Surprise post for you guys to say I am sincerely blown away by the depth of personal accomplishments and stories that you all are sharing in the comments of my last post on what are you proud of!!!  I am floored in such an amazing & positive way about what you all have done, overcome, accomplished and what a kickass group of friends I have reading my blog.  I love you guys!

And gracias for your appreciation of my Vegan Almost Raw Girl Scout Samoas Cookie Remake Recipe. 

 Close up of Vegan Almost Raw Girl Scout Samoas Cookie on platter

How are you doing today?  It’s TGIF time…

But I just wanted to post a quickie that I made this morning that totally worked…

Averie’s 5-Minute Raw Vegan Donut Holes
Grind 1 c flax seeds
Then add 2 Tbsp Maple Syrup (or agave if you’re a raw purist)

Optional: dash of cinnamon, vanilla, and 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

Blend again. 

Optional: Stir in 1/4 c flax seeds by hand for a chunky rustic flaxey look

Form into balls

The result? 18 little Donut Holes

Formed Raw Vegan Donut Holes on white plate

CloseUps of the Flaxey Balls TWSS

Close up of Raw Vegan Donut Holes on white plate

Let’s Call ’em Raw Vegan Donut Holes instead. 

Close up of Donut Holes showing flax seeds mixed in

Things today were brought to you in VeganMofo spirit.
Veganmofo III logo
Stay tuned for a saucy post tomorrow….

What’s everyone up to tomorrow and Sunday?  Anyone going shopping?  A long workout?  Blog surfing?  Family time?  Whatcha up to?  I think I am going to make raw vegan gingerbread cookies in the a.m. and then hang out with my lovies in the p.m.

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