Sweet Potatoes, Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing


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Did you have a good day today? I did but I was extremely busy!  It was not the kind of day where I could take Skylar and play on backyard swing sets since we were busy running errands, cooking, cleaning, and catching up on laundry.   She’s my little helper.

Young girl in kitchen wearing pink and smiling

From my earlier post today about my online order, it got me thinking that I need to get busy making some Nooch Recipes now that I have my stash replenished.

I need to make some more Spicy “Doritos” Cheezy Dip

Spicy "Doritos" Cheezy Dip in clear container


Pea dipped in Spicy "Doritos" Cheezy Dip


Or maybe I should whip up another Cheezy Vegetable Bake

Cheezy Vegetable Bake on baking pan

The Nooch is perfect in the baked veggies

Plated Cheezy Vegetable bake

I have about 15 nooch recipes compiled, here

Since I eat so many salads and dressings really help make the salad and keep things interesting, I made a Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing.

Ingredients needed to make Sweet Potatoes, Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing

I combined:

1 part Vegan Slaw Dressing (or just use Vegenasie or Mayo if you don’t want to make a batch of homemade vegan slaw dressing)

1 part mustard

1 part honey (I did a post here on Honey, i.e. Raw/Local honey, Vegans & Honey, etc.)

Stirred.  And poured over my salad

Whisked up ingredients in bowl

Green salad with vegetables on plate


Pair the Salad with Sweet & Sour Honey Lemon Tofu

Sweet & Sour Honey Lemon Tofu


And I also wanted to roast a sweet potato but couldn’t decide if I wanted sweet potato rounds, i.e. chips…


Sweet Potato Fries

Stacked Sweet Potato FriesAnd then I got sidetracked, ran out of time to roast anything, and had to go get ready for work so will have to save the sweet tater roasting for another day.


From my last post on Online Ordering and Mini’s.  It was fun to hear what you’ve ordered lately.  And what mini foods, or things, you like.  No one likes a mini bank account, though, right?

Dessert/Snack: Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars

Three Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars on white plate


1. Do you like nooch (nutritional yeast) and if so, what’s your fave way to use it?

Yes, see my Nooch Recipes.  I adore it!

It’s one of those foods I discovered through blogging a couple years ago and have no idea how I ever lived without it!

2. Do you like mustard?

Oh yes!  As you can see from my salad dressing concoction.

And I posted here how I was reunited with a long lost love after 10 years!

3. Do you like sweet potatoes and if so, what’s your fave way to eat them?

I find that exactly how one prepares them has a huge impact on finished product, especially when roasting them…

Sweet Potato Fries on foil lined pan

how thick or thin you cut/slice the potatoes

shapes used, sticks/wedges/fries/rounds


to oil or not and whether you spray, coat, drizzle, toss in oil, etc.

flip or not



…All make SUCH a big difference in the finished product.

I need to make some cinnamon and sugar sweet potato chips, soon!  I love eating sweet potatoes that way.

And then I could dip them into the salad dressing mixture I made.  Sweet, savory, mustardy, all rolled into one.

How do you make your sweet potatoes?


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  1. I like sweet potatoes best cut into thick wedges and roasted. I also like them simply cooked in the microwave with almond butter spread on. One way I’m not too fond of them is mashed. Too thick for me…

  2. mmmm, did somebody say sweet potato fries?! One of my favorites!!

  3. Love nooch! I didn’t know anything about it until stumbling into blogworld, but now I add it to almost everything! I always use it in my one bowl meals that usually contain quinoa or rice, veggies, and marinara!

    Mustard…eh, I could take it or leave it!

    Sweet potatoes are my life! Favorite way to have them is HEAB’s cocoa roasted sweet potatoes!

  4. I love sweet potato fries, and I usually dip them in a homemade mustard mayo dip with lime and curry added in.

    I also really like nooch. I love it in Vegan Alfredo pasta!! I have to make your cheesy dip, because it looks like something the hubby and I would LOVE.

  5. I lurve sweet potato fries…but tonight I made the BEST sweet potato pancake for dinner;

    One medium Sweet Potato
    1/2 C of baby bella mushrooms, chopped fine
    2 oz of onions
    healthy tablespoon of diced garlic
    A little olive oil

    basically I boiled the sweet potato, while it was boiling, I diced the mushrooms, and the onions. I heated the oil in a pan, and browned the garlic a bit, threw on the onions. I like mine still sweet and semi-crunchy so I only sauteed them for a minute, pulled them off and mixed them with the mushrooms. When the potatoes were done (about 15-20), I mashed them and mixed everything together, made patties, and browned it.

    so many levels of yum.

  6. I go through so much nooch, I need to order another jug. Great recipes here, I ave another huge sweet potato I need to do something with.

    1. Yes, probably in creamy raw sauces.
    2. Yes and in pretty much any variety.
    3. Yes, sweet potato fries.

  7. I currently don’t have an oven so I’m limited in the way I can cook things. I love nuked sweet potatoes but would love to try sweet potato fries. Someday…

  8. Those roasted sweet potatoes look amazing. I think the better question for me is is there anyway you don’t like sweet potatoes? The answer so far is NO! I will say my least favorite way to eat them is in a creamy soup.. !

  9. Favorite way to eat sweet potatoes: Cubed and sauteed in coconut oil with onions. (I know the onions would ruin it for you!)

  10. I love sweet potato rounds, fries, etc, but I really just like a good roasted (aka microwaved!!) sweet potato with some cinnamon and brown sugar on top. They are so delicious.

    That honey mustard dressing sounds delicious!

    Thanks again for your help RE: kombucha!

  11. Yum! That creamy honey mustard dressing looks amazing. I think I’ll have to make it for my salad today. I was thinking about having a sweet potato for lunch today too so, that’s perfect! If I sprinkle some nutritional yeast on that salad, I’ll be golden! ;-) Yes…mustard, sweet potatoes and nutritional yeast are all wonderful things!

  12. HAHA this is too funny because I’m currently eating a salad with sweet potato chunks and topped with honey-mustard dressing. So YES, I like sweet potatoes! I usually just wrap them in a paper towel and microwave them for a minute and a half or so. Easy peasy. And I also love nooch and mustard. Lots of orangey/yellow things on your blog today!!

  13. Honey mustard is by far my favorite dressing! Such a simple way to make it, too…and serving it with carrot fries is perfect. :)

  14. I just started eating nooch and it’s so versatile I love it! I am gonna have to try one of your recipes for using notch because they all look so delicious! :)

  15. YES YES! you know I love sweet potatoes! i have been microwaving them i batches and just keeping them in the fridge when I need to grab and go! BUT I think my best batch I want to roast like you always do. They look so delicious and I can see the crispy edges which are the BEST PART, right?!

    From your past post I love iherb!! I already used the ave360 coupon code so I cant use it again, but it is SO much cheaper than WF, I am running out of nooch so I will place another order soon!!

  16. Yes, yes, and yes! I think I could eat sweet potatoes every day actually. And I love using nooch (used it in my dinners the past 2 nights), also used mustard in a sauce this week. Condiments are awesome ;-)

  17. I have never had nooch – I have been reading about it for so long I can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet. I really hadn’t seen many recipes to use it in so didn’t want to spend the money for it but I think I am going to try it now. Thanks for the idea’s on how to use it.
    I love sweet potatoe’s and have been craving them lately – Gonna have to replenish that stock tonight after work.
    Your little girl Skylar is so beautiful (just like mommy) and such a little cutie – Your lucky to have her.
    Have a great day

  18. Between you and Sarena, I think I’ll be getting my B’s in this week :P That spicy cheezy dip looks amazing! And YES to the honey mustard dressing!! I just had sweet potatoes roasted in honey mustard, and they were probably my fav. to date. (…or maybe that’s just because they’re most recent in my mind, lol) I’ve discovered I love them cut into wedges – it’s a happy medium between fries and baked whole because the insides still get all gooey while the crust is still..well…crusty. :P And tossed in just a little bit of oil. Too much and they lose the crisp factor. Oh geeze, I could write a book on sweet potatoes I think. I’ll stop now :P Have a great day Averie!

  19. you truly most| certainly appreciate how you can carry a dilemma in order to easy to make the thought vital

  20. Cutest little helper ever :)
    That dressing looks perfect, and I have everything to make it, so I will today, thanks!!!!

  21. I’ve been using the GF brewers yeast a lot now. Its amazing mixed in wasabi mustard. Can you tell I love my condiments? hehe.
    I bet it would awesome with sweet potato fries!

  22. Hey Averie, it’s been a while! It’s also a while since I haven’t had sweet potatoes, and your post just reminded them about them gorgeous yummy things :)
    When I’m home I usually cut them in wedges or fries and roast them. When I’m at the office, it’s microwave all the way (has to be quick like that) with anything that suits my fancy then :)

    Have a great night / day!


  23. I prefer sweet potatoes in chunks or fries. Not as big of a baked tater fan. And not with sweet stuff in it, has to be savory. I’m picky with them I guess!

  24. Aw how cute is Skylar?! And I loove roasted sweet potatoes with sea salt and rosemary. Heavenly. I’m looking up that microwave bar recipe in the hopes that I can make it here in my teeny room! :)

  25. Yes, yes, and yes! Love nooch, mustard, and sweet potatoes. In fact, all 3 sound delicious together!! :lol:

    It’s been a ridiculously busy two weeks for both of us it seems. Hope you are finding some time to unwind!

    Oh, and from my last post, I made raw mushroom taco meat last summer. So good! http://www.j3nn.net/2010/07/15/raw-food-diet-day-four-%C2%A1raw-fiesta/

    *Not completely raw or vegan. I had dairy with it. But skip the dairy and it’s raw and vegan. Well, ok, the hot sauce and vinegar technically aren’t raw either, so let’s say these were MOSTLY raw vegan. hahaha Save me!

  26. Seriously… what was life like before nooch? Tis a time I don’t want to remember ;)

  27. I’m kind of obsessed with all three things you listed. I really want to try out some of your nooch recipes just because I feel like I never quite know what to do with nooch beyond adding it to oatmeal when I’m in the mood for savory oats. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some nooch-y savory oats, but I know there’s a whole world of nooch recipes out there for me yet to discover. Your blog shall be my launching point.

    My favorite way to cook sweet taters is to cut them into 1/2″ discs and then roast them at 350 for 30 min and then crank up the temp to 400 and roast for another 20 min. The discs become become caramelized on the outside but soft and pillowy on the inside. Just perfect.

  28. Skyler looks so old!!! I’m sorry I haven’t commented in a while…I’m still reading, just usually at work on my phone so I can’t comment :(
    I love nooch. I just had some on popcorn, but my favorite way to eat it is on top of roasted broccoli. I had that for dinner…someone needs to step away from the nooch!

    I hope you are well! Congrats on being debt free! You should feel very accomplished, that is a feat not a lot of people can pull off!

  29. Every time I have tried to make sweet potato fries they are either:

    A. Burnt
    B. Hard
    C. Soggy

    I can’t seem to get it! I really want to make them at home because I love them when I go out (and my sweetie loves them!). I think I need more tips!

  30. Busy day for me! Classes from 8am- 9pm. Glad it’s over.
    I love sweet potatoes. I just posted about one where I made a chocolate peanut flour sauce and put it atop a sweet potato. Sooo good :)

  31. I’m currently falling deeply in love with nooch. I love stirring it into chocolate spread (there’s a vegan version kinda like nutella in Australia) or mixing it with ice cream best :)

  32. I think you know my answers. I could eat mustard all day long every day. Today, my “salad dressing” was mustard. That’s it. Thinned with a little water.

    I remember the first time I ever saw nooch I was living in Hawaii, and my roomate (a really REALLY smelly hippie) was making vegan biscuits and gravy with nooch. We started calling it hippie dust. I still call it that, but I never do on my blog. Maybe I’ll have to start a new blog trend. :D

    Sweet potatoes? Meh. I’d rather have butternut or kabocha.

  33. I love honey mustard with all my heart, but it’s hard to find a healthy version! I can’t wait to try yours out!!

  34. I love all three! I especially love mustard. As a child, I used to take mustard sandwiches in my lunch (just mustard and bread). Now I tried to be more refined, and I love to eat stoneground mustard on toast instead of butter.

  35. I love this post!! I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes yumm!!!!!
    If fact I did a whole post dedicated to them and simple recipes from around the web. When in doubt please check it out ;)

  36. Love all of them: nooch, sweet potatoes, and mustard. I typically roast my sweet potatoes or cook them in a crockpot. I’ll have to give those sweet potato fries a whirl. Maybe with some coconut oil and Caribbean spices ;-)

    I really like my nooch sprinkled on things, like lightly cooked kale or avocado chunks.

    Oh, and speaking of iherb from your previous post, I just ordered from them this week. Love them! Excited to get my order, even though it’s mostly supplements. Ha!

  37. I love mustard, love roasted sweet potatoes, and have yet to try nooch. I need to get on the nutritional yeast bandwagon stat!