Well, life has been chaotic, that’s for sure.  In an effort to spare you all the details we’ll just say that life’s been hella crazy with lotsa shizzle goin’ on.  But keepin’ a positive attitude and lots of yoga chill techniques is helping.  Sorry for the bloggin’ absence.  I’ve had a few people email me they were in withdrawals because I usually post daily.  It’s good to know I’m loved and thanks to all of you for all the great comments and feedback on my last smoothie and chia puddin’ post.  Sorry that I haven’t been able to respond personally to all my comments like I normally do calm is ’bout to resume I hope so I can have more bloggy time.

Kitchen creations have been a little limited the past 48 hours, but….

I made my best batch of Vita-Mix dairy free ice cream ever

Spoon in container of homemade dairy free ice cream

I think I’ve got this one licked.  Took me almost a year to figure out the ratios and the blend time in the ‘Mixa but I think I finally got it.
*2 frozen nannas
*1/4 c vanilla almond milk
*1/4 c sugar (the WF brand stevia I have is too nast to use in larger quantities so til I get another brand, I can only use stevia in very small doses)
*dash vanilla extract
*blend for about 45 seconds…no more!  Don’t overblend!

The result….pure softserve dairy-free bliss!!  Ahhh.  

Come here little girl, sit down and take a break and have a lickey of this. 

Spoon holding up dairy free ice cream from container

You talking to me?  Oh, ok.  Twist my arm.  Crack in a bowl, where’s my pipe, and can I have some more?  It was that good.

Spoon holding up dairy free ice cream from container

In case you missed my other monster post on dairy free ice cream with either coconut milk or almond milk, here ya go.

I’ve been groovin’ on lots of raw veggies and the usual rabbit food.  Til I have more time for picture takin’ here’s one of the nibbles, I munched.  B.S., zukes & cukes, carrots, yellow & orange peppahs on a bed of greens.  Drizzled with OJ, agave, and black pepp.

Mixed vegetables and greens in dressing

 Time to get the yoga goin’.  I’ll just leave you with Tittibhasana

Woman doing Tittibhasana yoga pose

What’s everyone’s favorite way to de-stress themselves?  And no, chuggin a 40 doesn’t count.



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