Drinking Water

Well all know that it’s important to stay hydrated, so I was excited when I got these 3 flavored waters to try from Cascade Ice

No calories, and the flavors were nice.  Not overpowering and not “fake” or chemically tasting like some zero calorie drinks can be.

My favorite was the orange mango.  I love mango anything!

I drink plenty of water and 99% of the time it’s just regular tap water.  So these were a nice change of pace.  And I dig the insulated cooler bag they sent the water in.

This will come in handy when the weather warms up for groceries or frozen foods that need to be kept cool.

The water helped me wash down the sticky-fest I munched on: medjool dates with PB and chocolate chips

Remember “ants on a log” (celery sticks with PB and raisins)?  I like these logs better.

I have had a really busy week.  Aren’t they all? But I did make a batch of Raw Vegan Taco Nut “Meat” which takes all of 30 seconds.

For anyone who wants to make a raw vegan “taco salad” that meat lovers will enjoy, try this one.  I would not steer you wrong. I bring this to parties and even die-hard meat-and-potatoes eaters enjoy this recipe.  Feel free to add shredded cheese, sour cream, beans, olives, or anything you’d add to your version of taco salad.
The nut meat is hearty, is raw/vegan/GF, and is not bland or boring.   It has a nice kick, for sure.

From my last post, thanks for the compliments on my hair and I’m glad you enjoyed my hair products reviews.

And as I predicted, blog readers love their chickpeas.  Or garbanzo beans, whatever you want to call them. I’m glad you enjoyed my chickpea recipes and thanks for telling me about your faves.

Dessert: I mentioned above that I love mango.  Especially in Mango Banana Vanilla Softserve.

You can always thin it down with more nut milk/water/ice and even add protein powder if you prefer more of a smoothie instead of softserve.



1. Do you like mangoes?

Yes, I adore them!  I buy TJ’s frozen mango chunks for smoothie/softserve making and fresh mangoes are a splurge for me.

2. How much water do you drink?

95% of what I drink is water.  The other 5% is coffee, homemade kombucha, homemade coconut milk kefir, and every once in awhile, a drink.

But by and large, I drink lots of water but I don’t quantify it in ounces per day.  I’ve read that if your urine is clear and frequent, you’re drinking enough.  And mine is both, so I guess I am doing ok.

3. Do you “force” yourself to drink water or do you drink to thirst?

I am not one of those people who walks around with a gallon jug of water or anything, but when I go out, I never leave the house without my big pink Klean Kanteen jug of water.   I did a post on all our re-usable water bottles.

I would say I do drink to thirst but also sometimes do force myself a bit to drink extra water, just to make sure I am well-hydrated.   Being properly hydrated keeps skin looking better, digestion is better, toxins are flushed easier, thinking is clearer, headaches are prevented, and your body just works better and more efficiently when you’re not in a state of dehydration.  We need water!

They also say that once you start actually feeling thirsty, you are not properly hydrated.  So the key is to drink before that.

There are so many exceptions to the rules though such as exercise and activity levels, personal medical/health circumstances, temperature/climate, sodium intake, food intake (vegetables and fruits do contain lots of water) and so one size doesn’t fit all on the hydration front.

There’s also a point where you can drink too much water.  Rare, but it can happen with devastating consequences.

I would surmise, though, that most people are a bit (or a lot) under-hydrated and the average person probably doesn’t drink enough water.

Talk to me about your water drinking habits!


52 comments on “Drinking Water”

  1. I’m all about the water! I always have my water bottle with me, and I probably drink 2-3 L a day, but I don’t really keep track. I get a ton of water in my smoothies and other such drink too, and like you, I keep track in other ways. ;)

    I’ve had those waters – not too shabby.

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  3. Those “logs” definitely look better than the ones with celery!! That water sounds really good and refreshing.. :)

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  5. I drink LOTS of water. How much I couldn’t tell you exactly but I’m sure I more than meet my quota! I love getting a flavored water every so often to mix it up, too – but agree that they can be hit or miss sometimes!
    The taco “meat” looks awesome – yet another recipe from you that I must try. I need to start eating dinner and dessert like, 5x a day so I can catch up with your recipes :P
    Dates stuffed with PB and chocolate chips? YES, please!! Best snack ever!
    And from your more recent post – congrats on the iPhone – so exciting!! Have fun playing with it tonight. Don’t you love having new gadgets?

  6. i never leave home without my water bottles! i have 2 – a giant kleen kanteen that i keep at home b/c it’s heavy and a small sigg i carry everywhere

  7. i’m notorious for drinking a bazillion glasses of water a day. well, more like 6-7, plus tea and smoothies.

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  10. I drink TONS of water. On a typical day I drink at least a gallon – people are always teasing me about carrying around my 32oz. water bottle (I make sure to drink at least 4 each day). My kindergarten students have a nickname for my green water bottle (we call him “Gus”). I also drink herbal tea (my reusable hot bev. cup is called Gertie), 12 oz. in the morning, sometimes I’ll have a night cup as well. Aaaaand, I’ll often have a lemon water or something in the morning as well. Water and tea is pretty much all I drink. I haven’t had soda in almost 10 years! But yeah…I drink a lot…and pee a lot!

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  12. I actually used water to help me quit smoking 5 years ago. Every time I’d get cravings, I’d sip on water. It mimicked the hand motion of bringing a cigarette to my mouth, and the gulping forced me to take deep breaths like you would smoking too. Thing is, I drank TOO much water. Upwards of 30 glasses a day. i ended up losing weight trying to quit because I was too full from water to eat!

    Nowadays I have this obsessive habit of always sipping on water. Mostly when I’m sitting at home with nothing to do. And I can’t go anywhere without a water bottle!

  13. Mangoes are awesome! I love their “green” taste.

    I always drink water in the morning, with lunch, and with dinner, before bed, and then whenever else throughout the day. I have 1 cup of coffee per day, about 1 glass of juice a week, and wine/beer on the weekends sometimes … other than that, it is water all the way!

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  17. I sometimes drink for thirst, but most of the time I have to consciously remind myself to drink water! Sad to say, but there are times I can go all day without one drop…and that’s just plain crazy! Usually though, besides my one cup of coffee in the morning, all I drink is water!

    I LOVE mangoes…I just hate peeling/chopping them!

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