Gum It Up

I had a really busy day!  I ran errands, had a two hour appointment across town, but still found time to go to the grocery store and re-stock my fresh produce stash.

And I found some of my favorite gum.  I hadn’t seen it in awhile and I was worried they had phased it out.

But I found it in a 3-pack.  Whew!

I came home and made a salad.

Dressed the salad with Orange Coconut Lemon Pepper Vinaigrette

And added Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu

Snacked on some Cinnamon & Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea “Peanuts”

Not the prettiest food but I can assure you the taste is fantastic!

From my last post about Willpower & Restraint, I loved hearing whether you consider yourself to have either, and in what situations you are better than in others.  For as much as I do love to spend money and treat myself, I can be the polar opposite, too, and talk myself out of purchases.  Many of you mentioned you’re similar.

And yes, it is a great mall. For those of you who don’t have a mall in which you really need to “try” too hard to practice restraint, just move to San Diego.  We have plenty of restraint-and-willpower-worthy malls!

Dessert: Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

If you want a no-bake recipe that will please harsh critics, this one will deliver.  I loved baked crisps and crumbles as a kid! And I love this one just as much and it’s fast, no-bake, and without the stick of butter most crumbles call for.


1. Do you like gum?  If so, how many pieces per day do you chew?

Yes, I do.  I’ve gone through phases of life where years have gone by without chewing any and then, bam, I re-discover my love of gum all over.

I have a 3 stick per day, maximum.  Any more than that and I can feel my jaw hurt!

2. Favorite gum?

Currently love Extra Key Lime, Extra Strawberry Shortcake, and for awhile there was an Extra Mango Smoothie that I adored but I haven’t seen that in six months.

Most any of the Orbit or Extra flavors, I like.  As an aside, my sister is a chemist for Wrigley and develops gum.  She created Maui Melon Mint!

I prefer fruity gums to minty ones.  For minty flavors, I just want mints, usually.

3. Did you get a workout in?  Do you like to chew gum while you’re working out?

Yes and it was sunny, but cold!   If you missed my dressing for winter workouts post, I wore the same thing today that I always do.

And yes, I put a stick of key lime gum in when I set out for a 20 minute run.  And it was great!

43 comments on “Gum It Up”

  1. I love gum! Sugar free.. extra is my favorite.. the spearmint. I used to smoke for many years and sugarfree gum helps me.. also, in the past when I would be super busy working in restaurants in a stressful environment it helped me release stress by chewing to music while I mass produced a huge amount of food!

    I want to lick the tofu off the screen.

  2. Sounds like a crazy day. Yum, lots of great eats here.

    1. Sometimes, I haven’t bought it in awhile though. I used to be a huge gum chewer, but kind of fell out of it when I went high raw – odd, right?
    2. Extra back in the day.
    3. Yes in our home gym while watching Sex and the City 2 and ick, not worth watching!

  3. I was super busy yesterday, too! Still working on an email to you :D

    I bought grapes yesterday, too!! They were only $1.57 for a plump bunch! We ate them all in one day!! :shock:

    Those chickpeas look soooooo yummmmmy! I have to try them roasted sometime. Just woke up and now I am craving a salad or a spring roll! That’s so funny. You make me feel all tropical and summery. :lol:

  4. THat is my favorite flavor of Extra!!! Soooo good!

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  6. Your salads always look so pretty, Averie! I love the way the cucumbers are sliced with their elegant edges. I tend to eat the same old salad and it isn’t very pretty – simply spinach, monukka raisins (the worlds best available only at Whole Foods for 2.99, actually pretty good deal, look for them!) if I am out of raisins, I use dates. So spinach monukka’s sprinkling of parmasan cheese, pinch of salt, and EVOO. I could (do) eat it every day and never tire :) I don’t exercise restraint on my spinach/raisin addiction at all. I do exercise restraint on my lululemon athletic gear tab – I love their clothes!

    As for the gum, I like to chew it in the afternoon. A piece or two (or three if I am going out at night I will pop some gum) per day. I like orbit wintermint. I think it was one of their original flavors. Simple, satisfying, in fact, I want some right now! Here’s to smackin’ your lips!

    Have a lovely day. It is a “balmy” 46 degrees here in Maine! Running without mittens or a hat!

    As for the gum, I don’t run or exercise with gum.

  7. I used to be a big Gum chewer / addict. I would easily go through a pack a day. Had to ditch the Gum habit due to reactions to artificial sweeteners. Amazingly, I don’t miss it.

    My old favourite was Cinnamon flavoured Dentyne.

  8. That is too freakin’ cool about your sister!!! :)

  9. Oh my gosh! I had no idea about your sister! How random and cool!

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  11. When I am at work I probably go through a few pieces a day … I don’t have a fave though.

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  13. I do like gum….one that tastes like spearmint. I find it so refreshing. And I will workout with gum in my mouth, esp if I’m running/walking outside. My throat tends to get dry otherwise…

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