I hope you had a Happy Halloween.  We did!  And it was busy.

In the afternoon, I went to Skylar’s school for their Halloween party and mingled with the other parents and kids.

Skylar under green plastic awning in sleeping beauty costume smiling

It was so much fun seeing all the kiddos decked out in their costumes.

Skylar under green plastic awning in sleeping beauty costume smiling

And then it was off to the local Mall for Trick or Treating which is what we did last year.

Parking lot of local mall with palm trees

Our neighborhood is urban and although there are some single-family homes, there are lots of apartments, condos, and high rise buildings which aren’t conducive to running up driveways and ringing doorbells for trick-or-treating like I grew up with.

Skylar getting candy from an employee at the bath and body works storefront

The stores at the mall pass out candy and for us it’s the perfect solution.

Skylar in sleeping beauty costume holding candy bag

I like that it’s in broad daylight, it’s safe, the kids can go from store to store very quickly and without any long driveways to run up, and before you know it, your pumpkin…

Skylar getting candy from an employee of clothing store

Skylar in front of hay display in sleeping beauty costume

…or your Princess Bag is filled.

Inside of bag of candy

Sees passed out gold coin candies to the kids.  Nothing super fancy.

See's Candies storefront with Skylar in front of it

But gave the parents each one of these.  Cha-ching!

Hand with chocolate square in itI love, love, love Sees Candy.  It’s the best.  And this free dark chocolate toffee made me do a happy mommy dance.

Skylar had a great time and she’s enjoyed a few pieces of candy.

Skylar eating lollipop

Skylar eating lollipop

But she seemed to love the thrill of the hunt and obtaining the candy just as much as she enjoyed actually eating it.  Running up to people and saying “TRICK OR TREAT, PLEASE!” seemed to be more than half the fun.

Skylar in sleeping beauty dress eating lollipopWe came home and ate kale and broccoli salad for dinner.  It all balances out.

After she’s done with her candy, the leftovers and rejects will make a starring role appearance in Scott’s lunchbox.  That’s what dad’s are for: taking the leftovers.   He won’t complain, I’m sure.

She loved being in her Princess costume and it was fun to see how much she’s grown from being a Princess in 2009 and in 2010.

When I asked her last  month what she wanted to be, she immediately said, “A PRINCESS!”, as if there was any other thing to be other than that.  Duh.

I wonder if she’ll want to be a Princess again next year?

Skylar making a fake frowny face at the camera

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Skylar smiling in sleeping beauty costumeI loved this day.  This is what being a mom is all about for me.  Watching my little Princess have a ball.  I may have shed a few happy tears today.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a homemade Butterfinger.  Scott and Skylar can have the store bought candy if they want.   I’ll take one of these since there’s no more Sees around.

homemade Butterfinger with candy corn Use your leftover candy corn to make these in the microwave.  Easy.  A little too easy.


1. What did you do for Halloween today? 

2.Did you get many trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood?

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