Thursday Things & LinkUp

Here are this week’s Thursday Things

1. Want really bright white icing rather than icing that’s just slightly off-white or dull? Try Bright White Soft Gel Paste

When I saw Cheryl recommend Bright White and Bridget recommended it to her, and since both those ladies are amazing cake decorators and bakers, I knew I needed to order this, because sometimes you just want your icing to be white and bright enough to need sunglasses when you’re looking at your cookies.

2. All in all, I was very happy with the way the Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting turned out. They were so soft and moist, but…

…I just wished the icing had that POP of really, really white brightness. I can’t wait to try the Bright White out on my next batch of…anything.

3. Have you seen Bridget’s Sock It To Me Cookies? Adorable.

4. Or Cheryl’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Cookies using the infamous New York Times recipe? I’ve been wanting to try that one, after playing around with the Cook’s Illustrated Recipe.

5. A Day in the Life of Matt Armendariz of Matt Bites. I adore him and the peek into his day-to-day life in that post.

I had one of the singular best days of my life, ever, with him and Adam last year.

6. Culinary District. “Offering a hand-picked selection of essential products which include the best imported and domestic food items, commercial cookware, equipment, cutlery, specialty tools, china and glass ware, table top, packaging for food products, and bake ware.”

From exotic chocolate sauces to knives to Vita-Mixes, they’ve got you covered.

7. Or Mango Pickles. They’ve got those covered, too, in case you found yourself with a craving for a product you probably didn’t know existed.

I am obsessed with all things mango and I’d be game for trying those.

8. This Etsy Shop. I love beautiful, one-of-a-kind anything, and pottery is high on that list.

9. Did you know that there’s only one space after a period at the end of sentences? I recently learned this typography factoid and honestly, I was shocked. I went through college, and was getting my master’s degree when I got pregnant with Skylar, and have written one or two term papers in my life and was surprised to learn that my junior high typing teacher and English teacher and most every professor I ever took classes from told me to double-spacing after a period. Now I am trying to break myself of the double tap-tap on the spacebar after periods and just give one tap.

10. I’ve posted more savory recipes in the past week than I have in months, combined. What’s gotten into me?

I better go have an Orange Coconut Banana Donut to make up for it.

What are your Thursday Things?

Do you like finding out about new baking products as much as I do?

Did you know about the single-spacing after periods rule?

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62 comments on “Thursday Things & LinkUp”

  1. I saw the chocolate chip cookies and sock cookies to on Pintrest. I want to make the chocolate chip cookies, they look wonderful!!

  2. I’m so confused! Do I double or single space? All through college we were told to double space. Maybe I’ll just triple space.Or not space at all!

  3. I’d been taught two spaces when I was really little, but was told one starting maybe in high school.
    Here’s my Thursday thing:
    I want em’ in black. I love stemware…

  4. I was taught the double space too … don’t think I can change that now … and with my bad three point habit … I think it is a lost cause … thanks for the info though!

  5. Thursday things: eating Valentine’s day candy and currently obsessed with my popcorn maker. I’m stuck on traditional (earth balance and salt) but seriously need to venture into your popcorn recipe list for some variety.

  6. My professors in college were split on this one. Some said it was more proper to do one space and others said it makes readability go down with only one. I’ll stick to two, it’s just what I like to do and I think it makes things so much easier to read. Eh, who wants to be right anyway?

  7. Oh gosh…I am SUCH a double-spacer!!! See?!? ;)

    Thank you so much for the linky love! It’s been so nice meeting and getting to “know” you this year!

    • It has been amazing getting to know you and some other ladies on Instagram who prior to that, I didn’t have a “connection” to or with, and now that I do, I love it! Between IG and Pinterest, I have loved meeting you and everyone else….and one day we WILL meet in person! Marla and I get together for coffee every couple weeks and she said you’re just a total and complete sweetheart when I was asking her about everyone that was at GirlHunter and so forth :)


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