The Sights From Here, Golden Silence

It’s impossible for me to be totally wordless on what many call Wordless Wednesday’s, but I thought I’d show you some of the sights around my life…

My San Diego neighborhood 15 minutes ago…

They look like dried blueberries

The irony of Roses + Beware of Dog just struck me

It’s interesting that a psychic is ‘On Duty’.  If you’re psychic like I am, you are never really ‘off duty’.  Trust me. I wish I could go ‘off duty’.  It would make life easier sometimes.

Did someone say bottomless mimosas?  Back in the day they would have lost money on me.

Sights from my Kitchen

What did I make?

A fresh batch of Special K Bars !

The underside is pure heaven.  Peanut Butter + Brown Sugar + Karo Syrup + Vanilla
And the top side is Chocolate.  The best of both worlds!

Special K Bars

From my last post, Stevia & Salsa, thanks for sharing your fave ways to use both.  You all are some S & S fiends, aren’t you.

Sighs from Snack Time…. 

I’d hate to call this ‘dessert’ because it’s so healthy!   Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse (that link is working for the recipe)

Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse (that link has prettier pictures once it starts working)


1. Do you have any psychic abilities?

I have posted before that I do.  Here and Here

2. What are the Sights From Your World like right now?

Tell me something about your world right now.  Paint a picture.

3. Do you find it hard to be Wordless?

I’ve had many sales jobs over the years (real estate, timeshare, etc.) and there is something called Golden Silence.

It’s when you make an offer, a proposal, or put forth some kind of information and you need the recipient or other party to answer or respond.

Most people have a hard time just sitting quietly and waiting for more than a few seconds for an answer.  They start talking in circles, repeating what they said, adding more (usually useless) information, and are generally not comfortable with just letting there be silence.

Silence can be scary.  People usually feel uncomfortable with “dead air” and most people’s natural tendency is to keep talking.  Silence is harder than you think!

Think about say, asking your boss for a raise.  How hard would it be for you to put forth that question and then just sit there in silence and wait for his/her response.

Your boss isn’t likely to respond to your request in a matter of seconds.  She will need to think about it.  And what are you going to do?  Sit there quietly?  Perhaps.

But most people start jabbering, explaining themselves, justfiying things, talking in circles, and doing everything but having there be silence.

Same could be true about asking your parents, spouse, or friends a tough question.  Can you just ask it and wait?

I have learned over the years to just ask, and wait.  But it’s not easy and a million things run through my head in that silent moment(s).  But it gives the person I’m asking time to digest my request and not clutter it or make me feel the need to start explaining myself or justifying myself over and over.

Is it easy for you to have silence and be wordless?  Or do you suffer from verbal diarrhea?  haha!

p.s. Any broken links or bad pathways in the Recipes Tab *should* be all repaired by Thursday.  Thank you for your patience!

Enjoy your Wordless, or Wordy, Wednesday evening!  I am going to workout, outside, in the beautiful 68F sunny weather!

56 comments on “The Sights From Here, Golden Silence”

  1. I didn’t realize you lived in San Diego!! I was just there for work for the last week (got back to DC today) and I LOVED it. I seriously want to move there. I stayed downtown at the Westin and was within walking distance of the harbor and the Gaslamp District – love love love!

  2. Bottomless mimosas?! OH lawd! I’d be there all day! ;)

  3. Um, I just made your beware of dog/rose pic my wallpaper – hope that’s ok! GORGEOUS pics. Man I want to live where you live. I’d cry a tear of jealousy but it would freeze to my face. And me silent? Actually yes. Despite my chatty nature I have no problem sitting in silence:)

  4. Unfortunately I do not have many sights going on at the moment. Two kids + flu = you do not leave the house unless you absloutely have to. But we did for groceries (totally out of food this morn) and we had pretty blue skies her in Louisiana :)

    Love those bars, bet the boys will too!

  5. I LOVE and crave silence. And I love and crave TJs bourbon vanilla. I busted it out this morning, in fact. One of those items I have but save for special occasions.

    My world today: staring at my computer. Trying deperatly to get work done – alternating between word and exel and powerpoint. Fun times.

  6. I had a moment the other day where someone was getting really testy with me (didn’t like what I had to say. . .) I just let there be silence instead of trying to rush in and fill the space with words.

    The energy hung heavy for those few seconds. It wasn’t comfortable for either of us.

    But then, the person spoke to me, and we worked out the issue.

    I was proud of myself for being patient and not yakking.

    So interesting to hear your take on the very same type of silence that I had such an intense experience with this week.

    Beautiful pics, btw. All snow here. Quite the opposite of your weather, really!

  7. Averie, I love the new look of your blog! And the food and scenery pictures are awesome.

    I’ve had premonition dreams before, but apparently that is just a psychological phenomenon called synaptic prolapse or something like that. It doesn’t really predict the future, you actually dream about it after it has happened but think you predicted it. Weird!

  8. Gorgeous pics and great eats, such nice weather compared to our fog.

    1. Nope, I pretty sure I’m not gifted there.
    2. Very foggy today, so lots of gray.
    3. Nope, especially when I cut loose with my camera – the post would probably have more pics than my average posts words. :-P

  9. Oh my goodness those bars and the raw choc mousse looks absolutely devine! I’ve made raw brownie and granola before, I’m definitely going to make these next week – without feeling bad because they are healthy!

  10. Such colorful and WARM pictures. Thank you for reminding me that warmth exists lol. I seriously have forgotten what the sun beating down on me feels like. I miss it, but seasons are a way of some parts of the world.. c’est la vie!

    1. I definitely have an awareness that’s higher than most. Some times I feel really overwhelmed by it, but talking about it (usually to my step-dad) helps put me at ease. It’s not something I can talk freely about with just anybody. It’s nice to talk to someone who takes it seriously, you know?

    2. What a great question!!! Well, today I had to bike ride through the snow. It was pretty when the white snowflakes were falling down and they almost seem to hush the urban life for awhile. However, I squinted during most of my ride and was sometimes blinded by it so that part wasn’t too nice. So imagine the slush of car tires, the fresh air and snow flakes in your face. Then… you’re finally home. Just lock up the bike, and make it through the door. Ahhhh… warmth.

    3. Mmm… not particularly. I’ve let go of feeling the need to explain everything :)

    XO!!! Lots of love to you and your family, Averie!

    p.s. thank you for the sweet comment!!! :D It really put a smile on my face. OH! And my mom read the post and she loved the cheezy veggie bake recipe.

    • your #1
      I am the same way. I dont talk about it. Can’t believe i posted about it but that’s more generally speaking, not the nitty gritty. And yes, being taken seriously…another reason i dont mention it much.

      you and your mama are both amazing ladies :)

  11. It’s also been gorgeous up here in the bay!! same sights as you but just 10 degrees colder… buhh!

    i finished my 30 day yoga challenge today!! i know you’ll appreciate that esp bc you’re a yoga teacher! :) i’m so stoked!

    i gotta make that special K bars!! they look so good! have a wonderful night missy!

  12. I’m not psychic, and I don’t think I’d like to be.

    I just woke up, the boyfriend requested sleep-in rather than coffee, so he’s still slumbering right over there – we have a small apartment, so I had breakfast in the kitch so as not to disturb, shhh! – he sleeps under an old, torn paisley blanket that really ought to be replaced. The sun’s just getting up and temperatures have dropped again (boo-hooo…) so the ground is frosted white, the sky is a pale light blue, and the rooftoop across from our windows is glittering with ice crystals. Every time the electrical train passes, there’s a crackle from the cold wires, otherwise it’s still quiet :-)

    Uh, bonus about the paisley blanket, it belonged to my grand parents and I cannot find anything to replace it. It’s dusty and very probably a health hazard. My mother told me she remembered how they got it: they sent two big bags of their used clothes (seven kids on a farm, so there was probably enough of that to go around…) away to some place and back came the blanket, stuffed with shredded clothes! Like a swap-deal. Nowadays a can’t find a thick, stuffed paisley blanket anywhere in a decent quality unless I pay an arm and a half, but just imagine how old that blanket really is, with the shredded stuffing. Eeeww!

    I used to sell running equipment and I was pretty green, so their top seller tried teaching me about the golden silence….Itried learning but I suspect that never happened and I wasn’t any good anyway: I loved the equipment but I hate being “sold” to myself, so when the customers said anything like, nah, that’s not what I want, I just automatically went, OK! Hahaha…

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  14. When someone is on my mind repeatedly, I will call them and see what is “up”. That is about as psychic as I get.

    I am very good at silent & silence. Being more of an introvert, that is a built in ability ;) Silence while waiting for an answer is much better than awkward silence too.

  15. Hi Averie,
    This is my first comment to say hello. I decided the other day after your post to de-lurk (is that a word? haha) myself. I have enjoyed reading your blog and found it on eatingbirdfood when you commented on her blog. I just made your oreo chocolate ball recipe yesterday and they are wonderful. I may have to hide them from my husband, as he loves them too! It struck me yesterday in your post when you spoke about being psychic. I have some abilities like that and have been struggling with trying to discern what they are exactly, and if I am able to develop them, and if so, how would I use them to help people, or for the greater good. If it is not too personal of a conversation for you, I was wondering if you would be willing to email me so that I may ask you a few questions about your personal experience with it. If it is too personal, please forgive me. I believe we are all put on this earth with gifts and that we should somehow use them to give back. Thank you for your positive energy and spirit you express in your blog!
    Emily Hege

    • It’s not too personal to ask..I just dont have tons of time for long emails..i am buried under them. haha!

      Glad you found me and you like my blog and thanks for delurking! In a nutshell, I have always been very in tune with things, I sense things, feel things very deeply, just can “predict” or an in tune with things. I think the way i am wired helps these traits express themselves even more. Not sure how i could advise one to hone their own traits other than to say, just be observant and dont dismiss the little details :)

  16. Wordless and me can not ever be used in the same sentence. I can talk anybody’s ear off! LOL

    You probably wouldn’t like the view from my world today. Grey, dull, dreary, cold and white stuff is falling from the sky. And the sidewalks and roads are covered in dirty slush. Oh summer, hurry on UP!!

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