I want to wish all the fathers a Happy Father’s Day!

Skylar made this for Scott at preschool.  Her handprints that are cut out and attached to a cup.

Fathers day card made out of hands with young girls picture in center

Which is a pen holder for Scott’s desk.

Back of fathers day card attached to homemade pen holderHe loved it!

I still love what she made me for Mother’s Day so much that I still have it displayed.

And I just went back and read the motherhood reflections that I wrote in that post.   Some deep thoughts.

I mentioned in my last post that I was a Busy Baker and was using up some odds and ends in a dessert.

Overhead of Magic 8 Bars



1. Best thing you’ve ate or done so far this weekend?

Time with the family, time with my camera making pictures, time in the kitchen, and time in the fresh air have all been great.

2. Do you have any nice stories or memories about your Dad?  Or if you have children do you have any stories about your husband/partner and fatherhood?

As it pertains to Scott, he is an amazing father to Skylar.   He is patient, kind, loving, gentle, and she adores him.  He can be silly, goofy, and he’s not afraid to dress up Barbies or play Candyland over and over.  The two of them have a wonderfully special relationship. They go out for coffee (and water) and bagels together.  She goes to his office and rides the elevator and colors on his nice white paper.  He takes her to the park for hours at a time and he is a great “playground dad”.

Because I am the “parent on duty” day in, day out, I may not always be the “fun” parent based on just having to live life and get things done.  Not every second of life is “fun” and this is especially true with parenting. But Scott’s relationship with Skylar is different and he can be the “fun” parent with her most of the time and it’s a joy to watch!

As it pertains to my Dad, he was so involved in my education and athletic pursuits, I couldn’t have asked for a better dad.  He came to all my basketball games in podunk towns in rural Minnesota January afternoons when no doubt, he had tons of work he could have been doing rather than fighting the elements and watching a bunch of uncoordinated junior high girls try to play basketball.   He’d quiz me on my spelling words that I was getting stuck on before my quizzes.  He would help me shoot free throws and he helped me learn to ride a bike and learn to swim.  And he’d always let me have the most perfect raspberries from his garden rather than eating them himself.   He was so giving and always gave 100% to his role as a father.

Tell me some of your memories or stories about your dad or a father in your life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have photos to edit and a recipe to type up and post.

Stay tuned.

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