Dressing for Winter Workouts


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It’s been a busy day for me!   Holiday?  What holiday?

I ran a bunch of errands, did housework, and have to work later.

I took time out from the insanity and made a salad and plated it up on one of my new plates.   

Mixed greens salad with vegetables

Thanks for everyone who told me you liked my new dishes and Marshall’s finds.  Glad to hear many of you are fans of the discount stores for finding some great deals.  Me too!  But as I mentioned, I can only handle so much messiness and disarray before I get overwhelmed.

I dressed the salad with Horseradish Relish Dressing

Horseradish Relish Dressing

I love the kick of horseradish!

And made a batch of Cinnamon & Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts”

Close up of Cinnamon & Sugar Roasted Chickpea "Peanuts"

Then it was time to honor the Holiday with Chocolate.

Enter: No-Bake Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Coconut Snowballs

No-Bake Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Coconut Snowballs in white dishIf you have coconut flakes on hand and are wondering what to do with them, this is a fast, easy, freezer-friendly dessert.

I also have a post with Chocolate Recipes if you want to skip the coconut and cut straight to the chocolate.  I wouldn’t mind.

Close up of No-Bake Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Coconut Snowballs

Earlier in the day Skylar and I went out in the winter weather.

Tree and car lined street with blue and cloud skies

It’s chilly here!  Mid 50s and windy.  I know that some of you think this is “balmy”.  I don’t.  I grew up in Minnesota and left that kind of weather for a reason!  I am a warm weather girl, big time.

So is Skylar.  But she bundles up with the best of ’em.

Young girl bundled up in puffy purple jacket

Young girl wearing puffy jacket smiling

And yes, I wear a hat and vest when it’s this “cold”.  My ears are really sensitive from too many childhood ear infections.  I have to protect them or I get horrible headaches from cold temps and wind.

Woman wearing blue vest and beanie hat

At least the hibiscus are still blooming despite the cold weather.

Pink flower


1. Did you do anything special because of the Holiday?

No, clearly, nothing “special” here.  Just another day of errands, a workout, housework, and work.

2. How do you dress for winter workouts?

I know Tina just did a post on how to dress for winter workouts.

When I lived in cold weather climates, I still worked out outside.  I have no idea how I did it, but I did. I just wore as many layers as possible and made my workouts fairly brief while telling myself in my head, “This will be over soon!” and I ran as fast as possible back home!

I’d love to hear your fave combinations for layering and dressing for the winter.  What types of base layers, middle weight layers, and outer layers you choose.  It can be tricky to nail it properly and be warm enough, yet not over-heat.  Nothing can spoil a run faster than being too cold.  Or too hot.

My general strategy is a Target sports bra, then a base layer which usually is an old cotton race t-shirt, then a 10 year old Nike dry-fit shirt on top of that, and then a vest with a hat or ear warmer and gloves.

For pants, I have a pair of Lululemon pants that I bought to do yoga in but they are too hot for yoga and have been working well as running pants.

None of my choices are what the experts would recommend.   Cotton isn’t a technical fabric nor is wearing a cotton hat nor yoga pants for running.  But it’s what I have and seems to work fine for me.   Just like I shop in my own kitchen and closet for dishes and everyday clothes, I shop in my own closet for workout wear.

What’s your base layer(s)?

What do you like for your outer layer(s)…vests, jackets, pullovers, hoods or no hood?

What do you do to protect your ears?  Hat, ear-warmer, hood, nothing?  I need something on my ears and a hood!

Glove or no gloves?  Yes, for me!

How do you dress for your outdoor winter workouts? If you have any gear you love and is a lifesaver for you, tell me about it!

P.S. I have a couple workout posts that you may enjoy:

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  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one with sensitive ears! And b/c of my asthma, I can not workout outside in the winter. It just burns my lungs.

  2. Love the pic of your in the hat!!!

    To be honest I hate working out in the cold…another reason I love working out at home :)

  3. Most of the time it is too cold to work out in Saskatchewan (during the winter) and not safe. Once spring hits, and it warms up to about -5 C, I will go out with a coat and fleece, and LuLu pants (and mittens).

  4. Hahaha, you do NOT want to know what I have to say about wearing cotton… I had ONE glorious day last week where I could run in shorts and a tshirt and now I am so very ready for spring!

  5. Funny that you posted about dressing for winter workouts! Yesterday mid run, the temp dropped here in VA Beach from 75 to 55 degrees! It made for a cold run since I was wearing a t-shirt and capri running pants. Today’s run was a frigid 35, so I wore a t-shirt, thermal long sleeve, fleece, yoga pants, hat and gloves. Sheesh. And it never hit me until your post that my frequent childhood ear infections contribute to my sensitive ears. That makes sense!

  6. I’m a giant wuss and don’t do winter workouts outside! I retire my bike until it’s warm enough to bring it back out! :)

  7. I was working yesterday for the holiday… unfortunately… busy day at work and my workout was not a fun one to say the least, why are they so tough after the weekend?

  8. ahh I love how you bundle up in 50 degree temps. I get so excited when its that warm im in flip flops and a t shirt!

  9. the food you prepare looks so enticing everytime :) and skylar is always cute :) hope to try vegan food if there is any here in the philippines :)

  10. For winter workouts (unless it is too cold and I go to the gym) I wear compression capris (I get too warm in pants), sports bra, fitted tank, long sleeve under armor shirt (the best $40 I have ever spent on workout clothes) and sometimes a jacket. I also have gloves and a hat — I also have a neck warmer thing that you can pull over your mouth but I get too warm wearing that as well.

  11. I just met a guy from Minnesota over the weekend. We bonded over Garrison Keillor… Please tell me you know who that is! :)

    I always wear cotton when I run. When it’s cold outside I usually wear a sports bra, a cotton tank top, a cotton long sleeve tshirt, leggings, and my columbia fleece. Gloves? Yes. I would rather be too warm than too cold!

  12. I really dislike the cold, so in the Winter I usually just stick to the gym or workout at home. I can’t wait to start running outside again! Even just walking from my car to the gym entrance is rough for me! I layer up like no other too!

  13. After our cold snap, 50’s is warm ;-) Of course, we’ve been having some 70’s and I’m loving that. I have learned to layer. I get really hot when running, but always have to keep my ears covered (mine are sensitive too). I prefer my legs to be hot (keeping muscles loose) but cannot stand for my arms and core to get too warm – then I feel like I’m suffocating. So layers I can peel off!

  14. Being from MN yourself, you will appreciate this: at 50 degrees I let my kids wear t-shirts and go without jackets, lol! 60 and we’re all having picnics at the beach. Always cracks me up to see Californians or Floridians pulling out the winter coats for anything under 70;) And now you will excuse me, I have to go make your mint coconut snowball thingies!

  15. Living in cold weather for going on six years now (?!?!?) has taught me how to dress for outdoor workouts. I try to balance my workouts to be about half inside and half out– although this time of year, they start to move inside more and more.

    Glad you had a fun day with your girl! She looks so toasty in her big coat!

  16. Work per usual over here! I didn’t even know people got off work for President’s Day! LOL

  17. It was W’s bday so we finished up celebrating for him and I did a bunch of wedding stuff. I’m super sensitive to the cold-hate it, so I bundle up as best as I can and try to keep the complaints to a minimum,…which is hard!

  18. I had to work a 12 hour day on Pres. Day. Oh well, days off are for pansies! ;)
    Living in FL, I am the ultimate cold weather wuss. I keep my workouts indoors when the temp dips below 65!

  19. For me personally, “cold weather” is everything below 40°, I might consider running outside on those days. But on “very cold weather” days, which start at 30°, I usually resort to the treadmill. I just hate being cold!
    I also start with a sports bra and a wicking shirt, then maybe add a longsleeve cotton shirt, and always my running jacket on top. For pants I wear my running tights, knee high socks, sneaker socks on top (I hate having cold feet!), and maybe another pair of loose pants. I also need to protect my ears, so I wear at least a headband, or a fleece hat on colder days. Gloves are a must when it’s below 40, but optional on milder days, as my running jacket has rather long sleeves.
    And I always wear a scarf to protect my neck!
    That’s more clothes than recommended (e.g. by Runner’s World), but I’d rather be a bit too warm than too cold when I run.

    Have a nice week!

  20. great post. very informative. im usually a wuss when it comes to running outside in the cold weather. and it’s cold up here in the bay area right now…around 50s as well. i just cannot make myself run outside when it’s cold. lol but maybe if i do layer up, i’ll be fine. but i usually tolerate it around 60s. i spend a lot of time being inside heated room for yoga, it feels so good when it’s cold outside! but i do wear hats, tank top, zip up jacket, pants… don’t have any running goloves but maybe will look into it! thanks again for this post.

  21. Cute cool weather gear. It’s in the 50s here today too, but I love it for long runs.

    1. I relaxed and shopped, not a bad way to spend the holiday.
    2. For runs I’ll usually need a headband to warm my ears and maybe gloves if it’s 40 or below. But usually a long sleeve sport shirt is fine. I invested in a running winter jacket only to find it too hot and heavy for long runs.

  22. 50 degrees….I’d be bundled up too. Its about 40 here in the daytime but gets down to the teens at night. I don’t leave the house until it warms up though, because I am a HUGE sissy.

    I don’t wear anything special. I’m a Target girl, and a cheapskate. I used to be all about the wool base layers when I worked at an REI-type store (ie when I got them at super deals), but now, I wear whatever. I just wear a lot of layers and then I know I’m good to go.

    Also, I try to not workout outside in the winter. :)

    1. not working out outside…grrr…if my gym had better childcare hours i could be inside more but whatever, at least it’s san diego winters vs. a MN/WI winter!

  23. Ugh, it IS cold here! It was 45 degrees this morning when I left my house- I was so glad I was going to the gym and not for a run outside!

    1. Thank you for saying that it IS cold in SoCal right now :) I always catch a lot of flack when I post how “cold” it is..but it really is right now!

  24. Is it that cold there in Cali???

    Every time I come here I get so hungry. Snowballs, chocolate, horseradish dressing. You are triggering cravings ;-)

    The only thing I do differently in the winter is wear long pants to workout in. No shorts. I rarely do outdoor workouts in the winter here because it’s SO cold and I’m a wuss :(

    I am similar to you with the sports bra, then tanks, then Nike zip up. Only now with the belly it’s sports bra, long H&M tank or much larger size Marshalls exercise tank (any brand) and an open hoodie.

    Wish I could afford Lululemon. I just can’t justify it :(

    1. The pants are the one and only piece of lulu I bought that i wear. Have bought yoga shorts and a sports bra before from them. Not really in love with them. Never wear them. Will happily buy Target stuff or other smaller niche yoga brands, always, in the future :)