Considering it’s Labor Day, I think I will try to keep this bloggie post brief so I’m not laboring too long at the ole ‘puter.  There’s more fun stuff to do, you know, like labor unpacking boxes.  Fun times no doubt.  What’s everyone up to today?

I’m glad that you enjoyed my shopping bonanza post and I promise to report back about all the creative eats I plan to make with my new gadgets!  I am sooo excited for some variety in this crib.  And I have only been waiting a few months to make Gena’s zuke & marinara spread, and the peanut noodle action, so the spiralizer is key.  I am so glad to hear some of you have it, own it, dig it.  Awesome!

I made a nice bowl of overnight oats for Scott.  Soaked 1/3 c dry oats in 2/3 c vanilla almond milk overnight.  Then added a handful of chopped apple pieces & nuked.  Then, stirred in some raisins, cinn & brown shug and things were still lookin’ fairly healthy…

Green bowl full of overnight oats

Scott’s not vegan nor fully dairy free, if that’s not self-evident from the Cool Whip blob.  But the really nice touch, was the TJ’s Sunflower Seed Buttah which I’ve been drooling over lately as you’ve read.

Overnight oats topped with whipped cream and sunflower seed butter

I surprised him & his MacTop with some Sunbutter-n-CoolWhippy-Topped Oats

Overnight oats topped with whipped cream and sunflower seed butter next to laptop 

 I had some javalicious coffee from the nice people at Oh Nuts.  They sent me some French Roast to sample.  I am mostly raw, but not on the morning java, and after drinking their French Roast, I am very happy to partake in coffee drinking.

Package of Oh Nuts French Roast Coffee

This cup of caffiene was smooth, bold, rich, deep.  Really good!  I don’t like weak coffee.  I don’t even like middle of the road blends, I like ’em rich-n-dark, kinda how Kim Kardashian likes her men.  This coffee gets a gold star.  Thanks Oh Nuts!

Mug full of French Roast Coffee on countertop with package in background

During the middle of the day we went shopping to West Elm.  And I was a very, very bad girl.  But bad girls have all the fun.  After things are delivered and assembled, I’ll show off my loot.  You think the Real Housewives like to shop?  Honey, those girls got nothing on me.

Dinner was alot smoother tonight than last night’s salad dressing mishap.  The eats were standard rabbit protocol.
Big salad of greens, carrots, orange & yellow pepps, tomatos, & dulse flake action.

Greens salad with diced vegetables and Dulse flakes

Also featured was a rainbow-colored salad that would make any Pride Parade attendee stand up and shout, I Do!

Mixed rainbow vegetable salad with greens

This one had B.S., greens, carrots, tomatos, yellow & orange pepps, and dressed with OJ, agave, and cracky blacky.

Mixed vegetables in dressing

Also scored free flowers from the grocery store after Skylar slipped and fell on some water they didn’t mop up.  Ironically this is the singular vase I did not donate to GoodWill before we moved.  And it came in handy on Day 2 in the new abode.

Vase of purple flowers on countertop

Guess they figured we’d sue their ghettobooties but since this little monkey is always dancing and I can’t even get a clear camera focus on her…

Young Girl smiling in kitchen

…the grocery store is safe from legal action, and the munchkin is totally fine.  And the flowers are pretty.

Young Girl standing behind countertop in kitchen

Yoga time.  This goes out to my faithful reader and commenter, Hayley, who mentioned she’s working on crane, aka bakasana.  Here I am craning.  Lean forward my friends, don’t faceplant, but lean farther forward than you think.  You will never get your back half off the ground well or for long if you don’t look-n-lean forward.

Woman doing the crane yoga pose


Tip of the Day: Kristin is having a Chia Seed GiveAway, go check her out and getcha self entered!

P.S. Thanks for all the Zevia Contest entries and the winners were announced here.  Go see if you Got Lucky!  

Speaking of gettin’ lucky, do you consider yourself a lucky person?  I do not.  Normally, I don’t win things or just have the lucky mo-jo goin’ on that some people do.  I always say, I make my own luck.  Do you think you’re lucky?

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