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Tomuno is an eco-friendly yoga mat company and a Boston-based small business.


The mats are sold in places like Sports Club LA and leading yoga studios around the country.


Tomunu mats are natural mats. The rubber is harvested from actual rubber trees, rather than typical yoga mats which are plastic. Switching to a mat like this is an eco-friendly and green choice.

Note: Because these are natural rubber mats, they are designed for unheated yoga
yoga and are not recommended for hot yoga or Bikram-style yoga.


The natural rubber also provides fabulous grip so if you’re prone to slipping and sliding on your mat, you may want to look into Tomuno.

I love the extra cushioning in these mats. Extra thick at 5mm, which my joints appreciate. I practice ashtanga yoga and more power-based and vigorous yoga and over time, a little extra cushioning goes a long way to help stay injury-free.


More about my yoga practice, yoga journey, recommendations for yoga classes, apparel and clothing, mats, books, DVDs, podcasts and much more, please check out this very comprehensive post:

Yoga FAQ’s

Also, I have many more posts linked in my Yoga Section, covering everything from my 500 Hour Teacher Training to Moon Days to Yoga DVD & Clothing Review posts and more.

Nutshell: I got my yoga teacher training credential at the RYT-200 hour level in 2001, I’m not currently teaching. I have a current daily personal practice at home; I don’t follow DVDs or podcasts, but rather I do what comes to me and what my body asks for that day. I practice ashtanga or power-based yoga and practice for about 20 minutes per day. I normally practice on a Manduka mat and have had the same Manduka Black Mat Pro for nearly a decade and have hauled it around the world with me and it still looks brand new, tens of thousands of practice hours and sweat droplets later. I will be anxious to see how the Tomuno mat stands the test of time.

If you’d like to enter to win a Tomuno yoga mat, comment below to enter.

1. Tell me what kind of yoga mat you have now.


What kind of yoga do you practice, how long have you been practicing, where do you practice, why do you practice, or a couple details about your yoga practice.

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  1. I am on my second LotusPad mat-though I’m not sure if they are still available. Excited to try a Tomuno!

  2. I am almost done with my YTT in Maine and have been using a HORRIBLE mat. This is not a mat I can use during my actual teaching! I would love to be “bringin’ the Shanti” to my students with new mat!
    Om Shanti. Shanti Shanti.

  3. I have an OLD yoga mat that I got for free from BlueCross BlueShield Blue Points program…it’s way too thin for my liking and I’ve been debating about breaking down and buying a “real” mat. These mats you’ve posted about look beautiful!!!

  4. I have a plain old jane mat right now and I desperately neeed to invest in a good one! Slippery hands be gone!

  5. I’m currently using my Jade mat 3-4 times a week. This mat looks like it would be wonderful to practice with!

  6. I have some skanky pink mat from Target and desperately need a new one. I don’t really practice yoga much, but I do it after runs for stretching. I have Jillian’s DVD, which is probably not the best yoga DVD … but I like it.

  7. HI!! I love your site and have already tried several oatmeal recipes :) YUM! I Used to Have a Prana Sticky Mat, but it was stolen from me 2 years ago on a trip to California :( I now use a much cheaper less quality mat from Wal*Mart. And after learning that some of the materials and chemicals they use to make these mats i have been just using a beach towel. I sure could use a nice mat again!! I follow you on Facebook as well! namaste*

  8. Hi..I have just started following your blog.I have to say I. Love all the yummy receipes you post!
    I to am a Manduka user and have been for the last 5 years..I swear it feels like a workout sometimes lugging it around.
    I have been certified in Hatha yoga as well as Anusara..
    I use to do yoga everyday but that was before I had my baby girl..She s 10 months now and crawling everywhere..I try to sneek in some time on the mat when she s sleeping or when she s playing on the floor which usually turns into me doing some yoga with her:)
    Yoga is one thing that always makes me feel good no matter how much time I spend doing it..

  9. Yoga has been a huge help for me in my recovery from an eating disorder and I recently began to do hot yoga. Unfortunately my mat is not keeping up! :)

  10. I have a terra tapas in a hideous lime yellow! It’s too sticky when my hands are dry, and too slippery when I’m in downward dog. Go figure! Thankfully I mostly take restorative and hatha otherwise I’d not be a happy camper.

  11. I have the pleasure of possessing a broken tailbone. Every single time I have tried yogu, it absolutely kills my hiney! I would LOVE the opportunity to bring a ritual of yoga into my life with a comfy mat.
    Thanks so much!

  12. I am currently using a Lululemon I bought a while back. I needed a thicker mat for my knees and they happened to carry a great one, but now it it getting older and is not so great anymore.

  13. Right now I have the cheapest mat you can get from Target… not so comfy! I do yoga videos at my house and attend a weekly class nearby. I look forward to yoga after a ten hour workday… and it really helps in addition to my regular cardio and strength regimes.

  14. I’m not sure what type of yoga mat I have now, my husband bought it for me a few years ago after my youngest was born. His heart was in the right place but it is really thin, and slippery, and doesn’t roll up the way its supposed to anymore. It is more hassel than its worth to use it so I usually just skip the mat and work on the floor. :0( I’ve been doing yoga off and on for about 4 years but am definately still a beginner. I don’t like following the videos because I prefer to hold the poses for 2-3 times longer than they do. I love the way yoga makes me feel.

  15. I have a Gaiam mat that I bought from Target. It’s okay, but slippery at times and really thin padding. I just bought two yoga groupons, so a nicer mat would be awesome!

  16. Fantastic contest! Didn’t know we had a yoga brand right here in town! I currently have a Jade Harmony mat, but it’s starting to show its age after just 3 months of daily practice! =(

  17. I currently have a very cheap mat from Target, and when I get sweaty I start to slip all over the place. A new mat would be great, especially since I want to take my yoga practice to the next level.

  18. I enjoy practicing Vinyasa yoga. I go to Sadhana, in Boston’s South End. The studio is heated and I feel I get a deeper practice when the room is both physically and spiritually warm.

    Sometimes I practice at home too, and I always feel better in my body and mind when I do. Too much work just gets in the way!

    I practice because I feel so good afterward. My mind is clearer, my body doesn’t hurt as much. And I sleep so much better! And I practice because I really like who I am when I do it regularly.

    I’ve been practicing really irregularly for almost 20 years. I first started with a book I got while I was in high school. Since then, I’ve taken classes here and there. Sometimes several times a week, and sometimes I go for weeks without it.

    Thinking about it here has given me new resolve to start practicing a lot more regularly!

  19. What a great looking mat! I am in Boston, and would love to have a mat from an eco-conscious local company! My current mat is from Gaiam, and I like it, but my partner Earnest doesn’t have a mat of his own! If I win this beautiful Tomuno mat, I’m giving Earnest my old Gaiam mat and taking the Tomuno mat for myself!

  20. I have a cheap, $7 yoga mat that I bought through my yoga class in college. I wouldn’t mind an upgrade, but as a poor college kid, I just have to make do!

  21. I have a plain Gaiam mat and practice totally for fun/ relaxation whenever I can fit it in. Which is usually only five minutes at a time ;)

  22. March is the third anniversary of my yoga practice. I started after I had to take a yoga class for an article I was writing about all the yoga studios that were then popping up on the coast of Maine. I fell deeply in love with yoga after that one class and haven’t looked back. I don’t get to my teacher as often as I did the first two years but I’ve kept my home practice going. I was practicing 30 to 45 minutes a day. It’s dwindled in the past year to 20 minutes every other day but I’m trying to build it back up. I use a $12 mat from Target and keep replacing it every year. I need to invest in one that will last.
    Favorite poses: half-moon, tree, headstand, wheel for sheer joy, camel, although for some reason, I get light-headed doing camel but not doing wheel.

  23. So glad you posted this! I have no yoga mat because I moved and left them behind. I’d like to do some light yoga at home tailor-made for my health situation. Plus my husband would like to do some too.

  24. That sounds like a wonderful mat! My own mat is a 10-year-old basic blue with a line abraded off where someone accidentally rested the vacuum cleaner for a moment…so I could certainly use a new one. :)

  25. I have a very simple plain yoga mat that I bought at Walmart ages ago, and I’m in a desperate need for a new one.

  26. One of my favorite sites is Love Veggies and Yoga. I have emails sent to me from this site. I love Yoga and Pilates. I take classes at the gym and use their equipment (mat). I would so like to have my own. This economy. Ewwwww…..

  27. I have no clue what kind of yoga mat I use. Perhaps I could get away with calling it the old, slippery kind that provides no support? LOL I usually just switch to the floor if it’s a long yoga session. I’ve been meaning to buy a new mat, but the online reviews are so mixed, I just can’t decide!

  28. I began my yoga practice approximately five years ago, with the love and support a local organization called “Yoga for the People.” (YFP) As taken from their website, YFP works with health and human service providers and yoga teachers to create sustainable yoga programs for communities in need. Volunteer teachers came to the affordable housing facility to which I had been assigned a two-year, volunteer commitment, and provided free yoga to the low-income, single parent families we were serving (due to the nature of my program, I was living at the same income level as those I was serving). When you are living below the poverty level, things like yoga always seemed beyond attainable–and pricey corporate studios contributed to the perpetuation of yoga being a luxury of the middle or upper classes.

    YFP broke this stigma of yoga, and returned to the philosophy of what yoga is really about. They provided mats and props to all of the students, and my regular attendance and desire to go deeper in my practice allowed me to keep the blue mat they freshly cut from a large roll of yoga mats. I had never seen mats in this form–straight off a tube, like blue paper towels to absorb the intentions of aspiring yoginis! And for the past five years, this has been my mat.

    This blue, paper-towel mat, even took me through yoga teacher training this past fall. I studied through Axis yoga, Denver’s premier donation-based yoga teacher training program. The philosophy of Axis was the same as the philosophy of YFP–that yoga should be accessible to anyone. Now that I am certified to teach–primarily Ashtanga yoga, although my heart draws me personally to karma and bhakti yoga–I spend my time providing free lessons to students, friends, and others who could never afford the $15 dollar drop in rate at a gym. I practice with my students wherever I am requested to go–in the beautiful outdoor parks of Denver (weather permitting), in my tiny apartment, in the nooks and crannies of the library at school.

  29. I have a crappy mat from Target and would love to win a new mat! It’s not in my budget right now to replace my existing one with a really good quality mat.

  30. I am just starting to practice yoga, and don’t have a proper mat yet. A fabulous one would be a dream!

  31. right now i have the thin manduka mat. usually when i practice at home i put an old gaiam mat underneath it because i like extra cushioning for my knees and wrists. a more cushion-y mat would be great-but i really like my thin manduka, especially since i practice on carpet a lot at the studio.
    i began practicing yoga about 3.5 years ago, at first bikram then power yoga. i started going to a master teacher’s hatha class and ever since then i have preferred the deeper, slower and more heart-opening hatha style. i moved to nyc 2 years ago and ever since have been a regular student at the Dharma Yoga center in nyc. I’ve seen that you also have followed Dharma’s practice, so you probably know that it is physically demanding, but fosters that effortless meditative grace that makes you stronger than the faster paced cardio types. i still love a good power flow though, and try to make it to strala yoga in nyc at least a couple times a month.
    love the blog!

  32. we’ll i don’t have a yoga mat, so i need to win this one! usually my carpeted floors are where i’ll exercise on with a yoga/pilates video.

  33. Right now I have no mat, cause I’m oo broke to buy one. But that doesn’t stop me! I try to practice daily in my house (but I tend to slip on the carpet in down dog) but slippery yoga is better than no yoga!

  34. This yoga mat looks awesome! I’m currently using a yoga mat I bought for $7 at walmart and while I’ve definitely gotten my $7 worth out of it, it’s seen much much better days!

  35. Right now I have a crappy mat I found on sale at TJ Maxx- my hands always slip in down dog!!! My current yoga practice is prenatal and I’d love a great mat!!!

  36. I mostly practice vinyasa. Have been doing it for 3 or so years. Am moving soon and excited to find a new studio.

  37. I currently have a vera bradley yoga mat, i bought it cause it was cute but it totally sucks! slippery and already flaking:(

  38. I have an old purple mat from Target. My kids I ha love to use and it and do their own “oga”. I have been practicing off and on for about 10 years but have been doing hot yoga 1-2x a week since the beginning of the year and love how it makes me feel!!! Love following your posts!

  39. I practice power yoga at my university. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing teacher that actually teaches at a local studio, Inner Vission Yoga. I practice yoga because it is the only time I truely can escape everything at just be in the present. That hour and fifteen minutes allows me to escape the real world and my own thoughts, even more than running does. Unfortunately I am a college student and am on a student budget so I have a very cheap mat. I would love to win this mat!!! :)

  40. I have a pretty basic Gaiam yoga mat right now. I am coming to find my joints are getting more and more sensitive over time, and I should probably be using a mat with more cushioning!

  41. I have a couple of old, generic mats from Target, so I would love to have a new one, especially one that’s eco-friendly.

  42. I have a thin, blue mat I think I purchased at Ulta (?) a few years ago; I don’t know the name of the company that made it. It’s OK, but a thinker one would be grand!

  43. i’ve been practicing yoga since i hurt my hip training for a marathon. i discovered a love for it and have been incorporating it into my life ever since!

  44. I practice Baptiste power vinyasa yoga daily and I currently have a Jade and a Lululemon mat that I use. Always love trying out new mats.

  45. I have been practicing Bikram yoga for the past year. It has completely changed my life and my body. I cannot get enough of it, and wish I had more time for me practice. My long term goal is to attend Teacher Training to become a teacher. I want to share the wonder of Bikram Yoga with others.

  46. I’ve been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2004. While I like vinyasa… I get older I really love a quieter more gentle practice. What a gift is this practice.

  47. My Husband and I currently have matching Bean Products yoga mats. They’re 1/4-inch thick, 72 inches long and have served us well so far. :)

  48. my current yoga mat is a cheap-o one that i got from walmart! needless to say, i’d love to win one of these! :)

  49. My current mat is from TJ Maxx. It gets the job done for a college student on a budget, but I can tell how cheap it is when I’m using it. I would love to win a good yoga mat!

  50. that looks like a great mat! I have a cheap one from Target- Gaiam I think. It is so old, no cushion anymore, when I get sweaty…I slip around. I practice 2x’s week, but want to do more!!!

  51. I switch off between two different Gaiam mats, the damask print and the filigree print mat. Both are hard on my joints when I apply pressure to them and can be uncomfortable/painful at times.

  52. I currently am using a rug. I’m brand new to yoga and hoping it will help with the fibromyalga symptoms that have changed my life. I’m betting a mat would feel a lot better than my purple rug.

  53. My mat was a factory reject that cost like six dollars in amazon and it’s falling apart!
    This new one would be awesommmmmme…

  54. I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years, mainly vinyasa flow for the past 3 or so years. I recently got my 200 hour teaching certification, so hopfefully I will start teaching soon. I am currently practicing on my bathroom floor using my Manduka mat, which is a few years old. My bathroom floor is tiled, which is why a thicker mat would be helpful. Unfortunately, the bathroom is the only available space I have to practice where my internet connection works (I use Yogaglo’s online classes to supplement my home practice).

  55. I have a cheap target brand yoga mat that is falling apart. Thanks for the giveaway. I desperately need one!

  56. my yoga mat right now is just some random generic brand and it’s AWFUL! I hope I win this great mat!

  57. I don’t even have a yoga mat and have wanted one badly for a long time but haven’t yet made the plunge. I practice yoga here and there, but just in my front room on the carpet… NOT too comfy!

  58. I just finished my 200 hour training and am teaching yoga 5 times a week. I use a Jade mat and would love to try this one! Have a great weekend!

  59. My yoga mat is from Target, and I’ve had it for probably 5 years. I’m in the market for a new one because it’s a bit beat up. We have yoga on-site at work every Wednesday night, and I’ve just gotten back into that habit!

  60. A cheap mat I picked up years ago – cannot remember where exactly, but it is probably 12+ years old now. As for yoga, I am trying to get back into it again (I used to do it daily at home – never actually took a class). Since kids, I have a hard time doing things for myself, but am hoping to start again now that the kiddos are in full time school!

  61. I currently use a Nike yoga mat. I practice yoga at home and take classes at my local gym. Great give away, looks like a really excellent mat!

  62. Yoga is one of the best things in my life, of course first my family and God but yoga is right up there. I have really nice mats from hugger mugger because I teach yoga in my basement studio. I am always looking for good mats to recommend to my clients. Would love to give this one a try! Hope I win!

  63. I’m embarrassed to say I have a cheapy big box store mat. I just got back in to yoga and pilates to try and help with some stress relief, I was pretty in to it a few years back but kind of got out of it and in to spinning. Looks like a great mat!

  64. Looks like a wonderful mat! I currently have a cheep mat from walmart but have looked into thicker mats since I need to watch the pressure I put on my wrists.

  65. I’m currently practicing Astanga too! I’m a newbie. I really started getting into yoga in October, and practice a few times a week. The Primary Series once, and some sort of vinyasa flow a few other days. I want to more, but I get sore from Ashtanga! I’m currently practicing on an extra long mat. I’m long and lanky and sometimes it still doesn’t feel long enough.

  66. My poor, poor mat. The cat peed on it (washing didn’t help to much). It’s got a nutrition label transferred onto it from a hot car. The nubbies have ripped off. I’m short (5’2″) but it’s still too small for me. It reeks of plastic (and, er, cat pee). And yet I take it to the gym. Sigh. I should really get a new mat if I don’t win!

  67. Oh I would LOVE to win this mat! I currently practice with a cheapie mat I bought at TJ Maxx.. the extra cushion would be great though!

  68. I follow you on StumbleUpon and I think I stumbled this page. It was my first time so I’m not sure if I did it right :X

  69. right now i have a gaiam mat i got for free at an event 2 summers ago, so i could definitely use an upgrade to this cushy mat!

  70. I follow you on pinterest and re-pinned a donut recipe! :) one that I’m hoping to try out this weekend :D

  71. I have a purple mat with a flower on it :) My friend got it for me for Christmas last year so I don’t know where it’s from haha

  72. I feel yoga is a part of Life..I have been doing on and off since I was 12 years old,I try to do 2-3 times a week now,my fav is Bks Iyengars style,I enjoy hatha yoga very much

  73. My yoga mat is from Target – I think the brand is embark? Anyway, I bought it because it was cheap, but I would love a new one!

  74. I have a cheap one I brought from Sports Authority. It works fine, but it’s starting to smell! So gross and not very zen. I could definitely use a new one :)

  75. I bought my first yoga mat the other week online. I don’t know much about mats, so I bought the first one I saw that was cheap. Turns out to be made out of foam :( … won’t last me that much longer.
    I’ve been practising yoga since I was 14. It’s inspiring, it helps me get through my crazy school schedule & it’s practical because I can just practice yoga at home. Too bad there isn’t a yoga class I can sign up for in the town that I live it. I don’t think anyone in my town knows what yoga is!!

  76. Currently I rotate two Gaiam’s I have had for 9 years! I do a fair amount of home practice with podcasts, off and random videos I find! I make it to my studio (heated, Baptiste style) ~5 times / week. Thankfully I have a few yogitoes to keep me from slippin’ and slidin’ all over my mat :)

  77. I usually do yoga videos at home. I have a cheapy mat from Target that my dog just peed on-gross. I definitely need to buy a new one ASAP!

  78. I have a Gaiam yoga mat — that is looking pretty ragged! I love sporty, quicker paced yoga workouts — and also restorative, stretchy ones when needed.

    Great giveaway! I used to live in Boston but had never heard of them!

  79. I have a altus mat I bought for like twenty bucks at Hastings about two years ago. I have dvd’s, do different you tube videos, and some days just do what I feel like doing. I have been doing yoga on and off for about fifteen years ( since I was a kid, my mom did it too when I was young). But I have been doing it daily for three years straight now. :-). I love, love, love my yoga practice! It would be pretty awesome to win a cushiony mat! :-)

  80. I’m going through my Yoga Teacher Training right now, and have a $10 mat that I got from TJ Maxx about 5 years ago that my cats have “claimed” to be theirs with lots of love paw marks! I practice vinyasa and ashtanga, every morning for at least 30 minutes, and have been working on arm balancing poses — like figure 8 and Eka Pada Koundiyanasana. I’d love to use this mat and have it be a happiness present for going for my certification!

  81. I am pretty new to yoga (past year) and I try to go once a week if possible, but my schedule usually doesn’t allow it :/ I am absolutely in love with bikram yoga, but maybe having this kind of mat will help me branch out!

  82. I currently use a gaiam mat. A girlfriend gave it to me 7 years ago. Its pretty – green with a blue and yellow stripe. I started practicing yoga on a more regular schedule (3-4 times per week) for the past 3-4 years. The mat has lasted pretty well, but it’s starting to show some wear. I love yoga. It de-stresses me and continually challenges me. I’d love a new yoga mat too. Thanks.

  83. I practice either power, vinyassa, or jivamukti yoga. My first yoga practice was in a yoga course in college and ever since I have loved it. I am a runner as well but I really want to start practicing more and this mat would be great to have!

  84. Oh, new mat would be perfect! Nice and comfortable… What yoga do I practice? Ashtanga twice a week, Vinyasa once or twice, and yoga for relaxation. I found this combination works better for me. Usually I go to the local yoga studio, and when I don’t have enough :), I practice for another about 20-30 minutes at home.

  85. You’re going to hate this, but, I have a “Dollar Store” yoga mat. Ouch. Hey, it’s functional. I do a “P.M.” yoga at home (DVD). My husbands usually joins me too. It’s our way to unwind from the day’s troubles.

  86. I currently use a Jade mat. It was great until I left it in my car and now it lost it stickiness :(

  87. I follow you on Pinterest and pinned your Pan-Seared Citrus Mahi. marthalynn16 [at] gmail [dot] com

  88. My current mat is a purple generic mat that I ‘borrowed’ from my mom. I’ve just recently become interested in yoga but I’m really enjoying it :)

  89. I recently got a Manduka mat. I like it but find I still keep slipping. Would love to try this one out!

  90. I currently have a junky mat found on sale at Target – I actually find pleasure in forgetting my mat and having to rent one at my yoga studio!! I practice vinyasa yoga as a way to counteract some of the pounding my body takes while jogging – is a great way to keep the hip flexors moving and reducing injuries!!

  91. I have a mat so old the brand sticker has come off! I have been practicing Hatha/Vinayasa/Power yoga for 7 years!

  92. I was using a club mat, and my yoga instructor took pity on me and gave me one of her old ones. It is kind of short and thin, but I appreciated the gesture and have been using it for about 3 years. A new mat would be great.

  93. I just have a cheapie from Target. I had a brain tumor removed and I’m trying to learn yoga to help retrain my brain for balance. I like the idea of a class rather than doing it at home but I’m taking yoga at a community center and I’m not real comfortable with the teacher. Trying not to give up!!! : )

  94. I have a Manduka mat that I got on clearance at Dick’s Sporting Goods – I think it was on clearance because the color was discontinued.

    I have been doing yoga since October of 2010 and I am learning learning learning!

  95. while I do not practice formal Yoga, I do take the occasional class when I can and I enjoy doing my own stretching and meditation. starting Yoga for real is certainly on my to do list!

  96. Right now I have a Lululemon mat I won after completing my yoga studio’s 30-day challenge…it’s good but I am always looking for new mats! Thanks for this and I hope I win!!

  97. I have a very simple plain mat as i had no money when i bought it.. I practice yoga atleast 4x a week for 1.5 hours each session… I will be very very happy to receive this mat.. my old mat is almost dying :(

  98. I have a mat of unknown origin and style that I got from a second hand store. It gets the job done, but I’d sure love a new one!

  99. I had a pink gaiam cheap one that said “THE FIRM” on it which was pretty embarrassing. I just replaced it with a manduka prolite in olive green – it’s pretty cool.

  100. I had a green mat from Target, but just as I was starting to get into yoga, hubby borrowed it and left it at the YMCA – never saw it again. So, currently, I am mat-less.

  101. I have a cheap Reebok yoga mat that I got at Target over 10 years ago. Probably time for an upgrade!

  102. I have a plain old super cheap mat from some superstore. I started because I’m an actor, and it was part of my training; I have continued because, as a person with fibromyalgia, it helps ease my symptoms instead of put me at risk for joint injuries.

  103. I have the most simple and cheao yoga mat that I got on sale at Century 21! This one looks amazing, I would really like to have it!

  104. Ohmygosh…i need this. Why? Because of my answer to the first question: I don’t own a yoga mat. I usually just do it all on a towel. Need.

  105. My current yoga mat is some cheap one that a friend gave me. She got it for free and wasn’t going to use it. I would love to have a new one!

  106. I’ve been practicing on and off for about 10 years with a preference for a home based practice. I’ve been wanting to get “on the mat” with more frequency. This would help a lot!

  107. Oh, I’m in the market for a new mat! I have a Tapas sticky mat that is beginning to show its age (nine years!). I’ve done all sorts of yoga, but was introduced first to Ashtanga back in 2003 and it’s my prefered style. I meditate and do yoga as often as I can. Thanks for the chance to win a mat with a green agenda! Great blog and I can’t wait to try your delicious recipes! Namaste!

  108. The yoga mat I have now is not a yoga mat at all. It is like a cushion-y piece of foam that rolls up (sorry, I don’t know the brand). Maybe it is a basic exercise mat, because it does not have the sticky surface and it totally absorbs sweat (gross!).
    This giveaway is awesome :)

  109. My current yoga mat is a pink/ white flower Gaiam mat. It is pretty old and I think its time to retire it so I would love to win this one :)

  110. I do videos from youtube for yoga at home & I use my carpet, but I’d love to have a yoga mat!
    I follow on Twitter & tweeted!!

  111. I practice Iyengar yoga and I love it! The focus on proper alignment and long holds really has helped to keep me relaxed and injury free. I would love to win a new mat – the one I have is a cheapie that I got at TJ Maxx like 10 years ago!

  112. I love yoga, i love hatha, and also ashtanga. I practice every other day for 30-45min in my living room, and it’s my alone time after i put my son (18mos) to sleep. I enjoy it because it not only keeps me fit, but it clears my mind and gives me peace from within, i always feel better afterward and it also keeps my skin clear and glowing! I have no idea what kind of mat i have i bought it at whole foods about 8 or 9 years ago when i first started lol..but i need a new one desperately!

  113. My current yoga mat is a cheap-o one from Target… I’m tall, it’s short, my hands get sweaty, it gets slippery… needless to say having a proper mat would be awesome!