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Edited to Add:  Things appear to be back up and running with my blog.  It has been a scary and stressful 24 hours but it appears I was able to get all my data and posts back.

Let’s talk about more fun things, like Baking Rules, my last post that occurred moments before the fiasco.

Or the Manna Bread Giveaway I started


My blog was hacked about an hour ago.  I have emails out to a few different people to try to get it restored, asap.

1000+ blog posts spanning a few years are all missing.  Every single recipe I have ever written, gone.

Every single picture of Skylar that I do not have backed up any other way and is solely in the form of blog posts, gone.

The posts in drafts that I had pre-written, i.e. recipes, thoughts, photography, notes from my life, are also missing.

The stress that I am feeling right now is beyond overwhelming.  Years of work has just gone missing.

In other matters, my credit card was also hacked today.

It has not been a good day.

Your patience is appreciated while I try to repair my blog.  I am at the mercy of others to get back to me because I have absolutely no idea how to proceed on my own.

The one good thing is that I have been doing monthly blog backups and so maybe, just maybe, all is not lost.   I don’t know yet…

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  1. Averie, I am so sorry to hear that you were hacked. I did try to go to your blog a few days ago and couldn’t and wondered what was up. I hope all is back to normal now. That is very scary!

  2. Oh my god what a nightmare!! Really glad to see you have it all sorted out now but so sorry you had to go through that!! :( I would be stressed if I lost mine and thats just a few months of work let alone a few years! :/ Hope the thing with the credit card is also resolved asap! Keep smiling girl things will get better! :)

  3. So sorry about your experience! :-( Oh wow, I can’t imagine the stress, not fun at all! Let me know if there’s anyway I can help!

    And so sorry about your credit card, I recently went through that too and spent hours going through charges and filling out fraud reports, not fun. Sadly it looked like someone when on a shopping spree for school supplies with my card and that’s probably the only way their kids would get anything. :-(

  4. What a lousy thing to have happen to you! Deep breaths and count your blessings when things get messy….
    I just discovered your blog the other day after getting linked to yours from a gluten free blog that I was visiting. I have been gluten free for 2 years and there is no going back for me! I was worried today when I saw your blog not coming up when I checked it this morning while having my coffee. I thought that maybe you stopped blogging or something terrible happened.
    I am glad that you are back in business! I love your posts! They are very inspiring and simple. I have visited so many other blogs that leave me feeling “less than” because I cannot be that perfect baker or wonderfully crafty….I feel that your blog leaves me saying “I could do that!” or ” I could make that!”…
    Keep up the great work! I love it when you post a couple of things in one day. I dont know how you do it all!
    PS. After a day like you had today, you should invent a new booze recipe to post soon. High octane drinks can always take the sting off a craptastic day :)

    1. thanks for finding me and reading!

      And no, no plans to stop blogging.

      I am glad you like my recipes and approach and leave feeling inspired rather than…meh. I leave blogs too feeling like there is just.no.way. I could pull off what they’re doing even if I wanted to. I am glad my style feels approachable. That’s one of the nicest things to say…so thank you!

  5. Oh, Averie–I’m so sorry. This is a risk that all of us run all of the time with all our blithe online transactions–the way that our culture takes all this for granted frightens me at times but I wish that you weren’t having to contend with such a sobering reminder of why.

    I’m glad that you, at least, weren’t altogether ‘blithe’ about it: backups most probably mean that it’s not lost beyond recovery–I sincerely hope that that is true. You’re pretty computer-savvy, I get the impression, so if this can happen to you, the rest of us should take note.

    It scares me that your credit card was hacked on the same day–not a coincidence?
    I hope that you experience wonderful support from everyone whose business it is to help out in situations like this, and that meanwhile you can do everything you can do to reduce the feelings of stress. Anything chocolate calling your name in the freezer? Baileys in your coffee?

  6. lots of love and hugs sent your way! I’m so so sorry – this is terrible. I hope you get all your data back and if you find the hacker, I’ll kick him/her in the nuts for you.

  7. I can imagine how stressed you’ve been! That’s so much hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. I’m happy it sounds to have worked out.

  8. *huggs* How horrible :( Does your hosting company have backups? Sometimes they do, here’s hoping someone can access them for you.

  9. Oh my gosh. That is so horrible! I’m glad it came back, though, and your posts are back. I hope everything goes well for you!

  10. I read the post and THEN I read the edit! Thank goodness! I’m so sorry this happened, but you’re responsible nature really helped you out!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about this Averie. This must be extremely unsettling, to say the least. It looks like it is back up and running, and I hope you are able to move forward without much data/photo loss.

  12. This is the kind of thing that upsets me. I don’t get it. Why completely block, destroy, remove another person’s site? For what purpose? Just to prove that you can? I’m sorry, I know it’s frustrating. Thankfully you were smart enough to back up your site as well as catch the credit card fraud. So sorry for your horrible day.

  13. So sorry!! Glad things are resolved. I need to figure out how to back up my blog. I don’t even know what that means. Eeek.

  14. I was wondering why I couldn’t click to your post out of reader this morning! I figured it was just a little glitch…and I wish that was the truth, not that you were hacked :( I’m so, so sorry to hear that!! I’m keeping everything crossed for you that it can be recovered.

  15. I am so sorry to hear what happened : ( its sad how someone can do something like that, I hope you recover everything <3

  16. I hope you have managed to get everything back; I was a member of a forum that got hacked and we lost everything so I know how devastating it can be. What a crappy day :(

  17. oh girl! I’m so sorry to hear this. How ridiculous. I’m glad to read that things are looking back to normal though.

  18. So glad to see (and hear) that your blog is back up and everything is restored. Now, take some time to go outside and relax :) You deserve it!

  19. Oh my goodness I am SO sorry to read this terrible news :( I sincerely hope you are able to get everyt is am still able to pull up all of your old posts, recipes, etc. It is all still showing up for me. (((BIG HUG)))

  20. HUGS to you today, Averie. I am so sorry to hear this, I cannot imagine the stress you feel. Just remember to take some time for you to relax and remember all the good in your life…so hard to do when you’re stress is maxed out!

    I guess this also explains why I tried to post a comment to your Baking post early this morning and couldn’t get to your site from Google Reader. I’m just so sorry!

  21. Oh no! I am happy that things are getting back in order, but it is so awful that people do such things! I hope that everything will be in place again soon!

  22. I’m so sorry to hear this Averie!! I know this will be a lot of work, but hopefully all can be restored. **Hugs!**

  23. So sorry you’re having to deal with this Averie. It seems to be working now, but hopefully it’s all working on your end too!

  24. Oh no! I hope your site gets fixed soon, along with your credit card issues. I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles =/

    Good luck!!

  25. I had this happen a few months ago and used a great company to restore everything from backups that I had, they cleaned my entire site of malicious code. Let me know if you need their name, they were a lifesaver!

  26. What a shitty day for you Averie, sorry to hear about the blog and hope you get the credit card sorted out. So annoying, hope you get it all sorted it out. Hugs to you.

  27. Oh my gosh! I hope it gets fixed, quickly. I can still see your posts and recipes, fingers crossed and sending good vibes your way

  28. OH NO I’m SO sorry this happened to you! :( I can’t imagine what that feels like. I don’t know if it means anything but I can still see your past posts and your recipes and everything. Hope all is well and back to normal soon!

  29. Wow, Averie I am so sorry! That is so unfortunate and I hope you can find a way to get those things back somehow. You take your time getting back to normal. We’ll be here waiting.

    Best of luck <3