Happy Father’s Day


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I want to wish all the fathers a Happy Father’s Day!

Skylar made this for Scott at preschool.  Her handprints that are cut out and attached to a cup.

Fathers day card made out of hands with young girls picture in center

Which is a pen holder for Scott’s desk.

Back of fathers day card attached to homemade pen holderHe loved it!

I still love what she made me for Mother’s Day so much that I still have it displayed.

And I just went back and read the motherhood reflections that I wrote in that post.   Some deep thoughts.

I mentioned in my last post that I was a Busy Baker and was using up some odds and ends in a dessert.

Overhead of Magic 8 Bars



1. Best thing you’ve ate or done so far this weekend?

Time with the family, time with my camera making pictures, time in the kitchen, and time in the fresh air have all been great.

2. Do you have any nice stories or memories about your Dad?  Or if you have children do you have any stories about your husband/partner and fatherhood?

As it pertains to Scott, he is an amazing father to Skylar.   He is patient, kind, loving, gentle, and she adores him.  He can be silly, goofy, and he’s not afraid to dress up Barbies or play Candyland over and over.  The two of them have a wonderfully special relationship. They go out for coffee (and water) and bagels together.  She goes to his office and rides the elevator and colors on his nice white paper.  He takes her to the park for hours at a time and he is a great “playground dad”.

Because I am the “parent on duty” day in, day out, I may not always be the “fun” parent based on just having to live life and get things done.  Not every second of life is “fun” and this is especially true with parenting. But Scott’s relationship with Skylar is different and he can be the “fun” parent with her most of the time and it’s a joy to watch!

As it pertains to my Dad, he was so involved in my education and athletic pursuits, I couldn’t have asked for a better dad.  He came to all my basketball games in podunk towns in rural Minnesota January afternoons when no doubt, he had tons of work he could have been doing rather than fighting the elements and watching a bunch of uncoordinated junior high girls try to play basketball.   He’d quiz me on my spelling words that I was getting stuck on before my quizzes.  He would help me shoot free throws and he helped me learn to ride a bike and learn to swim.  And he’d always let me have the most perfect raspberries from his garden rather than eating them himself.   He was so giving and always gave 100% to his role as a father.

Tell me some of your memories or stories about your dad or a father in your life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have photos to edit and a recipe to type up and post.

Stay tuned.

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  1. my husband is amazing with our girls…i had a rough childhood with not-too-pleasant memories of my father…so i feel as though god has given me a gift this time around with my girls to make up for what i did not have…i feel blessed : )

  2. You know what I just noticed…..all your nifty b/w buttons on the side bar for your photo galleries…LOVE!! Sweet post girl. The cup holder is adorable.

    “Because I am the “parent on duty” day in, day out, I may not always be the “fun” parent based on just having to live life and get things done.” That would be me to. We do our best girl, we do our best.
    xxoo M

  3. That’s the best! I remember making things for my Dad’s desk too. He still has some of my things up in his office (he’s worked at the same company for as long as I can remember). Homemade gifts are the best. Kevin sometimes makes me things for my birthday, Valentines, or our Anniversary. This year, he tried to make me a paper elephant…. :| haha it looked more like a space shuttle… but it was cool either way!

  4. thanks for sharing about scott + skylar’s relationship, and about your dad, averie. i always enjoy hearing about people’s memories/relationships with the special people in their lives.
    i am off to enjoy gelato with my dad! :)
    i am lucky to have a very close relationship with my dad, that goes from childhood right to the current moment. dad has been my #1 running buddy since 1989. we missed our annual race today but i hope we can both participate next year (yes! planning 365 days in advance!).
    enjoy the rest of your sunday! we have perfect sunshine!

  5. What a beautiful post. Dad’s have such profound roles in their daughter’s lives, it was touching to read how Scott and Skylar have such a great relationship and it reminds me of mine with my own dad. He and I have so many of the same interests in regards to running and healthy living. He is seriously my biggest fan and supports everything I do with all he has. I wouldn’t be getting an education if it weren’t for him. And I wouldn’t have run my first marathon either. Have a great day with your family :)

  6. Best thing was going to my very good friend’s wedding! Skylar is very talented. That is so cute

  7. We celebrated Father’s day yesterday and had a wonderful time. I had made my brother’s pesto pasta salad, my lemon thyme marinade on chicken and tons of fresh fruit… oh, and a blueberry pie (Dad’s favorite). It was a really nice day here, so chilling out on the patio couldn’t have been better. Dad loved the food so much, there were hardly any leftovers after he and B were done with thirds?!

  8. My husband will make such a great father! I feel most sorry for his sake that we have been trying for almost five years and no such luck. He is such an amazing uncle to our nieces and nephews; they all ADORE him. He’s totally the type of guy who is usually macho and always working with his hands, and then he can bring his 6’8” frame down to the level of the little ones and play race cars or have a tea party. It’s so adorable.

  9. Aw what a cute gift from Skylar. Scott sounds like a wonderful father. My dad had no problem sitting down on the floor with my sister and me and playing barbies, board games or legos too. I’m sure I’ll always remember that. :)

  10. Best thing I ate this weekend- the Frozen Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches I made for my Dad. So good! And surprisingly light.

    A fond memory I have of my Dad is when he was teaching me how to ride a two wheeler. He must of spent hours in the driveway with me running along side the bike while holding on the back to make sure it didn’t tip.

  11. Cute Father’s Day gift from Skylar!

    1. Got house projects done and saw Super 8.
    2. Probably family boat trips are my best memories, laid back days on the water playing and swimming. I wouldn’t think of owning a boat now, way too much work! But my dad loves them and was happy to do it.

  12. My dad and me thinking the same thing is always cool.
    Excited for your recipe! It looks great already.

  13. Skylar’s gift is so cute & really creative. <3

    I've spent a lot of time with my family this weekend, too. :) I'm spending as much time with my dad as possible right now because I'll be going to the Philippines soon with my mom for about a month and then I won't be able to see him much (college starts this fall).

    And I have TONS of great memories with him. :) When I was little he 'taught' me how to ski by letting me 'ski' in front of him/ in between his legs (hard to describe but basically I didn't have to do much and I felt very safe).

    A pic of me & my dad 'skiing'

  14. my gosh she is so cute! a fond memory i have of my dad is him being a coach on my softball teams growing up. he was always so supportive no matter how well or crappy game i was having. a constant encourager!