Surprised Me

I woke up Valentine’s Day morning to these.

Scott clearly doesn’t read my blog because I had mentioned that I’d rather spend money on shoes (or just about anything else) than on flowers. They die so fast and they seem so frivolous.

But after having these beauties in the house, I am not complaining.

And I can’t complain about my day, either.

It started off in the kitchen with a stick and a half of melted butter because I made a batch of these.

Ralph’s store-brand butter is on the left and Kerrygold on the right. It’s interesting to note how yellow the Kerrygold is and how pale the Ralph’s brand is in a side by side comparison. Maybe that has to do with grass-fed cows or that Kerrygold says their butter has a higher butterfat percentage.

I need to do a side-by-side comparison with flour and compare store-brand flour and King Arthur flour.

A batch of White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Cookies would be a good starting place I think for a side-by-side bake-by-side.

In addition to melted butter on Valentine’s Day, there was melted chocolate.

I love how smoothly, easily, and effortlessly this chocolate melts.

It’s easier to make Vanilla Cake Batter Truffles (No-Bake) when the chocolate melts smoothly.  Dipping the little balls into their bathtub is much easier when the consistency of the bathwater is just right.

I also made Scott something special for dinner to surprise him.  It wasn’t fancy, but it was special, for him.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and he loves eggs.  I made something similar to the Spinach and Red Pepper Frittata but even more up his alley because it involved potatoes.

The winners of the Cookbook Giveaway are Michaela and Stacy @ Say It With Sprinkles

Did you have a Happy Valentine’s Day? Any surprises?

Did you celebrate the day in any way or was is just another day and business as usual?

61 comments on “Surprised Me”

  1. Aw, what a sweetheart! Those flowers are gorgeous! I simply love having fresh flowers in the house.

  2. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day … I however do LOVE flowers … My husband is not the flower giving guy! (he thinks exactly like you do) Your flowers look beautiful! I am glad you enjoyed!

  3. I love that Scott got those for you. Isaac brought me some beautiful red tuplips for Valentine’s Day and I was NOT expecting them. After being married for almost 17 years, we don’t do the whole Valentine’s thing, but, like you, I was pleasantly surprised. The funny thing is…I made him an omelet with potatoes and basil! He loves potatoes in his eggs and I wanted to make him something savory and hot for when he got home late from work last night. It made his day! :-)

  4. What a sweet surprise from your Valentine, they’re beautiful!! I typically don’t like spending a lot of money on flowers either, but I wasn’t complaining about the ones I got yesterday :)

  5. I was surprised on v-day too with some flowers and a gift. I feel the same way about flowers …

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  7. What a sweet surprise from Scott! True, they die fast, but still worth it once in awhile. :-) And sounds like a great day for you. I got flowers from hubby at work and we had s nice dinner out with little gifts.

  8. It was totally a regular day… with a bit more chocolate than usual!

  9. Such gorgeous flowers! Sounds like you had a great Valentine’s DAy!

  10. Beautiful flowers and decadent desserts.. I am always left drooling :D

  11. Beautiful flowers!! Glad you had a good V Day :-)

  12. We had Chinese food and rented a few cheap movies. We watched a hilariously bad movie called Dinoshark. I think my favourite of the night was Gnomeo and Juliet, though. :)

  13. I “celebrated” by eating heart shaped Peeps alongside a Reese’s Easter Egg. Something is very odd about the combo, but it was delicious :)

  14. What a beautiful gift, Averie! You’re a lucky lady!

  15. Those cake batter truffles look way too good! I won’t spend my money on flowers, either, but I sure don’t mind when other people get them for me! My husband got me beets for valentines day. He must really think I’m weird :)

  16. How sweet! I happen to LOVE flowers. I’ll take them anytime. It’s funny, my husband doesn’t read my blog much either! Maybe next holiday you can get those shoes! :) Have a great Wednesday!

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