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Not to rub it in for those of you in cold weather and at work on a Monday, but it’s beautiful in Aruba today.

Aruba beach

We had three days of straight rain.  The kind of weather where it was so humid and rainy that my hair never really dried out.  For three days.  To say I had a case of the frizzies would be an enormous understatement.

But it’s been gorgeous today.  Figures that on a Monday it’s been a perfect weather day.

Rocks overlooking Aruba beach

Even though we are on “vacation”, it’s a working vacation and Scott and I aren’t just sitting around gazing at this view…

Aruba beach and ocean

…and drinking pina coladas.

Yes to drinking Pineapple Banana & Coconut Cream Smoothies though.

Pineapple Banana & Coconut Cream Smoothies

We’ve still had to handle business and while Scott worked, I took Skylar to the pool for awhile.

Complex pool

I also worked in the kitchen on this beautiful stuff otherwise known as vanilla cream cheese frosting for a special occasion.  Stay tuned.

Bowl of vanilla cream cheese frosting with beaters in it

And we’ve all been working our way through these beautiful things.

Double Chocolate Caramel Corn & Cocoa Rice Krispies Candy Bars

Double Chocolate Caramel Corn & Cocoa Rice Krispies Candy Bars

Well, to me they’re beautiful and I was happy they thought they were acceptable.

I think anyone would say the flowers here are beautiful.

Pink flowers on trees

Pink flower close up


What’s been just beautiful for you lately or in your corner of the world?

Did you make any beautiful food, eat any, or have any beautiful celebrations this weekend for the holidays?

Hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. Those blue skies and that blue water – aahhhhhh, I wish I was where you are! Although, I have to admit, the weather has been rather beautiful here. It is unseasonably warm!

  2. Ooh, looks like you’re in heaven! Love that bright Caribbean sun… there’s nothing like it. We used to go to the French West Indies this time of year, and it was so lovely.

    I’m loving the twinkle lights that have sprung up around the city.

  3. Well nothing nearly as beautiful as your views! I’m underneath two blankets, I’m wearing a robe and I have the space heater pointed directly at me. Then again, I’m a wuss and it’s actually not even that cold here. I just start shivering if it dips below 70!

  4. Can I tell you how jealous I am as I sit and look out my window at the fog and snow? What I wouldn’t do to be there right now!!

  5. I made your chocolate saltine toffee recipe today, it was a big hit. Easy, too. (I used parchment paper instead of foil; clean-up was a breeze.) Gotta admit I was skeptical before the chocolate chips were added, because it just looked like crackers with a bunch of butter poured on top! The chocolate chips made the magic happen.

    Also got another batch of persimmons in the dehydrator. I looove dried persimmons.

    1. you should know I would never ever steer you wrong with a dessert :) glad it was a hit and easy and easy cleanup is the best part!

  6. Your vacation sounds perfect! I would love to visit Aruba <3

    I went to a raw vegan cookie exchange on the weekend, so I'm happy to have lots of Christmas cookies to eat :D Dallas' parents are coming for an early Christmas dinner tomorrow, before they head off to Hawaii, so I'm looking forward to preparing some new dishes :) I love the food around the holidays <3

  7. Yay for gorgeous weather, I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it… soak it in for me and enjoy :)

  8. It snowed this weekend and for those brief minutes when the sun was actually out? It was beautiful.

    I do love the winter and the snow for its beauty….just not the cold. :D

  9. It’s certainly not as beautiful here as it is there! Bottle up some of that sunshine! :)

  10. Man Averie, you are missing out on the beautiful over cast rainy weather here in san diego! :-) So jealous of your bright and sunny monday and sandy beaches!! :-)
    And that frosting looks so creamy and divine!

    1. not a problem, will do. Other than desserts and ocean, that’s about all I’ve got for content. Lol

  11. I have a hard time believing these are real pictures ;) You know, I haven’t been eating really beautiful food lately. Spinach pancakes are always pretty but I make those everyday…

    1. they are so real and yes I enhance them and crop them in Lightroom but they are straight off my iphone and onto the blog!

  12. Oh my goodness. Seriously breathtaking. I hope you’re having the most AMAZING time :-)

    That blue sky … I can’t get over it!!!

  13. Sigh. Mail me some flowers, please?
    Right now there’s so much beauty in my life, but not the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters kind of beauty. Right now I have beautiful, skeletal trees that beg me to paint them, twinkling Christmas lights, a pot full of homemade broth bubbling on the stove, and a painting in progress sitting in my studio. Even at the darkest and roughest (for me) time of the year, there’s so much beauty.
    I actually had NO holiday parties this weekend, and it was a nice rest from the hustle. I’m trying to take it easy this week because I know that’s what my body and spirit want, then I’ll enjoy Christmas and have a reflective New Years.

  14. Such gorgeous pictures! we went to Aruba for our honeymoon and stayed at the Bucuti resort. It was so unbelievably gorgeous. We can’t wait to visit Aruba again – I’m not sure that other places could measure up to it for me! :)

    1. how fun that you were here…yes, that’s why we bought here…(and rent in the US!) THIS is where we truly love!

  15. Saturday was a beautiful day in my book. I think Wednesday will be beautiful since I’m off work until Monday ;-)

  16. Yesterday was my birthday and though it was only around 40 degrees out it was beautiful. We celebrated with chocolate covered strawberries :)