We’re Here!

Well in an effort to not be a chatty Cathy on this post because yeah, I’ve been bustin’ a hump unpacking, I will just try to give you the highlights.  For all of you who missed my last post, I moved.  Across state lines and became a homeowner.  Hell freaking yes!!! to quote my dear friend Miss VG.

Anyway, holed up in a Scottsdale condo waiting for our house to be ready, some of the things we munched were salads with greens, cukes, carrots, & tomatoes

And then B.S. with tomatoes, carrots, greens, cukes, dressed with OJ, agave, and cracked black.

And then without my BFF Sunny W, I think I woulda crashed and burned.

Ever spent a few days in a hotel room or a smallish confined space after driving 6 hours with a 2 year old?  Oh it was a trip.  That’s fa sure.  At least she was laughing and not crying.  Can you say punchy?  But she looks good munching her organic apples nonetheless.

And of course brekky cookies helped calm my irritated soul.  1 scoop vanilla Sunny W, 1/3 c oats, 2 packets of Splenda (yep, that’s all I could pilfer from the lobby coffee station), drizzle of agave, 1 small mashed nanna.  Going into the fridge it looked like this

And coming out with watermelon piled on it.  Food combiners, you should be happy I ate the watermelon first.   I just didn’t wait 2 hours to polish off the cookie.  Oh well, my GI tract forgave me this time.  Oh and yes, I put it all in the freezer for an hour or so…love me some icey wawwa melon.

Onto the move.  Well, the move-in went.  I wouldn’t say it went well.  I have moved 8 times in 10 years.  All with moving crews.  I have to say the crew that moved us in yesterday really had anger management issues.  Boy were those fellas crabby.  To put it mildly.  That, or plotting terrorist operations in their spare time.  Either way, I don’t plan to move again.  For decades.  There I wrote it.  We are staying put! 

Here’s the kitch, excuse the clutter but we just moved in.  And like an anal freak, I stayed up til 3am unpacking my kitchen.  My Type A self would have nothing other.

Funny that this is a pretty pimp range.  Guess I forgot to tell the builder I’m pretty much raw and could he give me a credit on an Excalibur 9 tray instead?  Or maybe throw in a GreenStar for good measure?

Yoga yoga, dear lord I have needed to practice breath control and calming techniques the past few months.  Here was one of my last practices in San Diego.  Eka pada sirsasana.


Tip of the Day:  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll plug my Zevia Contest again.  And I will offer you up the tip of bringing familiar foods on road trips.  Common sense, but I totally feel like shitskey if I am not only physically out of my element, but if my food choices are outta the norm, that would just push me over my daily limit.  

What’s everyone doing this Labor Day?  Tell me about all the awesome parties you’re going to and hopefully none of you have to bring awesome food to potlucks only to get there and find that the other people brought Ruffles, Diet Coke, and meat on buns.

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  1. This is my Entry #3:

    I have linked back to this giveaway on my blog, Peaceandpeanutbutter.wordpress.com

  2. New to your blog AND LOVES it!! I want to win Chia Seeds. Please.Please.Please.

  3. I would love win chia seeds! I have been dying to try them!!

  4. This is my Entry #1 because I just left this comment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I have been wanting to try these. They are so hard to find! This is entry #1.

  6. This is entry #2 since I'm now following your blog. :)

  7. This is entry #3. I posted the giveaway on Twitter. @audravann

  8. Oh no, I missed this one! Hope it's still going on… I've only cooked with chia seeds a couple times, but I made pudding both times and they were fab! Seriously one of the best desserts ever.

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