I hope you’re having a good day and in the mood for a little game of yes or no.

1. Have you ever eaten raw cookie dough?

Raw cookie dough in yellow mixing bowl

The real raw kind (above) with eggs

Not the Raw Vegan Cookie Dough (below) kind which is egg-free

Raw Vegan Cookie Dough balls stacked with paper

2. Do you think beans are the Musical Fruit?  Spicy Baked Black Beans with Mixed Vegetables may have had that effect in our house.

Spicy Baked Black Beans with Mixed Vegetables in white bowl

3. If a friend asked you if you thought her outfit made her look fat, would you tell her your honest thoughts?

4. Would you be able to explain the differences (without having a color chart next to you) between magenta, maroon, and crimson in a succinct way, either to a grown man or a preschooler, so that in a couple sentences they knew what was what?

Bonus points if the grown man even after the explanation has any idea what you just said.  If you ask him to pick out a maroon tie, he will likely come home with a periwinkle one.

5. Does the combination of chocolate + peanut butter make you happy?

Flourless chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip cookies stacked

What are your answers to 1 through 5 above?

Mine are:

1. yes (and I’m still here)

2. yes

3. yes (but this is hard and I’ve been known to dodge this question and admit to a little bit of white lying or sugar-coating)

4. no

5. yes!

And have you entered the Asian Foods Giveaway?

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