Got an iPhone

After my post about possibly switching over from Blackberry to an iPhone, and reading everyone’s fabulous and glowing reviews about their iPhones, I couldn’t wait any longer.

I bought an iPhone a couple days ago!

So far I am loving it!  And it’s been fun playing around with how I want my screen display to look, wallpaper, banners, settings, apps, and just customizing and accessorizing my phone.

It even makes phone calls.  Imagine that.

I got the 32 GB rather than the 16 GB.  It was $100 more for me to get the bigger storage phone but based on my Verizon plan, I will basically have this phone for 20 months.  And I didn’t want to regret possibly “outgrowing” the storage space.  I already downloaded my iTunes library onto it, which was a mere 2000 songs.

And being that it has a great camera plus HD video recording options, and being the blogger and obsessive picture-taking-fiend that I have turned into, the extra storage space for pictures, videos, music, podcasts, etc. was well worth the hundred bucks for peace of mind.

So far the touchscreen has not been too terribly hard to adjust to.  This was probably the #1 concern I had which had previously deterred me from switching.  I will admit, I am still faster on the actual Blackberry keys, but with practice, I think I will get faster and more accurate with the touchscreen.  And it also helps if I turn the phone sideways because each “key” is bigger that way.

From my last post about Drinking Water, thanks for all the great comments about how much water you drink, and if you have to try to get enough water in or “force it”, or if you’re naturally a hydration pro.

My iPhone purchase calls for some celebrating and chocolate!

Maybe Raw Vegan Brownies (Raw, Vegan, GF)….

Maybe Coconut Oil Chocolate (Raw, Vegan, GF)….

…Or maybe Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Raw, Vegan, GF)

Or there’s always Buttery Nipple Shots(Not raw, vegan, or GF)  But tasty and perfect for celebrating!


1. Do you want to get an iPhone?

Yes, see this post.  I had been contemplating this for a few years.

2. Apps.  What are your favorites and why?

This is like asking what is your fave blog and why.  There are just so many to choose from!

I don’t really want gimmicky things, I don’t need games or have time to play solitaire on my phone type thing. But I would love useful apps that enhance my life and are useful and practical rather than technological clutter or time-sucks.

3. Accessories.  Any faves or recommendations?

I got a $49 accessory bundle that included a case, a car charger kit, and 6 screen protectors that I can change as needed.

The bottom half of this case slides off so that I can dock it in my Bose sound system or in any other “dock”-based system without having to take the entire case all off.

I’ve seen products on various blog posts in the past (but wasn’t paying much attention) that protect iPhones, but if you have any cases or screen protectors or accessories you love, tell me about them!

I was able to buy insurance on the phone for $11/month (which sure beats a total replacement cost at full retail value, i.e. $750) if something happened, but I’d like to prevent damage, scratches, etc. rather than using the insurance.

4. iPhone Tips & Tricks, please!

Fill me in on your best tips.  I found these tips but I like hearing better from you what cool little tricks you’ve figured out or discovered.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  Be safe and have a good one! Any plans?

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  1. Good choice with the iphone! I personally am dying to get one, but I convinced myself to put it off for a little while until it’s released on the 4g lte network. (I’m also a verizon customer) But if my current phone breaks, you know what I’m buying

  2. Yay for an iphone!!! I love mine! At first when I got it, It was hard to get used to with the touch screen but I love it now! I love yelp app for traveling, it rocks, tells you places to dine, shop, etc… , there are so many apps!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend love! <3 xoxo

  3. I love my iPhone, but I am the worst at typing on that darn thing. I feel like I have clumsy monster hands when I try to type anything. I don’t do much with apps, but my kids have so many. Enjoy your gadget! It is super handy!

  4. i’m due for a new phone this month and for a new plan in june! i may hold out until june so i don’t get a fee penalty and get the iPhone then. i’ve been waiting eons for verizon to pick it up!

  5. I use an Iphone since a long time and I don’t know how I did before having one.
    I use it to check my emails and keep contact on facebook.

  6. Definitely jealous of your iPhone! Ha. I’m with Verizon as well and I was really excited to hear it when they came out with the iPhone. Some day I will have one too! ; )

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. i phones aer sooo fun (i have the itouch), but i just love have buttons on my blackberry.. i don’t know if I could make the switch.

    Have a fantastic Saturday, love :)

  8. I, too, just got an iPhone and I LOVE IT!!! Am amazed at all the apps/features. Great info. on all the comments. I’ve learned and implemented a thing or two! :-) Your celebratory brownies are making a debut in my kitchen! YUM! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  9. yay on the iphone…i love my iphone…couldn’t live without it…i had a bad day not too long ago and ended up throwing my phone against a wall…haha…yup big “L”…and was faced with perhaps not being able to get an iphone because it was really hard to get one at the time…and i was so extremely sad…i couldn’t wrap my mind around the BB…i’ve had one…and i hated it…but luck was on my side and i got me my iphone…

    i love it…can’t live without it…and it takes spectacular photos…and video, although i haven’t figured out how to post the videos…so when and if you figure that out please tell me how to do it…you seem a little more tech savvy than me!!!

    love you chicky…have a beautiful weekend…

  10. I never thought an iPhone would be worth the price even with all the apps until I got one, and now don’t know what I’d do without it! I love being able to check my email and blogs while waiting for class start. My favorite apps are my RSS reader and the Whole Foods recipe app.

  11. my jealousy for your iphone obtanity is insane right now haha. i can’t wait until i graduate/have my 25th birthday this year because i am DEFINITELY switching from bberry to iphoneage! i’m hopping on that train and i can’t wait! haha idk how i’ll be with the whole all touch screen thing but i feel like i’ll love it enough to get used to it :)

    have a beautious day love!

  12. Nope, I don’t want an iphone. I will probably keep the same phone that I have now for as long as it is still working. I have an LG Rumour, and it makes calls and allows me to text. That is all that I need.

  13. Hi Averie! I love your site and visiting it has become a daily habit of mine :)

    I just wanted to congratulate you on the iphone purchase…I have such a hard time putting mine down-it’s crazy addicting!

    It appears in the picture that you didn’t take the protective film from the back of your phone before putting on the case. Make sure to remove it because it will ruin your pictures if you don’t! Especially if you use the flash.

    Keep up the amazing work…your blog is fantastic :)

  14. When I found out Verizon got the iPhone I was happy, but I love my Droid and it is fairly new, aka I would not change it for the world:)

  15. I’ve gone back and forth as to whether I’ll get an iPhone when I’m next eligible for an upgrade. I loooove all the apps on it, but I really hate touchscreens. I keep my nails super short, so I think it would be a difficult switch! Eh, I just upgraded pretty recently though so I guess I don’t need to think about it for awhile. Enjoy your new phone!!

  16. Those raw vegan brownies look AMAZING. I wish I had a vitamix. And I also wish I had an I-phone. I’m suffering from some serious envy-gadget here.

  17. I don’t have an Iphone. I have a google phone.. which is pretty similar. I would not like the touch screen I don’t think.. One APP i use a lot is White Noise … I usually use a machine, but when I travel and spend the night other places it is so nice to have the white noise on my phone.. and of course, the Kindle App is freaken amazing!

  18. I want an iPhone, but I’m telling myself that I can only get one when I have an actual salary! For now, my parents are still footing the (cheap) bill for my basic Virgin mobile phone. A nice phone is a luxury I’m willing to put off till later.

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  20. Alright! Welcome to the club of People Who are Cool Simply Because They Own an iPhone! ;)

    My most used apps are The Weather Channel, Pandora, Twitter, Google, and Google Reader (but not the app, I just went to the site and set it up as an icon by selecting “add to homescreen”. I heard the actual Google Reader app is a waste of money.

  21. I couldn’t live without my synched mac and iphone via mobileme.
    Synched email, calendar and contacts – priceless!!

    I also use the gps w/ google maps, and yelp often. Or simply, or hopping on safari to look something up. And, knowing I have my entire music collection & playlists always in synch with my computer’s itunes. It’s a beautiful thing.

  22. Yay, hope you love it! I really like your case, might have to switch mine out :)

  23. My blackberry looks like your old one..

    I still debating whether to go with an iphone or some android based phone.

    I have a buddy that has an android based phone and it’s pretty awesome.

    Decisions, decisions!

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