iPhone – Should I?

I am seriously considering ditching my nearly two-year old Blackberry

…for an iPhone

I have Verizon and was not going to switch to AT & T just so I could get the iPhone because in San Diego, I’ve had much better service for the past 7 years with Verizon than I did with AT & T years ago when I used have them.

But now that Verizon has the iPhone, I am thinking a switch may be in my near future.

I already am a Mac fan:

iMac desktop for the past 3 years

iPod (recent playlist here)


I scored a deal on my Macbook, usedGently used for 3 months. Their loss, my gain. Plus,  now I can blog from the hair salon with foils in my hair since I have a notebook.  Priorities, people.

And now I am thinking it’s time for an iPhone.  My New Every Two Years feature with Verizon happens to be coming up on April 5.  I am currently eligible for an upgrade and could get the iPhone now for either $199 or $299 depending on which one I get (16 vs. 32 MB size)  but if I wait until April 5, I will save $50 dollars off those prices.  I guess I’ve waited this long, another month probably won’t kill me in order to save 50 bucks.

From my last post with the No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites, I am glad you liked the looks of those!

Thanks for telling me if you like oatmeal raisin cookies, carrot cake, and what your perfect dessert bite or ball would have in it.  It gave me a few jumping off places for recipes I could create that you all may like.  I aim to please.

Dessert: If the No Bake Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites aren’t tempting you, maybe Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls will.


1. Do you have an iPhone?  If yes, give me the things you love about it/pros, and any cons.

The reasons I want one are:

Better web surfing (night and day over Blackberry)

All the cool apps

iTunes and my music always with me

Video chatting

Picture storage and built in camera that’s light years ahead of Blackberry

Touchscreen smartphones seem like the wave of the future.  I feel like it’s time to jump on.

2. Touchscreen.  Do you like it and what was the learning curve?

I fear getting used to the touch screen.  I am lighting fast with my actual Blackberry keys.

Whenever I try touchscreen, I find myself hitting extra keys or touching the wrong key and backspacing like crazy.  I keep my nails fairly short and I still feel like the pad of my fingertip hits the wrong key but I would hope I would get faster and more accurate with typing.  Plus, if you turn the iPhone sideways, the on-screen keyboard does seem fairly large.

Ironically, Scott is the king of new phones.  He had the Verizon Droid phones (not happy, kept breaking or glitching up on him every couple months or so) and he recently got the iPhone.  He likes it but he’s not one to ask.  He likes any new toy.

This is his review and advice:  “Babe, just get it.  I think you’ll like it.”  Ok, that clears it right up for me.

3. Does anyone have an iPhone and not like it.  Or not have one and has no desire to get one, whatsoever i.e. if it was free you’d pass it up type thing.

I have heard of a few people who actually turned their iPhones back in and went back to Blackberry or other Smartphones.   But this doesn’t seem common, at all. Everyone seems to “love” their iPhones.

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday:

Have a great week, everyone!

63 comments on “iPhone – Should I?”

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  2. We actually just switched to At&T because my boyfriend wanted the new Iphone. I had a blackberry curve as well and was very reluctant to trade it in! So I ended up getting the new Blackberry tough phone that also has a full keyboard that slides out and ended up trading it in for the Iphone 4 after a week. I lloved loved my Blackberry, and the keyboard for texting was phenomenal but the appeal of having everything I own work together, i.e. mac and also all the applications made me switch. I was worried about the touch screen as well but the ease is actually really surprising. You should check one out at the store! Good luck

  3. I have an HTC Hero which I really like! But if I had to choose between the blackberry or iphone, I’d go iphone ALL the way!! My brother and sister have had nothing but trouble with their crackberries….

  4. video converter for Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry,Nokia,Motorola Droid and Nexus One users.

  5. I am a dinosaur with a pre-paid, 25 cents a minute, flip open cell phone that costs about $100 a year to operate, and even then, most of my minutes expire. I can’t even text because there’s no way to correct error. My spouse and my boss REALLY want me to get a smart phone – spouse because he wants one too, boss so that he can shorten that leash.


  7. We had an iPhone and barely used it because we don’t use cell phones much in general. I liked it, though. We share an Android HTC now, it’s ok. iPhones are better, IMO. I LOOOOOVE my iPad, which is like a giant iPhone, so basically if I used a cell phone more, I’d probably love the iPhone just as much. :)

  8. DO IT!!! I recently switched (I have Verizon, too) and am so happy I did. You will love it.

  9. Great post and great pictures. I need to take a day off and do some baking. Thanks for good advice about money. I never worry about money even if I think maybe I should do that now, you see I have just read “The Attractor Factor” by Joe Vitale. The Law of Attraction is a great law and so far it has worked for me.
    My motto is “be yourself and be happy, never stop dreaming!”

  10. Interesting your next post was about saving money. I think one of the major ways people waste money is on technology they could live without: new phones, multiple TVs, gadgets galore.

    I am eligible for an upgrade in a few months too. I always wait until I am eligible because it takes me forever to learn a new phone. And to save $.

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  12. i switched over and LOVE IT!!!!i would never go back to the bberry…the iphone ROCKS!

  13. I have had an Iphone for a couple years now and I LOVE it!!! I was a blackberry girl before Iphone, and iphone kicks blackberry’s a**!! Get the iphone, you will never regret it

  14. I love my T-Mobile Droid (the MyTouch). I think I’d have an iPhone if I were on AT&T though. I’ve been with T-Mobile for almost 11 years and I love them, so I totally get not switching just for the sake of an iPhone! :) I think you should do it though… everyone I know with an iPhone loves it!

  15. I had an unlocked iphone with tmobile over a year ago but I couldn’t get the regular updates so I sold it and went back to my blackberry. I then bought the HTC HD2 and HATED it, and from what I heard Windows phones are very hard to use, it froze it was hard to navigate etc.. Went back to the blackberry. Just recently (1 month ago) purchased the TMobile My Touch 4G & it is great, don’t miss the blackberry at all. This phone has it all and is compared with the iphone… you should get the iphone, you will get used to the touch screen and it is very easy to use, you will love the apps and all the cool stuff it can do that blackberry cant!!

  16. A lot of people I’ve met that have switched from a BB to an iPhone don’t like them, mainly because the touch screen is terrible to use and does constantly make mistakes. iPhone’s are really more ‘all-arounders’ so if your looking for something that does a bit of everything it’s perfect. I love my blackberry and would not give it up for an iPhone if someone tried to give me one for free. Even though it’s currently cracked and being held together with packing tape (I’m klassy like that)

  17. I love my iphone. It’s fast, I can type well and going from a flip phone to an iphone i adjusted really quickly. Go for it!!

  18. Ugh I would die without my iPhone (ok, no I wouldnt’), but I made the switch from a Blackberry over a year ago and haven’t looked back! I was worried about the keyboard to touch screen adjustment as well, but after a week or so you’re fine. I still have my autocorrect blunders like everyone else does, but they make for a good laugh sometimes! I only have the iPhone 3g, and would like the 4, but I’ve only had mine for a year and can’t see myself upgrading this soon for only a few more features that my phone doesn’t have. The apps are really awesome, the email app is great, and the internet browser on it looks great and works SO (really huge emphasis on the so) much better than on a Blackberry internet browser. The one thing that I wish that iPhones have that Blackberrys do are BBM and a little message indicator light, which I have clearly been able to live without for this long so I think I’ll be fine ;) I say do it!

  19. I haven’t found a reason to have either. I still have an old flip phone razor. I am always near a computer (for the most part) and when I’m not…it’s usually intentional. I am a minimalist and although I’ll shell out money for a nice camera to capture moments…I just don’t need to spend the dough on a techy phone. Never say never though. :)

  20. Also, get mobile me! It syncs your contacts, mail, calender and notes between your phone and your two macs…plus you can use it to locate your phone, remote lock or wipe it(should it get stolen) and you can store files to mobile me’s idisk retreivable from any computer(just log into your mobile me account, though on your macs there’s an idisk icon under devices where you can instantly access stuff in it. For example, I needed a file from my imac so I called hubby and he dropped it into the idisk and I pulled it up on my macbook…sweet!). I use it when I need to send a large file to someone and it’s too large for email. Just upload it to mobile me and then send them a link where they can access it.

  21. iphone 5 comes out in June. If you’ve waited 2 years, you should just wait a few more months! But yes, definitely switch to the Iphone. I figure one of these days, I”ll wake up and mine will have become permanately attached to my hand(lol)

  22. Yes get one! I just got mine a few weeks ago with Verizon and I am obsessed with it! It’s F_U_N There are so many apps, it’s addicting. facetime is awesome. the touchscreen is so easy and texting is no problem. Make the switch!

  23. I don’t have anything fancy for my phone. No internet on my phone. It calls people and sends text messages and there is a crappy camera, but that’s it.

    I think my new every two thing came up about a year ago and I forgot. I have zero desire to learn a new phone and even less desire to get all these new apps. I feel like I’m already so busy all the time, I want less stuff…not more!

    That said, if I were to get a new phone, I’d get the iphone. And if I were to get it, I’m sure I’d sing a different tune right now. Probably why I’m not getting one. :)

  24. Can’t help you with the iPhone dilemma. I’m probably the only person I know who doesn’t own/use some kid of Mac product. My cell phone is so old, that it doesn’t even have a camera. Phone & text only – and I don’t text. Only Smart Phone I have used is the Blackberry at the paintball field for business purposes.

  25. I’ve had an iPhone since they first came out and I love it! Love the apps, love the ease of integration with my MacBook, love web browsing, just love it a lot. Before the iPhone I had a palm treo so getting used to the touch screen keyboard was a little difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier-this coming from someone with pretty big fingers! It also does a really good job of autocorrecting/finishing words for you, and that adapts to words that you use regularly.

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