Vanilla Avocado Banana Smoothie in a Bowl

I had one last locally grown avocado to use up.

Rather than making more “Cheater’s” Guacamole

…I went for an Vanilla Avocado Banana Smoothie in a Bowl

It may not be pretty food, but it sure tasted pretty!



Vanilla Avocado Banana Smoothie in a Bowl

1 ripe avocado

1 small/medium banana

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 c milk (nut milk, vanilla flavored nut milk, milk, cream, or vanilla Coffeemate. <– I used that)

1/4 c sugar (add/reduce/omit as desired, or use stevia or vanilla NuNaturals stevia drops, to taste)

2 c ice cubes

Blend everything in Vita-Mix or blender until smooth.




Enjoy straight from the Vita-Mix…

Or pour directly into a in a very classy trough plastic bowl and find two straws or two spoons.

This was a very thick smoothie.  The only way I really like them.

What you don’t consume immediately, put it in the freezer where it will turn into Vanilla Avocado Banana “Ice Cream”.

That’s what I do with my Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse made with avocados.  Freeze it for a decadent dessert.  So good.

Skylar loved it and so did I!

She was literally running around the house giggling, laughing, and just especially joyous after she drank this.  Or, I should say ate this because it was so nice and thick.

It was so creamy! Just wonderful!  And it was sweet but not too sweet and full of healthy fat.

Miss Giggle Pants herself.   And who said kids won’t eat green food?

She was even helping me name the recipe.  And she knows, pictures first, eating second. Child of a food blogger.

Another reason I went for a smoothie was because it’s hot here!  Low 90s and sunny.  Love cold drinks on hot days.

Holy hot snap out of no where!

You need a smoothie to cool you down in this weather!

Thanks for filling me in on whether or not you’re a salt lover from my last post.  Lots of you said, no, you’re not into salt.  I always feel strange when I say I don’t like garlic, onions, or salt.  Glad to know I’m not alone on the salt front.

And interesting to hear what foods you just “can’t do”.  Everyone’s yays and nays are so different!


1. Do you like smoothies?

I admit, I’m not much of a smoothie drinker.  They tend to fill me up on liquid and I just feel The Liquid Bloat in my belly for an hour or so, and then, I am hungry again.  This smoothie kept me full for longer than usual and it was just so creamy that I really loved it.   Fat is a beautiful thing for that.  And plant-based fat in avos is no exception.

Skylar begs me to make her Chocolate Coconut Princess Smoothies.  Or any kind of smoothie, so I oblige.

Princess cup not entirely necessary, but preferred.

2. What’s your fave smoothie recipe or must have ingredients?

I know you all are some smoothie lovin’ people so can’t wait to hear these!

3. How’s your week going so far?

I have been extremely busy with life, work, my blog and blog related emails, photography and photos to edit and upload, recipes to type, housework, cooking, and errands to do.

But I did get in a few great runs and 20 minute at-home yoga sessions the past few days despite being super busy!

Just have to enjoy this weather!

How’s your day and week going?

77 comments on “Vanilla Avocado Banana Smoothie in a Bowl”

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  2. sounds delicious, Ill be trying it today! My favorite smoothie is pumpkin, frozen banana, honey, and almond milk. yum. :)

  3. Just found your blog via pinterest ! Loving your recipes so far!
    I love to use avocado to make my smoothies creamy and pudding like. But my favorites (dessert like) have Greek yogurt (I’m addicted but dairy is horrible to my skin)
    Frozen banana chunks, heaping huge spoonful of Greek yogurt (like 1/3c) heaping spoon pb, dry oats and just enough milk (any kind) to make it blend (maybe 1/4 cup) sooo delicious and very filling. No need for a sweetener! But maple syrup is really nice – a little bit!!

    My bf loves plain greek yogurt (1/2c) and one mango. he eats it with a spoon…mango pudding.

    We live in west Africa so lots of mango, pineapple, banana, avocado…no berries :(

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  5. I love the classic smoothies, I’ll throw in greek yogurt, ground flax, spinach, frozen berries, banana, milk, oj, etc; but lately I’ve been paranoid about baby spinach and e. coli/salmonella/any creepy bacteria so unfortunately I’m not getting the amount of greens I would like to.

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  8. OMG i love the pudding… lets just say I saw your post.. and what do you know I had all the ingredients and whipped it up… ahhh it was like a cool breezy pudding!! I wrote about it and linked it back to ya in my blog! Thanks for the great recipes… mmm cant wait to try some more!!!


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  12. Avocado sounds scary in a smoothie, but I will see if my wife will make me one. She makes me a smoothie everyday (blueberry, strawberry, banana, apple, walnut, yogurt, milk and ice). It is one of the highlights of my day.

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  14. your avocado smoothie looks amazing! It took me until I was in my early 30’s to find out I loved avocados! I guess that’s what happens when you’re raised in the Midwest….

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