100% fruit juice. I had a limited selection in the Harris Teeter supermarket near me, so I’ll have to shop around next time. I’m determined for my smoothies to taste like your smoothies look in the pictures above! :-)

    – Karen

    1. Harris Teeter. Omg. We used to live in NC & SC and that’s what they had there. Memories.

      As for the explanation “drink” or “beverage” vs 100% fruit juice…good points. And yes, real juice would be sour. It has to be something that’s frozen with plenty of sugar, i.e. a juice “beverage”. Good clarification.

  44. I just made these and they are delicious!! I used a 12 ounce can of five alive, unsweetened almond milk, the vanilla extract, and 1/4 of splenda. My hubby is in heaven and so am I. Thank you so much for a delicious recipe.

    1. Wow, love your variation…good to know that Five Alive works (childhood memories!) And 1/4 cup? I’m assuming of the splenda baking blend? And unsweetened almond milk got it creamy enough, good to know!

      1. Yes, I only used a 1/4 cup of the regular granulated splenda. (not the baking blend) I’ve been doing weight watchers since last August so I’m used to less sweet things, but I think the five alive is pretty sweet on its own. I wouldn’t say it was super creamy, because almond milk is pretty thin, but it was still pretty smooth. I would think that regular milk or sweetened condensed would make the drink much more creamy, but I loved it either way.

      2. We made it with Five-Alive, Splenda, and half-and-half. Wow! Tastes perfect.

  45. I always loved Push-Ups too! I am excited to try this with all the kids in the neighborhood this Summer! Thanks for posting!

  46. These are delicious! If some find it too bitter, swap the sugar for a can of sweetened condensed milk.

  47. I made this with an orange DRINK concentrate instead of an orange JUICE concentrate. IT WAS AMAZING! Not bitter, and I only added a 1/2 c of sugar. The whole family was crazy about it. Definitely reminded me of the push-pops I used to love

    1. Awesome feedback…thank you! Orange DRINK rather than orange JUICE concentrate. Interesting differentiation. Honestly I buy so very little frozen concentrates (this was one of only a handful of purchases of it ever in my life for this recipe!) so I appreciate the “field reports” and first hand feedback including how much sugar you used, too. Thanks!

  48. Yummy! We’ve been making these for years and in our family we call it Orange Julius. Beautiful pictures btw!!! It’s time to make some more!

    1. Glad to know you’ve been making it, too. I’d love to hear your ratios of sweetener, juice, cream, what brand of juice, etc that you use. Detailed, tried-and-true feedback is so helpful!

  49. That sure looks delicious, but i can’t get myself to eat 1/3 of a cup of WHITE SUGAR just to have a fresh drink. What if I want 2 drinks? oh no. Or even when using half that amount of sugar…. So, let me see what I can do with some fresh oranges and I’ll share the result.

    Anyhow, no matter what, your pictures looked awesome, and if it would not be so calorie-rich, i would sure have tried to make your version. thank you for sharing/the inspiration!

    1. As I indicated in the post, SWEETEN TO TASTE. You don’t have to use that amount of sugar, or sweeten with something else.

      And, this makes three hearty 8-oz portions so on a per serving amount, you are having a tablespoon or two of sugar. Far less than soda, Starbucks syrups, the sugar in ketchup, the sugar in pizza sauce you’d buy; really not that terribly much but to each her own. And yes, this is more like a dessert-smoothie than something I’d drink everyday. And on those occasions, I love it.

      1. A cup of sugar split between three smoothies is still 1/3 of a cup of sugar per serving. Yowza! But now I’m curious if I can come up with a yummy, creamy orange smoothie without adding sugar (or artificial sweetener). I’m thinking greek yogurt, orange juice, and mango maybe. Hmm…

      2. Just did a quick calculation: recipe with that brand of juice concentrate + 1 cup of sugar divided into 3 large smoothies = 128g of sugar per smoothie (52g for 1/3 of a can of concentrate + 12g for cup of milk + 64g for 1/3 cup of sugar). Might be ok purely as a dessert smoothie once in a blue moon. Good to be aware is all.

      3. I get far more than 3 servings from this recipe…probably at least 6. There is no way I could drink 8 oz of it! I wrote 8 oz because that’s “standard” but 4 oz is plenty for me. There’s a reason why people love Starbucks drinks…ounce for ounce they have WAY MORE sugar than this :) Same with ketchup. Ounce for ounce it has way more. And who uses just 1 tbsp of ketchup or whatever they list as the serving size. Life…full of sugar. We gotta pick the things we REALLY want to enjoy and have those is what I say :)

  50. Made this tonight for my family, and WOW, talk about total heaven!! My grocery store didn’t carry the Hawaii’s Own brand, so I used the Old Orchard orange-peach-mango flavor, and it was totally scrumptious. I also used right about half a cup of sugar, blended it really well for a good minute or so, and it was perfect, not gritty, not too sweet, not bitter. It was awesome, thanks! This will for sure be a summer staple in our home!

    1. Thank you for the glowing report, Becky! This is JUST what I love hearing…when someone makes something, and it turns out fabulously. Good job on blending well, and on the Old Orchard orange-peach-mango flavor (sounds fantastic!).

      “not gritty, not too sweet, not bitter. It was awesome” <-- That's awesome to hear! And that it will be a summertime staple, too!

    1. I’m so glad that it was a hit! Could I ask what brand of concentrate & approximate amount of sugar you used? I am always curious about what ends up working out for people in their own kitchens. Thanks for the comment!

  51. This was great. The Hawaii’s Own was a great flavor. For the second batch I added 1/4 Greek plain yogurt and a banana. It was terrific.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it and played around with the yogurt and banana addition. May I ask how much sugar you used..many people have different reports on this, but being you used the Hawaii’s Own just like I did, would love to know your measurement, approximately.

  52. Made these. They are yummy. The concentrate I used was a little bitter, next time want to try the Hawaii’s Own brand. I would reccomend using half a can of regular concentrate to start and adding more if you need more orange flavor. I will be making it again!

  53. These smoothies sound amazingly good!! I thought I’d send my EZ Orange Julius recipe for your to try. It’s sooo simple, and my girlfriends can’t get enough of the sweet, orangey goodness!

    Supplies needed:
    Your favorite orange juice (if using concentrate, prepare according to directions, but use only 3/4 can of water)

    Vanilla ice cream

    Vanilla extract

    Orange extract

    Orange curls, for garnish (optional)

    In a blender, combine the orange juice and ice cream by using a slow speed to start and working up to a mid-range speed for about 30 seconds. Use the orange and vanilla extracts, to taste. You really don’t need the extracts, but it does heighten the flavor. If you use the extracts, use only a couple of drops, mix, and taste. Continue in this manner until you have your desired flavor. Pour into a crystal goblet or a plastic cup and garnish with an orange curl. Serve, sit back and wait for the accolades!

  54. I can’t wait to try this delicious looking smoothie! You’re SO right about push ups when they’re s
    mushy.. they are irresistible!

      1. That’s awesome to know that the Walmart brand concentrate worked well for you and you loved it! Thank you so much for the feedback!

  55. What size can of orange juice concentrate – the 6 oz size or the 12 oz size?

    Thanks, can’t wait to try it.

    1. This is the exact concentrate I bought and used. It was like 99 cents on sale at my groc store, half the price of Tropicana and so good. Others have complained their concentrate they used was too sour or not good but I can vouch this one is great. I believe it’s just the 6 ounce size, just the “average” size of canned concentrate, not huge. Sorry…I RARELY buy concentrate so don’t know what the standard sized cans in the grocer’s freezers are…just the “regular” good old-fashioned kind.

  56. This did not turn out for me :( It was so bitter and adding sugar just made it really grainy. I am so sad, it looks delicious! I didn’t read the whole post about the type of concentrate making a difference. Bummer!

    1. Sorry that you didn’t have success but the type of concentrate appears to be a huge part of the success or failure rate…maybe try another concentrate and also blend, blend, blend. If you don’t have a vitamix, I’d say 5 minutes maybe? With a Vita, I blend for at least 3 mins so there’s no graininess.

  57. have a kid home from school today, I have made this as the recipe indicates before, but my youngest doesn’t like oranges (go figure) so today I made a grape version…Big Hit! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yes, one standard sized can. Please note the brand I used as it really was lovely and I have heard other people complain about the brand of concentrate they used; just a tip for you but any brand will work, really.

  58. I hope it is alright that I pinned your recipe on Pinterest.

    If not, please email me and I will remove it from there but still make the recipe! :}

  59. Like you, orange push-ups were a staple of my childhood! I will have to make these sometime for my daughters (with some sugar variations :P)….aaaaand myself :)

    1. Oh I am sooo glad to hear this, thanks! And I hope your G.D. loves them. My 5 year old is a huge fan :)

    1. I saw your post and I’m sorry you weren’t a fan. My family loves it and the friends I’ve trialed it on here when I make it, also love it. Maybe it’s the brand of OJ you’re using. Thanks for trying the recipe.

  60. Looks great! Supposedly my great great Grandpa invented the push-up pop, but greedy corporate hogs stole his idea and he never received a penny. My Grandma always kept push-up pops in her freezer. I think that must be the closest our family’s ever gotten to fame! I will have to make this for my family, as I’m sure it would bring back fond memories.

  61. just made it. not sure if the orange concentrate had anything to do with it or not, but a cup of sugar was WAY too much! it tastes almost the same as orange juice and vanilla ice cream mixed together. next time ill try the half cup of sugar

    1. My concentrate was quite sour and yours may have been sweeter, and of course, personal taste preferences come into play. The smoothie reminded me of Orange Pushups (Which are pretty much OJ and vanilla ice cream mixed together as you said). Have fun tweaking the flavor to your liking!

  62. I just made these using coconut milk. OMG–divine! Can’t wait to see the grandkids reactions when they have their popsicles after dinner tonight ;-)

    1. Thanks for LMK and you have lucky grandkids! I’d like to be a grandkid of yours with orange pushup coconut milk popsicles…that’s awesome!

  63. I just made this for the kids and a vodka version for the grown ups for the superbowl and everyones happy!!!!!

    1. now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Glad you like it and that everyone’s happy. I wish I was at your party!!! :)

  64. Averie, this looks excellent. And I am totally on board with the sorbet idea!!!! Thanks do much, will be trying this on our 60degree day this week in wintery CT (lol).

  65. Found your site through Pinterest and repinned the link to your recipe. Wanted to share with you . . . I have a gadget I think you will like as it will allow you to fully recreate the push up experience! Stumbled on these at the grocery store. Cool Cones . . . plastic reusable push up holders! You can fill them with the smoothie mix and then freeze until firm or pack slightly soft ice cream into the holder (just use the holder as its own scoop) and store for a quick half cup serving on the go. I absolutely love these things . . . good memories, great fun and very practical. They are available at for less than five dollars. Video at the manufacturer’s site Thanks for the recipe!

  66. Hi! What blender do you recommend to make these? I have been torn trying to find one that will make a great smoothie!

  67. I was just wondering how many calories are in this Drink. cause it seriously looks yummy but I need to make sure it fits within my calorie count. thanks a bunch

    1. Not sure because I don’t track it but you could plug the ingredients into an online calculator and calculate for yourself if you’re interested.

  68. I did this with no sugar, just a little honey, and also added some “green cubes” (I puree spinach, kale, avacado, celery and romaine and pour it into baby food ice trays and add 2 or 3 to every smoothie). It still tasted great! Thanks for the idea!

  69. These looked so good, but I must say they did not taste good. I don’t know if I did something wrong, but they didn’t taste like a creamsicle at all. And the gritty sugar just made it worse. Very disappointing.

    1. It didn’t taste like a creamsicle to me either, rather an Orange Pushup like I mentioned in the post. Regarding the grittiness, I blended for a long time in my Vitamix. Not sure what you did or the brand of your frozen concentrate, the type of milk you used, or the other variables; sorry you didn’t like it. I’ve had lots of people say they’ve loved it but I appreciate all feedback from zero to hero, so to speak.

  70. Okay … wow. What a response! Congrats on your successful pin/post/whatever it started as. I just wnted to comment on the pictures. Did you take them? Even if not … AAWWWWWWWSSSSOMMMMME! Really! I could almost taste it just looking at these most amazing pics. I have a stash of bathroom cups that never get used. I think I’ll use them for this recipe. I think I REALLY need to get an upright freezer to have a shelf dedicated for these freeze ahead goodies! Thanks for the post! CHEERS!

    1. Yes I did take them; I take all the food photos on my site for all the recipes I create. Couldn’t imagine paying someone else to do that :) I love photography and it’s become as much a passion as the recipe development so thanks for the kind words.

      1. If I were making a food ad, I’d pay you. They are actually so beautiful, that you should consider making prints available. Some of those would look beautiful framed and on the wall. Seriously … impressive. Now I’m going to have to go browse your site just to take a peek at your other pictures! BLESSINGS!!!!

      2. If I were making a food ad, I’d pay you. They are actually so beautiful that you should consider making prints available. Some of those would look beautiful framed and on the wall. Seriously … impressive. Now I’m going to have to go browse your site just to take a peek at your other pictures! BLESSINGS!!!!

      3. Thanks for the sweet words, Debi. Yes, it’s all me doing my own photography. I’ve learned a thing or two in the past 3 years blogging and I appreciate the compliments and encouraging words.

  71. My mom used to drive my brother and I all the way into town when we were kids just to get orange push-ups from the local gas station/general store; I tried this recipe, and it brought me back to my childhood. The little single-serve blender in my kitchen got a bit hot making the mix in batches, but now I have a ton of delicious sherbet in the freezer. Thanks so much for the recipe (and the warm memories!)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and that it was a trip down memory lane for you….thanks for telling me that little story!

  72. Hi! Thanks for this lovely recipe. I pinned it and just saw that it has been repinned from me over 350 times. That makes it a hit for sure!! :)

    1. Thanks for saying hi and I wasn’t sure how many times it was pinned and dare I say, I don’t even know how to check those stats…all I know is it’s been really popular based on how many emails I am getting with the re-pinning notices and I am so happy people seem to like it. It’s one of my fave smoothies to date.

  73. What a nice recipe!

    A healthier version of a classic treat….sometimes we all need to splurge a bit and take a trip down memory lane :)

    I am a fan of orange drinks and I especially like to make an orange pomegranate smoothie that was inspired by my travels in Istanbul, where they sold fresh-squeezed fruit juices on every street corner (of course, orange pomegranate was the best combo):

    2 small or medium whole oranges,
    ½ cup pomegranate seeds (approx. half a pomegranate)

    ½ cup orange juice

    2 tbsp fat free Greek yogurt (optional)

    1 to 2 cups ice cubes

  74. Be still my heart! I LOVE this idea! I will be sure to give this recipe a try. I used to LOVE push-ups and haven’t had one in years. I have a feeling my kiddos will love them to.

  75. Those vanilla and orange ice cream cups were my favorite as a kid. Then following that were the push-ups. Orange Julius was sooo good! The only thing I really didn’t like was any fruit-flavored pop. It always just tasted weird to me. But it doesn’t matter how cold the weather is, I’m always ready for a smoothie!

  76. Thank you! This could not have come at a better time. 2 boys with spacers in their mouths (getting braces next week)- their mouths are so sore it’s soft foods only for them! I added some hemp seeds and vanilla Sun Warrior and made it part of breakfast this morning!

  77. Just gorgeous, and absolutely wonderful memories!! Love then photo too of the original with the polka dots. My dad uses to take me to the food court at UTC, which opened when I was in elementary school, and we’d get an orange Julius. It was such a treat for me! Orange juice blended with ice and egg white powder pretty much tastes the same. Can’t wait to try your lovely concoction!

    1. Wow growing up here with memories of UTC mall. Awesome and I bet the place has changed so much over your lifetime!

  78. Oh goodness! That smoothie looks so delicious! When I was a young teenager, my friends and I would go to the Northway Mall in Anchorage and get Orange Julius. I LOVED those things. They were so good. I tried and tried to re-create them at home when I was 13 but never could. This could be it!! :-) You are so awesome…LOVE your recipes! xo

    1. We made this exact same recipe when I was a kid, to duplicate Orange Julius. It’s pretty close (in fact, I would say it’s closer to orange julius than it is to a push up!).

      1. The brand of concentrate I used gave it a very Push-Up quality. I love both Orange Julius’ and PushUps!

  79. I haven’t had a push-up since I was a kid! I loved them. Your smoothie looks wonderful! I love your summery drinks even though it’s winter. It adds fun to the season and makes me look so forward to spring!

  80. Orange Push-ups were my gas station treat growing up. the Flinstone ones were the best! I love anything orange and creamy – Dreamsicles from the ice cream truck, orange julius, orange crush (still drink it)…Love it.

    I loved those Hawaiian drink mixes too. I grew up on those.

  81. I love the colors used in this smoothie… I feel like I should be sitting on a tropical beach somewhere basking in the sun and talking to cute boys :) The other smoothies posted here look absolutely delicious as well. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to gain 3 pounds with the massive amounts of consumption I’ll be doing with these drinks!

  82. Your photos are gorgeous!!! Love the sound of this smoothie, perfect for going back down memory lane :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa, that means the world coming from you. You have some drink photos that are seriously magazine worthy…one that floats around Pinterest a lot and every time I see it, I think….wow :)

  83. Mmm. This looks too good. I wasn’t a huge push up fan as a kid because I thought they were too messy, but I love this sophisticated version!

  84. love the name of this smoothie!! and your pictures are perfect. I find smoothie pictures are hard to take, any tips?

    1. Gosh…they can be hard and aside from making sure your lighting is good, your shot is properly food styled/props, shooting tons and from every angle b/c sometimes the glare of the liquid can cause focusing issues for me, and I’ll delete a block of like 10 shots so I am always glad I (over)shoot lots so I have options…but your photos are great!

    1. Having a child now, you get reminded of all this stuff you forgot about which is how I remembered.

  85. I loooove push-ups! Both the refreshing treats and the arm fatiguing exercises ;) I’m super, super jealous of your sunny California sky and the fact that you can actually enjoy a treat like this in January. I should tuck this one away for June ;)

  86. Looks so refreshing! And, may I add, your photography is beautiful! Very pretty photos of the smoothie and makes me want one even more! :)

  87. This looks soo good! I love push-up pops and haven’t had one in ages. Your photos are just gorgeous!

  88. My grammi used to always have these in her freezer!! I loved the ones with Flintstones characters on them :)

    1. Yeah you’re alot younger than me…they didn’t have flinstones on the wrappers when I was a kid :)

  89. Oh my goodness, I wish I could just reach into the screen and take one of those smoothies! Do you have to use OJ concentrate or could you alter it to use fresh OJ?

    1. Well, you probably could but the frozen aspect when blending is key for consistency AND the concentration of flavor, too. The juice may water it down…but go ahead and try and report back if you do.

  90. I’ve never liked those pops or creamsicles. I think it’s because (warning – TMI!) when I was about 5 or 6 my dentist gave me orange flavored fluoride and I threw up – on myself and the hygienist. It wasn’t a good day.
    A tasty fun orange drink, though, is Fanta Orange with Liquor 43 (that was the go-do disco drink when I lived in Spain).

  91. i used to LOVE those things!! I’ll definitely have to make this with some fresh pressed orange juice sometime from my juicer!! YUMMY! and…reminding me of spring/summer. its still winter!!!!! but who cares.

  92. That looks so sunny and cheery. Could definitely use that right about now. I used to love the push-ups, but not the dreamcicle flavor (the orange and white ones).

  93. Yum – I used to love those as a kid, too. I bet this would be really good with almond milk or coconut milk and honey, too!

  94. I LOVED those push up pops. Totally brings me back to being a kid in the summertime chasing the ice cream truck around the neighborhood.

  95. holy Jack Tripper that looks GOOD.

    I loved push ups. I think I have one of these in my future, as soon as I get home. Good call on the mango flavored concentrate too – I bet it helped get that exact flavor.

  96. Averie, I love your recipes! My boyfriend eats plain frozen orange juice out of a cup in the freezer all the time, so he will love this. Any tips on how to get sticky recipes out of the Vitamix once they’re blended? I just made your Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter, and it was heavenly, but I can’t quite figure out how to get it out of the Vitamix and into a bowl without spending 20 minutes scraping down the sides with a little metal spoon! I’m also afraid that a metal spoon will damage the blades, but I can’t find a plastic tool that’s the right size. Thanks!

    1. Don’t be afraid to scrape, metal on metal. Ive been doing it for 5 years, no issues. Probably not “ideal” but you have to sometimes. The best way to get it clean it to put soap in it with water, power on and whizz. Let it sit for 20 mins, repeat as necessary. You are still going to have to scrub it, but that’s going to loosen it and don’t EVER let things just “sit and hang out” in a Vita…that’s gonna make clean up even worse! :)

    2. A small silicone spatula helps. I found one that was double-ended (one small, one large) at Target, I believe, for about $5 that has been wonderful. The large end works well on the sides, and the small ends works around the blades.

  97. This post was like a ray of sunshine! I really like the idea of the sweet and creamy orange smoothie, I can imagine exactly how it tastes and I really want one now!

  98. what a GREAT summer treat! It’s far too cold here to make one of these right now but you bet this summer or spring I will be making some as treats for my friends! the orange push ups reminded me of creamsicles too! great recipe, Averie :) i love it!

  99. Ach! I love orange pushpops! And now I’m wishing it was summer and I could sit outside in the sun and enjoy one of these smoothies!

  100. Oh MY!! Can’t wait to try this one, I’m always looking for new Smoothie, get sick of the same old same old……Is the creaminess get to icy if you do a bunch in advance? Or will it stay smooth like an ice cream?

    1. “Is the creaminess get to icy if you do a bunch in advance? ” <-- that question is a little funny? Not sure I am grasping but it stays creamy even after you unfreeze it if you make as a batch.

      1. I think she was asking if it’s like creamy like smooth, because milk freezes with ice crystals…

      2. I had no issues with crystallization happening. Just fine when unthawed!