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One day I’d like to be a homeowner in San Diego. I’ve owned many homes over the years in various states, but right now I’m a renter. San Diego and most of California is a tough place to save enough for a down payment, but I’m trying.

As I daydream about the kind of house I’d like to own, the kind of appliances I’d like to put into said home are of great importance.

Whirlpool kitchen

Whirlpool is unveiling four new products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 7-10. They design products that fit seamlessly into life and focus three pillars: Connection, Expression, and Innovation.

The Four New Products

1. Interactive Cooktop – When your cooktop can browse the internet and connect with your social network, the kitchen becomes a hub of communication and exploration within the home and beyond. Entertaining is revolutionized when you can plan your dinner party on the same device that cooks the meal. Invite and monitor your guest list, search for recipes, and make phone calls without leaving your kitchen island or using multiple devices. For now, this is a concept-only product.

Whirlpool cooktop

2. Designer Duets – Bye, bye boring laundry room. The new Duet® Designer Series from Whirlpool® let’s your personal style shine with a collection of bold and beautiful designs to complement every look. Up your design aesthetic with a laundry pair that’s as fashionable as you with frontloading washers and dryers come in a variety of colors. Nobody helps you get laundry done faster than Whirlpool so you can focus on the things that matter.

Throughout the week of CES, consumers will have the chance to win a custom laundry pair of their own with the You Be The Designer Sweepstakes!

Create your perfect Duet® Design and enter for a chance to win a new Duet® Washer and Dryer!

Whirlpool laundry room

3. CoolVox Refrigerator – With the new CoolVox™ sound system refrigerator concept, enabled by Bluetooth® wireless technology and the impeccable sound of Harman Kardon Speakers, you can play music and podcasts through the refrigerator directly from streaming through Bluetooth®-enabled devices, such as your mp3 player, tablet, or computer. There’s no need for extra wires, cords or speakers because this is all housed within the refrigerator. Whirlpool refrigerator 4. MaxArt Microwave – In a unique showing of how design, art, and appliances can come together to create a functional piece of work representative of culture, Whirlpool® collaborated with two artists in Mexico to turn a daily-used appliance into an object of desire. Local art collective Los Contratistas turned a set of 50 Whirlpool microwaves into a colorful, modular installation representative of Mexican culture using graffiti techniques. The final pieces work together to create a unique take on the modern day appliance, enriched by culture, design and the arts. For now, this is a concept-only product. Whirlpool® 20/20 also brings its future-focused inspiration to consumers not attending the show with ongoing updates from the show floor at their digital hub http://ces.whirlpool.com

Whirlpool appliances

Follow the new products on Twitter @intlCES using the #Whirlpool2020 #WhirlpoolCES #CES2014 hashtags.

  • Since Whirlpool 20/20 is all about a future focused on you, we, want to hear your ideas for it. Tell us your idea for the future  for your home and be entered to win a $1,000 grand prize.

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  1. I would just love a new stove, refrigerator, or washer and dryer…I need them all and new kitchen to go with it.

  2. An appliance that could self diagnose and tell you ahead of time if a part was starting to fail before it totally stops working would be a great product.

  3. If I owned my own home, I would love to have heated floors in my bathroom and a small electric fireplace in every bedroom, a large kitchen with two ovens and built in freezer in the cabinets in the kitchen and every home should come with a built in panic room or bomb shelter on their property, bay windows in the living room and glass panel doors in the kitchen with a screened porch
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  4. A connected home is definitely picking up steam. A connected kitchen built around conserving power consumption and convenience is ideal. I would love to have product that I can communicate with via my phone or computer.

  5. Televison and can browse the internet on the microwave door. This would let you watch cooking shows or lookup recipes while you cook.

  6. My future home will have all of my appliances matching each other in brand, year, etc. I have never had this. LOL

  7. I would love to someday have all energy efficient appliances and all matching appliances!! I also want my fridge to order food for me !!

  8. My future is to be better organized, so I have less of a mess to clean, would love a product that also took care of the things is washed!

  9. All of my appliances would be more energy efficient and all would have a touchscreen interface along with being able to be controlled from an app on my phone.

  10. the future of my home is prolly falling to the ground.it is rotten in the floors and the ceiling leaking.i would like to build a home but cant afford to right now.but i hope to seal the roof and paint and fix the floor.i am greatful we have a warm place to lay our head and call home.

  11. i would love to have a modern updated kitchen with great appliances ,mine is from 1970..my future home would have a self cleaning microwave

  12. I would love a itemize fridge to put in dates of items and see what is past their date of expiration.

  13. Not so much for me, but for my grandma: my dream is to get her a working oven and new washer/dryer… at 89 she shouldn’t be filling her washing machine with a dish pan full of water for each load of laundry (start AND rise).

  14. I would love to put the focus on organization and easy clean-up. More flexibility in being able to customize the layout of my refrigerator, along with easier access to clean drawers, corners, etc. A stove and/or oven with a warming section/drawer, along with larger window and brighter light so I could more clearly check on items baking without having to open the door.

  15. Tell us your idea for the future for your home : the future of my home includes a complete kitchen makeover. we are so limited on counter and cupboard space and the layout doesn’t lend itself to having more than one person in the room at the same time. my girls love to “help” so I’d look for kid-friendly adaptations of everyday tools and techniques; not only lower drawers and doors for their easy access, but also built in steps and stools to bring them to counter-height throughout the kitchen.

  16. My ideal is a professional grade gas stove with a hood (and a bigger kitchen) and an energy efficient fridge with a bottom drawer freezer.

  17. The future of my home would be appliances that kept me organized. I’d love to have places for things like odd shaped bottles. My new fridge doesn’t have tall enough side panel shelves. I’d love those to be adjustable.

  18. My future dream kitchen would have a tv built into the fridge so I could watch my favorite shows while I cook.

  19. I’d like to remodel the kitchen in my 100 year old house to make it more energy efficient and open to the back yard and garden. The kitchen dates from the 60’s with dark fake-paneling cabinets, orange Formica countertops, groovy paisley wallpaper and faux brick flooring. I currently have an empty space where a dishwasher would love to be. Please help me make a lovely, efficient kitchen with light and space!

  20. I’m having a hard time deciding what I like best. Maybe they could all learn to cooperate and do the shopping, laundry & cooking together (remember Rosie from the Jetsons?)

  21. With 2 young kids, I need a kitchen that is functional but also sturdy and kid-proof! I need appliances that don’t show fingerprints easily and can withstand my kids running things into them without denting or showing marks


  22. I would love a fridge that could tell me when I am almost out of my daily items (especially when my husband tells me about it way later ;))

  23. my refrigerator is over 15 years old so not very energy efficient so would love to upgrade that. I would also love to switch my electric stove out for a gas one, I love to cook and gas is the best. I would also love to add some solar powered panels onto my home to make it more energy efficient while cutting down my electric bills.

  24. I would love to save on energy at my house, and have easier ways to keep it clean! anything to help me out!!

  25. I’d love a slow cooker that worked with me. I am a full time, working mom, so a slow cooker is a great tool. But even the ones with the timers, can leave my food a bit dried out by the time I get home. I’d love one that would start cooking with enough time to be done by the time I get home, not just on warm, like the one I currently have.

  26. As a mom of two young children, who forget their age sometimes and think they are teenagers who can do it all “by myself”, I’d love a kitchen that is safe for them to explore, while allowing them the freedom to do things on their own (ie. grab a glass of water, scour the pantry without risk of items falling or fingers getting caught in doors, and even get their own yogurts for an afternoon snack). I love innovation, but since becoming a mother I have realized the importance of functional innovation that helps not only me succeed, but also my kids!

  27. I would love a coffeemaker that could sense when I woke and brew at that exact moment!


  28. My future dream house should have a smart fridge & energy star appliances & automatically turn-off all appliance by touch screen like ipad!!

  29. We would love to have every room in our house connected wirelessly for tv/intenet/music. And also build a deck and outdoor kitchen as an extension of the indoor kitchen and have it connected also. It would be awesome for us to be able to keep a shopping list on the refrigerator that could be updated anywhere, at the fridge, at the stove, the outdoor kitchen area, or any other room in the house.

  30. When we buy a house I want a big kitchen with a big island, big pantry, and stainless steel appliances! I want the kitchen to have big windows so there’s a lot of natural light! :))

  31. I really would love to update my kitchen and laundry room! My appliances are so old and my 2014 challenge is change for a new life!

  32. My future home needs a much quieter ice maker. Our fridge doesn’t have a hook-up, so we have a free standing ice maker that rattles. A quieter one would make for much more pleasant entertaining and a quieter daily life!

  33. My dream home would be made with sustainable, energy efficient materials and designed to discourage clutter and encourage composting and recycling. I envision an area in the kitchen with built-in composting and recycle bins. Maybe they could even be emptied from outside to avoid mess…

  34. I’d love to have talking cookbooks that you can give oral commands to, like “wait” (while you measure an ingredient). Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I see a future where my husband could actually figure out that the dishwasher needed to be unloaded. And since THAT is totally out of the realm of reality….how about a freezer I could contact that would get something out so I could cook it when I get home?

  36. In a dream world, I’d have a dishwasher that had magic scrubs so I’d never have to let another pan soak in the sink for hours!

  37. It’s my dream to one day have a kitchen that will prepare everything for me and then wash dishes afterwards. It’d be so nice to walk in at 5pm to dinner cooking on its own!

  38. I would Love to have kitchen appliances with a generator or battery backup so I would never lose perishables

  39. For the future of my home, I would love to refit my kitchen and laundry room with energy efficient appliances.

  40. I would like energy efficient appliances and lights in my house.
    I would also like heated floors in every room in our house.

  41. An interactive stove top would be a fun thing to have. Also a digital pad on the refrigerator would be something fun to think about. You can add grocery list as you check things out on the fridge.

  42. The interactive cooktop would be most beneficial to my home. Like an open design for the heart of my home.

  43. My future house will have a fridge and stove connected to the internet so I can have it do all the cooking when I punch it into phone. But I do LOVE the CoolVox Refrigerator and would love one of these. We buy nothing other than Whirlpool products.

  44. I want to see more energy efficient appliances in the future for my home and ones that can clean themselves.

  45. I really like my house the way it is-My idea for the interactive cooktop is a voice that says< "ok, we got this-you go sit down and have a glass of wine, and we';; call you when everything is ready." I guess what I really want is a wife!

  46. Wow all the new stuff is cool but the interactive cooktop would be perfect for me. If my sweepstakes entry won me anything I would pick that first!

  47. I want a refrigerator that is internet connected with a screen on the door for recipes and food inventory.

  48. My future house will have a very open floor plan. Lots of light colors, white and different shades of blue. A huge kitchen (even though I’m not much of a cook yet) and most importantly a very large master suite with a big enough closet for all my clothes.

  49. My future house would not only have a fridge that keeps track of the food inside, makes a grocery list, and THEN does the shopping for me! That’d be amazing :) In the distant future, I’m looking forward to replicators that make everything as you need it and reabsorbs the waste when you’re done! :D

  50. eco-friendly appliances and materials, can run by computer remotely (for example, turn on oven so warm when get home to put supper in)
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  51. I would like to have an interactive home that can audibly read off my daily checklist to me in each room that I enter.

  52. I would like an oven that has sensors to prevent items from burning. Ideally it’d also be able to sense when something is done cooking and automatically shut off.

  53. I want to have a self cleaning microwave and a refrigerator that can tell me when that yogurt on the back shelf has gone bad

  54. I love natural light more than anything! It’s a decorating dream and great for photos (and keeping a smile on your face!). So that’s my number one priority – make way for more natural light.

  55. A future fantasy of my kitchen would be one that cleans itself and cooks for me when I’m not there! Lol more realistically, I like the kitchen atmosphere of the pictures in this post.

  56. my future home would have solar panels and a whole house fan. I also would like to start a compost pile and a garden that I would water with rain water stored from the winter .Also new smart appliances of course and a kitchen remodel .

  57. A cabin out in the woods, with a country kitchen with all new energy-efficient appliances…Oh to dream!!

  58. My idea would be to have a computer screen easily accessible in the kitchen, like on the microwave or outside of the cabinets. This would be great for reading recipes at the same time as preparing the meal.

  59. My future kitchen has all my appliances updated! And I want a drawer so I can collect all my recycleables, so they aren’t visible in my kitchen!

  60. My idea for the future of my home is to purchase new appliances and home systems as often as possible and afforded in order to take advantage of new technology and efficiency.

  61. I think that it would be great if our appliances, such as a refrigerator could be customized on the inside, before delivery, to suit our everyday needs. Shelving according to the consumer’s specifications.

  62. I would love a larger kitchen. At this time I have a galley that only lends for one person to be in at a time. It is right off the garage so it gets a bit crowded. I would love a new dishwasher. I would love new carpeting where it is needed. I would love for the bathrooms which have been in a state of renovation for a bit now to be completed.

  63. I think it is an awesome idea to be able to create the look of your washer and dryer. This way you can make it a piece of decor in your home.

  64. These are gorgeous appliances for the home. My idea for the future for my home would be able to remotely control the appliances when I’m out. I know some of those features are available already. I would love to turn on the AC/heat a little before I arrive home so the home is comfy. Or be able to “check” what’s in the fridge while I’m grocery shopping so I know what to buy, etc.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  65. A refrigerator that keeps track of everything that’s inside of it and when they’ll expire. It can give you warning messages when things are going to go bad soon. (I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of forgotten foods that sat spoiled in the back of our fridges for far too long.)

  66. My future kitchen would have easy access recipes that I had archived with the option to to instruct as cooking (i.e. read the recipe to me when prompted for steps.) It would save a lot of time from sorting through my disorganized binders full of recipes that I had printed off the internet, and keep the papers from getting splattered with my cooking and baking!

  67. I think for the future, it would be great to have my on line recipe right at my finger tips in an easily accessed area. Maybe a screen right on my refrigerator since for me, that is right in the middle of my cooking area. Right now I use my iPhone and have to constantly keep pushing the home button when it goes black while I stir, or boil, etc.

  68. My future kitchen would have all of the top of the line appliances with all the up to date features such as Wi-Fi. Everything would be beautiful and sleek.

  69. My future dream kitchen would contain all stainless steel appliances, and tons of counter space to cook and entertain. An island with plenty of bar stools around it is a must as well!

  70. My future home with have new stainless steel kitchen appliances, granite countertops, a wine fridge, and lots of space to bake and cook while entertaining friends and family. A new washer and dryer is also much needed.

  71. I would love one appliance in my laundry room. One that washes and dries. No more having to rewash clothes because I forgot a load in the washing machine for a day!

  72. Since we are renting an apartment, the plans for the future of my home are mostly cosmetic. I’d love to get more picture on the
    walls, frame all the wonderful prints I’ve collected and the things I’ve made over the years. I want to make my home more of a home rather than just a place to live.

  73. A kitchen I would love would be one that had very efficient appliances that would allow efficient usage of space! thanks for a chance to win! kmassman gmail

  74. For my home, I want it to be warm and inviting. Clean, not cluttered. I want it to looked lived in not stark and white.

  75. I would love to switch all my kitchen appliances to stainless steel, that would be the best, oh and a double oven would be more than nice!

  76. This would be amazing, I love the look of these appliances! I would love to just update my kitchen with new appliances and a little more counter space, maybe with an island

  77. My future kitchen would include a beautiful pantry (yes, I want a pretty one), and expanded space to include a large sitting/gathering/eating area to enjoy time with family and friends. Functional space, that’s all I really need!

  78. I one day dream of a kitchen with more storage space, a bigger pantry and enough room to have the kids run around without bumping into something/someone :)

  79. Someday I will have a fridge with a bottom freezer, a two drawer dishwasher and a gas stove that has infinite graduation instead of discrete steps.

  80. My idea for the future of my home: I would actually like to own a home of my own, firstly, and if I did have a home, I would want solar panels on the roof, and all energy-saving appliances in the kitchen, laundry room, sensor faucets throughout, excellent venting system over the gas range, and a nice open layout that makes moving around in the house, a breeze :)
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  81. I too want to own my own place one day. My dream is to find an old house with a lot of character and restore it and just in case it doesn’t already have one, I’d love a big library.

  82. I’d love a fridge that not only cleans itself but let me know when I’m running out of something or something is about to expire.

  83. I miss my gas stove so I can’t wait to have it back. Stainless steel … And a great big double door fridge!!!!

  84. I would love to have granite tops with alot of counter space, all stainless steel appliances to include a gas stove and a large pantry.

  85. my future kitchen will have loads of storage space, tons of counter space, and lots of things that do double duty – like a hidden sink that can have counter space over it or drawers that pull out for extra space/serving space.

  86. I currently have stainless steel whirlpool appliances and love them. My cook top heats up quickly, but the new cook top looks state of the art! I also would upgrade to a double oven, maybe a warming drawer. Whirlpool makes great appliances!

  87. I would love to update my stove & refrigerator they are about 15 yrs old or older and they aren’t energy efficient.

  88. My dream kitchen would be in basic white, neat, clean, uncluttered with lots of work space!

  89. I would love a large kitchen with all white appliances, a space for every item, with a wall of windows facing south so I could grow all my herbs right in my own kitchen…. awe… to dream.

  90. That new fridge/freezer is stunning! It would make any kitchen look incredible. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  91. I dream of having a kitchen where the fridge does not freeze the lettuce, and the counter tops are the right height!

  92. I love the idea of NOT having stainless steel in my kitchen. Both my fridge and stove are on their last legs (so, though, am I) and I’m anxious for the choices that aren’t stainless.

  93. I would LOVE to remodel our kitchen. It is so small but has so much potential for more space, storage and beautiful appliances! A double oven is on the top of my list.

  94. My future/dream kitchen has all stainless steel appliances. Dishwasher with the hidden controls, freezer on the bottom frig, and six burner, double oven gas stove.

  95. My future plans for my kitchen includes a gas range, new paint and a dinning table. Gotta cook and eat somewhere.

  96. I want to be a homeowner too. I would LOVE a beautiful, big kitchen. I want lots of counter space and a coffee bar area.

  97. As for my kitchen, I would really like a gas stove, We have had an electric for so long and gas is my wish. All stainless steel would be perfect for matching I think. All new appliances is also needed since we have not had new ones since we moved in decades ago!

  98. My future kitchen would be all stainless steel with lots of counter space and cupboards. My husband does a lot of the cooking and he is just waiting for his chance to buy a gas stove. Our kitchen now if fairly small but we plan on reinventing it this winter. New paint, backdrop and the such. But the appliances will have to wait. Happy New Year!!

  99. i would love to design my own kitchen — open concept so I can interact with my family even while cooking and baking. I’d love a well-designed refrigerator with lots of space and a smart interior layout. I’d also appreciate an expansive stove top that would allow me to multi-task and use all burners at once.

  100. I would love to get new appliances in our kitchen. We’ve just bought a new home in the last few months, so I’m definitely looking forward to doing some renovations :-)

  101. My Future Home will have a Washer & Dryer Upstairs, A Double Oven and a Prep Sink near the Cooktop. Since I will not be doing any of these things for quite awhile, I will also add the Interactive Cooktop. That is AMAZING!!!! By the time I am ready it will no longer be a concept ;0)

  102. oh how i wish for a new w/d pair front load ( first new 3m baby to have to wash clothes for) and a dishwasher with baby bottle spot that also hun hardens water. I hate washing by hand with a food disposal.

  103. I want a new layout- get rid of the breakfast nook and expand the kitchen to have a counter. I’d love all new appliances including a 2 drawer dishwasher, double oven, and coolvox fridge. Plus, I’d like a crockpot that can be built in to the counter – with a cutting board that can sit on top when the crockpot isn’t in use (to be level with the counter) or pulled out to chop everything (which could then be scraped into the crockpot). Hmmm, I just came up with that and it’d be kind of brilliant!

  104. I live in NYC so I don’t have a kitchen. I have a pretend kitchonette. LOL. Anything is a dream compaired.

  105. My dream kitchen would have matching appliances, new cabinets and be “intuitive” if there could be such a thing. Right now I have a combination kitchen with things from 1976 — the stove and cabinets and a 2013 refrigerator. Ideally although the cabinets are really worn… I’d love to have the appliances match!

  106. I would love a wide open floor plan throughout all my home with the kitchen and living area being the focus of the main floor. I would have a built in breakfast nook with bench style window seating, french doors that open out to the deck, a large separate island with built in cutting board, lots of lighting, and of course state of the art appliances and granite counter tops. Right now, I’d settle for my own kitchen–I currently share with 4 roommates!

  107. I would love a kitchen that is more like a professional galley – lots of prep space, stainless steel & tons of storage.

  108. We just purchased a “new to us” home. the cabinets need to be replaced but the size of the kitchen is nice. These appliances would look wonderful in our new home.

  109. I would love to update my kitchen. We just bought a new refrigerator, but everything else is still waiting to be replaced.

  110. We currently have a dining room and a dinette. I would like to remove the dinette thus expanding the kitchen to open it up a bit and make it more user friendly.

  111. my future kitchen needs to have a fridge that responds on command!! fridge, i am out of almond milk, please add it to my grocery list! fridge, please set my fridge temperature to NOT antartica! fridge, i’m too lazy to get up. please bring me some water ;)

    ok well, a girl can dream, right??

  112. We currently own a condo that we can’t wait to move out of. Our future home will have a kitchen that is the heart of the home. It will have beautiful functional appliances, white cabinets and a lovely tile backslash. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  113. I’d love to finish off our entry way closet so we have a ton of storage inside. It holds all of our winter gear & shoes!

  114. Wow! Unbelievable to have a cooktop and internet all in one. How does it protect itself from food splashes? Would love a new fridge – ours is out of a sitcom where you open door and all spills out! And I love color, no white countertops! Fingers crossed!

  115. I like the size of my kitchen as well as the layout. I just wish that the cabinets, countertops and appliances were updated.

  116. My kitchen could be more organized for all my kitchen tools. The CoolVox refrigerator is the only thing missing in my kitchen!

  117. My ideal kitchen would have more cupboard space, a much nicer microwave, new oven and a refrigerator that actually had enough room to store more than two cartons of milk!

  118. In my future kitchen I would love a gas range and an electric (double?) oven. I’d love a large refrigerator that has the perfect temperatures throughout for my various ingredients. I’d love a smart microwave that is actually smart enough to know how long and on what setting to cook foods. and the music in the fridge idea is pretty awesome too.

  119. I would like my house to have those ports to vacuum from every room and a fridge in the basement for sodas!

  120. My kitchen definitely needs something. Especially a new fridge with more room! Love the stove and could use that too.

  121. This kitchen would be a dream especially if it were in a house in San Diego. May your dreams come true! Love your blog & recipes

  122. I would love to win this…I have always wanted a dream kitchen, its one of most important rooms in my home. Food is love and what a beautiful area to represent that. To be able pick out a stove with a grill added into it, an oven with convection oven option, that would truly be a bonus to my dream kitchen.

  123. A future focused on me would would definitely include my husband and I moving out of my mother-in-laws house into our own. It’s time and we have saved up enough money so this Whirlpool grand prize would help a lot!

  124. My oh my, a new state -of- the- art kitchen. Well at this point I would be happy with a microwave that wasn’t created from the Flintstones era and a kitchen that offered me more than one countertop. For now I will continue to dream :)

  125. (To be sung to Wouldn’t It Be Loverly) All I want is a kitchen somewhere, far away from the cramp-ed spaces of my apartment kitchen…One enormous kitchen with lots of light and lots of state-of-the art equipment!

    P.s. Love the ideas of podcasts broadcasting via the fridge and reading my recipes off the stove top!

  126. My kitchen is so small. I would love a double oven, big nice electric stove, I would also love to do a white kitchen, I want white cupboards and a lighter granite in the kitchen. I would love a dishwasher with a disposal where I wouldn’t have to scrub every single piece of food off of every dish. Also a bright big kitchen.

  127. My future kitchen would be just to have my own kitchen. I presently rent a room and so badly need to have a kitchen of my own. This kitchen would have all Whirlpool appliances as the homes I’ve owned in the past had them. They withstand time. The appliances would all be stainless steel. Oh, I can dream of my future kitchen.

  128. My future home will have a big, airy kitchen with lots of natural light – and a kickass oven!

  129. It’s definitely time to put my kitchen into the future! After being married 45 years, an update is truly in order. I’d love that amazing refrigerator…we have such trouble with ours…and it has to be the kind that I can stick my grandson’s artwork on with magnets. (Not all refrigerators can do that anymore!) And plenty of counter space for rolling out cookies. And enough cabinets so that the counters can be clean to make the room look bigger. These sleek appliances are just the ticket!

  130. We really need new appliances. We’re using the side-by-side refrigerator we “inherited” when my parents down-sized in 1997 (who knows how old it was when we got it!) The freezer side isn’t wide enough to accommodate many of the items we’d like to store in the freezer.
    The built-in oven in our home isn’t big enough to accommodate my biggest cookie sheet (and we need to be careful pizza doesn’t touch the sides or back of the oven).
    I haven’t really mentioned a newer technology, because I’ve been focusing on a bigger size (and hopefully more efficient performance–they say you need to replace your refrigerator if it’s old).
    Anyway, I’d love to update our appliances! Thanks for the giveaway.

  131. I’m going to be moving in the second half of this year, and I would love a home that’s clean, organized, and decorated with all of my favorite things. A spacious kitchen that allows for large gatherings is also a must!

  132. My future home will have a kitchen full of organizational cabinets! No more pot tops or storage containers crashing to my feet!! It will have a 6 burner gas stove, and 2 full sized ovens! There must also be a magnificent refrigerator like the CoolVox Refrigerator in your blog…holy Jetsons!!!!

  133. I would love to have a ton of prep space with a hanging pot rack, plus a fridge with better temperature and humidity control!

  134. the future of my kitchen is organized starting with a new refrigerator that is not a side by side, they are so difficult for holiday cooking & baking if using big pans & containers & being outdated doesn’t help for space either. what a grand giveaway, thanks so much & happy new year!

  135. oh my goodness! this looks absolutely heavenly! my fridge could be an antique…hardly any room and half the food freezes while the other is barely cold! uggghhhh. my future kitchen would be all ipad/screen operated! i could have all different temperatures in the fridge…chill somethings, make others even colder…I would make it very sleek and sophisticated all with minimal effort for this working mama!

  136. My future kitchen would be some what like the ironman layout. A screen in front of me where I can tell it what to do so I can see down and relax and have some wine and just enjoy the delicious smell coming from my ironman kitchen. LOL

  137. where is my oven? I’ve been waiting on one that acts like a fridge until I turn it on- online, through my phone- however, a girl has to work and all… My boys have to EAT! I can roast a chicken WHILE I sit in the office.

  138. well simply put I am a serious frequent cook and baker using 25 yr old appliances that came with my apartment. still cannot afford to replace them so use oven thermometers, and instant read ones and am often replacing bake sheets & pans.oven is super old and unreliable. dishwasher currently broken and fridge is moody.did treat myself to new coffee maker for Christmas.

  139. My future kitchen would have a refrigerator with wide, deep shelves, and sections with varying degrees of coldness. A freezer on the bottom – also wide & deep for larger items.
    A double oven, 6 burner gas stove, lots of cabinets, shelves and drawers. And a great desk.
    I know, that’s a lot to wish for. But it is a dream!

  140. My future kitchen would include a stove that has two ovens & wide enough for two large cookie sheets on one rack. Also a computer to look up recipes & suggest meals. The refrigerator would have racks to help air flow & moisture control vegetable bins. And, of course I would like both appliances to be self-cleaning.

  141. I would give anything to have a refrigerator that is not the same age as my fiance. I am in the process of doing my own kitchen remodel and I would love to have an amazing refrigerator!

  142. My future kitchen would have a six-burner gas stovetop and dual electric/convection ovens, a French-door refrigerator, a drawer microwave, and an additional freezer, all beautifully coordinated!

  143. Right now my husband and I only have an apartment and I would love to just own a house. I would love hardwood floors throughout the house, an open spacious kitchen, nice tiled floors in the kitchen, and marble countertops.

  144. I would love to have a kitchen with innovative appliances that use very little energy. I would love to have a self cleaning sink and microwave

  145. My future kitchen would definitely be an open floor plan and plenty of space for when I have family and friends over. I would also love to have a organized pantry with a place for everything.

  146. I’m house shopping at the moment so all of the appliances are amazing. That fridge with music is genius! The ultimate kitchen would clean itself :)

  147. My future kitchen has a double oven, an island to converse with people while cooking, and a glass stovetop!

  148. I really want to spend some time and money re-doing my kitchen, but I don’t have either, so this would be great. I would love a dishwasher.

    My ideal future kitchen will have energy efficient appliances that look and have the vintage feel to them. Contemporary meets vintage.

  149. I would love to update my kitchen with a new fridge that holds cookie sheets. The side by side models look nice, but don’t allow me to store and cool the treats I make. I really need the dual door top fridge.

  150. I want a gas stove top that cleans itself. This would be a dream come true. Mix that with their interactive cooktop and it would be perfect!

  151. My future kitchen would have vintage touches to the decor and appliances, but they would run and have as many updates as the most modern ones out there!

  152. my fridge is from sometime in the early 70’s. brown faux wood handle and all. what I wouldn’t give to have a new one some day.

  153. My future kitchen would have a fridge that is big enough to store cookie tray sized things in with at least five wide side shelves!

  154. Future kitchen? A screen around the stove that displays your recipes and has timers up for times that are in the recipe.

  155. my future kitchen has an oven that is wide enough to fit two jelly roll pans side-by-side, a fridge with temperature-controlled drawers, and a water dispenser built in that also pours carbonated water :)

  156. I want a fridge that allows a jelly roll size pan of goodies to fit it in with ease. I want an open kitchen with plenty of space to set out multiple pans of cookies to cool off. The idea of a stove top that senses the size of pans would be awesome too.

  157. i really want to get the entire house completely organized…..building shelving options into the closets, etc. we need to streamline/declutter and get our act together! haha

  158. I’d love for my kitchen to leave the 1950’s and enter the 2010’s! Gas range, double oven and a new (non side-by-side) fridge/freezer would be awesome!

  159. Since I currently rent, it is hard to have a big update to my home. BUT, I would really love some new furniture, especially a big, comfy couch to bring the level of comfort up in my home. I would also love a mini fridge – my boyfriend and I brew beer at home, and having a separate area to store them would be great! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  160. As I am starting a new phase in my life, I’d like to live more simply maybe with a smaller footprint. I like things to do double duty, be easy to use and beautiful.

  161. I am now creating my “forever” home and look for appliance that would be easy to use and maintain as I grow older.

  162. My future plans for our home would be slab granite countertops & all stainless appliances to match our refrigerator!

  163. my future kitchen would have a connected mudroom – complete with laundry I definitely need double ovens, and a smart fridge – our windows looking our to the deck would also open all the way to a bar/ counter accessible from he kitchen and the deck {a girl can dream right}

  164. I still have the original built in microwave in our place, it doesn’t even have a turntable! First thing in line to be upgraded!

  165. Love, love, love the CoolVox Refrigerator. It would be wonderful to have music playing throughout the kitchen while cooking. Love this kind of technology!

  166. These appliances are gorgeous and I’m sure very efficient. We just moved into a new home (previously owned) so being able to purchase new appliances would be magnificent.

  167. social media on my cooktop would render my tablet obsolete in the kitchen…that said, i’d settle for a nice double oven!

  168. I would LOVE a stovetop whose burners automatically matched whatever size pots you place on them!

  169. I love all these. They are just what we need. I think a sink that shuts the water off if someone leaves it on would be nice to have.

  170. I think something like a rotating closet, but for the kitchen, would be great! It would have a deep area where pots, pans, containers, baking dishes etc. would stay and you could just press a button to rotate them around. Sweet! Or an oven that could take the temperature of what it’s cooking would be incredible.

  171. We just started building a “forever” home to start a family in, and we would love a double oven and refrigerator that fits all of the produce from our garden!

  172. I would love a virtual window for my kitchen since it’s not in a place to have a true window. This window would show video of a window somewhere and would also have the ability to show recipes, etc. like a computer when needed.

  173. I love that all these appliance are a sleek black color. Whoever made stainless steel appliance fashionable didn’t have little kids! I would love to replace all my appliances with the new sleek black ones!

  174. We are in our first home, and trying to affordably transform it into the house we would love to live in. In my kitchen, I would love to eventually knock down the wall that connects it to the small dining room, making it more like an eat-in large kitchen. We have very tall ceilings, and I would love to play with some recessed lights to really showcase how big the room would be! :) New appliances would also be wonderful, considering that the dishwasher was installed before my husband was even born (and floods the kitchen if we use it!).

  175. I’m going to be Face booking about this for BlogHer! I think it’s all very exciting. New kitchen products are the best. I would love an easy to clean oven in the future. My oven is kinda a disaster zone.

  176. My dream kitchen is “an open air concept”. I love the idea of being able to see guests while I am cooking. Our little kitchen is not the best for guests now, so I cannot wait to have a much bigger space one day:)

  177. love the speaker idea on the refrigerator and sleek look of the washer and dryer. I like that Whirlpool is adding technology to their products. It will only make it more fun to use and a wow for parents and their kids. My dream kitchen would be one of space and function. As a single mom of 3 kids, it would be great to have enough space and great equipment to get the cooking done. My kids love to cool. With more technology in the kitchen, I am sure they would love it even more.

  178. i tweeted and wow what a New Years giveaway. Happy new years to you. Here is the link Alison Lewis ‏@alisonlewis
    I entered to win Whirlpool® 20/20 – Your Future In Focus + $1000 Sweepstakes #SweepstakesEntry @AverieCooks

  179. My dream kitchen will be wide and open with lots of nooks for easy organization of pots, pans and ingredients. It will be equipped with energy efficient appliances that minimize my footprint on the world.

  180. We’re moving into a new home in February and I’d love a new fridge – these are beautiful! Thanks Averie!

  181. It’s amazing how far technology has come these days!! That cooktop sounds especially incredible!

    I think for my dream kitchen I would want a fridge that basically had a computer touch-screen for most of the freezer door – pull up recipes, control music, watch TV while baking, go on social media, make face-time calls, etc. And an easy-clean surface, smudge-free of course ;)