Raw Vegan Apple Crumble…Again!


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How’s everyone’s weekend been so far?  It’s hot-n-awesome here in AZ!  The hottah the bettah for me.  Later this morning I’m off to go check out a little vegetarian cafe and tea leaf readin’ kinda place.  Hippy Dippy at it’s finest and I’m excited, all the while gettin’ a much needed mommy-alone-time kinda mornin’ becuz Skylar will be with Daddy!

I hope you have time to check out my re-post of the guest yoga post that I did on the beautiful Jenny’s blog.  It was a joy for me to talk about yoga and my journey with it.  I had so much FUN doing that post and it was so carefree-n-easy for me, the way bloggin’ should be!  Which brings me to a little housekeepin’ biznass.

I decided a couple days ago in an effort to get back to keepin’ the blog easier for me to manage cuz some of my posts are just sooo recipe and pic intense, that I’m gonna play around with shorter posts that have less recipes and pics per post but that I plan to post more frequently (hopefully!).  You’ll still get all my recipes and ideas, just in smaller individual doses.  I am gonna do yoga on at least one post per day, but not every post will have a yoga shot or a Tip of the Day.  I just gotta streamline things a bit ’round here so I don’t burn out and so my family not my ‘puter gets to see me, too.  I just wanted to give ya the scoop on that and we’ll see how the new flow, flows.

On to the eats…I’ve got some Raw Vegan Apple Crumble for you.  The last time I made it I was sooo stoked that you loved it and I had such great feedback on it, so I decided to whip up ‘nuther batch.

First take 1/2 c dry oats and grind em.  Then, add 1/3 c almond meal and 3 stickyass medjoolsHaley wrote to me wondering if she can skip the dates?  No hon, you can’t.  You need the stickyness and the binding nature of dates to make a decent raw crust that will be naturally sweetened.  So they’re kinda important.  And if you ever need a midnight snack, dates + nut buttah = sleep like a baby for the rest of the night.

Ingredients to make Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in blender

Grindey in the Vitey

Ingredients ground up in blender

Then press most of that crust mixture into your container.

Portion of blended mixture pressed into bottom of clear container

Peel and dice up 1 med to large apple.  Add 2 Tbsp Brown Shug, 1 Tbsp Cinny, 2 Tbsp Agave

Diced apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and agave in bowl

Mix ‘er up

Diced apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and agave in bowl mixed up

Pour that sweetness over your crust.  Slurp slurp that cinny agave juice if you’re thirsty.

Pouring apple mixture over crust in clear container


Apples over crust in clear container

Now back to your remaining crust mixture.  To that, add 2 Tbsp Brown Shug, dash more cinny, 1/4 c oats, and 2 Tbsp Agave.  Blend up.  Now you’ve got your crumble toppin’.  A note to the hardcore raw peeps…do as you wish on the brown shug.  You can always just roll with agave or lucama.

Remaining crust mixture with added brown sugar, cinnamon, oats and agave blended again

Crumble it over the top.  It was 102 F here today when I was making this so things got overworked in my VitaCrumbler very quickly so take ‘er easy.  I was close to having a spready toppin’ rather than a crumble toppin’ which wouldn’t have been a biggie anyway…

Reaming crust crumbled over the apples

…But thankfully, everything turned out perfectly. 

Up close of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in clear container

See that cinny agave juice just waiting to absorb and meld together in the fridge?  Yeah, good stuff peeps.

Side view of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in clear container

Go make yer own already! 

Tip of the Day:  I actually found the apple crumble hits it’s prime at 24-48 hours after you make it so if you can actually make it a day ahead if you were tryin’ to impress someone.  But it’s totally bueno immediately too and ready for your tum-tum, stat.

I dug into some of this after dinner last night and OMG it was quite possibly the best dessert I’ve ever made. 

Close up of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

It could potentially be better than my Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies….but they are sooo different I guess you really can’t compare.  But maybe you should make ’em and compare ’em and tell me whatcha think? You know you want to.

Raw Vegan Brownies in clear container

 What’s everyone’s fave dessert this time of year?  Are you into pumpkin pies, apple crumbles, nut breads?  If I get e-nuff replies to this question, I will try to raw-i-fy and vegan-i-fy your eats.  I’ve had a request by Miss J for cheesecake.  So gimme the 411 por favor on your fave desserts so I can get to work!

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  1. Hi Averie! I was wondering; is there anything that could be used in replace for the almond meal? I don’t have any on hand, but do you think coconut flour could be used? I LOVE all your desserts!! :)

    1. This is a 4-5 year old recipe and while I haven’t made it in awhile, I think coconut flour would be fine! If you try, LMK!

  2. I have Ani's cookbook…but I haven't yet made anything from it. I LOVE just looking at it and reading it, though. The photos and green tops are really fun and useful.

    If I was at your house I would probably get to eat last because I just have my ears pierced. Yup, just one pierce per ear. I'm boring like that. Seriously, though, it took me forever to finally persuade my mom to take me and get it done. I think I was 12 or 13.

    How'd you get the kombucha coupon? Foodbuzz? 'Cause I want one! hehe.

  3. Ani's Mock Tuna salad recipe is soo good! I don't remember the actual name and I am too lazy to get my book and go look it up, but it's delicious. Raw Tacos are another favorite!

    My favorite Kombucha flavors are the fruity ones: grape, guav and raspberry. I recently tried the Gingerberry though which is AWESOME! I need one, or fifty, of those free coupons.

  4. yay i love PB2! and YES a cookbook would be the best. as for piercings, i have my ears gauged right now and my rook pierced. everything else i took out which was just my belly button (actually that one got ripped out while crowd surfing), industrial (just took that out 2 weeks ago in fact) both treguses and another piercing on the side rim of my ear. i just got sick of all that jewelry i guess! but i spent thousands of $ on gauged earrings so those stay :P off to read your other post! xo

  5. GT Gingerade is my favourite flavor — so refreshing on a hot day, so restorative if ever you feel a little depleted. I'm a first time commenter who enjoys your posts immensely. Great recipe ideas, great yoga poses, great spirit. (And empathise with you wholeheartedly about the mama drama.) I'd happily buy the Averie cookbook. But… as someone who's worked in publishing, if you are indeed working towards a cookbook, please, please, please no more "nanners" and the like. Sent with best wishes because I'd love to see your book on the shelves. You have much to offer.

  6. My favorite kombucha flavor is the Mystic Mango. Very yum!

    I currently have two piercings – the navel and a more 'private' one! Up until three years ago, I also had my tongue and both of my nipples pierced. And about ten years ago, I also had my septum pierced. I didn't like the septum very much, so I took it out after about six months. I would love to get a nose stud but don't know how that would fare with work!

  7. I have been lurking but thought I would de-lurk to chime in about Ani's cookbook. I got it a few weeks ago and can tell you the cheezecake is DA BOMB. A friend of mine made the apple pie and recommended to slice the apples really thin. The smoothies have all been fab. For entrees – the one that has been a stand out so far is the Portabello Mushrooms with Broccoli Mash and Mushroom Gravy. I would ease up on the amount of Braggs or nama shoyu for the mushroom marinade but otherwise…so yum! My husband kept saying, "This is like a square meal!" ha ha ha! I guess I've been serving one sided meals (all salad, all the time!). :-)

    Piercings…I'm boring…four on one ear, two on the other but I only wear one earring on each ear now. One tattoo from my Navy days…

  8. Oh yeah, I also love that kind of Kombucha. Grape is my fave, like a grape soda. I used to have trouble finding it, and then I realized that someone was hiding them behind the other flavors at the store. I guess someone else likes it, too :-)

  9. I've had Ani's cookbook since it came out. In fact, I think I pre-ordered it. I haven't used it in a while, but I remember purchasing it for the pancake recipe and really digging the "burger" on the front. I also like the "rice" recipes.

    As for the piercing/tattooing stories, I actually used to have three rings in one ear and four in the other. I also had my belly button pierced. The scar looks like a little bow when I'm pregnant.

    People are also surprised to find out that I have three tattoos that I hide very well.

    Hmmm. Let me think about my favorite food. That is just too hard to say, but I'm loving the chocolate n'ice cream with olive oil and sea salt on top at the moment.

  10. Cookbook looks great but now I'm saving up for your one. Cause I know it will be awesome- or…you could open a mail order bakery! Bloggers will keep you in business!

    I LOVE PB2. The calories are strange- usually US companies just round it up/down. Very precise those PB2 peeps! I love it stirred into Greek yogurt.

    There isn't a lot grown locally due to the climate here so if I want something other than carrots/potatoes/onions/raspberries, it's from far off lands. Bananas come from Costa Rice and I am A-OK with that. If I objected, I would move to Costa Rica and would be fine with that too :D

  11. ani's cookbook seemed too intense for me..I know sad right? but there were so many ingredients that I didn't have I started to feel overwhelmed

  12. I have that uncook book too!! I love Ani. The Fresh Mango Cobbler is one of my fav recipes from that book. And pretty much all the smoothies are to LIVE for! The SmartMonkey Bar Cereal is a good idea (I used Larabars).

  13. I love Kombucha! My fave is Gingerberry and the Strawberry one. Actually I love them all :)

    I live in Indiana so finding these all year round is tough. I don't care where my blueberries are from or if they are organic.

  14. OK I just realized I just posted about the piercing on the wrong post. I'm way behind and getting caught up all around the blogosphere!

  15. Averie – My favorite recipe from Ani's book is the apple pie (p.211), it is actually the reason I bought the book… the 'Wilted Spinach Salad w/ Marinated Onions in Mustard Seed Dressing'(p. 100) was really good too… oh, and the 'Ginger Almond Pate' (p.167) was great, I used it as part of a nori roll… also liked the 'Cherry Malt' (p.51) although I used soy milk and cocoa. Mostly I really enjoyed her outlook/philosophy, really cool lady.

    As for the negative comment you received, I'd venture to say that since it was anonymous, that they were just being sh*ts and having perverse fun… delete it and move on. ;)

    I haven't been to a trader joes in a while (a year or more), I must go back, especially seeing that package of medjool dates… I haven't been able to find medjool… I can only find deglet noor… hopefully my trader joes will have the medjools. :)

    Piercings… just my ears, but I think I'm allergic to metal or something, even the nickel-free studs, because my lobes would get infected no matter what method I used, peroxide, alcohol, etc… so I had to remove them years ago… :/ Hopefully not TMI :)

    Have a great night.

  16. I am SO JEALOUS of your free Synergy coupon! I almost want to buy the powdered PB JUST TO GET THE COUPON! My favorite flavor is Ginger Berry! I also like Tonic #7 and #9. All in all, Kombucha and I are friends. I don't think you can go wrong! Thanks again for your influence on my post this morning! You're the best!

  17. My fav MUST have food are Bananas and AVOS
    I'll bet I have eaten an avo a day for most of this past year! I have also added almond butter to that list and coconut butter…between the 3 I get some daily heathy fats!


    oh, I almost forgot….the tat and piercing question!

    I have a belly (hole cuz the ring is out)
    I have been playing with the idea of getting a ring put back in there. I took it out during the preggo year/s and now I am used to it without but miss it.

    and I have a Mariposa ( shocker there?)tat on my left side BOOB…jk… it's above, peekin out of my bikini top.
    I am DEF getting a second….I just haven't figured out the what or where!
    I knew it was going to be an addiction! My tattoo is small and a little on the boring side so I want one that is prettier or I may just get this one embellished.
    some day!

    I didn't used to like nose piercings but they are growing on me! The last few I've seen are DARLING.

    fun post!

  18. Ooo, I'm actually waiting for my copy of Ani's cookbook right now! I'm excited to see what you make out of it! My first foray into piercing (besides ears) was my bellybutton, which I loved a whole lot more than it loved me. :(
    I think I might be one of those die-hard kombucha fans! After my attempts to make it myself ended poorly, I've resigned myself to buying cases of the stuff. I def. recommend the gingerberry flavour! So deelish! -Eve

  19. I love pb2 in oatmeal, but it kind of frightens me when I try to use it as actual "peanut butter" (if that makes sense!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE mango and I have been known to pay insane amounts of money for it when it is out of season!

  20. holier than swiss cheese, eh? im intrigued…haha

    well i do still have a few piercings left myself, but similar to you, i took out some. my bellybutton was done when i was underage, so my mom had to come with me. yeah, my parents were the OG hippies, so they were down. they even took my baby sis to the tattoo/piercing parlor when i got it done (she was 7!!) haha…anyways, im always pushing the boundaries at work with my black nail polish, etc. i dont think i need to get any nose studs anytime soon.

  21. I love pb2! Unfortunately, all of mine is back in Michigan. I gotta order some more! And mmm, now I want some pineapple :D

  22. PB2- HMm, don't believe the numbers- I'm such a skeptic- in my "olden" days I would add up the prot and Carb grams (multiply by 4) then the fat g (mult by 9) and if it didn't add up I was soooo pissed! :-D

    Tats or piercings? Ears- 3 each those I only use 1 each! :-/ Tats- when I got really into yoga I looked into getting one on the small of my back but an MRI radiologist said that it could interfere with reading medical tests eek!

    I buy organic all the items that are on the "dirty dozen" list.

    Enjoy your cookbooks! Grr you won't give us the secret macaroon ingredients! :-)

  23. I love the PB2 and I did notice the chocolate was slightly lower in cals…weird, but I'll take it! As for the produce, I would buy nectarines year round as long as they were hard and crisp. Yum!

  24. Pineapple is soo soo good!! Def. one of my all time fav. foods!!

    Hurray for your cookbooks arriving (hoping Sarma's does soon too)! I can't wait to see what you make!!!

    And yes, PB2 is bombin. I have a huge stash in my pantry which makes me smile everytime I see it!!

    Love the macaroon-age.

    hope your monday has been wonderful!!

    p.s. Your sis works for orbit?! so freaking amazingly cool!! What did you mean you could put a word in, Averie? I didn't understand!!

    Love you!!

  25. Hi Averie.
    I've just come across your blog, and so far I'm loving it! Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

    As for foods that I love… peaches and mangoes! They're only just coming in season where I live, which means… $$$. I can't wait for the day that summer fruit becomes affordable! (Expect me to be buying it buy the crate.)

  26. want to hear the craziest shizz ever? I don't even have my EARS pierced.. I know I know, i'm a crazy beeeotch. I was a super tom boy all through middle school and never wanted them done.. then in high school I was just a straight up whimp and scared it would hurt — and now, well, now I don't know what's holding me back.

    Let me know how you like the PB2 chica — FYI, it's bangalangin in smoothies.. I'm sure you shall put it to good use with your vita :)

  27. PB2 is rad! I am going to try adding it to my overnight oats! :)

    I am the same way with pineapple. its my one purchase i LOVE that may not be organic or local.. same with watermelon :( haha

  28. I can't wait to hear your review of the PB2. I've heard so much about it, but it kinda scares me. Not sure I want my PB messed with. =)