Edited to Add:  Things appear to be back up and running with my blog.  It has been a scary and stressful 24 hours but it appears I was able to get all my data and posts back.

Let’s talk about more fun things, like Baking Rules, my last post that occurred moments before the fiasco.

Or the Manna Bread Giveaway I started


My blog was hacked about an hour ago.  I have emails out to a few different people to try to get it restored, asap.

1000+ blog posts spanning a few years are all missing.  Every single recipe I have ever written, gone.

Every single picture of Skylar that I do not have backed up any other way and is solely in the form of blog posts, gone.

The posts in drafts that I had pre-written, i.e. recipes, thoughts, photography, notes from my life, are also missing.

The stress that I am feeling right now is beyond overwhelming.  Years of work has just gone missing.

In other matters, my credit card was also hacked today.

It has not been a good day.

Your patience is appreciated while I try to repair my blog.  I am at the mercy of others to get back to me because I have absolutely no idea how to proceed on my own.

The one good thing is that I have been doing monthly blog backups and so maybe, just maybe, all is not lost.   I don’t know yet…

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