We’re Home, Errand Mania, Happy 2010!

How are you fine bloggie friends doing today?  Well, I’m alive.  Let’s just say our journey home from Paradise was long, about 22 hours door-to-door.  Skylar did amazingly well.  Scott and I, well, we’re a little tired. 

But did that stop me from at 11pm local Arizona time (2am Aruba time) unpacking 3+ weeks worth of suitcases, or getting laundry started, or sorting a month’s worth of mail and packages?  Nope.  It didn’t even stop me from at 1am going to the grocery store.  I mean, as my blog title implies, LoveVeggies, is the truth!  And can you believe pesky US Customs took my cucumber slices, my brock-n-cauli pieces, and even Skylar’s sliced apple & pear wedges?  So for our journey home I had nothing fresh to eat.  Sorry, can’t hang with gluten-laden pretzels and Biscoff cookies.  By the time I got from Aruba to Atlanta for our layover, it was 5pm and I hadn’t eaten anything because my food had been confiscated on account of National Security.  Don’t want to bring in agricultural pests they told me. Do you think I would eat it if it was covered in pests?  But I digress.

First, Thanks for your lovely compliments and reassuring words yesterday on everything from my not-so-stunning revelation admission that I am far from an uptight label-crazed fanatical vegan..especially when it comes to stir frys

 And glad you were happy for me that I partook in a little Peach Pina Colada Action 

 I sure was happy for me!

And glad you enjoyed the Final Beach pictures from Aruba.  


And thanks to new, old, faithful, and sporadic commenters alike…Your kinds words that you all have left me over the past weeks of my trip have been awesome!!!!!   Dozens of you have told me that you’ve lived vicariously through the photos with the sunny beaches and crystal waters and I am glad you enjoyed rather than were annoyed, by the pictures.  There’ll be more next year!

So moving along…. by the time we made it to Arizona and I went to the grocery store at 1am, I had a serious hankering for some fresh produce.  Specifically: brocooli.

See this bag with 1 brock crown?

It was fullOperative word: was.  Was full.

I literally plowed through 2 huge crowns of brock standing at the kitchen sink dipping them in my Vegan Slaw Dressing and stuffing my face with roughage and loved every fibrous second.

What else did I find at the grocery?  The usual veggie smorgasboard that I threw in my cart like a crazed shopped in the middle of the night… 
Organic Lettuce

Kale, it’s back and Not Sold Out! like it was in Aruba


Carrots & Cauli

Tomatoes.  That aren’t $10 dollars a pound!
Remember these?

 Oh Tomatoes, how I have Missed Thee!

Also picked up some Bananas (that are not all beat up and over-ripe)

I cleaned a fresh whole pineapple at 3am so when Princess woke up…

…She’d have pineapple for brekkie.

And also snagged some unpictured apples, mangos, and a variety of rabbit nibbles, i.e. fruits & veggies.  But then I realized I had forgotten Grapefruit.  So this morning I treked to Whole Paycheck

With coffee in to-go cup.  Needed that, for sure!  I went to bed at 4am local time, 7am Aruba time, and got up 4 hours later.  Bright-eyed and bushy tailed no doubt!  Sorry bout the horrible looking picture, but hey, sleep deprivation will tax your photo skills every time, I’m telling ya!

I was a woman in search of some Ruby Red Grapefruits.  Found them for $2 each.  Which is why I avoid that store at all costs.  I get 99% of all my food at either the regular grocery store or TJ’s, period. 

But I also needed Veganaise for a fresh honkin’ sized batch of my Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing.

This batch of Averie’s Vegan Slaw Dressing contained:
1 c Veganaise
1/3 c sugar (if you don’t like sugar, don’t use is.  Use something else like stevia, Truvia, lucama, agave, or don’t make this recipe.  I know a girl who loves her Sweets and this recipe may help her love her veggies like I do!  Love ya, Jessica!)
1/3 c ACV

It will keep in the fridge for a long time…at least 2 weeks.  This will last our family about 4-5 days.  I like to strike a balance between very freshly made items coupled with practicality and common sense:  If I am gonna make my own salad dressing, I need to do it smart so that I am not enslaved to my kitchen and prep work.  Batch cooking whenever possible is the name of my tune!

Next up, Made a Fresh batch of Overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats

Love. This Stuff.  I recommend 8 hours in the fridge and then keep in the freezer and remove just before eating.  I swear, it’s almost like Chocolate Protein Ice Cream which I’ve seen so many of you lovely ladies (April!)

  making lately (Heather!)
But with oats & banana instead.

While at WF, I also admired the beauty that is the Food Supply Chain in the USA.  We really have it good here people.  Kiss the ground you walk on that 1. you have all the food you’ll ever need, 2. readily available. 

I have traveled through Europe, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, and it’s not like it is here.  So for all you US or Canadian bloggies, worship your fresh produce!  Tasha can’t even get Kale in Saudi.  She’s in permanent Kale Withdrawals, I think!  No doubt I would be!

But at WF I bumped into this display

Bitch Grenache.  I’ve been called worse.

Their Slogan:

Hey That used to be me for 10 Years in my 20s!  How’d they know?!

But yesterday I said I wouldn’t be drinking on NYE after just earlier in the week breaking a nearly 5 year Dry Spell with my Peach Pina Colada!!!

And remembered that I had this in the Fridge at home if I really wanted to get Bitchy Crazy

This is in my not so humble opinion, the best Rose Champagne ever For all you bubbly drinkers, this one blows away Moet Rose and Vueve’s Rose.  So there.  Try this one if you’re feeling adventurous in the rose department!

You’ll love the Nicolas F.

But there will be no drinking tonight, really.  My plans for tonight include a great night’s sleep!  What are yours?

Yoga today is full backbend, Urdhva Dhanurasana.  Open your heart center and let yourself receive healing energy, peaceful vibes, and love from the Universe.  And then give back.  Be grateful.  Be giving.  Be loving.  Be Thankful.  Namaste Friends!  Let’s ring in 2010 with our hearts light and open!

Tip of the Day: Karen Knowler’s Sweet Vanilla Pecan Milk Recipe

This Week’s Recipe

Sweet Vanilla Pecan Milk

pecans If you want to get back on the raw food wagon with style and unabashed indulgence, this divinely decadent nutmilk will give you effectively a luxurious pudding in a glass.

Go on, I dare you ; ) Ingredients:
* 1 measuring cup of pecan nuts (125g/4oz)
* 3 measuring cups of pure water (app. 700ml)
* 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence (or piece of vanilla bean)
* 2 Medjool dates
* 2 Tablespoons of dark agave nectar (use 2 more dates if you don’t have this)

1) Blend your pecans with the water until no pieces left, then strain into a tall jug ready for stage 2.
2) Pour the “clean” milk into the clean blender and add the vanilla, dates and/or agave nectar.
3) Blend thoroughly until all ingredients are fully combined.
4) Serve and smile!


* This will keep for roughly a day in the fridge. Try making a less runny version, pour it into a Tupperware container or ice-cream maker and freeze it for a deliciously decadent ice-cream.

  • Love MORE raw recipes?
  • Want extra recipes and videos every month?
  • I want to wish each and every one of you an awesome, amazing, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, lovely, fun, and happy 2010!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for tuning in every day to my 99.2747656% vegan recipes, my yoga musings, my family photos, and for being a friend!  I have been so touched by the blogosphere and know that in 2010 things will only get better and more awesome, if that’s even possible!  I love you all!!!!!!! 

    Tell me Who or What do You Love?
    I love Scott, Skylar, kale, yoga, reading magazines, my bloggie friends, my real life friends, my ability to walk, run, swim, dance, do yoga, and do physical things.  I love my Grandmas (may they RIP), I love being a mother, I love teaching and inspiring others.  Tell me about who or what you love or what makes you tick?  What gives you that little spring in your step?

    Stay Tuned For Foodie Pics & December’s Goodies & Treats after I went through all my mail.  Good stuff from ’round the Blogosphere…

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