New Dishes & Shopping at Discount Stores

On Sunday afternoon I ran some errands and one thing on my list was trying to find some new dishes.  I set out to find cute, inexpensive items that will spruce up my food photographs.

I mentioned on my Wish List that cute dishes were something I was in search of and not everything I found Sunday may necessarily be considered “cute” but they are functional.  And sometimes being practical trumps cuteness.  Sometimes.

Here’s the loot.

First up, a box for Skylar.  I love her little art projects and artwork that she makes.  But it’s everywhere. Not anymore.  Enter: This Box.

Now all artwork will be contained in this box.  I hate messes and random half scribbled on pieces of paper laying everywhere!  Clutter, no more.

Next up, some napkins/placemats that will make nice backdrops for blog pictures.

70 cents?  Score!

Next up: These pieces would fit the definition of “Cute Dishes” in my book.

A cute bowl with a ribbon threaded through it.  I wonder how this will hold up in the dishwasher?

A cake stand.  You know, for all those cakes I make.  Kidding.

I am more of a Biggie Microwave Banana Cake girl lately but for when I do make that cake, the stand will be perfect.

I wonder how Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookies would look on the cake stand?   And call it a no-bake cookie stand, instead.

Finally, new plates for me!

I had no intention of buying new plates, but for $2.99 each, I couldn’t pass these up.

My everyday dishes are from Pottery Barn, circa 2005.  They have been washed thousands of times and have been wonderful.  But, they have seen better days.

Not to mention, the beige/pale yellow hue does nothing for food.  Read: it makes food look worse.

I have no idea how I’ve blogged for almost 2 years with these dingy yellow plates, but for $2.99 x 4, I am now in business with crisp, white, square plates.

I didn’t “stage” this lettuce, i.e. I threw it on a plate while I was unwrapping my loot and snapped away.

And the photo was taken at night with zero natural light coming in.

Then I put the new green 70 cent placement underneath.  And another improvement happened, I’d say.

Then,  I put it all away.

And I remembered that I have dishes I don’t use.  But should use.  I did a post on Shopping in my own Kitchen (and Closet) and need to re-read my own post!

From my last post on 6 Words, thanks to everyone who played along with your six word phrases to describe life, happiness, and love.  Some of you came up with some great ones!

Thanks for the compliments on the 6 word phrases I chose.  Honestly, I rattled those off in like two minutes.  That’s how my brain works. That type of stuff is easy for me.  It’s things like physics or calculus that my brain doesn’t do well with.

But let’s not talk about physics or calc. 

Let’s talk snacking: No-Bake Vegan Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes

These take about 5 minutes to make.  And I chose this dessert to show how the old yellow plate isn’t “bad”, it’s just the balls aren’t popping off the page or anything.

A white plate would be much better.  But who cares about the plate. Just enjoy the donut holes.


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Scoring at Marshall’s on my new dishes!

2. Are you off from school or work today?

I’m not.  So don’t rub it in.

3. Do you like shopping at places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, etc. where you can find great deals but the inventory is unpredictable from week to week and while you’re there, you have to be willing to root around and dig for the deals?

I won’t lie, when things are out of order, messy, (i.s. Skylar’s artwork laying everywhere), and I get overwhelmed and want to bail or not shop in places like that.  And in my former life I did.  I never understood how my mother actually liked going to places like that.

Currently, however, for household goods like dishes, kitchen gadgets, bedding; socks, accessories, luggage, purses, those types of stores can be a gold mine and I can hang.  I scored all of my loot in this post for $32 bucks, after tax!

But I still am very overwhelmed by buying clothes there and usually don’t.  I see sports bras packed into racks with workout pants hanging off with a man’s cardigan sweater on the floor with an odd white tennis shoe nearby and I am instantly turned off and can’t even sort through the clothes.  Good deals and all.  Oh well.

What’s your comfort level with the disarray and one-of-a-kind nature of discount stores?

Happy President’s Day to all who are celebrating it.  Enjoy your day off!

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday

68 comments on “New Dishes & Shopping at Discount Stores”

  1. those stores are a great hunt! if i have a little time i love exploring for random cheap treasures :) i didn’t have off today either and the best thing i did over the wknd was eat at salt! what a fun hip place :)

  2. I LOVE Marshalls they seriously have the CUTEST stuff and best prices, I have almost bought those little cake dishes so many times but was concerned about how to wash them you’ll have to let me know how they work!

  3. Yay for inexpensive dishes!! Love Marshalls, you found some great items!!


  4. LOVE those square plates! I can’t wait to go shopping for new kitchen accessories myself! I was busy all weekend but was off from work today and it was super nice! I got to go for a long trail run in the nice warm weather and some great studying done!

  5. Woo, love the new square plates! I didn’t get the day off either, but that’s okay. I enjoyed yoga and my favorite cereal today, so that made up for it!

  6. I love your new dishes!!! I use my cake plate for serving lots of fun cookies and finger foods to family and guests! They are much more versatile than given credit for!

  7. I love Homegoods!! I go there all the time just trolling the aisles for cute things…lucky for me it is attached to TJ Maxx, so I hit that up as well. Marshalls is my fave for clothes :-)

  8. I can’t do the clothing at those stores either. There’s too much. Iget overwhelmed and it makes me crabby. Same reason I suck at thrift store shopping. I’m an in-and-out kind of girl.

    Yep, I worked today. Same old, same old.

  9. LOVE those new dishes, I am envious and going to keep my out out for a Marshalls! :)

  10. I love your finds! Super cute!

    I’m always turned off by clothes shopping at the discount stores as well – there is so much and no organization it just drives me a little crazy even thinking about looking through it all :)

  11. I rather enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the unknown at places like Marshall’s, TJs, etc.

    On the other hand, I love the “curated” look and feel of places like Anthro.

    Today wasn’t a day off for me, either. In fact, I worked quite a bit, and did my taxes. Yahooo, feeling slightly smug to have actually pulled off the taxes early-ish ;-)

  12. Whoa! Look @ all of that cute loot!! Love the cake stand and the white dishes!! Bright white dishes enhance pictures dramatically. I would use white dishes all the time if I could.

    I LOVE shopping at Home Goods and Marshall’s, etc.!! So many awesome home stuff, I wish I had multiple houses to keep redecorating… and the budget for it! ha :P

    I think I have a little Sandra Lee in me… :oops:

  13. Everything looks great. I feel like shopping now.:)

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  15. Cute box for Skylar’s art and major score on the place mats. The dishes with the ribbon are adorable. And I need to try a microwave cake soon, they look wonderful. The new while plates are very elegant.

    1. Still the massage and Turkish food, though shopping at Ross wasn’t bad either.
    2. Yes and it’s been a lazy day. :-)
    3. Sometimes, I hit Ross and TJ Maxx today looking for clothes with mixed results. My luck can be hit or miss.

  16. I, too, LOVE marshalls!!! i bought a box similar to the box you bought 3 weeks ago. :)
    they have so many cool random stuff there! and i always find something there!! i sometimes buy my agave when i’m in there. that’s ok right? it’s not wf’s or tj’s but hey, it’s cheaper! lol

  17. If I’m shopping for something I NEED, I want predictable inventory. If it’s something I WANT, I go for the totally unpredictable: Ross, Marshall’s, and thrift stores. I don’t mind finding a single plate or bowl I love that doesn’t match anything else!

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  19. WOAH AB cookies!!!!!!!!! and i LOVE your cake stand haha oh and your square plates! i REALLY REALLY want square plates- im sick of round ones!

  20. We have Winner’s here which is like Marshall’s. I love browsing around the place b/c you never know what you’ll find! They can have the coolest stuff in stock.

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  22. Boy do I love Marshalls. You’ve inspired me to make a trip tomorrow after my Yamuna class in the AM!

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