After my post about possibly switching over from Blackberry to an iPhone, and reading everyone’s fabulous and glowing reviews about their iPhones, I couldn’t wait any longer.

I bought an iPhone a couple days ago!

Hand holding iPhone

iPhone laying on countertop

So far I am loving it!  And it’s been fun playing around with how I want my screen display to look, wallpaper, banners, settings, apps, and just customizing and accessorizing my phone.

Open screen on iPhone showing appsIt even makes phone calls.  Imagine that.

I got the 32 GB rather than the 16 GB.  It was $100 more for me to get the bigger storage phone but based on my Verizon plan, I will basically have this phone for 20 months.  And I didn’t want to regret possibly “outgrowing” the storage space.  I already downloaded my iTunes library onto it, which was a mere 2000 songs.

And being that it has a great camera plus HD video recording options, and being the blogger and obsessive picture-taking-fiend that I have turned into, the extra storage space for pictures, videos, music, podcasts, etc. was well worth the hundred bucks for peace of mind.

Hand holding iPhone with open screen showing apps

So far the touchscreen has not been too terribly hard to adjust to.  This was probably the #1 concern I had which had previously deterred me from switching.  I will admit, I am still faster on the actual Blackberry keys, but with practice, I think I will get faster and more accurate with the touchscreen.  And it also helps if I turn the phone sideways because each “key” is bigger that way.

From my last post about Drinking Water, thanks for all the great comments about how much water you drink, and if you have to try to get enough water in or “force it”, or if you’re naturally a hydration pro.

My iPhone purchase calls for some celebrating and chocolate!

Maybe Raw Vegan Brownies (Raw, Vegan, GF)….

Raw Vegan Brownies

Maybe Coconut Oil Chocolate (Raw, Vegan, GF)….

Diced up Coconut Oil Chocolate in dish

…Or maybe Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Raw, Vegan, GF)

Two Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls
Or there’s always Buttery Nipple Shots(Not raw, vegan, or GF)  But tasty and perfect for celebrating!


1. Do you want to get an iPhone?

Yes, see this post.  I had been contemplating this for a few years.

2. Apps.  What are your favorites and why?

This is like asking what is your fave blog and why.  There are just so many to choose from!

I don’t really want gimmicky things, I don’t need games or have time to play solitaire on my phone type thing. But I would love useful apps that enhance my life and are useful and practical rather than technological clutter or time-sucks.

3. Accessories.  Any faves or recommendations?

I got a $49 accessory bundle that included a case, a car charger kit, and 6 screen protectors that I can change as needed.

Hand holding iPhone showing caseThe bottom half of this case slides off so that I can dock it in my Bose sound system or in any other “dock”-based system without having to take the entire case all off.

I’ve seen products on various blog posts in the past (but wasn’t paying much attention) that protect iPhones, but if you have any cases or screen protectors or accessories you love, tell me about them!

I was able to buy insurance on the phone for $11/month (which sure beats a total replacement cost at full retail value, i.e. $750) if something happened, but I’d like to prevent damage, scratches, etc. rather than using the insurance.

4. iPhone Tips & Tricks, please!

Fill me in on your best tips.  I found these tips but I like hearing better from you what cool little tricks you’ve figured out or discovered.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  Be safe and have a good one! Any plans?

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