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Thanks to everyone for your concern and heartfelt comments you left on my last post about my stolen iPhone.  I have been just sick over it.

The money that it’s costing me to replace it is almost $250 even though I have insurance (that’s half a Kitchen Aid stand mixer I was wanting to buy) compounded with not having my phone until the new one arrives (hopefully Wednesday), having to take time to re-set and re-program the new phone is all a royal pain.   Plus, as many of you said, the sense of violation of that comes from having someone steal. I hope there is a special place in hell for thieves.  And as many of you pointed out, karma is real.

It was sad to read about the things you have had stolen, too.  Sigh. I am so sorry that many of you have experienced something stolen over the years.  Thanks for the comments and for being awesome readers and friends.  It was comforting to read everyone’s comments and swap stories.

Moving on and speaking of awesome friends, I had a fun afternoon on Tuesday because I met up with Marla!

Marla sitting in front of patterned wall with blue jacket

We took pictures of each other with my camera.  Didn’t even bother having a stranger try to get one of us together because the camera is big and heavy.  And I didn’t want anyone to touch it or steal it.  Kidding.

Averie in front of patterned wall

We met at the same Starbucks we did last time.

starbucks storefront

We drank coffee and had an awesome gabfest for two hours.  The time flew by!

Averie's starbucks cupThey spelled my name wrong again but I was in need of a cafe misto and spelling doesn’t matter when caffeine is in order.

Marla and I both have a passion for photography, blogging, traveling, and are both moms so there’s never a break in conversation.

Marla is super high energy and so am I and we both can talk and talk, a mile a minute, and not come up for air.

It’s great when I meet someone like that!  It’s like, ahhhh, she can keep up with my nonstop talking, questions, and chatterfest.    Because she is the same way!

Marla sitting in front of patterned wall with blue jacket

Averie in front of patterned wall

As we were leaving, we noticed the beautiful rows of flowers off in the distance but were pressed for time so this is the best my zoom lens could do.

Rows of orange and pink flowers in the distance

I adore Marla.  She is just an awesome woman, mom, blogger, photographer, cook, and friend.  She also happens to be having a giveaway for Medjool dates on her site right now, so if you’d like to make something like…

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls (GF)

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls



Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies (GF)

Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Enter Marla’s Date Give Away so you can get busy making recipes with dates.  Which is pretty much anything in raw/vegan un-baking.

I also wanted to mention another friend and her small business opportunity.  It’s a system created to help bloggers, working people, and stay at home moms become a marketing consultant for small businesses.

My friend told me there are over 25 million small businesses that need your help and no marketing experience is required.  I have not tried the system personally but I wanted to help my friend build her business.  Click Here if you’re interested in learning more.

A little birdy told me I should make some Chipotle Salsa Lentils with Mixed Vegetables tonight.

Chipotle Salsa Lentils with Mixed VegetablesOne pot, 30 minutes from start to finish, vegan, gluten free, and incorporates one of my favorite condiments: salsa plus chipotle seasoning.

And roast up some Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato SticksCinnamon, sugar, ginger and warm potatoes will make you feel better.  Promise.


1. Who was the last person you met up with?  What did you do or where did you meet?

Prior to seeing Marla yesterday, I think my last face-to-face time with a friend was my previous meetup with MarlaClearly, I don’t get out much other than work + parenthood.

2. If a little birdy was listening to your “coffee talk” that you had with your friend, what would the birdy hear?

Sometimes a little gabbing, or venting, with a friend about everything from:

workplace woes

family drama

fights with your significant others

what you think of the latest episode of the Real Housewives of OC or other TV shows

travel plans

who’s blog you’re loving lately

…is just what the doctor ordered!

Marla and I talked about some those things. When I get together with my close friends, it’s great to just let it all hang out and to swap stories.  Giving and receiving solid advice and honest feedback is so wonderful!  I mean, that’s what friends are for, right?

Time to dish on what you talk about with your friends!

Have a great Hump Day!


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  1. My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I am always trying to find someone to make trades with and merely thought I would ask.

  2. Sorry about your phone!! It sucks to lose stuff like that!
    We have everything stored in our tech items these days!
    We were out on dog rescue the other day and the Iphone girl wasn’t there, and I noticed!! Someone had a “Droid”, but nothing was easy to get to, like the Iphone!!
    I want one!!

  3. Unfortunately I’ve been to damn busy for meet ups. BUT…I’ve made a lot of friends through Noah’s hockey and soccer teams so we hang out at the rink/field which is better than nothing, right?

  4. Just met with an old friend of mine today and it’s such a blessing when after a while not meeting the connection’s still the same! so we talked about everything–God, food, her current just starting nursing career, my future marriage, feet (don’t ask) haha! awesome. what a fun time you and Marla had! and heyyyy i’m in the o.c.~ not too far from ya :)

    1. so cool that you’re local, too! one day all of the socal bloggers need to get together!

  5. Its so hard finding chatterboxes lately!! Come to California please! I’m always chatting my friends’ ears off hahaha.

    Side note: I realized you and Skylar share the same, wide, BEAUTIFUL smile! :)

  6. I never comment, but today I had to delurk because of the coffee talk question. When I was in highschool, I had just gotten back from spending a summer out of town and was catching up with my girlfriends. We headed to Starbucks right after school for a quick gab sesh before our different activities. We spent an hour talking about all of the bad things we had done over the summer… like drinking, going to parties, boys, sneaking out, etc. We noticed an older woman sitting near us listening in and laughing to our stories, but we thought ohhh whatever, we’ll never see her again!

    Well, I was wrong! When I l crew practice later that evening, I noticed the woman from Starbucks was in the parking lot…she was there to pick up her daughter who was a new freshman on the team I was a senior captain of! Eeeeek, right? Luckily, she had 2 wild child older daughters who had been there, done that already and never said a word about it to my coaches. Just goes to show that you never know who will be listening!!

  7. That’s a valid concern with the DSLR, I was nervous about giving it to a waitress to get a family shot. What a fun meetup! Awesome flower shot!

    1. Some friends for the asparagus festival Saturday.
    2. Probably workplace drama now since I have plenty of that going on. And lots of tech talk too.

  8. You and Marla are both so gorgeous!

    A birdy would hear:

    – Talks about life/future
    – Talk about school
    – Talk about food
    – Talk about weekend escapades
    – Talk about things/people that are annoying us

  9. Thanks for sharing! I hope that everything sorts itself out soon and some luck comes your way.

    I tend to talk about gardening, fixing food, poetry, words–you know, kind of what I talk about on my blog too!

  10. aw Im so sorry to hear about your iphone. Thats just terrible! Bad karma too. I hope you can get it replaced pretty quickly.

    Outings with friends are so fun and definitely a really nice way to unwind. Glad you had a great time!

  11. Ugh, I’m sorry about your phone! I hope things work out for you. We had someone break into the first floor in our building on Friday – and they tried to crowbar their way into our apartment too. They didn’t get in, but I still felt violated and angry! I think karma totally comes back around in that department.

    I love getting together with friends too. It’s been far too long since I’ve hung out with my girls, but I can’t wait until Saturday when I get to visit with them. We’re going to gab about how we miss college, weddings, new jobs, and babies :)

  12. Reading this made me drool for a cafe latte! hahaha!

    *sigh* I really wish people wouldn’t steal, it’s just a horrible personal violation. And now even worse, you totally deserve that kitchen aid! Hopefully something will come along that will make it easier for you to get.

  13. What a fun meet up. The pictures of you two are cute. I love the pattern of the material behind y’all. Lots of delicious food suggestions- i want those Chipotle Salsa Lentils with Mixed Vegetables. Luckily I have lots of extra veggies in the fridge. Last meet up I had? With Josh’s family last night :) Coffee talk-work, babies, favorite eats, recipes, etc