Blueberry Banana Recovery Smoothie

This past week we had a hot snap in San Diego.  95F and sunny.  It was hotter here for a couple days this past week than it was all summer, but I loved every hot and sweaty second of it.

After a run outside, I needed something quick and easy to replenish my stinky self thirsty self.

I always have a tub of frozen banana chunks and other fruit odds and ends like peaches, mangoes, mixed berries, plums, or blueberries, too.

I buy whatever fruit is on sale that week at the grocery store and if we don’t get around to eating it before it gets too ripe, I slice it and throw it in a baggie into the freezer and it’s perfect for smoothies.

I’m calling this a ‘recovery’ smoothie because:

the potassium in the banana is great for muscle repair

the blueberries are high in antioxidants

the nut milk has protein

and the optional add in’s like chia seeds or nuts (or protein powder) have protein, fat, and fiber

This isn’t rocket science.  Far from it.  It’s called toss what you have in the freezer into the Vita and turn it on.

It worked for me and was ready about 23 seconds after I walked in the door which is exactly what I needed.

Blueberry Banana Recovery Smoothie

1 large banana (previously frozen in chunks is recommended  but not necessary)

1 c blueberries (I used bagged, frozen)

1 c milk (I used almond milk)

1 tsp vanilla extract

sweetener to taste (honey, sugar, stevia, agave, etc.)

ice cubes (I used 1 c but use more or less, or none, based on preference)

Optional: protein powder, smoothie optimizers, chia seeds, cocoa powder, nuts, dried fruit such as dates, raisins, figs

Blend all ingredients in Vita or blender & serve

Yields approximately two six-ounce smoothies.  If you don’t want the second one, store it in the freezer in a glass and remove from freezer about a half hour before you want it at a future time.  Often times I have “planned leftover” smoothies that I will set out to defrost a half hour before I want it.


It really hit the spot.  Sweet, fruity, a little bit creamy, and refreshing.

I chugged it in about 30 seconds.  I am a power drinker.  Built for speed, baby.

And yes, this would still hit the spot even if you didn’t just have a hard run, a tough gym session, or a sweaty yoga class.

Skylar happily took the other half off my hands and the hardest workout she had was organizing her Barbies’ shoe collection.


What do you like to put into your smoothies?  Any must-have ingredients?

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And I think smoothies out of wine glasses taste better. 

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  2. Drinking smoothies out of a wine glass makes the smoothies better over all. My favorite ingredient in a smoothie has to be bananas but they have to be at the peak of ripeness otherwise they just taste bland if over riped.

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  12. That looks amazing! I make smoothies all the time, but don’t usually but blueberries in. Maybe I should try that! Thanks for the recipe!

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  14. Hello Averie! I just had this for breakfast…soooo refreshing… and good!!! I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day! :) I looooove smoothies!!!

  15. Yummy on a hot day and the dark color make it easy to sneak in beet greens …

  16. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE BAKIN (and I am very good at it) I can’t wait try them!!! the banana breads Do you have any Vegan entree’s I’d like to try s

  17. Found you through Pinterest :-) Delicious smoothie, though I’d say it doesn’t need any extra sweetness like agave or honey, the banana is sweet enough. I also added Chia seeds but I wasn’t sure how much to add, I put 2 tablespoons, is that too much or too little or just right?

    • 2 tbsp for 1 smoothie would probably be on the high side for me personally. I’d go with about 1 tbsp but I also don’t add chia seeds to my smoothies that often. When I use them, I use them with homemade almond milk rather than smoothies.

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