Cinnamon Raisin Rice Pudding

This is the easiest and fastest homemade rice pudding recipe, ever. Five ingredients and 20 minutes from start to finish.

Well, honestly, I don’t really peruse rice pudding recipes online, but I am pretty sure this one has to be a top contender in the ‘easy, fast, simple, but tastes wonderful’ category.


Cinnamon Raisin Rice Pudding (gluten-free)

1 c uncooked rice

1 can sweetened condensed milk (dairyfree option: full fat coconut milk + agave/stevia to sweeten it)

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 c raisins


Cook one cup of rice according to the directions (probably adding about 1.75 to 2 c of water to it) and when it’s done, add the remaining ingredients.  Stir to combine and simmer for 5 minutes or until liquid is absorbed and mixture is fairly thick. 

Notes: Pudding will thicken once cooled, so it’s not necessary to cook all the liquid out.  And, over time in the refrigerator, the rice pudding will also thicken and if it becomes too thick, add a splash of water and stir in until it’s creamy again.

Yields: 6 hearty portions of pudding.  Will keep in the fridge for many days.  My grandma used to freeze hers and re-thaw it.

A Visual Guide

Gather your ingredients

Cook the rice

Add everything else, stir, and simmer

Garnish with extra raisins, if desired, and serve warm or chilled.  Whatever floats your rice boat.

The sweetened condensed milk, with vanilla extract, cinnamon, and raisins brought back wonderful childhood memories of the pudding my grandma used to make for me.

So rich, creamy, sweet, and comforting.

The raisins add a perfect chewy texture.

I impressed myself that I made this from start to finish in 20 minutes.

Scott and Skylar were impressed with the taste.  Lots of oohs and ahhs.

If you happen to need other recipes to use up stray sweetened condensed milk (not that that’s a big “problem” to have) try Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge


Or No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

Today’s recipe and the chocolate truffles are both: 5 ingredient recipes, and both use vanilla and sweetened condensed milk for two of the 5 items.   How’s that for trivia you don’t care about.

From my last post on Delicious Desserts, I’m glad I got you drooling!

And also, thanks for your Best Of Submissions.  Keep ’em coming.  I’ll close the comments once I am in recipe submission overload.  But I’m not there, yet.


1. Do you like rice pudding?

Yes, and I had not had any in about 20 years since my grandma last made me some.  Kozy Shack from the grocery store doesn’t count because it’s not homemade, but I will admit, that stuff is good!

2. Have you ever made rice pudding?

Not until this recipe.  I had no idea what I was doing but everything seemed to turn out, just fine.

3. Have you ever made real pudding from scratch? Not talking Jello Pudding from the box.

I have not because eggs and cornstarch aren’t ingredients I work with much.

The closest thing I come to “pudding” is Raw Vegan Chocolate MousseNo corn starch involved.  Just a secret ingredient.


Have a great Sunday!


47 comments on “Cinnamon Raisin Rice Pudding”

  1. mmmmm! that looks soo good, i love rice pudding! will have to make this sometime ;) i really do like your recipes!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had rice pudding — but I bet this tastes super good because it uses sweetened condensed milk and I love desserts with that ingredient. Seriously whenever I use it I eat a big spoonful because it is so good!

    I used to make jello pudding all the time — and I still love it but my stomach sure hates me for it. I’ve also made your avocado mousse and that stuff is unbelievably good.

  3. Good Lord mama! this I will try for sure. Never really a big fan of rice pudding but you make it seem effortless.

    Loved those Delicious Desserts, I ate chocolate chips the whole time I read it. How could I not?

  4. I am all about pudding made from pureed winter squash. I eat it daily, no joke.

    I had rice pudding all the time in Costa Rica. The cooked were always serving that for dessert. After dinner of rice and beans. It was total crap. That’s not dessert. ;)

  5. I’ve always stayed away from rice pudding because rice takes so damn long to make…but this looks doable. Also, I love love love the Jumbo Raisin Medley from Trader Joe’s – its ruined me though now because regular raisins just don’t cut it for me anymore ;)

  6. Your pictures look BEAUTIFUL averie! I can taste the creamy goodness of that rice pudding!

  7. I’ve never had rice pudding before! I actually don’t like rice, but I am positive I would like it in a pudding form :)

  8. Maybe this can be the kick in the pants I needed to make it. :) My boyfriend is always wishing for rice pudding but I’ve never ate it or made it.

  9. OMG Averie!
    I absolutely love rice pudding and this looks so delicious I’ll have to make it tonight!
    In Mexico where I’m from we call it arroz con leche and people make it for dessert all the time.
    On Friday I make your Salsa & Cheezey Baked Beans and Vegetable dish and my whole family loved it!
    And they are now addicted to your No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles


  10. I literally enjoy and follow your blog daily! I love the photo side of it! so informative and inspirational!

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  13. I never grew up eating rice pudding, so I am often leery of it, but I do think it tastes pretty good. I have made pudding from scratch, but not recently. My mom used to make it all the time when I was growing up.

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  16. Really like the photos you took of your rice pudding. Nicely set up with ramekins, plates, placemats, etc.

    I LOVE rice pudding, but don’t have it very often. While in Barbados my husband made a batch for us each week. Very easy stove top recipe. No oven needed thankfully.

    The rice pudding recipe I usually make does require baking. But it always turns out great.

    I made real pudding from scratch for one of my girl scout badges. Came pretty close to burning it. Haven’t made it again. I’ll stick to the avocado version :)

  17. YUM! I made quinoa pudding with dried cherries and coconut a few months ago and posted. I LOOOOOVE rice pudding though, think I like it more than quinoa pudding! SO good!!!

    Those cake batter chocolate truffles are calling my name!!!!!! You should do a giveaway of your treats :-)

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  19. i had several can of condensed milk that were going to expire and for days i’ve looked for rice pudding recipes and couldnt find one until i found yours today and boy did it taste great !! thanks so much

  20. Recipe looks good, but is sweet. Love the ease, though, and the flavor is good other than the SWEET, so will be trying again with maybe more rice and some milk to make up the liquid. Thanks for sharing!

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