Wine and Whine

How has your day been?  Mine has been stressful and eventful.  Making a blog move isn’t the easiest thing.  But so worth it!

However last night I was majorly freaking out feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed.  Not trying to Whine, of course. The fact that I had sat at my computer chair for over 16 hours yesterday wasn’t helping.  Not exaggerating on that one.

I looked in the fridge

And didn’t think I was going to dip into any Hpnotiq or Bailey’s.  Although a Buttery Nipple is always fun.

And I did actually want to dip into the Veuve.  But I didn’t need a whole bottle for myself.  Well, maybe that would have been ok.

Or this is really amazing rose champagne.  Much better than the last time I drank champagne in Aruba Or tried to. That champagne ended up down the kitchen sink.  I would never waste a drop of the Nicolas.

But I settled on something I found that’s ancient that was taking up space in the fridge.

And it hit the spot.

From my last post about the Biggie Microwave Banana Oat Cake, glad you liked it.  If you need a way to use up your extra bananas, check out this post.

And thanks for filling me in on everything from picture uploading details to whether or not you can save half for later.  Most of you aren’t good savers.  Shocking.

A couple housekeeping details are that many of the links in the Recipes Tab are working.  I’d say about 80% are right and the rest of them are being worked on and everything will be back to normal with correct pathways, soon.

Also, if you commented on my previous two posts…

…And your comment disappeared from my site, I know. In getting the recipe links restored and corrected, some of the comments were lost but are being put back on.

And if for some reason you are reading this from your Google Reader and can’t access my site.  That’s your server not updating.  Nothing you can do other than be patient and it will self-correct in a day or so.

Dessert: Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies

After a day or two like mine, chocolate + more chocolate = perfect.  You can also bake these in the oven.  Or just eat the raw dough.  Not a bad idea.  And safe because they’re vegan and GF.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies


1. Did you get a workout in today?

Dear Lord, I needed a workout like never before.  Stress, stress, stress from this bloggie stuff. And am glad I rocked a 20-minute at-home workout and a run in the 65F weather!

2. Favorite Wine? Or champagne, or green juice, or tea.  I just did a post on some of my favorite coffees. What’s a favorite wine beverage of yours?

3. Favorite Whine? Anything you want to whine about or your favorite and/or recurring whine?

I like to whine about:

My blog migration

Not having enough time in the day to get everything done

I won’t say the weather because it’s nearly perfect in San Diego, but I know lots of you like to whine about winter weather

Money woes.  We all whine about that, right?

Not getting enough sleep

What are some of your whines? All in all, I am a really upbeat person but it’s fun to just let your whines out, right!

See you later gang!

61 comments on “Wine and Whine”

  1. You’ve got quite the stock! Glad you treated yourself.

  2. wine makes everything better. so does chocolate ;)

  3. I actually do need a way to use up bananas! haha and for some reason I have Hpnotiq in my fridge too… my favorite wine is anything sparkling! Or a pinot grigio :)

  4. 1. I got my workout in!!
    2. My fave drinkn to relax with is coffee
    3. I like to whine about having to much to do, and not having enough money!

  5. I’d like a fridge shelf to match yours, please! I whine about my back pain. Today it’s especially aggravating. I hope all your blog move glitches get worked out quickly!! :-)

  6. I don’t know if you have enough space on your new server to hold a log of my whines right now! :lol:

  7. Hahaha love the whines! I can whine about hating my job, not enough money, too much housework, not enough downtime, not enough ME time, my dryer being broken, my taxes… hahahahahhahahahahaha, yeah! I don’t drink anymore, but drinking anything out of a wine glass makes me feel fancypants! :)

  8. I’m not really whining, but I am quite anxious about tomorrow morning. After working a whopping 3 weeks at my gym, they handed me the keys and I’m opening up by myself tomorrow morning. There are a kajillion different doors to open in half a dozen different ways, and various pieces of equipment to turn on. The normal morning person is gone due to illness, which apparently has made the management desperate enough to trust me! I’m flattered and nervous at the same time.

    Thank goodness I had a kick-ass workout at boot-camp this morning; maybe I’ll be exhausted enough to get to sleep tonight.

  9. 1. not yet but heading out in a few to the gym. hate going at night but tis the only time i had today
    2. coffee. i <3 coffee. and water.
    3. i'm usually pretty chipper about everything, except i could so use more hours in a day. don't we all though :)

    p.s. love the new blog layout!

  10. Mmmmmmm I coming to your house for a wine and champagne party ; ) oh yeah oh yeah!

    I whined today about wedding stuff, so much to do, I also whined about the cold and wish spring was here!!!

    Love ya girl! xoxo

  11. I’d love to come over and help you polish off that stash! :)

  12. lost you for a couple hours this aft, but now you’re back! :)
    way to bite the bullet and get through the blog changes – if it’s any consolation, the new blog ROCKS and LOOKS SO AWESOME!!! hopefully the glitches are gone asap!! you might be thru that stash, otherwise! :)
    I have no wine and no whine – pretty boring, eh!
    have a great eve! the raw vegan choco chip cookies look divine!!!

  13. Sure did get a workout in. Tuesday = weights day!

    Favorite wine is Oregon Pinot Noir, hands down

    Favorite whine is cold weather/work/lack of sleep

    And love the new look of the blog!!!!

  14. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG. I couldn’t see it all day yesterday, which sucked, but it was worth the wait. Also, it is loading much faster for me now, which I love, too. The blogger one took a long time to load your pics! :) Congrats!

  15. Now THAT is a good stock of stress relief!! I know you needed some wine after your blog transfer– I hope things settle down soon!!!

  16. oh CHEERS, girl !! I am right there with ya… I just did the same thing, moved to self host, and it has been a Super Fun (sarcasm?) transition of cleaning up formatting (weird lines that end up on some posts – those are awesome!), upsetting broken links and photos, yada yada.

    I am VERY excited, but this part? I want it to be done. I keep procrastinating because it’s kinda frustrating… :)

    yours looks great! wish I could come pick you up for a cocktail ! :D

  17. I love red wine, especially Folonari Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2006.

  18. I love this new layout! I used to try to browse your recipes before but the page took forever to load on my computer but these load much faster! Yay! Love your blog.

  19. Holy Smokes! What a change – it’s awesome! Love the new site – your doing a great job :)

    Now – your fridge …I’m a ‘lovin’ that…wine please?

    And don’t fret about whining – you know me – money woes are on me 24/7. Blah.

  20. HI!!! omg love the champagne!! i once got drunk off champagne in college and it was the WORST hangover EVER! never again. These days I like a good champagne at an event or toasting something exciting!

    my drink of choice is red wine, I usually have 1-2 glasses a week!

  21. Ugh, my blog post yesterday was one big whine fest ;-)

  22. Yes I worked out today! I went to the gym and rocked out 3 miles. Now I’m home relaxing and stretching. Felt good!

    Favorite wine? I’m really not a big wine drinker, give me a rum/coke any day, but I do like white zin — and yes we usually just get a box and keep it in the fridge :)

    Favorite thing to whine about? Work, blog, FAMILY, having no time, having no spending money, etc, etc!

  23. I’m afraid to start whining or I might not be able to stop!
    My fave wine lately has been chardonnay…something australian or californian would do the trick. I also occasionally buy the Black Box wine, cab sauv….but that’s too much of a commitment. I can’t drink 4 bottles worth of wine before it goes bad in a month. What’s that say about me? I just don’t drink a lot…but sometimes I think I should drink more!
    I did yoga today at home, and trigger point therapy just because I like pain (or I have faith that it will be good for me in the long run).
    I have to get used to reading your posts with a white background! It doesn’t “sound” like you yet! …but I love it :)

  24. I can imagine the stress you’re going through, hang in there! A little wine is always good for a stressful day.

    Wow, those raw vegan cookies look great!

    1. I’m about to head to the home gym, so yes. :-)
    2. That I’m stuck working a 5 day week. :-P

  25. 65 degree weather? You’re killing meeeeee! :)

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