Grocery Shopping in Aruba & Trip Pics

Happy Hump Day  New Moon Day!  I hope life is mellow for you today!  Just to let you know, sometimes when it’s a New Moon we tend to feel tired, sluggish, somewhat blah, but in a grounded, stable sense.  If you’re noticing anything like that, you could blame it on the moon.  If you missed my post on the Full Moon and sensations you’d notice with a Full Moon, you can get your astrology groove on over here.  For me, things are great, but before I get to what I’ve been up to, I want to thank Katie again for her Guest Post yesterday here on my blog where she unveiled her Raw Tiramisu BallsYummy stuff, go check out the post in case you missed it!

Tiramisu Babies

znyc 594
Thanks again, Katie, for the Tiramisu Action….yummy!!!

I also wanted to give a shoutout to Anna who made my High Raw All Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Balls.   (In case you missed that post, here ya go!)

Anna said her whole family loved them and that no one knew they were high raw or vegan!  I love it when we can help steer our family members’ and their food choices into those that are more healthy than the traditional fare just by making things that taste awesome, vegan & raw not withstanding!  Glad your family approved, Anna!


But moving on to Today’s Post…
As I mentioned before, I’m in Aruba and when traveling, I employ the mindset of when in Rome, do as the Romans.  Even if that means braving grocery stores that are chaotic!  

The grocery stores here do not keep weekend hours, they do not stay open past 5pm, and they are closed for days before and after major holidaysPeople even start to hoard food!

Like greens & lettucesNote that by 11am on Monday morning, they were sold out.  Who knows when the next air shipment from Miami will be here.  

Good thing I loaded up on kale and have been making tons of kale salads.  Just like back home.

With brock, cauli, and cukes.

And my own Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing:  
1/4 c vegan mayo (Veganaise, Spectrum, or if you’re not a vegan whatever you like)

1/8 c sugar (or less, or stevia, agave, lucama to taste) 
1/8 c Apple Cider Vinegar 
and Whisk.  Good stuff!  Try it!

Tip of the Day: Use Store-bought Condiments and then Doctor Them Up!  Mayo becomes salad dressingKetchup by adding chipotle seasonings and some canned tomatoes becomes a chunky salsa-esque dip or spread.  Prepared yellow mustard with brown sugar and EVOO, or mustard with honey + bbq sauce, becomes a lovely glaze for squashes and potatoesGet creative with your store-bought condiments!!!  Thanks, Janetha, for reminding me to post about this with your Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade post :)

But if I wasn’t making my own dressing, I spied some Annie’sNice, even if it is about 6 bucks a bottle! 
Mama’s Weeds apparently got in on the Annie’s recently, too!

 There have been no tomatoes on the salads I’ve been making, though.  Note the price which is about 9 dollars per kg!

Nor peppers.  Again, sticker shock.  About $12 dollars per kg!

More shopping finds…
A huge table of Seasonal Goodies.

And then notice the Maranatha AB buried admist products with labels in languages other than EnglishHeather, you can happily survive in Aruba, my sweet almond-butter loving friend!

I also saw some other nut butters.  Most writing is in Dutch as it’s a Dutch island.  I need a translator.

White “Chocopasta”, aka White Chocolate Paste.  And the Hazelnootpasta.  Chocolate Hazelnut Paste.  Move over, Nutella, there’s a new sheriff in town!

And more Hazelnut Pasta and Pure Chocolate PastaThey don’t mess around here, I’m tellin’ ya!

If you’re into deli meats and cheeses, they don’t mess around here with that either.  Reasonably priced, excellent quality, and although I never was a meat eater, when I used to come here and was still partaking in dairy, the cheese is excellent.  Straight from Holland. 

Another thing that makes me wish I didn’t have to be gluten-free for health issues is this bread.  

Muesli breadNutty, seedy, raisins, oats, divine.  

In a former life when I came here, I could eat a half a loaf at once.  It’s the best bread in the world, period.

Oh and they love their sweets here. 

Banana Cake and Pineapple Cake.

And Carrot Cake

And it’s alot cheaper to eat locally, made-fresh-daily-cakes, than it is to eat M & M’s.  About $8 US Dollars for a Medium bagA total no brainer.  Back to the When in Rome, do as the Romans thing.  It’s always cheaper, better, and easier to eat locally than try to import.

I did have to break down though and get a couple flavors of gum I’ve never seen in the States before: Wild Blueberry Twist & Passionberry Twist.  They both rock!  And with xylitol so my choppers are benefiting from my cud gum chewing.

Here’s a couple shots of Skylar at the pool.  If she’s a girl after my heart, she’ll love hoops. 

And she’s wondering why I keep telling her to smile and look into the sunlight.

And here’s me.  There is no lounging as a mom of a 2 year old.  It’s called, lay down and take the picture, then get up and start playing again!

I kinda can’t believe I am posting a pic of myself in a bikini.  Trying to keep a Whatever attitude.

There are those Sexiest Raw Vegan Awards, remember those!  Maybe these pics will help my causeHopefully not hurt it! 

Click Here to Vote for me in these 3 Categories (you don’t need to complete the whole ballot, you can just quickly fill in the bullet point next to my name if you’re so inclined in these 3 places).

I am asking for your vote and support in these 3 categories:
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3. Favorite Raw Vegan Website: Love Veggies and Yoga

Again, click here to Vote and if you choose to take a couple minutes to do this, I would just love it!!!! 

And we also have spent some time at the beach.

And after all the playing, splashing, sun and surf, it was time for nap!

Yoga Today is Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana (One-Legged Upward Facing Bow or Wheel Pose)
Eka=One, Pada=Foot, Urdhva=Upward, Dhanur=Bow or Wheel, Asana=Pose.
There’s your Sanskit translation of the day.  Since there was Dutch at the Grocery Store, why not some Sanskrit in Yoga.

Tip of the Day:My Bora Bora Foods Give Away!!!  

Have you Entered Yet?  Winner will be announced Friday.  Go get yourself in on the Bora BoraAction!!!!!!!!!!

What’s your strategy for traveling in terms of food, the customs, dress codes, and so forth?  For instance I don’t trot around the grocery store in my bikini.  The locals don’t do that so when in their country, I cover up and show some modesty and respect.  And with food, I try to go with the flow as much as humanly possible and keep the when in Rome mentality goingI did pack and bring food, but not a ridiculous amount.  I hit up the markets for whatever fresh produce I could and cest la vie to the rest.  How do you play things when you travel?  Are you able to break out of your day-to-day routines and embrace new things? Is it easy or not for you?  Creature of habit or adverture-seeker?  I am kinda a mixed bag on the last question.  Tell me about you though!

Stay Tuned For An Awesome Guest Post and Trip Pics unless you don’t wanna see them.  I don’t wanna tick anyone off by posting beachy photos!…

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  1. I needed a quick 5-minute recipe last night, so I made the coconut patties (no peppermint). I spent the first 10-15 minutes trying to get the mixture to blend in the Blendtec. The quantity was so small. I ended up tripling it and freezing the extra. I don't like my treats very sweet, so I was using less agave then called for. I ended up having to add a bit of water to get it to blend, but it ended up OK. It just occurred to me that the Blendtec would probably pulverize the coconut if I had blended it alone first!

    Question – why use so much coconut oil? My mixture was SO oily. I love coconut oil in every way, so I didn't mind. I'm just wondering if there is a reason to use that much.

  2. Katie – I'll answer your question here so that others can benefit.

    You're right–this is a really small quantity, so to be honest, you're probably just as well off to mix the filling by hand. I don't have a Vita/Blendtec, but I suggested using one because I thought it would probably be up to the task of mixing the filling smooth, closer to the texture of a York pattie.

    I didn't find my patties so very oily, but of course you could adjust the quantity if you find it to be too much. It does help the filling to be less crumbly and more of a paste, though. I wonder if the water you added made it seem oilier than mine came out, due to the extra liquid? Anyway, I'm sorry the recipe gave you so much trouble. This is why I don't have a cookbook deal!

  3. I didn't consider it 'trouble'! I was making candy — I was happy!! :-D

    The water could definitely have made it seem more oily.

    After finishing the recipe, it occurred to me that the Blendtec would have easily pulverized the dry coconut if I had blended it alone first. At that point I could have taken the coconut 'powder' and mixed the other ingredients in easily by hand. So that might be a tip for anyone else trying this.

  4. oooh, those peppermint patties look sooo delicious. id love to try them.

  5. I have no excuse for not having made those delicious pb cups yet other than a lack of time. Maybe I'll make it a new years resolution? Haha

  6. I'm closing comments on this post because some Russian Spam Service keeps leaving me comments that I need to keep deleting and it's getting old :)

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