Sporty and Spoony


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It was a picture-perfect Saturday morning for a nice run.

Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy. 70F, sunny, and lovely.

Road with blue sky and palm trees

I normally purchase Champion sports bras from Target because I love the fit and the price ($16.99), but they’ve been out of cute colors for ages and I was overdue.

I got with this one from the Nike Store. I love aqua, teal, and neon green. Perfect colors for me and I tried it out today. No complaints.

Blue nike sports bra

After my run, I had a Blueberry Banana Recovery Smoothie

Blueberry Banana Recovery Smoothie

Except I used strawberries in it rather than blueberries.

Fresh Strawberries

I also got sporty with this today.

Red Kitchen Aid Mixer

I got my second workout in just doing all the dirty baking dishes (the bowls are these; someone usually asks me), spatulas, and spoons.

Dirty dishes in sink

These results were worth it.

Spread of ingredients chocolate peanut butter eggs

And I took a bazillion pictures.

I am love, love, loving my new table. Best purchase of 2012.

Table with purple table cloth and white panels on it

I also got sporty spoony trying to decide which one to use in some of the photos.

Every once in awhile the thrift store pays off.

Spoons with fancy handles

Have you done anything sporty or fun so far this weekend?

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I’ve gone for a run, hike, and indoor workout this weekend, but your running weather sounds better because it was a little hot here this weekend.

  2. Averie- that is PERFECT running weather. In the summertime, I have to wake up at like 6am to get in a long run (if I’m training for a race!). It stinks! Especially on weekends.

    And i love that we are bowl twins. :) Love my confetti bowls!!

  3. I’ve been doing the regular running, yoga, lifting, and swimming, but last Friday we had a Zumba-athon at my school and it was actually really fun to spice it up a bit. As far as my gracefulness… that doesn’t need to be commented on, hahaha.

  4. I haven’t done a single sporty thing. Okay, I’ve gone out dancing. I’ve chased after nieces and nephews at the park. Eh, I take it back! Can’t wait to see what crazy dessert recipe you’ve got coming up next! I need more sugar in my life ;)

  5. love all of the pictures. That smoothie looks delish and I love your running bra! Hope you had a great restful weekend :)

  6. I haven’t done anything sporty … but I did support and cheer on some friends this weekend in a bike race.

  7. Cute top. Mine are all boring, plain black. I need to find some fun, bright colors. After being in the car most of yesterday, I’m about to go for a run today. Then park my butt on the beach ;-)

  8. Don’t you just ABSOLUTELY LOVE those mixing bowls?!? I got mine in pinks and purples and I swear I wash them all about twice a day since I have decided to use them for my meal bowls as well because they’re so darn cute!!! You were the reason I wanted to find them in the first place!! :)