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April is National Soyfoods Month and I partnered with the Soyfoods Association to bring you this giveaway.

Included in the giveaway:

WildWoods product voucher for any of their soy food products


TofuXpress Tofu Press


I’ve had my tofu press for a few years and would not make tofu without it.

Pressed tofu is firmer and cooks up so much better than unpressed tofu. The difference is night and day in the finished product.


It does a fabulous job of pressing out the water, which is contained neatly inside the little box.


Sure, you can press tofu between two heavy frying pans but wiping up the water that is released with dozens of paper towels is a messy and inconvenient chore.


In honor of National Soy Foods Month, did you know that:

Soyfoods are rich in nutrients and promote healthy eating.

Soyfoods are also a great source of iron, fiber, magnesium and zinc.

Fruit soy smoothies with soymilk or soy yogurt are a fun way to ensure proper calcium, and soy burgers or soy crumbles in place of ground beef are a great way to reduce calories, cholesterol and saturated fast.

Soy meat substitutes, such as soy ground, cook up in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional meats, and it’s ideal for pre-made meals that can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator.

Cooking with soy also provides an excellent opportunity for families to spend quality time together because unlike traditional meats, there is little concern about cooking through or cross contamination, so kids can be more involved in the meal preparation.

Soyfoods make delicious meals. They are great as a staple ingredient or used as a substitute in a favorite recipe.

Here are some of my favorite tofu recipes:

Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu

Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu

Sweet & Sour Honey Lemon Tofu

Sweet & Sour Honey Lemon Tofu
Sweet & Sour Honey Lemon Tofu

Pumpkin Honey Tofu. This turns out like spongy pumpkin “bread”. Very soft, chewy, and pliable infused with pumpkin flavor.

Pumpkin Honey Tofu
Pumpkin Honey Tofu

Green Tea & Honey Ginger Tofu

Green Tea & Honey Ginger Tofu

Green Tea & Honey Ginger Tofu

Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

Mango Ginger Maple Tofu
Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

Salsa Verde Pepperjack Tofu (Microwave & Vegan) Use soy-based cheese along with the tofu

Salsa Verde Pepperjack Tofu in red bowls

 I shared my Tofu Preparation & Cooking Tips in this post from baking to broiling, freezing to pressing.


1. What’s your favorite way to make tofu or favorite tofu recipe? (links welcome)


How do you incorporate soy-based foods in your diet? (links welcome)

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  1. So far my fave tofu is tofu scramble. We are just starting to use tofu on a reg basis. Years ago I did a grilled broccoli and tofu on noodles. That was tasty. Maybe I can look it up again. I also used to make tofu mayo and bacon. Dont forget chocolate pudding!

  2. Pressed tofu does cook and taste much better! Unfortunately they are generally very expensive. I use the EZ Tofu Press found on Amazon, its alot lower in price.

  3. I never liked tofu until I tried making your mango ginger recipe. That one changed my mind! I would love to win the Tofu Express because I loath using dishtowels and paper towels to get it dry.

  4. This one’s a toss up…love mine blackened (seasoned and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside…yum) but also dig it scrambled up “Cuban” style with black beans, brown rice, plantains, and sweet potatoes!

  5. I have been WAITING for this giveaway! I am a poor (vegan) college student who can’t afford such things as a tofu press. I hope I get picked! :)

  6. I’d love to win the tofu press, all I do right now is weigh a cutting board with some dictionaries and I agree, mopping up the water is a pain. I keep a bag of edamame in my freezer, and whenever I make a quinoa bowl and am just throwing veggies in, I usually throw some in to amp up the protein.

  7. Pressed tofu is the way to go, for sure! I like mine dredged through a spice mixture and then blacked slightly. Yum.

  8. I usually put a cast iron pan on top to the tofu with a canned item on top of it. This sounds so much easier.

  9. I usually find a way to incorporate at least one block of extra firm tofu into my weekly meals. It would be nice to waste less paper towels on the pressing process!

  10. I love making a chocolate mousse using silken tofu. It’s so sinful, yet so good for you as well. Plus, my 4 yo daughter thinks it’s an awesome pudding treat!

  11. my favorite way to enjoy tofu is baking it after marinating it with eggplant and mushrooms in tamari, ginger, garlic, and cumin.

  12. oh please!! I have wanted one of these forever… My favorite recipe is ginger-honey-soy. Which uses exactly what the name suggests :)

  13. i love my own version coconut tofu curry!!! but tofu in any type of coconut curry sauce (green curry, red curry, panang etc) is my fave!! the tofu soaks up the coconut milk and all the spices!! so delishh!

  14. I like making stir fry with it. I make a sauce with teriyaki, tahini, ginger, cayenne and OJ! So good.

  15. We love our tofu press. It makes tofu soooo much better – dense, chewy, almost like the tofu you get at Asian restaurants. My favorite tofu is a baked, marinated dish – mix oil, soy sauce, nutritional yeast, garlic (optional), hot sauce (optional); coat pressed tofu with the marinade, and bake until crispy and browned. YUM.

  16. I love my tofu pan-fried with a little bit of olive oil and then dipped in my marinade. Best marinade EVER: Braggs Liquid Aminos, ginger, garlic powder, honey, and sesame oil. OMG. I could drink it!!! And I HATE pressing tofu!!!! I’ve been using a collander and a heavy plate…pain in the butt!!!

  17. I love making pies with tofu. I have only made one or two semi-successful tofu recipes. I’m positive I need this to finally make an amazing tofu recipe!

  18. I know it’s boring but my favorite way to prepare tofu is in a tofu scramble. But maybe that’s because I don’t own a tofu press and pressing tofu between paper towels is such a pain!

  19. My refrigerator is ALWAYS stocked with tofu. It is an essential.

    I love eating tofu in any shape or form. But I especially love ‘scrambled tofu’, with a bunch of spices and seasonings.

    I am always seeking different ways to marinade tofu. Love your recipes.

  20. This is the first giveaway I’ve seen in a while that I REALLY want. I love Tofu, especially in stir frys, but I’ve always wanted to see how different it was (and better) after being pressed.

  21. I like to marinate my tofu in Asian seasonings and bake it before throwing it in my salad.

    I also like tempeh or tossing in edamamae :)

  22. I tried to use cook with tofu once. I had to drain it with weighting it down and it was a mess. I wanted to slice it and bake it…but it was a no go. I haven’t tried it again but would really like to.

  23. tofu pudding! melt chocolate chips(white chocolate’s killer too) blend w/ tofu until combined, then chill. pressing tofu is such a mess.. switching out towels, balancing and stacking.. takes so long that i hardly ever make a real meal out of it

  24. I am in LOVE with my Tofu Xpress- but want another one! Your tofu recipes look awesome, and the pumpkin one looks SO wonderful and intriguing!
    I like my tofu baked more than any other way. It turns out perfectly every time!
    I recently made an Italian-herbed marinade for baked tofu that turned out pretty darn fantastic:
    This one is also a winner:

  25. you can’t go wrong with simple, fresh, fried tofu. but if the tofu is exceptional, like that from the tofu shop in OKC, i prefer it uncooked. mmmmm.

  26. Tofubq! Slice and drain tofu, add onions and garlic and barbecue sauce, bake. Top with more barbecue sauce, cheese, and put on a toasted bun to eat.

  27. I make salad dressing with tofu and scrambled tofu for breakfast. Love tofu, but I’ve only had the kind in a package. Never made it myself, sounds very fun to do and I’d love to try it! Also, use it for a great strawberry smoothie. I could sure use a press! Thank you!

  28. My favorite way to eat tofu is stir-fryed with some nice veggies and topped with sriracha sauce! Nice and spicy!

  29. I know its not ideal, but I love soy/veggie burgers. Nice and processed. But so easy, convenient, and delicious. If I had a tofu press I’d try out some of the wonderful recipes of yours that I drool over. Its just not convenient to press tofu between pans. Between the mess, lack of counter space, and ridicule I’d receive from my carnivorous family, making nice tofu dishes has not happened.

  30. My favorite way to eat tofu is in a spicy hot pot with tofu, shitake mushrooms, bok choy and lots of garlic and ginger!!! YUMMM!!! That’s my leftovers for lunch today!!!

  31. I make a sort of baked curried tofu thing that I am absolutely certain would benefit from the tofu being pressed. Now, I just balance it in a strainer with a plate on top but it’s not the same I am sure.

  32. YUM! I just repunned your latest gooey berry bar! Blueberries and blackberries dont stand a chance in our fridge come spring and summertime! :)

  33. I need this! I’m an Asian vegetarian and I constantly use tofu!!! My favorite recipe definitely has to be eggless egg salad! YUM

  34. That is so funny, just earlier this week I was baking tofu for a recipe and I got so frustrated over how many paper towels I had to waste just to press the tofu with a pan. I am a vegetarian of almost a year now, and this handy tool would be very useful in not only continuing my meat free diet, but also in making more yummy things to convince my husband to ditch the meat (;

  35. I’ve never tried pressed tofu before! Looks good and a very interesting idea. I love tearing up a block of tofu and sneaking it into a pot of chili in place of ground beef. It’s an excellent substitute.

  36. My favourite way to have tofu is really simple and delicious…
    I eat it thinly sliced on a slice of toast with marmite on it, it tastes like cheese and is really nice!
    Healthy and scrumptious, that’s what I like! :)

  37. Ooh i love your peanut sauce tofu…but it’s never quite right because I can’t press it well! I NEED to win to experience the full glory of your genius and tofu’s possibilities!!

  38. I love a good baked tofu recipe, but I’ll honestly eat it in any form, even raw, maybe that one’s a little weird.

  39. Oh I would love that tofu press. I was just thinking about pressing my tofu last night when I made breakfast burritos for dinner. I don’t have a facebook account anymore so even if I don’t win I’m glad to have learned about this product!

  40. Oh Averie your timing is perfect. I just bought my first container of tofu and wasn’t sure what to do with it. The recipes look easy and good. My daughter loves tofu so having a press looks like it might be a good idea for my kitchen. Thanks for all you do.

  41. I like Averie Cooks on Facebook! (I don’t know if you keep track, but my FB account is actually affiliated with a different email address. Does that make a difference?)

  42. My boyfriend’s favorite is tofu omelettes, but he loves tofu in curry too! I confess I am actually allergic to soy, but I would be so excited to use the TofuXpress for pressed rice dishes, nut cheeses, and pressed salads!

  43. Terry Hope Romero’s Latin Baked Tofu is definitely my favorite way to make tofu. It is spicy and delicious!

  44. I love tofu fried rice. Mostly because the tofu doesnt need to be pressed. I press mine between two cookbooks with my tofu wrapped in kitchen towels. A press would be awesome!

  45. Too funny. Just this week I decided to do tofu for lunch. I’m super lazy when it comes to cooking. I always bring my lunch to work, and it always involves a bit of preparation, but I keep it quick. I got some firm tofu from Trader Joe’s and made a tofu salad for sandwiches. I split my tofu block in 3 servings. To prepare my tofu salad, I crumbled one serving with a fork, then I added a big squirt of spicy deli mustard, 2 big spoons full of pickle relish, a dash of paprika, salt, and pepper. My sandwich consisted of whole wheat bread and spinach. Super good. Super easy. Super versatile. You can add celery, onions, different spices, whatever. Best lunch ever. Makes a great dip for carrots and veggies too.

  46. I love to stir-fry my tofu with some veggies and soy sauce. Served with brown rice, it makes a great meal.

  47. I enjoy tofu when it’s really crispy on the outside! I’v been wanting a TofuXpress for a while and would love to win one!

  48. I Liked Soyfoods Association of North America!
    I already like you on FB so I can’t relike you :( haha

  49. I like to bake tofu using different marinades – teriyaki, curry…your green tea and honey recipe sounds good!

  50. I would love a tofu press. I have made all of your tofu recipes but have pressed the tofu the old fashion way! They are delicious regardless:)

  51. Okay, I’m in! I’m in love with baking tofu for sandwiches. I will post a recipe on my blog about this in the next month if you’re interested ;)

  52. A tofu press would be great as right now I put tofu between two plates and weigh it
    down with a stack of books! I typically will either back it or cook on my grill pan with
    either a brush of real maple syrup and black pepper or will use a peanut marinade.
    I’ve been wanting to try your honey pumpkin recipe as I have Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter.


  53. Just plain tofu plus a little soy sauce or Chinese vegetarian oyster sauce :] (i think it’s oyster sauce…or was it mushroom..xD)
    Or adding half a tofu into smoothies if I run out of soymilk

  54. I love marinated baked tofu–and a press would definitely make the prep much easier! I also like silken tofu made into chocolate pudding

  55. I use soy milk in my smoothies for the added protein. I prefer the taste over dairy. And, being 99.9% vegetarian, I’ve just started incorporating tofu into my meals. This would be a fun addition!

  56. I have been waiting to try tofu since I have been intimidated by the pressing process since I don’t have a press-and don’t really want to buy a press until I know I like tofu! I have always admired all of your tofu recipes and look forward to trying them. Mama Pea also has some great looking tofu recipes! Yum!

  57. I love making chocolate tofu protein mousse! Silken tofu, cocoa powder, Arbonne protein shake mix(20 grams protein, 9grams sugar, and low carb!), almond milk. Simple! Vegan, gf!!

  58. I remember seeing the press ages ago around the sphere, but couldn’t justify the cost. Would love to win! Def worth the cupboard space for me.

    I’m one of those weirdos that could eat tofu cold. Kinda funky. Def an aquired taste. If I have the time, I like to marinate my (thinly sliced) tofu in a blend of spices, hot sauce, soy sauce & honey. Bake @ 400 20 min, flip and 20 min more. I still need to try in on the bbq.

  59. Awesome give away! Oh my gosh.. this thing would not go a DAY without use in my house.

    I LOVE tofu broiled with peanut sauce, balsamic, or BBQ… but I also love it raw and mixed into salads, soups. I’m definitely going to experiment more this summer with grilling it. Also, shakes and smoothies are great with it too!

  60. Wow, Aveire how cool is this!!!! I love the new blog and now look at this sweet tofu machine… i love it.

  61. I enjoy drinking vanilla soy milk each morning with breakfast. I often use it to make my green smoothies. I also really enjoy tofu & black bean enchiladas.

  62. I have been wanting a tofu press for 2 years now! My favorite tofu recipe involves honey, lime, curry, and a bed of veggies. Yum!!

  63. I definitely need one of these!! I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 years now, and i almost never make anything with tofu since pressing it is so messy!

  64. I have made several of your tofu recipes and they turn out great, but I know they would turn out even better with that tofu press.

  65. I recently decided to switch to a completely plant-based diet. I have always loved soy though! I love tofu scrambles and using silken tofu in smoothies! I would love a tofu press though to grill up some thick slabs! :)

  66. i lovee to broil it and i make your peanut sauce alot of the time because its addictive! this wud be awesome to get i use a stack of books lol

  67. Your recipes kick butt with tofu!
    My personal weakness is soyrizo, but recently I discovered a delicious recipe.
    Using a Boca original vegan patty, I slice it up and take a few slices of red onion and tomato, and make a quick tzatziki sauce and stuff it all in a pita pocket. It tastes exactly like a gyro and is half the calories!

  68. Ohhhh… I would LOVE a Tofu Xpress!! Right now I am using two cutting boards and a heavy book !:-) My favorite way to make tofu is to marinate my tofu in Dr. Braggs, lime juice, minced garlic, and red pepper flakes. I then chop the tofu into small cubes and throw in an iron skillet to brown. Towards the end I add chopped peanuts, just to toast. I serve the tofu mixture rolled in romaine lettuce and a quick peanut sauce I whip up with peanut butter, rice wine vinegar, garlic and more red pepper. (You can skip the peanuts and sauce, if allergic!)

    My husband is a pretty picky eater and not only did he eat the entire batch I made but asked me to make it again the following week!

  69. I love tofu in my veggie stir frys.. I’m pretty sure i’m the only person ever to like tofu in it’s simple form! ;-)

  70. My favorite is tofu salad. I freeze and defrost a block of tofu, then squeeze out the water and crumble it. I add chopped celery and apple. I then add a mixture of Vegenaise, tamari, lemon juice, and kelp powder. It make s great sandwich.

  71. A tofu press would be amazing, I love just having a classic tofu scramble with lots of veggies and italian seasonings.

  72. I like to freeze tofu, thaw it in the fridge, get the water out (need help w this!!) and then cover in a miso + tahini + soy sauce + agave + grated ginger + apple cider vinegar blend….cook in a little olive oil…delicious!

  73. Love love love tofu! Especially with peanut sauce or grilled in a sandwich!

    I’m also a huge fan of tempeh in tacos or marinara — so good!!

  74. My favorite way to make tofu is in pad thai. My favorite pad thai recipe comes from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. It’s amazing! So are a lot of other recipes in that book if you’re interested.

  75. I like to press, marinate, and grill my tofu. I love trying out different marinades! Your pumpkin honey tofu sounds amazing!

  76. I’m a big fan of baked tofu (I top it with whatever spice I want on a particular day); then I pack it and nibble away during my busy day. I have a feeling that a tofu press would make it so much yummier!

  77. I love to have tofu in a lot of things like curry, veg & tofu stir fry, etc… but sometimes I just want a silk tofu with soysauce, finely chopped green onions and little bit of minced ginger on top! Japanese way to eat it :)

  78. I have to press my tofu really well in order to love it (I can’t handle the mush factor). Right now, I’m putting my old Biochem books to great use;) I love bbq tofu wraps with coleslaw!

  79. My usual tofu dish is lovingly known as slimy, greasy, baked tofu. It is a very simple recipe which involves cutting a pound of tofu into 8 slices then marinating for 15 minutes (while oven heats) in tamari. The tofu is then dusted with nutritional yeast on both sides and olive oil is drizzled on top along with a healthy measure of lemon juice. The tofu is baked for 25 minutes on each side in a 410F oven.

  80. The best tofu I’ve ever eaten was prepared using your mango ginger maple tofu recipe. It is delicious!

  81. I NEED that thing! I would love it. Unlike you, i actually LOVE raw uncooked tofu. I prefer it! Love the flavor. I like to stir it into a pumpkin curry (5 minute meal). Dee-lish!

  82. I would love a tofu press. I have wanted them for a while. I eat tofu primarily in soups and use it weekly.

  83. I put tofu chunks on my lunch salad or in a stir-fry with mixed veggies and rice for a delicious, protein-packed meal! A tofu press would be so helpful in meal prep =)

  84. ahhh the first thing i would do is make this lemongrass tofu…it’s an idea i’ve had for forever but had no tofu press to put it into action!

  85. My favorite way to eat tofu is to just broil it for 10 minutes! Makes it crispy and firm.
    (you should see my current tofu “press” – it’s a stack of cookbooks on top of a cutting board. this would be an amazing upgrade!)

  86. I’ve been wanting a tofu press for ages, I don’t know why they’re so expensive! I’ve made your mango ginger maple tofu a bunch of times, so easy and tasty on top of a salad or rice!

  87. I really think I could use one of those suckers. I used to do a ghetto set up with bricks but then started the dry-searing method. And that works, but sometimes it doesn’t work as well as the pressing does. I don’t have a favorite way to make or use tofu – just know I like it super firm and maybe a little caramelized.