Thursday Things & LinkUp

Here are this week’s Thursday Things

1. My blog is going to be called Averie Cooks going forward.

I haven’t officially changed the URL, so you will still type in to access my site, but the name of the blog, logo, and some minor cosmetic mini-makeover type changes to my homepage are underway.

Those are the technical difficulties I was alluding to yesterday and if you tried to access my site in the past 24 hours and have noticed anything strange, that’s what’s up. I’ve got tech people working on things, but since nothing ever goes according to plan, and I couldn’t just do a big, happy, It’s Done and Here’s the Big Reveal type post, I figured I’d clue you in to what’s been going on and spill the beans rather unceremoniously.

2. I changed my Twitter name to @AverieCooks

If you used to follow me at @LoveVeggiesYoga, you don’t have to do a thing. You’re now following me @AverieCooks. Twitter makes it easy to make that change without losing a single follower.

My Facebook Fan Page is a whole different story because if you have more than 100 fans, Facebook will not allow you to change the name of your fan page. You have to start from ground zero and create a brand new one with the new name and I’m not sure I want to do that.

3. I changed my Instagram name to AverieSunshine

4. Why did I change the name of my blog?

When I started my blog three years ago, I had no idea that I’d stick with blogging, what I’d wind up wanting to blog about, or any of the twists and turns life could or would take. The blog name that suited me three years ago is not the blog name that suits the current focus and direction of my blog today or that I’ve been going in the past year or so.

Although I do love vegetables, and I do love yoga, I also love baking, desserts, and cooking in general, so it was time for a new name.

Not to mention, the daily emails, comments, and confusion that folks are under when they find my blog based on name only and see something like this plastered on the home page, when they were expecting vegetables and yoga, well yeah, change was needed.

I’m eventually going to change the  URL to but let’s take things one tech glitch one thing at a time.

5. The new Canon 5D Mark III has been revealed. This is very big news in photography circles. If you’re a photographer, you may want to pre-order now, but first you may want to win the lottery.


6. I recently posted about Flour and a comparison and discussion.

A reader directed me to this Cook’s Illustrated comparison of all-purpose flours

“We set out to learn if there was a single all-purpose flour that could best handle most any recipe. Six months later, we had the answer….”

You can subscribe for a free trial to Cooks Illustrated if you want the answer.

7. The winner of the Digital Kitchen Scale & Nutritionist Consultation Giveaway is Paula who said,

“I would use a digital scale to weigh ingredients in grams for recipes that don’t also give the US equivalent.”

8. I need a drink. It’s been a couple of very crazy days. But since it’s a little early for booze, I’m going to settle for apple pie in a cup.

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie

9. If that doesn’t work, I’ll move on to one of these.

10. And if that doesn’t work, chocolate and peanut butter always works to calm the nerves and make everything right with the world.

Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispies Smores Bars

If you’re a blogger, do you like the name of your blog? Ever thought of changing it?

Even if you’re not a blogger, thinking about where you were in your life years ago, compared to where you are today, no doubt many of us have changed dramatically, and in many different facets of our lives. No one has a crystal ball and can predict where we’re going to be in years to come. All you can do is take one day at a time and enjoy the ride.

Evolving, tweaking, growing, trying new things, changing. It’s a beautiful thing.

Changing your blog at a tech level? It’s not a beautiful thing.

What are your Thursday Things?

Feel free to Link Up anything fun, exciting, tasty, or noteworthy you’ve made, seen, or want to showcase by clicking on the blue button.

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127 comments on “Thursday Things & LinkUp”

  1. I like the new name :-)

    I haven’t ever thought of changing my blog name – it is perfect for me!

  2. considering i change my blog name about as often as I change my toenail polish I’m totally loving this :) the other day i was remembering how a few years ago you were all “this isn’t a photography blog dont mind my ugly photos!” and now you’re getting nominated for best photo awards :) LOVE that!!

  3. I totally love your new look!! I love your name too! It fits your blog now. I look forward to seeing what Averie Cooks!

  4. Congrats on the new blog name!

    And I totally feel your pain. I changed my blog name last year, and transferring an established blog to a new url is a challenge, to say the least. Especially since I was too stubborn to hire any help! It may have been the hardest “technical” thing I’ve ever done, and it definitely took longer than I expected.

    Love the new look! :)

    • One day I will (maybe) change the actual URL but for now, can’t even think of migrating, merging, all my recipes on FG, TS, Pinterest, it could become a nightmare! STresses me just thinking about it! Somehow it’d all have to get redirected but not sure what happens when recipes are housed on other sites and the whole thing freaks me out! Good for you for just starting over! I figure I’ll keep my URL the same, let people adjust to the new name, and one day, maybe change the name of the URL. If you have thoughts, suggestions, advice, LMK!!!

      • You could always do a domain “mask” if you want to keep your old url, and not really change anything. But, it’s more permanent to move everything. I recommend hiring someone to do it, if you really want it done correctly. I lost a few photos in the process, and ended up just deleting the posts where that happened. (they weren’t really that great back then, anyway) ;)

        I’ve also had to keep up my old domain’s hosting plan, to keep my old links working! It’s such a pain, but that way I could set them up to forward to my new domain when someone clicked on the old link. Eventually, I’ll probably stop doing that and have the whole domain just forward to my new url.

        After saying all that… yeah, you should just stick to your url. It’s a pain.

  5. I like the new name!! But I wanted mostly to Thank You for the heads up on the 1,000 day old gouda cheese at Trader Joes. I don’t get to go to TJ very often, since it’s not in my area, so when I do I load up. I decided to try the gouda and bought one of the smaller pieces. Oh, my!!!!!!!! It’s heavenly! Thank you so much…I would never have known about it or bought it otherwise, since cosmetically it doesn’t really look very tempting. Next time I go I’m getting a big hunk!

    • Trust me, had they not been sampling it, I would have NEVER tried it. There are sooo many cheeses in their cases that I never have a clue what I want and just keep walking past the cases, temptation avoided :) But yeah, I really like that one and glad you do, too!

  6. Let’s just not look at what the camera costs… :) Or maybe I should and put a quick ending to wanting one! Excited for your website changes! Had to laugh at the people looking for veggies and yoga and wait, what is that, CHOCOLATE??? Those S’mores bars will likely be in my dreams tonight. So amazing!

    • Well the cosmetic changes are now done, 99.9% of the way, so it’s up and live! One day I will change the actual URL but for now, can’t even think of migrating, merging, all my recipes on FG, TS, Pinterest, it could become a nightmare! STresses me just thinking about it!

  7. I loved the old header so much but I really love this one even more!! The colors and the clean style – its perfect.

    I stood in front of the oreos at the store tonight – no birthday cake flavor. Mint though…I din’t get them and I’m kicking myself now.

  8. I love the new look! Facebook is a pain isn’t it? I just started my blog last month but I’m already changing the name and looking for a new layout, logo, etc.

  9. Dear Averie, I am so happy for you. You are a very brave person to challenge a three years of hard work in blogging industry, building your name and your niche here, and change it. Brave move, but I am sure people who love you as Love veggies and yoga would love your new name. Congratulations! I love the new look and logo, i am not really fond of pink, but it’s your blog, and I wish you good luck!
    I’ve been blogging for only 6 months and already want to change the name because it doesn’t serve the whole purpose of my ideas. I was very naive to think that I can change the way people look at the food in the middle of the country just because I show them how to make a healthy food. I don’t know how long it will take to change a very obese population’s minds in the region where I live now, that meat, potatoes, and driving to a mail box won’t cure their problem. One can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. So, with our departure approaching, I’ve been thinking of changing the name quite often. I do still want to be a healthy lifestyle blog, and I have some ideas to elaborate on the new pages. My question is: do I change it now, in the place no one has a real interest to read about, or I change after we move back to Seattle (or any other place on the West Coast)? Decisions, decisions… Thank you for a good question!

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  11. Change and transitions are tough, but I’m so glad you’re sticking it out to follow your heart in a different creative direction! =)

  12. Your photos are amazing already, no need to upgrade! :)
    Well, I mean to say your food looks great and you are a great food photographer…

  13. Great news- I think the new name is very fitting! I love your blog evolution and attitude, it must be a little scary to change what has not only been a great popular blog for the past years, but also your brand! I also think it’s brilliant that you have found your niche and focus on that! I wish you continued success and good luck with the tech stuff!
    I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while and I did secure a domain, which should be flexible enough until I find my niche…now I just need to get that thing up and running…
    Ha ha, I KNEW the MarkIII would be in your Thursday things ;-) We’ve been researching cameras obsessively for a couple of months, but with pretty specific needs, the choice is (thankfully…) narrowed down to only a handfull, the 5Ds being on that list. I look forward to reading more reviews of the Mark III… would you go for it if it didn’t cost a gazillion $$$?
    Oh, I thought I’d better mention; I receive notifications of your new posts vira email and, at the moment, I cannot click through directly. It comes up with an error message.

  14. I just started my blog and I absolutely LOVE my name (Queen Acres). I did a post about why I chose it:

    but I’m kind of in the same boat you were three years ago. I hope my blog turns into something interesting and big someday, but I can’t predict what turn it will make. Over the last two months, it hasn’t really had anything to do with what I intended for it, but I’m ok with that, I’m still trying to get the hang of it, so until then, I’ll just keep blogging about whatever I can.

    Even if my blog does take a different turn (like yours has) I think I’ll still keep the name, because to me it will always be something cute between my husband and me. But I don’t blame you for changing your name, and can completely understand why you did. Regardless, I love your new look! Very fresh :)

  15. That’s tough-but pb brownies hold a special place in my heart

  16. Thanks for the code for I just got some probiotics for the price of shipping!

  17. Thanks for the tip re iHerb – will check out pronto!

  18. Good for you Averie! I love it and I love the gradual changes you’ve made over the years.

    life is an evolution isn’t it?

    and that camera???

    I just FINALLY bought myself a DSLR but it’s a baby T3….but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
    I love following you in Instagram so I’ll have to go make sure I’m still in the loop!

    Have a great weekend!

  19. “Love Veggies and Yoga” is what brought me to the site in the first place–I think I was looking for fellow veg yogis. But obviously the treats are what kept me here! And I’m all for changing anything to pink!

  20. I like the new logo and the new blog name!

  21. I love the new look!!

  22. Woohoo! Just catching up on blog reading and saw your new logo! Love it :)

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