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Earlier in the week I picked up some of this.

Pink victoria's secret bombshell perfume

I also picked up some replacement running gear at the Nike store, but it’s not new-to-me.

I replaced these socks (recommended if you like padded socks for running), bought another pair of these pants because I’ve worn them every single day since I bought them and love them, and replaced these shoes that have 500 miles, give or take, on them.

Nike brand shoes, pants, and socks

The new-to-me item was this wool running shirt.  Wool does not scream technical fabric to me.  Instead it screams itchy, scratchy, and not what I when I’m working out, but the sales person recommended it to me.  To my surprise, this shirt has been perfect for morning runs, with temperatures in the 50’s F.


I don’t have to layer it with anything else and although it’s not as soft as some of the other technical fabrics, it’s much warmer, and that’s a tradeoff I can live with.

There’s nothing worse than overdressing for a workout because hot, sweaty, and overheated makes me want to just quit.

But under-dressing for the conditions and having a paper-thin shirt that’s known for it’s ability to”wick away sweat” is great when it’s 80F, but not when it’s 50F.  The wool shirt has been the solution for my too hot, too cold, just right, situation; and it’s not scratchy or itchy.

These are not itchy or scratchy either.

Marshmallow Pillowtop bars

I nicknamed them Pillowtop Bars (Gluten Free) for a reason.  Marshmallow creme, peanut butter, white chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk become soft and pillowey after being baked, in case you’re wondering.

Do you find wool scratchy and uncomfortable or do you like it?

I know some people who very sensitive to wool; they break out in rashes, start itching, and it bothers them intensely.

I’m okay with softer weaves but not directly on my skin.  I couldn’t wear a wool sweater without having something on underneath it because I’d be an itchy mess.  As long as I layer it, I love wool sweaters.

Have you ever worn any wool workout clothes?

This was my first and I know wool workout socks are popular, but I haven’t tried those.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, some people are rude! Averie, I still love your blog and I find it nice to have refreshers every once in a while! You keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. I am not really a fan of wool, it is a little itchy to me. I can wear it for a short time, but after a while I start to feel uncomfortable and itchy.

  3. I’m not a fan of wool, but what’s much, much, much worse is velvet. It makes my skin crawl to even think about touching velvet. Don’t know what it is about it, but I can’t stand it!

  4. I am a big fan of the Nike Pro gear. I actually ran this morning in one of their long sleeve half zips and loved it. No rubbing or scratching. As for wool, I have a few pairs of smart wool running socks that I save for real cold runs (like this AM). I am a big fan, but they are too much for the summer. Congrats on all the new gear!

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I love (or used to) your blog… but can you do something new once in a while instead of re-posting the same thing from your last blog. Like how many times have you RE-POSTED this pillow-top recipe… and the bombshell perfume was mentioned in the last blog…

  6. I don’t like wool. I have an old wool military blanket that I won’t get rid of but I won’t use it because I don’t want it scratching me. lol

    I’m not a runner, though, so I don’t know if I’d give in and wear a wool shirt.

  7. I can’t wear wool. It’s not only scratchy, but it gives me an itchy heat rash. Unfortunately my favorite sweater is made of wool, so i have to compromise for aesthetic purposes

  8. Have you ever smelled Prada’s new scent “Candy.” I got a sample in the mail and I am obsessed – it is my new favourite. I know you like body sprays … but you just have to check this stuff out!

  9. I wear smartwool socks on winter runs and hikes but that’s about it! I hate the feeling of overdressing on a run which is what I did yesterday thinking it was much colder than 30 degrees outside, laying 2 shirts and 2 very warm fleeces= sweaty mess within the first 2 minutes! Glad the wool worked well for you and didn’t do the same.

    1. I didn’t overdress yesterday but did just now today…not a fun feeling. But it just means it’s going to be a really nice day out!

  10. I just noticed your new picture – cute apron! I don’t have any wool tech gear, but my husband does mostly for biking. I do have some wool and bamboo running socks though. Love them when it’s super cold out.

  11. I never even knew they made wool workout clothes – I think I would have been just as skeptical as you!

  12. I love wool socks for running (I wear smartwool and they also have neat patterns for casual/everyday wear too). They are pricey but last forever so worth it for me. As far as natural fibers go, wool is my favorite as long as it’s really soft because it is both warm and breathable. Thanks for the heads up on the Nike wool top–will definitely be perfect for running in the Midwest for 3 out of 4 seasons!

    1. Glad to hear you really love your wool socks. I am going to pick up a pair next fall going into cold weather running season and see how they work for me.