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I recently received some Crystal Light Pure from Kraft Foods

Crystal light pure mix tropical, lemonade, and mixed berry

They sent me three different flavors to sample.  I liked the Tropical Blend best, but they were all good.  There was no funky aftertaste and it did not taste “chemically” to me.

I think that Crystal Light may have gotten a bad rap in the past because of how artificial many people believed it to be.

The new Crystal Light Pure:

·         Contains TruviaTM, an all-natural, no-calorie sweetener derived from the stevia plant

·         No artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.  Colored with natural ingredients

·         Contains 15 calories and 4 grams of sugar per serving

·         Caffeine free

·         Gluten free

I have posted in the past that 95% of what is water.  The other 5% is coffee, homemade kombucha, homemade coconut milk kefir, and very rarely, an alcoholic drink.

For a way to spruce up plain water once in awhile, the Crystal Light was fun.

Crystal light pure: no artificial flavors, no preservatives, sweetened with sugar and truvia

I like to spruce up my veggies with dips…

Horseradish Mustard Dip

Horseradish Mustard Dip with carrots and broccoli

Creamy Honey Mustard Dip

Creamy Honey Mustard Dip

Raw Cheddar Dipping Sauce

Raw Cheddar Dipping Sauce

Spruces broccoli right up

Broccoli head


“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

Dip sugar snap peas, red peppers, or whatever veggies a little oomph. For all the Doritos lovers, this dip is for you.

Then again, you can always enjoy dips of the sweet variety…

Quick Raw Vegan Chocolate Sauce

Raw Vegan Chocolate Sauce

And Strawberries


From my A Little Birdy Told Me post, thanks for sharing what a little birdy would tell me if she overheard your last conversation.  Fun conversations!

And I’m glad you liked my Meetup with Marla pictures, too!  It was such a fun, and much needed, couple of hours after the stolen iPhone debacle.


1. Do you drink lots of water? Do you “force” yourself to drink water or do you drink to thirst?

I’ve discussed this before and yes, I drink lots of water.  I drink to thirst and don’t obsess over counting ounces or “forcing it”.

2. Have you ever tried Crystal Light?  Or do you have anything you add to water to spruce it up?

Years ago I tried my mom’s Crystal Light.  But it was too chemically tasting for me and not something I have tried in many years.  It’s much better now.

And not that I am advocating it, but I have friends who add Crystal Light to their cocktails to spruce them up, virtually calorie free.   Not something I’ve tried personally though.

3. What’s your favorite dip lately?  Or any go-to dips that you always keep in rotation?

Let me guess, hummus, right?  Try my homemade 30 second, four ingredient hummus if you need a quickie dippy.



I am off to run a zillion errands.    I have soooo many places to go!


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  1. I drink lots of water – to thirst, not to a set quantity.

    Tried Crystal Light ages ago in University. In the summer months I like adding lemon, lime, or a strawberry to water.

    Favourite dip lately: sweet heat mustard, olive oil, and ground ginger. Yum!

  2. I do keep track of how much water I’m drinking, but I don’t force myself to drink it. I do get about 10 cups a day. I have had the old Crystal Light and I actually liked it. Of course, that was also the time when all of my meals came out of a box (mac n’ cheese!) or a can (spaghetti-o’s!). Which I can’t even imagine eating now!!

    I LOVE dips. Cashew cheese dips, homemade ranch, salsa, hummus….yum.

  3. I keep water with me at all times! I try to drink a lot of water every day, and I have an occasional La Croix or tea. And I definitely have a cup of coffee every morning! :)

  4. haha, we were on the same page yesterday! I love dips and sauces :] I’ve looked at your dorito dip too many times to count and don’t know why I haven’t made it yet, but it needs to happen soon! It’s bookmarked now, so no excuses.
    Thanks for the heads-up on the Crystal Light, too! I remember drinking it a while ago but it was so chemically tasting. I drank it anyway just because I thought it was “good for me” compared to juice or whatever. I drink a loooot of water, too. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little something different, though. Aside from coffee, flavored seltzer water, coconut water or kombucha is my favorite thing to switch it up a bit.

  5. I drink lots of water also. not obsessively though, to the point of hyponatremia.
    my bf always has a pitcher of crystal light juice in the fridge at all times. he gave up soda so he drinks that instead which i’m happy about!

  6. I think I’ve said this before, but I am a total Crystal Light whore. But I wouldn’t pollute my alcohol with it. I like my whiskey neat. I ordered it that way tonight and the bartender said to my friend standing next to me “does she know what that means?” He laughed and said, “um, yes. she does. And you can ask her, you know.”

  7. I’ve been obsessssedd with chocolate almond butter lately. It was nutella for awhile, but then I decided to splurge on the almond butter for 100 less calories per serving haha!
    But yes hummus is definitely an obsession right now as well! I think that’s quite obvious for vegetarians though hahaha!

  8. haha embarrassing… but I used to LOVE lime crystal light with tequila or gin. Anytime you’d spot me at a party, I’d have my jug of crystal light in one hand and my bottle of gin in another. Ah, another life it was. Feels like just yesterday… I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing?
    I have a system to my water drinking or I know I will not drink enough. 500mL when I wake up, 500mL working out, 500mL on the ride to work, 500mL between snack and lunch, 500mL between snack and dinner, then 1000mL between dinner and bed. If I’m hungry I drink first because my hunger usually means I’m actually thirsty!

    1. I think we would have been bff’s at the parties back in the day. Oh girl, I could tell you some stories :)

  9. Very interesting on the Crystal Light, may have to get for hubby. I’m mostly a water drinker too, saves a lot of money too.

    Agreed on the dips, I adore making raw dips in the Vita-Mix.

    1. Yes, I go through a lot of Klean Kanteen fulls at work just because I like feeling hydrated and I try to drink a decent amount with meals.
    2. Yes, it’s been a long time since though.
    3. Probably hummus and spicy hemp dips.

  10. Last time I tried Crystal Light I totally got that chemical flavor you’re talking about – I’m glad they addressed that and changed it!

    Please excuse the language, but I drink crap tons of water. It’s inconvenient when it comes to having to use the restroom 20 times a day (and esp during class), but it’s mostly for thirst… and I have a really cool bottle I love to use :)
    I’ve really been on a sriracha kick lately. Even though it’s not officially a dip, I dip EVERYTHING in it.

  11. I don’t drink enough water, but I am trying to increase my water intake each day.

    It is much easier in the summer when I am home.

  12. I used to drink packets and packets of Crystal Light daily; and then had to wean myself off of it because I was drinking so much, but I love the Pure version, it tastes WAY better than the old version of Crystal Light.

  13. I drink mostly water too. I have been using the propel packets lately, but I had to try these because of the lemonade flavor (I have super-severe acid reflux, so regular lemonade isn’t an option). And I love them! They’re fantastic, even if I can only have a little at a time before the citric acid starts to get to me. It’s still less harsh than the real stuff. :)
    As for dips, I’m on a hummus/flatbread craze lately. Can’t make my own – I don’t have a food processor or blender or anything similar. I also use applesauce as a dip for animal crackers and girl scout cookies… does that count?

  14. I made your Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies today…well actually I used honey because that was all I had so I guess I just made Raw Chocolate Brownies, but they are delicious! Thank you for the amazing recipe!

  15. Ahh. My Aunt introduced me to Pure Fitness–Crystal Light, for some extra electrolytes and yummy tasting water for hydration when working out. I am glad you wrote about these! Also, hummus is an awesome snack! Why buy it, when it is so easy to make!?

  16. 1. Can’t get enough H20…the more I drink the more I want. And the more I sweat the more I need!

    2. Crystal Light was always a ‘no no’ for me, except maaaybe when I was in college mixed with vodka — but those days are long gone ;)

    3. I’ve been making my own artichoke hummus which is SO good. And for the sweet stuff — I whipped up some PB ‘frosting’ out of greek yogurt/PB/stevia. Amazing. The recipe is on my blog!

  17. I’m a big water drinker, and I don’t really have to force myself to drink more. Sometimes I’ll squirt some lemon juice in there, but otherwise I don’t dress it up.
    And dips? Yeah, I like hummus too. I bought a whole case of canned chickpeas for some serious hummus-making, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I also really like guac and your raw cheddar dipping sauce, but I haven’t made it in forEVER. It’s yummy though. :)

  18. I have a box of crystal light purr grape flavor! Glad to hear you like the other flavors, ill have to try them. I ace had regular crystal light and I like it, especially pink lemonade and peach iced tea, but I can’t handle artificial sweeteners anymore. So glad they use stevia now! I hope more products catch on.

  19. good luck with the errands, averie! hopefully the parking lots won’t be too crazy, and have you driving around for hours!
    apparently the crystal light PURE is not yet in canada. i would likely try it, when/if it arrives (it’s sometimes years between when a product from the US hits canada). i drink just enough water – either plain or perrier if i want fizzle. and i love my coffee!

  20. I don’t usually force myself to drink. Sometimes I know I haven’t drank anything in a while and I should, but usually I just drink for thirst. Since I’ve actually started trying to properly hydrate myself I’m a lot more sensitive and I realize I need more quite frequently. I occasionally drink tea, but never juice anymore or pop or anything like that. Very rarely I’ll get a coffee out or have a cider or something but that’s it. My parents are the king and queen of having to have water taste like something, there is always pop or juice or something at their house. It’s so chemically tasting because they don’t eat sugar anymore. No wonder I never drank water as a kid there was always something else. I am so glad I love water now I usually can’t stand anything else.

  21. I don’t force myself to drink water — I really just drink a lot of it! Maybe it is from the dry winter weather? Ugh.

    Crystal Light will always remind me of my grandparents — they always had a huge pitcher in their fridge. My parents never bought any (we had good old kool-aid instead!) so it was a treat when we went to see my grandparents.

    I like a lemon or lime wedge in my water every once in a while, and cucumber slices in water is really good too. But I really only do that if we have company over.

  22. I drink tons of water. I used to have to force it down, but now it’s such a habit and I can really tell if I am not getting in enough. So no need to spruce it up anymore. I always found Crystal Light to be too sweet in water. Now, I did used to use it in tea – the lemon flavor.

  23. I used to love crystal light until I realized it was poison I am so happy to see they have come out with a more pure product definitely need to try some! I am a major dipper too I love to dip everything :)

  24. That crystal light sounds good :) And so do all of your dips!

    I try to get myself to drink more water everyday because honestly I would prefer a milky or juice beverage. So I don’t obsess over ounces, I just try to drink a couple glasses a day.

  25. mmm that cheezy dip looks delish!

    I actually really like the refreshing taste of water. Though during the warm weather I do enjoy flavored selters :)