I spent part of Saturday morning playing in the kitchen.

Kitchen counter with oreos, marshmallow creme, chocolate, and food coloring

With Oreos and green food coloring and marshmallow fluff.

Green frosting in mixing bowl

I felt like such a kid in a candy store. Literally.

Though it wasn’t all sugar and green food dye #3. I ate some of this type of green and fluffy stuff, too.

Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

Raw pasta salad with lemon and herb dressing and vegetables

I had a really nice day with my family and for part of the day, we were outside and took in the green trees and palm trees. It was a windy day, and although sunny, it was on the chilly side.

Blue sky and trees

What did you do today?

When was the last time you made something with food coloring?

Prior to making the Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars with Pink Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting it had been awhile for me.

Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars with Pink Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Easter is coming up and maybe we’ll decorate eggs this year and if we do, it won’t be the “natural” beet juice way. It will be the red dye #40 way.

Thanks for the entries on the Babycakes Cupcake Maker & Cookbook Giveaway

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