Last week I received some Woody’s Gourmet samples as part of being a Foodzie contributor.

I posted last month about the wonderful horseradish mustard I received in my Foodzie tasting box

And this month Woody’s Herb Sea Salt arrived.

What’s a girl to make with some herb sea salt?

Some ideas…

Lemon & Dill Roasted Potato Sticks

Cheezy Veggie Bake

Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

Coconut & Olive Oil Roasted “French Fries”

“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip



Or from my post yesterday, “Cheater’s” Guacamole

It sounds like there are lots of guac fans in the house!  Glad you liked my 1 minute recipe.  Great for all you cheaters shortcut-loving cooks.

And I hope you all go out and party like rock stars for Cinco de MayoWhich probably means clearing out your Google Reader for many of you. That’s about as “rock star” as I get lately, too, since I’m usually working rather than going out.   My vacation is coming up though!


1. Do you like salt?  Have you ever had fancy salt or sea salt?

I am not a fan of salt, at all. Sure, I like the way it tastes and yes I’ve had “fancy salt” in the past but…

2. Do you notice any effects after you consume salt?

I retain tons and tons of water when I eat salty foods.  No matter how much water I drink, and yes I drink lots of water, I have unquenchable thirst when I eat salt-containing or salty foods.  I keep drinking water to quench my thirst only to blow up like a balloon and it takes a good day or two for my body to really “process” the salt.

If I know I plan to eat what I am cooking or roasting and am not making it just for Scott and Skylar, then I won’t add salt to it and they can season their portions as they wish.

Ironically, after being together for 12 years and me doing all the cooking, Scott has lost 50 pounds and has lowered his blood pressure from the stratosphere down to more earthly levels and I attribute my mindful attitude toward salt at helping to reduce his blood pressure.

3. Are there any foods you just can’t “do”?

Some people can’t “do sugar” or have a hard time with portion control with carbs or need a higher protein diet or can’t do dairy, gluten, soy, tree nuts, and more.

For me, I need to be mindful of gluten and dairy consumption and also my salt consumption. 

I can do sugar and chocolate though!

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls


35 comments on “Salty”

  1. I’m a big salt lover, but also a salt snob. I don’t like or use regular table salt. Himalayan, Sea Salt, or Kosher salt only. I also use Kelp & Dulse granules to add a salty taste.

    If I happen to eat something that contains regular “table salt”, such as chips then I do notice some side effects. I retain water, my lips dry out and stay dry & cracked for 12 hours, and I feel an unquenchable thirst.

    I don’t do gluten. There are other foods that I don’t like, such as cooked cabbage or brussel sprouts ~Shudder~

  2. Your Sweet Potatoe Fries totally inspired me last night and I whipped up a back of my own! Thanks for the great idea! My pictures ALMOST look as good as yours…

  3. Everyone always thinks I’m insane when I say that I can’t stand salt. I just don’t like the taste of salty stuff. Blech. And I especially notice I get bloated when I eat too much sodium. Disliking salt doesn’t mean anything if you eat at a restaurant or any processed foods because they are packed full!

    My list of food intolerances grows seemingly every day, I can’t do gluten, xanthan gum, almonds, onion and seemingly quinoa lately. But for taste/texture reasons I can’t stand coconut, any kind of meat, and mushrooms.

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