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I had a great day. The writing workshop I went to was wonderfully informative and I’m so glad I had the chance to attend. The information gained, the sense of community fostered; sharing, learning, growing, hearing other blogger’s perspectives and experiences, it was all fantastic.

People in living room with computers and notepads

Dianne is amazing and such a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her book if you want to improve your (food) writing skills.

Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob cover

The food wasn’t half bad either.

Liz’s lentil soup

Liz's lentil soup in red pot

Marie’s arugula, cranberries, pistachio, roasted beets, and goat cheese salad

arugula, cranberries, pistachio, roasted beets, and goat cheese salad

arugula, cranberries, pistachio, roasted beets, and goat cheese salad

A fruit and Gorgonzola cheese plate from Denise

A fruit and Gorgonzola cheese plate with nuts and grapes

…and tons of other food and goodies that I didn’t photograph.

It was a great day but now it’s time to be a wife and mommy and spend time with my family.

See you in the morning with a recipe along these lines

What did you do today?

What was the best thing you ate or did?

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  1. Hey Averie, thank you so much for writing about the San Diego food writing workshop. I was thrilled to meet you at last, and thanks for all the insights you contributed to the class. You are a talented energetic blogger who really understands her audience and your photos are spectacular.

    And those brownies you brought… killer.

    1. Dianne, it was fabulous to finally meet you in person! I know we will meet again…either in SoCal, at a conference, or who knows, but I know this was just the first of what I hope is many meetups. Your presentation was spectacular and I love the sharing that the group did and how we fed off your ideas and outline.

  2. Averie, you’re dessert at Saturday’s workshop was like a party for the taste buds! Heehee … Great to meet you. I ditto Jenny’s comment – much luck on your first book. Keep your eye on the prize and keep moving towards it, right? Have an awesome week!

  3. Very, very nice to meet you Averie. Saturday was a super fun day. Wishing you much success on your first book.. It will happen! :)

    1. Jenny it was awesome meeting you and you are soooo kind and genuine and such a sweetheart! I’ve been to your blog many times and I would have never recognized you as you, without your crazy red beehive hair and funky retro-ish pictures. Love your style! We need to keep in touch since we both live in the same part of the city!

  4. oh fun girl!
    I love those kinds of events to just learn and soak up all kinds of wise words.
    good for you!
    you’ll have to share with me what you learned.
    have a good rest of the night!

    1. I loved it and you would have, too. Dianne is amazing. Read her book if you haven’t already. WEALTH of info.

      And congrats on making it very high up in the Kitchn Food Photography Nominations! :)


  5. So glad it was a great event. I thought it would be! And that salad looks fantastic.

  6. Looks like you had a great workshop with some wonderful food! That salad is so colorful and your pics make me want to dif in to all of it! My husband and I went out for dinner and stayed for hours because one of my favorite local musicians was playing there. It was a relaxing evening.

  7. So glad you had a good time there! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    Just getting started on the day here with lots of work…

  8. Averie – Yesterday was an awesome day, wasn’t it? Enjoyed meeting you and wish you the best in your blog, writing, and cookbook endeavors. You certainly have the energy to accomplish it all! The Gorgonzola, Fig and Pecan Terrine is from The Hearty Boys Cookbook, Talk With Your Mouth Full – great for parties and entertaining! Denise

    1. It was so great to meet you! Just edited the post and credited you for the recipe. Those figs on it were…so.good. I could have “cherry-picked” off all the figs. And the grapes were the perfect, crunchy, wanna eat a whole stalk kind :) Love those.

      Please keep in touch!!

  9. I have a busy day planned with grocery shopping and food prep to do. Meant to do it yesterday, but just didn’t get to it. Your day looks like it was much more fun!

  10. That fruit and cheese plate is gorgeous! What a lovely spread of food!

    The best thing I ate this weekend was goat cheese and mushroom pizza for dinner last night. It was fabulous!

  11. Wow, sounds like a great event! I have her book and need to crack into it! But I’d love to go to a workshop too for the interactivity.

  12. That is awesome, a writing workshop! I had a lot of fun this weekend and attend the 2012 Veggie Food Festival here in NYC. They had SO many great things, including to die for sweets! I think I definitely had a sweet over-load, but so worth it :)

  13. As a writing teacher, you KNOW I love this :-) Workshop settings are so fun. Well, except when your 20 year old student turns in a story that involves the phrase “quivering member.” True story from last week’s class. Ugh. :-)

    1. This is uncanny. Yesterday at the workshop, the word qu*vering was used in a passage to describe some food or some experience with food and I said, that’s lovely but I will NEVER use that word in a blog post b/c the thought of what search engine results and google traffic I will get it if I post that is not something I want. And then a few other times during the day, the ladies would jokingly say, yes, you can say that…but remember, you can’t say qu*vering. It was a running joke of the day. What are the ODDS that you had this happen, and wrote about it?!

      Cannot make this stuff up!!

  14. beautiful pictures Averie! the fruit and cheese plate looks incredible.. i want to dive right in!! i made something similiar to your caramel apple bars yesterday! i posted about them this morning. uh-mazing! :)

  15. I love writing workshops! So much fun. Glad to hear it was a good time : )

    Yesterday I went to an early pilates class and spent the rest of the day running errands and doing work. Thanks to a crazy schedule change last week and a case of pinkeye, I kept it pretty low key and just hung out with a friend in the evening.

  16. I loved reading that book, and reading her blog — how awesome that you had the opportunity to go to this workshop!
    Yesterday was a yoga teacher training day — we did lots of hip opening seated poses and those tend to make me really happy. Today we’re learning about the chakras and developing a yoga practice for them!

  17. I ate the most amazing baked celeriac fries (odd, i know), but so so good! I even paired them with homemade ketchup

  18. Beautiful photos, Averie! I hope your yummy brownies were loved! :-)

    Best thing I did today: I just got home from performing ‘Defying Gravity’ from the musical Wicked for a broadway fundraiser here in Santa Cruz. So much fun! I love to perform and it seriously makes me giddy and full of vibrancy all night after I do! Best thing I ate: zucchini spaghetti! :-)

  19. More details! Oh, and that there is arugula, chica. ;) (Because someone else will point it out to you, you know.)

  20. An avocado-topped salad was the best thing I ate today!…Or maybe the berry-topped oats! Ok, both. =)

  21. I had a pretty relaxed day getting things done that need to get done! Those pictures are beautiful! So vibrant.

    1. The house it was held at has GORGEOUS daytime lighting. The field day I could have with food photography in her house….


  22. You added so much to the discussions…And your dessert rocked! Hoping to see you again for coffee or lunch or whatever. X0 Liz

    1. Awww, thanks, Liz! It was sooo fun and good to connect with you and the others and to share and learn from each other. That’s what it’s all about! :)

  23. I had such a fun day today!!!
    I started my day with an amazing breakfast (quinoa + sweet potatoes = yummy!) and then met a friend for yoga in the city, then a trip to the biggest WF I’ve ever seen, followed by a fantastic vegetarian lunch, an even yummier dinner and then wine and super mario cart with my man.
    I seriously love Saturdays!!!

    1. Glad you had such a stellar day!! And I was at a WFs in Phoenix a few times that was….HUGE! The CA ones in San Diego aren’t “huge”. They are big but not huge, by any means.