I have been obsessed with become passionate about photography lately in case you haven’t noticed.  I decided to create a Photography Page to keep all my photography posts organized and for easier search-ability in case anyone wants to read over my various photography posts.

Some recent posts…

My food styling and photography workshop last weekend helped to fuel my new passion.

open hamburger with tomatoes, mushroom, cheese, and lettuce

Earlier in the week I made Lightbounces which was the best 60 second and $3 dollar DIY project I’ve ever done.

lightbounces: white panels put up

A couple weeks back I was in hot pursuit of linens and pretty backdrops for my photos.   I found some vintage scarves I’ve been loving.

pink, blue, purple and green, and yellow scarves

Cute dishes that I can find on the cheap are always on my brain, too.

floral patterned dishes with ribbonsfloral patterned bowls
And I’ve reviewed books Here and Here on Food Styling and Photography

Food Styling for Photographers by Linda Bellingham and Jean Ann BybeeFood Styling by Delores Custer cover

But one thing I realized after my Food Styling &Photography Workshop was that I needed a tripod.

There is no way to get these types of shots, for me at least, without using one.

Pasta salad in green bowl

My hands are just not steady enough to hold my very heavy camera + big lens steady enough with the appropriate camera settings I need to use to get uber crisp and clear shots like these without a tripod.

open hamburger with tomatoes, mushroom, cheese, and lettuce

Angel food cake with whipped cream and berries

I had posted previously that I was contemplating getting a tripod but was on the fence.  But I realized that getting one would improve the quality of my photos, so I decided to order this tripod from CSN Stores.  I had some money as a store credit so I applied that plus used my own funds, and was able to get this previously pricey tripod (that was already marked way down) for a very reasonable sum.

Black tripod

It has what’s called a pistol grip head, meaning rather than using separate knobs to tip, tilt, and adjust the tripod’s head, I can just squeeze the trigger, and move the entire head in one fell swoop.  Such a time saver and major convenience factor added not having to deal with multiple dials and knobs.

top of Black tripod

Just screw the big DSLR camera in and get ready to shoot.  I can tell you just from having it a few days, I love it!  The pistol grip head makes this tripod way easier to use, less things to fiddle with and less wasted time trying to screw two sets of “controls” and tilts in place.

top of black tripod with screw


I plan to use the tripod for what I call “Photo Shoot Worthy Food”.  Meaning, for food I plan to shoot that I developed the recipe from scratch, took pictures of all the stages of the process, and plan to post the pictures to Foodgawker, Tastespotting, or Serious EatsI don’t intend to break out the tripod to shoot a picture of salad.

No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

Rice Pudding with Raisins

Rice Pudding with Raisins in ramekins

No Bake Nutter Butter Special K Bars

Nutter Butter Special K Bars stacked


And when I’m done with the tripod, it packs up neatly in this carrying bag.   I put it in the closet to keep my living space clutter free because I hate clutter and visual disarray.

black barska carrying bag

From my last post featuring Soup, Salad, Dips, and Savory Recipes I’ve seen lately, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and recipe compilation!  It was fun hearing what you’ve been making or seen lately that has you inspired.


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

I had a glorious day with Skylar in the 82F degree sunny weather.  We spent lots of time outside, played, laughed and had a wonderful time.

2. Do you have a tripod?  If so, do you like it or use it often?  If not, do you want one?

Lots of you answered in the comments section here, but feel free to chime in again.

3. Tell me something fun that’s going on in your world!

I am going back outside to enjoy the day

palm trees and blue sky

And then I’m going to pick up a few ingredients at the store for a recipe I’m working on…

Enjoy your weekend!

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