Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas

One of my childhood luxuries was going to Pizza Hut, about a half hour’s drive away, and ordering a personal-sized pan pizza.

No one could contaminate my personal pizza with their sausage, green peppers, onions, or try to steal the last piece because it was all mine. Personal.

None of this cheese on one half, meat lover’s on the other half business. I wanted my own.

My personal pan pizza toppings were simply cheese, pineapple, and hot pepper flakes. Not much has changed in a couple decades because that’s still what I use to top my pizzas.

Unless I realize that I’m out of frozen pineapple chunks, don’t have canned pineapple, but have frozen mango instead.

I adore mango.

I could eat it plain, in cookies, and evidently now on pizza.

In 10 minutes I had crispy and crunchy perfect little personal-sized pizzas.

The tortillas shells crisped up wonderfully. I only like extra crispy and thin pizza crust. Why waste all those calories eating thick pizza dough when you could eat this dough?

The mango was juicy and its sweetness and flavor intensified while baking.

It was definitely a happy accident that I was out of pineapple. And when it’s peach or apricot season, they are fabulous on pizza, too.

The inspiration behind these pizzas came from a care package of La Tortilla Factory tortillas that I received.

I spied a jar of tomato sauce that was lurking in the back of my cupboard and pizza making ensued.

They’re as easy as dolloping a little red sauce onto the tortillas and adding shredded cheese.

Make sure to leave a bit of space around the perimeter so you don’t have a cheese overflow situation. Wasting melted cheese that has gotten stuck to a baking sheet would be almost as horrific as wasting frosting inside a piping bag.

Top the with diced mango and basil.

I didn’t use fresh mango and I didn’t use fresh basil. The dried basil in a spice jar from Trader Joe’s worked just fine and so did their frozen mango chunks but if you have fresh of either, you’re lucky. Use those.

I thought about customizing our pizzas: Scott’s with pepperoni, mine with extra hot pepper flakes, Skylar’s with extra cheese, but I didn’t.

But you totally could and should.

You should throw a pizza party and make life on a Wednesday more fun. You can pretend you’re eight years old at Pizza Hut when in reality you have bills to pay and won’t be ordering personal pan pizzas from a restaurant any time soon when you can just make tortilla pizzas at home for about 25 cents each, give or take.

And yes, this was every bit as fabulous as it looks. Of course, when I see mango my heart skips a beat and I get very excited.

At the very least, the thought of pizza with about 48 seconds of prep time and 10 minutes of baking time should have you excited.

Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas - Pizzas made with a tortilla crust cook faster and are lighter to help you stay on track! Customize your pizza with your favorite toppings.

Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas (vegetarian)

The perfect solution for everyone in the family to customize their pizza and make it just the way they want it. Top your pizza with your favorite toppings from pepperoni and sausage to extra veggies. Since the pizza crust is made with a tortilla shell, pizzas made this way not only bake up very fast, but they’re lighter in fat and calories.

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4 small tortilla shells

1/2 cup tomato sauce or pizza sauce (I used Newman’s Own tomato basil sauce)

1 cup shredded cheese (I used a Mexican-style mixture)

1/3 cup diced mango (I diced a handful of TJ’s frozen mango chunks; also try peaches, apricots, nectarines, strawberries – either frozen or fresh when they are in season)

2 tablespoons chopped basil (I used dried basil, not fresh)

pinches of salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, oregano, all are optional and to taste 


  1. Preheat oven to 425F. Place tortilla shells on a baking sheet and spread about 2 tablespoons of sauce on each shell, taking care not to spread within approximately 1 inch of the perimeter, to allow for expansion while baking.
  2. Evenly sprinkle about 1/4 cup of cheese per tortilla.
  3. Sprinkle the diced mango equally among the shells, about 2 tablespoons sprinkled on top of each.
  4. Sprinkle each tortilla with a generous pinch of basil, and optionally season with any remaining seasonings, to taste.
  5. Bake for 10 minutes, or until cheese is melted and edges of the tortillas begin to brown. Rotating pan once halfway through baking will help the cheese to melt more evenly and the tortilla shells to brown more evenly.
  6. Pizzas are best warm and fresh, serve immediately.
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105 comments on “Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas”

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  2. Love the idea of pizzas on tortillas!

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  4. That mango pizza sounds so good! I love pineapple on pizza, and I’ve also made pizza with peaches and berries, but I never thought to add mango…what a great idea! Bet it is incredible. :)

  5. Okay seriously, this looks sinfully good. This is so creative.

  6. I made these for our lunch today, delicious! I added fresh basil out of our garden, diced fresh mango, diced fresh onion and bell pepper and to 1/2 I added chopped deli sliced roast beef for my husband. Pretty sure we are having this again tomorrow for lunch!

    I also made one with tomato basil feta cheese, diced onion, bell pepper, fresh basil and sliced grape tomatoes but no fruit. Yummy!

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  13. I had mango but decided instead to use diced frozen pineapple and sliced jalapeño peppers with basil on a whole wheat tortilla. Inspired by ny favorite Wedgetable Garden pizza by Iowa City’s gourmet pizza place. Yummm! Cheaper and faster than delivery.

  14. I had mango but chose to go with diced frozen pineapple and jalapeños and it was great!

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  18. Love this recipe idea! Especially for those of us on a fixed budget. But honestly, I’m posting to let you know you are doing yourself a huge disservice by not making social media buttons available to your site visitors. Pinterest at least! There are so many easy to install plug ins for websites to include Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (to name the 3 must-haves). It will help your site and recipes to be found on the search engines too. Just some friendly advice. :)

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