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It was not my day yesterday.  After a series of small annoyances throughout the day, the final straw was that my iPhone was stolen out of my purse.

iPhone with purple case in handYes, this is a recycled photo because that phone is long gone.

I only had it for 6 weeks!  I have never had a cell phone stolen and only lost one (left it on an airplane) in the decade+ that I’ve had cell phones.  And yet my nicest, and most expensive phone, was stolen in 6 weeks.

I don’t want to go into the specifics and nitty gritty details, but yes, it was stolen and not lost.

I don’t “know” the person who did it.

I did not witness the actual act of the stealing with my own two eyes but did witness the person (whom I’m 99.99% certain stole my phone) running for the door.  I thought, that’s odd but didn’t think much of it.

Five minutes later I realized my purse zipper was open half way, and my purse seemed lighter, but I didn’t really think much of it.

Twenty minutes later, I connected all the dots when I went to see if I had any new emails and my phone was not in my purse.

My heart sunk.  Ba-bye phone.

iPhone with purple case in hand

I had purchased insurance on it (twisted foreshadowing, see Question 3) and I filed a claim on it.

I still had to pay $199 for a “new” iPhone (but it’s probably going to be a re-furbished phone and not a brand new one.  Ugh) but at least it’s not the full retail price of $750.

An ironic twist was that when I was trying to pay the $199 fee with my American Express to have a new phone sent to me, Amex thought that was a fraudulent charge and so mid-claim and mid-transaction, I had to hang up with the phone replacement company, call Amex, and let them know the charge was legit.  I have been cardmember for 10 years and that has never happened.

The iPhone is being shipped overnight to me and I should have it Wednesday.  In the meantime and using my old BlackberryIt feels like such a relic!

Service was supsended on the stolen iPhone within hours or the crime and the serial number was reported as stolen so if anyone tries to activate that phone, it will come up as stolen and they won’t be able to turn it on.  I am sure there are ways around this because sadly, thieves can be very clever but I did what I could to make it very difficult for my stolen phone to be easily used by someone else.

I tried to track and Find My iPhone and had even set up my iPhone with the Find Me capabilities, but unfortunately, there is no data/GPS position coming up for my phone. Boo hoo. If you do have an iPhone though, check out those links.  Worth a shot to set it up because you never know.

The only thing left to do at a time like this is eat chocolate.

No Bake Vegan Chocolate “Turtles”

No Bake Vegan Chocolate “Turtles”
No Bake Vegan Chocolate “Turtle"


No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

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1. Have you ever had anything stolen?

I think we all have had things stolen from childhood bicycles to hair brushes in the high school locker room to various electronics or gadgets that just seemed to “walk off” on their own in college dorm room living to whatever else.

Sadly, I have had my car broken into before and the thieves did steal my purse but I was young and the purse itself was cheap and there wasn’t anything too valuable in it.

However, just the act of having to call all your credit cards and stopping them, waiting for new ones to arrive, getting a new driver’s license or ID, it all takes hours and hours and hours of valuable “life time” just handling it.

And it seems to go on and on because six months later I’d be looking for someone’s business card and realize that oh, that was part of the stolen purse situation and then I’d have to track down the person’s info and number another way.  Such a frustrating timesuck!  The gift the just keeps giving, so to speak. Ugh.

As a kid I had bicycles, Barbies, dolls, toys and that kind of thing stolen.  As a kid it’s so hard to wrap you mind around why someone would steal.

My sister’s apartment was robbed when she was in college and she lost everything from money, electronics, to my Grandma’s jewelry and family heirlooms.  So sad.

As an adult, I still don’t get it!

What good was my phone (I also had it password protected!) to someone else?  They can’t use it because the service is suspended and they can’t turn it on because it’s on the blacklist of Hot phones, and therefore can’t sell it.  And, in the process it costs me time, money, energy, and frustration to replace it.  I just don’t get it!

2. Have you ever lost or had your phone stolen?  How did you feel?

We are all so dependent on our phones to do more than just be our phones.  They are mini computers, they hold our music, photographs, contacts, our appointments, and are really lifelines to the modern world in which we live.

At least I have my Blackberry to use, but I feel lost without my current phone.  For the record, love the iPhone wayyyy more than Blackberry.

I feel lost, violated, mad, and frustrated, but hey, it’s only a phone and a new one is coming.  Now I just have to set it up, import my 1000 contacts, my 10,000 iTunes, my photos, etc.  All over again.  Fun.

But whatever.  At least I “got this out of my system” now for awhile.  I should be good to go for a long time without any black clouds, right!  The only thing you can do at times like this is just let out one big GAH!!! Scream, then shrug it off because stressing about it (or replaying the events and how or why things happened) isn’t going to bring my phone back.   So just shrug it off and…

…I have something fun that I am off to do this afternoon.  It couldn’t come at a better time.

Have a great day!

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  1. On Monday my daughters iphone was stolen from her bookbag while doing sports. I guess the young thief will enjoy it. She had it for 9 months. Its a very bad feeling like being violated. After all there were family pictures on her iphone. I am very sad.

  2. OMG, so sorry about your phone! :-( That must have been infuriating! I’m always worried something like that will happen to me ever since working at a grocery store customer service counter and seeing frantic women after their purses are stolen. So sorry about your bad day!

    1. Yes, a bike from our garage while living in Florida, we left the garage door open for a few minutes unattended and someone helped themselves.
    2. Not my phone yet, but I would feel pretty violated if I did.

  3. I am glad that you were not hurt. There was a horrible incident in a city near me, where someone robbed some one on an “L” train. The person robbed someone of their IPhone and while he was running away he knocked an elderly woman down some stairs. The elderly woman passed away at the hospital…All for a phone….

    Just glad you are OK….

  4. I’m so sorry that you had your phone stolen! :(

    I have never had anything truly essential stolen from me. I’ve had a couple of CDs walk away from me after friends had been over when I was a teen. The worst one was actually last year. My husband accidentally left one of my car doors unlocked when he went in there to grab something. Thiefs took off with a pair of $20 sunglasses and a Veggie Tales CD. It stunk, because my nieces and nephews loved listening to that CD in the car and I really, really loved those sunglasses and can’t find any like them. But no huge deal!

    And yes, karma will get them.

  5. OMG! Sorry to hear that your iPhone was stolen. Glad you got the insurance so you don’t have to buy a new iPhone at full retail price.

    Maybe the Find My iPhone & Find Me are saved to the SIM card? If they put their own SIM card into your iPhone, then that would thwart the apps? Just guessing, as I don’t own a smart phone.

    I’ve had things stolen when travelling, but never had anything stolen locally. Luckily, one of the times I had money stolen while travelling, the culprits (a pack of young kids trying to “sell” us home made jewellery) were still right there. My cousin & I did some nice threatening, and our money and passports magically appeared on the ground. Lesson learned that time. When wearing a fanny pack (at least I was wearing it with the zipper to the front) keep my hand on it so it can’t be opened & the contents pinched.

    Locally the only issues I have had are with credit card / debit card being cloned or used online by other parties. That is a hassle, but always worth the phone calls to get new card(s) and get automatic billing switched to those new cards.

  6. Ugh. I am not happy to hear your phone was stolen. Phones and purses (with ID etc) are the worst to have to replace (cost and hassle).

    I had my bike stolen when I was in about grade 5. It had been a birthday gift and I’d only had it a few weeks. Luckily, we found it when we went walking around the neighbourhood. I was knocking on doors and saw it in someone’s foyer. He told me some story about how he saw someone taking it, so he stopped the thief. But I suspected right away that he stole the bike. It’s sad when you realize as a kid that not all adults are trustworthy!

  7. Well, it’s good to vent at least. And I’m so sorry your iphone is gone, I know it’s such a disappointment and frustration. I, fortunately,have not had anything stolen and can only imagine!

  8. Well ,I fell really bad for you. It feels so icky when someone steals from you. I had an enormous emerald ring stolen right from under my nose. Worst thing is I knew who did it and couldn’t prove it. I hope they do not send you a refurbished one.

  9. OMG, Averie! I’m so sorry!!! Phones can be replaced, but the feeling of being violated and betrayed at your job lingers. That is awful and I hate that you have to go through this. What a nightmare!! I wish there was something I could do. :( We’ll talk in email about it <3 *hugs*

    I have had tons of crap stolen in my lifetime. Anytime you have money or "something shiny" people feel it's ok for them to take it given any opportunity. Scumbags! I was mugged when I was 12 leaving from our family's business. It was pretty scary, but I identified that POS and he went to jail. :) haha Thankfully, I wasn't hurt and that's what's most important.

    Talk soon!

  10. I’m so sorry. The feeling of someone having taken something valuable from you is the worst. I’ve had to share a room with my sister growing up and she would mysteriously end up with shirts and things (basically anything and everything of mine) that looked exactly like mine, at a time when I couldn’t find mine, but she’d claim they were hers and my parents said without proof they couldn’t accuse her. Knowing she had my things is more frustrating to me than if it were a stranger taking my stuff.

    I hope something amazing happens to you to make up for this!

  11. Ahhhh that sucks! Why are there so many mean people in this world?! I hope they can’t read your email and what not…I guess not now that service is suspended? UGH.

  12. I had my phone stolen by a coworker once back when I had a sidekick. A month or two later she was walking around the back room talking on it and showing everyone she had a new sidekick and another coworker told me about it. We somehow managed to get it from her and I was able to prove that the phone was mine! I even called tmobile and they confirmed it. Needless to say she was fired on the spot! Still sucked though having that happend, and having had already spent $500 on a new phone. It is such a weird feeling to have something stolen from you, from your own purse, even if it just is a phone..

  13. I don’t get that kind of stealing either! I would never be able to purposely harm someone like that. Sorry that happened to you!

    I can’t remember anything too valuable being stolen from me, but I have had issues with my credit card company blocking my card “for my protection” when I was using it for legit purposes! Apparently five uses in a single day is “excessive” for this company. I can swipe it five times in Nordstrom alone on any given day! Hardly excessive! ;)

    Good luck with straightening everything out! Seems like you have a pretty good grasp on how to handle the situation.

  14. So sorry about the phone :-(

    I have had many things get stolen … money, CDs, etc., and then the stuff that got stolen when my house got broken into recently.

    I hate theft.

  15. I am so sorry this happened to you. I remember reading when you got your I-Phone, you were so excited. I do not know why people do things like that!!!

    I had my purse stolen once with everything in it:(

  16. I’ve not had a phone stolen because mine is a relic (prepaid, flip phone). But I was visiting my husband when he was doing an internship in Portland, OR when my purse was stolen. My hubby put it on the seat next to him while i went to the bathroom, and we forgot it in a restaurant.

    We went back not 5 mins later, and it was GONE. I stupidly had my SS card in there. So for years I checked my credit report in fear that someone tried to steal my identity. You try flying back home without a photo ID. Luckily, this was pre-911, and they are SUPPOSED to take a police report. In the end, they took my work ID – not a legal ID at all!

  17. Oh man, I feel your pain! When I was a senior in high school, i was taking a research paper class…which you HAVE to pass to graduate. 3 days before my 40 page paper was due, my car was broken into and ALL of my books, research, computer, papers and etc were stolen. Luckily my teacher had read my paper so many times, from making corrections and suggestions, that he already knew what grade he was going to give me :) But still….it SUCKED!

  18. Averie, I am just so sorry that this has happened to you. You are right…it is so difficult to try and wrap your brain around WHY this kind of thing happens. Not that it brings your phone back, but for the record, my heart aches for you and I am sorry that happened.

    My wallet was stolen on my honeymoon and all of the rest of our cash was taken and the wallet left empty a few blocks from where it was stolen. I know…we should have had traveller’s checks, but we were young and seriously thought nothing like that would happen to us. It was such a bummer and I remember (16 years ago) crying so hard and thinking and saying out loud over and over again “WHY?!?! WHY would someone do that?!” Alas, I will never know why someone stole my wallet that day. But, and I really believe this, there are simply natural consequences for things and whoever stole my wallet, just like whoever stole your iPhone, will pay in some way for what he/she did.

    HUGS to you, Averie!! :) xoxoxo

  19. sorry about your iphone. my husband’s was stolen on christmas eve in vietnam – which was such a nightmare b/c getting in touch with the states was next to impossible

  20. AGH! (That’s like GAH but inside out.) Like I was just telling Charlotte the other day about negative blog comments: 10% of humans are dicks.

  21. ah I cannot believe people do that sort of thing!! I could NEVER steal without have a guilty conscience! I even feel awful taking silveware from the dining at work home LOL (even though its really free)
    I am so so so sorry about this Averie, I can imagine how upset and frustrated you are

    you will have your new phone in NO time! :)


  22. I honestly can’t believe people steal like that. It’s so disgusting. I’m so sorry that this happened to you, and I’m going to check out the find my iphone link…thanks for the tip

  23. I’m so sorry this happened to you–and glad that you’re smart and savvy enough that you had safeguards in place–and such awesome chocolate for consolation (really, stunning photography, mouth-watering).

    One of the things I like about living not in a city is that there’s less theft generally (although it’s important not to get complacent–we did get our license plate stolen recently, from our battered, beat up truck, no less.

    I’ve had my wallet stolen three different times, all in cities, each time not much cash in it, mostly a huge nuisance to replace drivers license, id, banks, etc–and each time, even though I realized and reported it _very quickly_, my atm card had already been used. Thank goodness the banks have insurance for that kind of thing and I didn’t lose $$ from my account.

    I hope that things go better now!

  24. One of my friends had her iPhone stolen too! That’s the phone to carry to be a target for a**holes. Just, wow. Karma is real though.

  25. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i would have been LIVID!!! i’m sorry girl :( i hope tomorrow is better!

  26. I’m so sorry Averie!

    I’ve never had anything stolen, but I can imagine that in addition to feeling righteously pissed off, I’d feel pretty violated.

    Eat that chocolate girl and spend some time with Skylar ; )

  27. uuugh so sorry to hear that Averie! I’m glad you had insurance although 199 is certainly not chump change :(

    My worst experience with theft was when I cleaned my car with what tunred out to be toxic carpet cleaner, fainted, fell on my face and had to go to the hospital. My brother took me as I was totally out of it. When we registered my brother accidentally left my wallet on the registration desk for about 10 seconds an the registration guys stole it!

    My parents complained and nothing was done. They found it later wrapped in paper towels in the mens restroom with credit cards missing. Yeah take advantage of wounded people why don’t ya!

  28. OH my goodness, I can only imagine how annoying/frustrating/ SUPER infuriating that would be to get my iphone stolen! I’m seriously almost a little mad just reading this post, and hearing how upset it got you. :( Sorry girl!! But on the plus side, I la-la-LOVVVVEEE your blog and all of your recipes are freakin’ BOMB! :) I’m totally checking out both the cake balls and vegan turtles…turtles are one of my favorite candies…so vegan! YES!!!

  29. I’m so sorry to hear about your phone. I genuinely don’t understand thievery.

    I’ve never lost a phone or had one stolen, but I did once drop my phone in a toilet on St. Patrick’s Day..it had been a long night. :D

  30. I’ve never had anything stolen…MAJOR knock on wood. My parents once had people steal from them while they were home. They were in the sunroom watching TV, and someone came in and took their other TV, as well as their wallets, purse and jewelry. At like 10pm. Crazy, right? Especially since this was years ago in the 70s, when it’s not like someone could have coordinated it from the outside with someone else via phones or anything.

    Last year, I lost my Blackberry, camera, credit card and student ID in one fell swoop. It was…a bad night, to say the least. I don’t remember most of it, but all I know is that I woke up with my purse empty besides my metro card, makeup and drivers’ license. That was a fun call to make to my parents…on my roommate’s phone…

  31. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that you just remembered that you set up a mobileme account a few weeks ago. Good luck, Averie!

  32. Oh no, I am SO sorry that happened to you!!! In this day and age we are all so attached to our phones (especially iphones, love mine so so much), I can’t imaging how bad it would feel to have someone steal yours. That person has some seriously bad karma coming to them.

  33. aaackk!!! i’m so sorry your iphone got stolen!!! and you’ve only had it for 6 wks!! :(( my boyfriend always loses his iphone. he’s on his 3rd one now AND he was almost pickpocketed in buenos aires…in the same pocket where his iphone was in!! he was on the train coming back to the apt with everyone except for me (bc i was shopping). 3 young men “surrounded” him on the train, one of the bumped into him and he thought that was weird, so he checked his pockets and as he looked in his right pocket, A HAND was there about to PICKPOCKET HIM! he looked at the dude and the dude took his hand away and my bf looked at him, stared at him so mad for like 2 mins, and the dude goes “what happened” and tejas said “you know what the f happened!” and dude goes again “what?” and tejas goes “YOU KNOW what the f happened!” and they walked out of the train on the next stop! omgg!! i’m more of a temperament kinda person so if i was there, i would have done some damage to those boys!!! ugh! anyways…that’s bad karma on the person who stole your phone!

  34. OH NO! I can’t believe someone actually had the guts to go into your purse and steel your iPhone… at least they didn’t take your wallet and/or credit cards! I’m so sorry – I don’t know what I would do if someone stole my iPhone – it’s like my life! I hope you are haivng a better day today <3

  35. I am so sorry your phone gone stolen! That is horrible. What a disgusting person who did that. :-(

  36. Oh Averie – I am so sorry :( What a HUGE bummer. Yes – chocolate is the answer!!

  37. Oh wow, I am SO sorry Averie! I don’t understand how people can do that and live with the knowledge of their actions. It’s incredible in a very bad way. :( You know about my credit card number being stolen. And more similar to your story, my friend (also a yoga teacher) had her Manduka Black Pro yoga mat stolen right out of her car. No, it wasn’t locked, but REALLY!? A yoga mat!? Talk about bad karma. ;) Anyways, hope everything works out in this situation for you – you definitely don’t deserve any of that stress!

  38. i’m so sorry :( that really sucks! i just got an iPhone a few days ago and i’m already super attached to it. i hope you get it soon! glad you had the insurance! i don’t think i’ve ever had something stolen from me…i’m lucky!

  39. I had my new iphone 4 stolen (maybe just lost?) after 2 WEEKS of owning it :(
    Imagine that! I also had to go back to using my Blackberry for a bit and it felt like such a down-grade!

    So I completely feel for you :(

  40. I’m so sorry to hear your phone was stolen! When my ipod was stolen a few years ago, I was in denial for a while, then bought another :P It’s an awful feeling to have had something stolen!

  41. I guess that’s the good thing about using a really old phone like I do – no one wants to steal it!! I’m so sorry your phone got stolen – not a fun thing to experience, I’m sure. I would be lost because I don’t know anyone’s phone number! But yes – chocolate does help!

  42. Wow, that sucks! I’m sorry this happened to you :( Well, karma will come around and bite that guy in the butt soon, especially if he tries to turn on the phone. Good thing you bought insurance!
    I don’t think I’ve ever had anything stolen, but I did have a case of cd’s goes missing that might have been stolen, or just lost. I never found out, but it’s no big deal. I’ve rebuilt my music collection three times over since then.

  43. Oh, honey, I’m so sorry! :-( What a bummer! Let’s face it, some people suck.

    I have indeed had things stolen: from my high school class ring, to backpacks, to parts of a my lunch that a girl used to steal in 3rd grade.

    Like some of others’ comments said, it’s a feeling of violation that’s just really icky.


    Sending you big hugs.

  44. Oh no that’s awful! I just don’t understand it either. It really really bothers me. Do people like that think at all? I was always taught as a child if you wouldn’t want it done to you don’t do it to anyone else. I apply that in every area of my life(or try to) so the thought of stealing something that someone else worked hard for, or doing something to make someones life harder just makes me so angry. I actually haven’t had anything major stolen. I remember my parents being upset because people stole things out of the garage and when they had a yard sale and stuff like that. I remember my gramma always had a lot of jewelry, lots of gold and she had a thing for big stones on rings and pendants and things like that.. Once her apartment was broken into and it was all taken :( Pretty pathetic.

  45. Oh no! Getting your possessions stolen seriously sucks! How DARE someone go into your bag and steal your things?!

    We’ve had someone blatantly walk into our house and steal a laptop, camera, phone, car keys including the house keys and even my dad’s cigarettes and lighter WTH! It makes you shudder to know someone’s been so close to you who’s got that kind of mentality. :(

    Hope you get your new phone quick! Skylar is getting so big now, she’s absolutely stunning! :D

  46. oh, averie, that is just terrible. (huge hug!!) – yes – the sense of violation, and the pain in the butt of having to replace your phone, do all the personalizations etc. it just stinks because YOU are the victim yet have the task of ordering the new phone, paying for it, etc etc… just terrible.
    our house was broken into about 10 years ago and the thieves made off with the tv (out the back door, into the green space behind the house) and some smaller stuff. the worst feeling was just knowing that someone had gone through personal belongings.
    hang in there. you def need something FUN today. take care!

  47. That’s awful! I’d probably turn to chocolate too though, what else can you do?
    Our house was burglarized when I was 10. Those a-holes took *everything* including family board games and my brother’s nickle collection. It took a long time to feel secure again.

  48. Oh Averie, I am so sorry. That is horrible! I don’t get people some times. We had our lawn mower and some lawn equipment stolen when we left the house one time. It felt awful. The worst part is that not only do they take stuff from you, but then you have to pay more to replace it. I hope they get the person that is doing this to people!

  49. DUDE that blows. Were you at work?

    I’ve had my car broken into twice. Once they just (ha! just!) stole the stereo, but another time I was parked at Lake Mead on a four trip on the River in the Grand Canyon, and I came out of the most amazing trip of my life and my car window was rolled down. My wallet, my phone, my friends’ wallet and phone, all our cds (back before ipods) and TONS of epensive camping gear were all gone. Luckily someone was with us, or we’d never have been able to get home.

    Shockingly they found the guy and I got every thing back. The cash was gone, but everything else was there. Of course, it was 6 months later and I’d already replaced everything, but still.

  50. Sad to hear, and it totally sucks that Find My iPhone did not work. But the good news is that Apple will not send you a referbished iPhone. It will be brand new, but not in official retail packaging.

  51. Ugh what a bummer! Seriously though, why do people steal? I could never live with myself after stealing someone else’s property. I wonder how that person sleeps at night….that makes me so mad! On a lighter note, your desserts look awesome! :)

  52. What a nightmare!! I would totally cry if my phone was stolen. And it’s not even a cool iPhone!

  53. :( sorry about your phone! I don’t know why people steal, its just so sad.
    Once someone broke into my car and stole my macbook, wallet, and my ipod. To make matters worse, it was my birthday and I had just gotten the ipod….so it was brand new in the package:( Luckily, I had my macbook backed up on an external hard drive but my mom still had to buy me a new mac & the adobe suite for school!

    Once I lost my phone and felt naked almost, I was super worried that something was going to happen and no one would be able to reach me. It sucked.

  54. I can’t think of anything right now that has been stolen from me (lucky me, right? :) ) but I know how you feel being without your phone. I still have my phone but the touch screen stopped working a few days ago and you need it to get around my phone. All the foodie pictures and pictures of my cats (aka my babies/my life/my everything) are pretty much lost to me now, since I don’t have a backup memory card or anything, and the last time I talked to my phone company people about another phone I had they told me that they couldn’t do anything about the pictures. Heartbroken? Check.
    If I can’t get my phone fixed then I’m thinking of getting an iPhone after hearing how much you love yours!

  55. oh no! That is so terrible. I will never understand why people do things like that. Makes me sad. Glad you at least had the phone insured so you don’t have to pay the full price. I would have definitely opened up those No Bake Vegan Chocolate “Turtles” after that experience!!

  56. Gah, what is wrong with people?! I’m so sorry that happened. It’s such a personal violation. It feels terrible. I’ve never had a phone stolen, but I did have my first Cannon camera stolen right out from under me while we were at EPCOT center in Florida a couple of years ago. It had 200+ pictures from our vacation on it (it was day 8 of a 10-day trip) and I never saw it again. I stood there and cried, and I never cry in public.

    I kept thinking that certainly someone would see all of my pictures of my kids and my nephews and feel bad and turn it in. Wishful thinking. I don’t understand how people can be so callous and greedy.

  57. I am so sorry about your phone :(

    I lost my cell phone in January. I think I left it at the grocery store on a shelf. When I went back my phone wasn’t there and no one had turned it in. I don’t have a landline either so I replaced it quickly. I went to my cell provider’s kiosk in the mall and they set me up with a new one. Normally I would have been so fussed up about it but I had a close family member die the week before. I just remembered thinking “This is fixable”. Compared to the loss I and my family was feeling….my cellphone was minor.

    1. But having said that….I had my debit card duplicated and my bank account wiped out last year and I found it to be so violating.

  58. Averie that sucks!!!! I am so sorry to read this.

    I’ve had stuff stolen out of the trunk of my car — CD’s, movies, rollerblades, some other junk. I filed a police report (more so that the police know what is going on in that neighborhood!) but had no hope of ever getting my things back.

    Our house was broken into (before Jason and I started dating) — a man kicked through the front door and started rummaging through some of Jason’s things. Jason’s roommate came home, saw the door, ran upstairs and saw the guy. Thankfully the guy just ran out the door instead of fighting, etc. They eventually did get the guy since he burglarized a bunch of houses.

  59. Oh my God, aren’t people who steal just the most WORTHLESS human beings? What makes them think they can just take something that isn’t theirs just because they want it? Who made them so entitled? Oo, this really pisses me off.

    Last month I was at the mall carrying a bunch of cash that my roommate had just given me for rent. I was planning on a bank run first, but long story short I wasn’t able to do that. So I was at the mall and set my purse down for a split second. I realized it was gone and a friend ran to get it. A woman had it and was walking with it and saw my friend and was like, “Oh, is this yours? I was just turning it in.” (No way to know this since the counter in the store was also on the way out.) My friend said yes and thank you, and by the time I realized there was $300 missing, she was long gone. Stupid b*ch. I needed that money, I was definitely not in the mall to spend it all, I just wanted a shirt. And she took it. She screwed my finances up for weeks.

  60. Ugh that super sucks, girl!! Long ago I had on old brick-ass Nokia and my wallet stolen out of my purse from the back room of the CD store where I worked in the mall… we were doing inventory and left the door propped open like idiots. Turns out mall security were on to the guy anyway, chased him through a field (where they ended up finding my phone, flung it while he was running, probably because my co-worker was calling it over and over again while me and another co-worker ran through the mall trying to hear my ringtone), never caught him… but weeks later my wallet turned up at a bus station… still with the 3 bucks cash in it and all my cards, which were now cancelled with new one re-issued. People can be such a$$holes!

  61. Guh – people never cease to amaze me, unfortunately. And not in a good way! I can never wrap my head around someone’s thought process re: stealing. At least you had it password protected and it’s been reported and suspended! I hope they get busted and you get the last laugh. I’ll refrain now from calling them anything bad.

  62. Oh geez, that really blows. Feels pretty violating, doesn’t it?

    My house was broken into 3 times when I was growing up because my parents never locked the doors- we lived in a pretty upscale suburb of Boston, so it was kind of the perfect place to rob… lots of people with a pretty entrenched feeling of security who never locked their doors. You’d think we would have learned, but no. Hah. Anyways, they stole our desktop computer, TV, an entire chest of heirloom silver and it was pretty upsetting. They also stole an heirloom gold necklace out of my bedroom, which really freaked me out because absolutely nothing else was disturbed adn I only noticed a month later when I went and looked for it.

    Almost all my friends got their cell phones stolen out of their pockets, purses, backpacks, etc when I was living in Kenya. I just kept my phone in my bra and problem averted!

  63. Aw, so sorry to hear about your phone. =(

    I’ve never had my phone stolen, but our garage was broken into a few months ago. I’m sure they tried to get into the house, but the door was locked. (they broke my dad’s truck window and took his garage door opener). They took a bike, drill, sunglasses and other small (but expensive) things. Violated is the perfect word to describe how we felt afterward. To think that someone was in our home while we all slept was jarring, to say the least.

    On a brighter note, those sweets look delicious! Off to go hunt for my last “Oreo” truffle before I get back to work! =)

  64. Averie, I am so sorry that happened to you!

    A couple months ago I has someone steal my credit card info and it was such a hassle trying to get everything back in order. I think the worst part about having something stolen from you is that feeling of being violated. At least thats how I felt.

    I hope everything turns out ok for you!

  65. I’m usually a lurker, but had to come out and say something. That really, really stinks, and it makes me so angry for you! I’ve had things stolen from me before. Someone I trusted in school stole money from me, and then pretended to help me try and find it.

    My car got broken into TWICE in one year, in safer neighborhoods. I was so mad that I just drove around with no stereo for years. The first time they broke in, they actually broke into my trunk and stole my shoes. Now that was just the ultimate violation.

    For me, it wasn’t so much about the hassle and the insurance claims, it was that someone was touching my stuff. Yes, I was really young and broke, and shelling out money I didn’t have sucked, but mostly, I just felt really violated. I worked hard for what little I had. You work hard for the stuff you have and shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s dishonesty.

  66. So sorry to hear about that! When things are stolen I always feel like my privacy has been violated so seriously.

    Quick question….on your iPhone screen, you only have a few of the apps it comes with originally. Is that all it came with or did you find a way to delete the apps I will never use…such as the stocks and youtube apps?

    1. GET MOBILE ME! You can remote WIPE AND LOCK your phone should this happen again. PLUS you can locate your phone down with it and possibly police could track it down? I don’t know how possible that is, but for $99/year I think it’s definitely worth it.

      1. to carly:

        to delete apps you don’t want just hold down any app till you see an x in the upper corner of each of the apps. Then click the x for those you don’t want. when you’re done hit the home button.

        And I didn’t mean to reply to you about mobileme. That was for averie

      2. By doing that, m phone only lets me delete ones I added, not the ones it came with. Were you able to delete yours that way?

  67. So sorry to hear about this!!! Unfortunately, I’ve been there, done that.. And, it sucks!

    About the insurance (this has happened twice to me) – DO NOT let them send you a refurbished phone. You don’t pay a monthly charge + 199 for a refurbished phone – that’s bull sh*t. Instead, when they send you the refurbed phone (because they will), you call and say it’s not working (I don’t know, say the keys are sticking) and then demand (DEMAND) they send you a brand new phone. Haha, can you tell this gets me worked up?! Any who, I’ve done this twice, and each time, I’ve received a brand new phone after the first refurbed one. Ugh, I don’t know what is worse, cell phone insurance or thieves… ;)

  68. So sorry to hear that happened to you.

    on thought is that If you paid for the phone with your Amex card, Amex may be able cover the cost of replacing it. not sure if it applies to phones though but my good friend had her brand new louis vuitton wallet stolen and Amex covered the replacement cost.

    It may not cover phones but it may be something to look into if you haven’t already.

  69. Booooo….that sucks :-(

    You know, my sister had the same thing happened to her– phone stolen right out of her purse! Ugh. It’s times like that that you have to believe in karma.

  70. Aww im so sorry that is sick someone would go in your purse and take your phone. Especially now with us storing so much on our phones its a total violation of privacy not to mention a major cost to buy a new one… hopefully whoever stole it is unable to use it!

  71. Girl – you know what I went through recently with my car being stolen so to say I feel you is an understatement. Fingers crossed that this person gets there’s sooner rather than later. I truly do believe what goes around eventually comes around.

  72. Omg I can’t believe someone would just steal it from your purse!! People just have no respect for other people’s property :( I’m so sorry this had to happen for you, I would have been seriously pissed off. I’m gonna look into the find my iphone 4 link