Readin’ Along?

Hi Bloggies, a little bonus post for you.  Just wanna make sure for all of you lovelies who read along in GoogleReader with me that this post shows up…I made a couple changes on my end with my domain name, and just double checkin’ things.

Would hate for you to miss me, even though I’m upside down in headstand

Or for you to miss any of the Raw Vegan 15-Minute Apple Crumble Delight


Hopefully the comments will come in and I’ll know all is well.  Drop me a line if you see this through google reader!!!  And, better yet, for those of you who have made the crumble, holla and lemme know how you like it!

22 comments on “Readin’ Along?”

  1. That pudding looks yummy! I made some similar to that once but didn't add agave.. I'm thinking that it's a great idea since mine wasn't quite sweet enough!

  2. I love chia pudding! I have missed your posts, but I got internet back, so yay!

  3. new shoes so exciting!! that chia pudding looks very tasty. i make something similar with flax.

  4. Averie- You're COMMANDO!?!?! You mean…you don't wear…..SOCKS!??!?!?! Shock horror! Hee hee.

  5. No such thing as too many roasted sweet potatoes, I say! I've been eating them every single day since it's getting cold outside :)

    Looove the new kicks!

  6. Oooohh thanks for showin' the chia love April, Michelle, and Kasondra! Good stuff and literally takes like 3 seconds to make. And yeah April, add a little agave or stevia and that'll do the trick :)

    Deb-That's it, socks :) Glad you liked the yoga post before. And I am sooo with you on bikram 26×2, 5x/week. Why? sounds boring. I love ashtanga and the primary series but I am also the queen of tweakin'

    VG-Girl, you're the best. I love love love that you comment on all my posts. And of course, that you're such a cool chica with a big heart, that's the best part :) Glad you're eating your sweetie pots and resting, recovering, and doin' a body good. Kudos to listening to your body!!

  7. Yummy. I must try that chia pudding!

  8. Just found your blog. I eat high raw all vegan and LOVE yoga, so it was like heaven to find your blog ;-) I even tried some of your recipes already, yummy. And now I'm intrigued: what is nooch? and do you prepare it with raw cauliflower?


  9. Anais..nooch = nutritional yeast. See this post, I talk all about it! Glad you found my blog…we have alot in common, raw, vegan, yoga, wonderful!

    And welcome to Jocelyn and the other new commenters, thanks for showin the love!

  10. I am always SO impressed with your salads, they never look anything less than STELLAR!

  11. The new sneaks look great! LOVE new sneaks! Did you pick them up in your mama's morning out? Hope you had a enjoyable, peaceful couple of hours to yourself.

    I've been meaning to google around to figure out how to make chia pudding, thanks for helping me cross that one off the list! Now I know exactly where to go.

    My Saturday night was totally rocking as you know – apple crisp for dinner! Doesn't get much more rock star than that my friend!

  12. Holy Cow! Three post in one day! I'm doing good to get one in every few days! You are on the ball:)

    New shoes are always fun. Isn't it cool when you find a pair that you like well enough to buy again?!

  13. Cha-cha-cha-CHIA! I have some seeds waiting for me in NY- can't wait to make the pudding. LOVE sweet potatoes…ah, happy carbs.

    I was thinking about running shoes the other day- I don't run, but I walk between 4-7 miles a day and have had the same shoes for about 15 months…so, that's over 2000 miles. Um, yikes. No wonder the sole is worn through. Lol. I used a calculator for that!

  14. Hahahaha, I like commando too…shhhh :)

  15. woah those roasted veggies sure did turn out amazing!! looks fabulous :)

  16. Hey, awesome blog! Found you through The Fitnessista! I would love to take a yoga teacher training course, but don't exactly have the money right now. Someday though, hopefully soon!!:)

  17. MMm, i just roasted my first squash yesterday… and ate some this am with nut butter (wierd?) :)

    my knees tell me when I need to replace my kicks!

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