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It’s Friday and I’m doing the happy dance! TGIF for sure! My weeks feel so full and hectic and I look forward to putting things in a lower gear over the weekends. I’m looking forward to an Easter Egg hunt that our community association is putting on for the kids in the development and there’s also going to be a petting zoo complete with an Easter Bunny hopping around. Skylar is going to be in heaven! Not sure the bunny is going to be too happy with all the “attention” from the kids, though! I am looking forward to see her joy, but we have to be there and ready to go at 8:45am. That’s pretty early but hey, they’re only kids once so I’ll be up and out early tomorrow. Between all the toddler and kiddie energy and excitement with the Easter Egg Hunt and the bunny, and the early morning hour, you can better believe that I will be bringing a to-go cup of my newest coffee.

The Fudge Brownie Coffee from yesterday I told you I found

Verdict? Amazing.
Fudge Brownie Coffee with ground in filter

Tastes like I am drinking chocolate, but in a flavored-coffee way, not a hot chocolate way. And it’s not a sickeningly strong flavor either.

The Smores Coffee that I’ve mentioned before has a much richer Smores, caramel-ey flavor than the Fudge Brownie has of a chocolate flavor, if that makes senseThe fudge brownie is a little smoother, basically.

S'mores Coffee with grounds in filter

And Glad you enjoyed the Almond Butter Treats in the post, too
Both Store-bought

Almond Butter ball

And Homemade

Three Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookie Balls in white dish

But most of all, I loved hearing your goals! I shared that I may be interested doing a figure competition, and have decided that if I am going to do it, Bikini Competitions are my speed.  But this would be a major commitment in terms of time and energy, and I need to really ponder what my intentions are, or even if I want to really get serious about this.
I need to take this bikini body

Woman sitting in lounge chair on beach drinking a drink

And This Yoga Body

Woman doing yoga pose

To This kind of Bikini Body.
Arnold Amateur Bikini Winners
Arnold Amateur Bikini Winners 2010.  Not sure what type of training I will need to do, or if I will really do this, but I would definitely have to invest in a spray-tan membership package somewhere if I get serious….haha!

In the meantime, it’s something to ponder and think about and thanks to everyone for the supportive feedback.  The comments section was full of encouraging words, and I took some extra time to reply to my comments in so if you missed those, Click Here. And if this is not your thing, you think it’s weird, or could never imagine doing it and wonder why anyone would embark on this, that’s fine, too.  Different strokes for different folks.

And super special shoutouts to April, April, Jessica, Susan, Allie, Tina, and to my non-blogging friends who have written me off the blog, everyone’s words, help, and advice, has been awesome and I can’t thank you all enough!!!!!!

And a shoutout to both Janetha and Mama Pea who are working on new fitness goals, too.  Must be the week to turn over a new fitness leaf!

Of course, thanks for telling me what your goals are and what you’d like to pursue and work towards! It was fun to read everyone’s goals!

In the mail today I received this Cookbook: The Organic Seasonal Cookbook by Liz Franklin

The Organic Seasonal Cookbook

It was part of the Butter Toffee Peanut Butter that I won in Emily the Hungry Loft’s Giveaway that I first mentioned a couple days ago in This Post.

The PB arrived a couple days ahead of the book, not a bad thing, by any means!

Butter Toffee Peanut Butter jar
Side of peanut butter jar
Thanks, Emily for hosting a great give away!

Just glancing quickly through the book, I noticed there are nice tips on Sustainability and Organic Farming.  We’re all familiar with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), right?  Local, sustainable, seasonal, organic food even if not necessarily “certified” organic? If you’re not, please look into getting a CSA Share. It’s one of the best things I ever did for my budget, and my cooking repertoire.

What to do with 2 heads of bok choy and some mizuna greens and a pound of kumquats? On the same week. Get creative, that’s what! And support your local farmers in the process so this book appeals to me on that level.

Page from book saying Steps Toward Sustainability

And each Season has it’s own Section and recipe ideas based on the seasonally available produce.

Page in book showing asparagus

With big, colorful, clear pictures! I mentioned in past cookbook reviews, that if the pictures aren’t good and look like 1982 specials, I am not really apt to make that particular recipe.

Page in book showing greens with dipping sauce

It’s not a Vegan cookbook by any means, but I appreciate all books as information and knowledge

Page in book with Potato, Cheese and Bacon Gratin recipe

….and I can take away something positive from just about any book.  Especially cookbooks!

And I put the new book next to some of my others

Shelf full of cookbooks
Now if only I had as much time as I have books, I’d be all set!
Side view of shelves of books
For Other Cook Book Reviews, Click Here

A Few Random Snacks have included
Foods Alive Flax Crackers that I mentioned before in This Post

Foods Alive Italian Zest Flax Crackers bagHand holding one cracker

The Italian Flavor is super strong smelling.  It smells like a bottle of Italian Salad Dressing complete with onions, garlic, and herbs.

Close up of cracker in palm of hand

Far too powerful smelling for my liking so these got passed off into Scott’s lunch bag.

Close up of hand holding one cracker Two crackers in hand

More my speed has been Mary’s Black Pepper Crackers with Yellow Mustard

Mary's Black Pepper Crackers with Yellow Mustard
Mounds of mustard. Weird, but true. I love it.
Close up of Mary's Black Pepper Crackers with Yellow Mustard
I told you there have been random snacks.  But I love this combo!
Mustard on Mary's Black Pepper Crackers

Green Food:  Brussels are Back!  Remember Yesterday I mentioned that I finally scored some Brussles after all the stores here being out of stock for almost 2 weeks?

Brussel Sprouts in bagClose up of Brussel Sprouts

I fixed a bowl of spring greens, Brussels, Sugar Snap Peas, Asparagus, Tomatoes, Cukes, Red Peppers and I was happy.

Green salad with Brussel Sprouts and various vegetables

Dressed with Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

Jar of Vegan Slaw Dressing
Salad dressed with Vegan Slaw Dressing
High Raw, Fresh, Green food makes me happy!

Yoga Today is New Yoga Clothes from Hyde!

Dark pink yoga pants and light pink tank top
Hyde Yoga business card

Organic Cotton and soooo soft!

Label inside tank topHyde Organic book

Here’s our Bathroom Mirror At-Home Fashion Show

Young girl and lady wearing new yoga gear in bathroomSide view of woman wearing new yoga gear
Young girl and woman smiling into mirror in bathroom
I promise to get better pictures up but was so excited I wanted to snap these today!

I think I will just live in the pants.  They are so soft and comfy.  Like buttah up against my skin!  I am really picky about fabric; it Has To Be Soft or I don’t reach for that item in my closet.

Not to mention, the pants are actually long enough and I am nearly 5’11”, so that’s a minor miracle and huge bonus for me!

Pink yoga pants and top
If you’re curious, check out the Hyde Store Here and you definitely don’t have to be a yogi to appreciate their clothes!

After our “Fashion Show” Skylar was being a total goofball!

Young girl standing in front of bed smiling

Note the hair and the eyes.  Tell-tale sign of nap needed! Can you say super silly and punchy?

Young girl standing with hands touching smiling

Tip of the Day:  Don’t know what to do with that random cup or two in the bottom of your coffee pot but don’t plan on drinking it?
Pour it in ice cube trays so that you have actual coffee “ice” cubes to use in your now that the weather is warming up and iced coffee season is here!

Empty plastic coffee cup
Coffee Cubes would have been Much Better in This Iced Coffee so that it wouldn’t have gotten so watered down.
Diana helped remind me to post about this tip because she was at a fancy shin-dig where they did this and I do this at home, and wanted to tell you all about it.

1. Any Big Plans for the Weekend?
Me = Easter Egg Hunt and Bunny Petting. I live a wild and crazy life, I tell you.

2. Any other comments about the Fitness Goals I am pondering or personal experience stories with your fitness journey welcome!

3. I’m Bringing back Hot Topic Friday
Remember last Friday’s post about Real Housewife of NY, Kelly, Posing in Playboy
Cover of Playboy magazine
And I Asked You Does it Matter that she has children and that she posed for Playboy? Or more specifically that she has daughters? Does it matter at all that she even posed?
If you missed the comments on that post, Click Here to check out what everyone’s thoughts were because there was quite an earful!

Today’s Hot Topic and I have discussed this with at least 5 other bloggers but am not naming them because I forgot to specifically ask for their permission to be publicly mentioned so I won’t
What do you think is the proper way to give someone credit for a recipe?  Should someone even be credited for a recipe you use?  Or is any recipe on the internet “Fair Game” to use as your own with no need to link it or cite the original author?

Recently I’ve noticed my recipes floating around on various blogs without being credited and I’ve noticed other bloggers’ recipes not being linked back, too.  It happens, and I think in most cases, I believe the person who posted it on her blog was probably unaware of who’s original recipe it was and it’s a “harmless oversight”.

What do you think about reprinting a recipe you find on the internet in entirety on your blog rather than simply linking back to the author’s blog?  Is that cyber-plagerism?  Should you just link back to the author’s site?
I definitely say Just link back, and you probably shouldn’t copy and paste the whole recipe.

I also don’t believe that in a long and fairly detailed recipe that by changing say the omission of 2 Tbsp of Flax seeds or by increasing the amount of oats from 1/3 c to 1/2 c, that someone has “made the recipe her own” or has “put her own spin on it”. In those situations, it’s probably better to say that you skipped the flax or made a minor alteration to the dry ingredient measurement that was very trivial, and then just link back.

It’s situations where word for word the recipe is copied with no changes made, no links, no credit given that feels wrong to me.  It takes considerable time and energy to perfect and create a recipe that works, one that I feel comfortable sharing with others so that they have good results in their own kitchens if they choose to make it, and I was just wondering if it’s wrong to hope people give credit?  If I am off base, let me know!  I am truly trying to get a pulse on what people’s thoughts are, and if mine are way off, I am more than willing to adjust my outlook and expectations!

Katie and I were talking about this (she said I could cite her) and she has noticed that blog readers sometimes “expect” a recipe to always be posted, too.  That readers are not just satisfied with a blog author saying, oh I made this or that chocolate dessert.  They expect a recipe to be provided. Do you think that everything that gets mentioned on a blog needs to be accompanied with a recipe?
I don’t!  Sometimes I have no idea what I really did, can’t remember what I did, don’t care to take the time to type it out, or even, gasp, feel a bit proprietary about it.

Please tell me your thoughts on all this!  I can’t wait to hear your take on this crazy cyber world we live in, and hope you realize I am really curious and not trying to be catty or rude about it all, just really wondering, that’s all!

Stay Tuned For A Give Away that all the Coffee & Tea Drinkers are going to Love…

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