Write Your Heart Out

I had a great day. The writing workshop I went to was wonderfully informative and I’m so glad I had the chance to attend. The information gained, the sense of community fostered; sharing, learning, growing, hearing other blogger’s perspectives and experiences, it was all fantastic.

Dianne is amazing and such a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her book if you want to improve your (food) writing skills.

The food wasn’t half bad either.

Liz’s lentil soup

Marie’s arugula, cranberries, pistachio, roasted beets, and goat cheese salad

A fruit and Gorgonzola cheese plate from Denise

…and tons of other food and goodies that I didn’t photograph.

It was a great day but now it’s time to be a wife and mommy and spend time with my family.

See you in the morning with a recipe along these lines

What did you do today?

What was the best thing you ate or did?

Thanks for the Yoga Mat Giveaway entries

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