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I hope you’re having a good day and in the mood for a little game of yes or no.

1. Have you ever eaten raw cookie dough?

The real raw kind (above) with eggs

Not the Raw Vegan Cookie Dough (below) kind which is egg-free

2. Do you think beans are the Musical Fruit?  Spicy Baked Black Beans with Mixed Vegetables may have had that effect in our house.

3. If a friend asked you if you thought her outfit made her look fat, would you tell her your honest thoughts?

4. Would you be able to explain the differences (without having a color chart next to you) between magenta, maroon, and crimson in a succinct way, either to a grown man or a preschooler, so that in a couple sentences they knew what was what?

Bonus points if the grown man even after the explanation has any idea what you just said.  If you ask him to pick out a maroon tie, he will likely come home with a periwinkle one.

5. Does the combination of chocolate + peanut butter make you happy?

What are your answers to 1 through 5 above?

Mine are:

1. yes (and I’m still here)

2. yes

3. yes (but this is hard and I’ve been known to dodge this question and admit to a little bit of white lying or sugar-coating)

4. no

5. yes!

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24 comments on “Yes or No”

  1. so fun! my answers.

    1. yes – definitely. in embarrassingly large quantities. i’m still breathing.
    2. ha, never have thought of them that way, but i see your point!
    3. yes – in a “nice” way. eek! tough question.
    4. absolutely not.
    5. deliriously happy.

  2. Yep, don’t all kids??? If a good friend asked about an outfit, I might suggest a different option if it was really that bad. And I would never attempt to explain to a grown man any color subtleties ;-)

    I need a reminder to vote when I get home!

  3. I believe DUH sums up my answers. But, more specifically, YES, yes, yes, depends (a kid, yes, but grown men are hopeless), and DUH.

  4. HAHAHA, I could not explain those colors to my boyfriend. He thought I wore a black dress on our first date (a comment he made a week later, so it wasn’t cause it was so long ago he could be forgiven for forgetting) and I wore a white shirt with a skirt with orange and red flowers on it. So to answer your question, i’d say it depends on the man.

  5. 1. Hell yes. I prefer cookie dough to baked cookies. :P
    2. Yes.
    3. I would definitely sugar coat because I don’t want to hurt her feelings. But I would never say it makes her look fat, I would just say it isn’t flattering and to try something else.
    4. Does “magenta is dark pink, maroon is dark red, and crimson is blood red” count? :p
    5. Oh yes.

  6. that is fun!
    1.) yes
    2.) no (seriously, I never have problems!)
    3.) yes
    4.) yes
    5.) yes

  7. 1 – YES! I would rather eat the dough. I recently used cookie dough as cake filling (I have a problem).
    2 – Unfortunately, yes.
    3 – Yes, but with a little sugar coating (the color looks great on you, but I don’t think the cut is very flattering).
    4 – Yes (Magenta – a darker hot pink like my toenail polish, Maroon – Like Virginia Tech wears ;-) or like wine, Crimson – red like a fire truck).
    5 – YES!

  8. Yes. The raw cookie dough is the best part!

    No. Beans aren’t one of the foods that make me musical.

    No I would not tell a friend her outfit made her look fat. If something was truly unflattering I would tell her, but I wouldn’t say the word fat or any synonym of it.

    Nope, I don’t even know the difference. Much less how to explain it.

    Chocolate and peanut butter doesn’t make me vomit or anything, but it isn’t my favorite. I tend to like vanilla or spice flavors moreso than chocolate. And peanut butter in general is just meeeehhh to me. Now pistachio butter? I need that in my life.

  9. 1. Yes. LOTS of it. And I still eat it.

    2. Sometimes.

    3. Yes, but like you said, sugarcoating helps.

    4. Probably not.

    5. Yes. Very happy. In fact, might be making something with that VERY combo tonight :-)

  10. Mine are the exact same as yours: yes, yes, yes, no, yes!

  11. 1) Yes, almost daily.
    2) Big loud tooting yes.
    3)Yes, but I always try and beat around the bush of that one.
    4) Heck No… I think I’m partially color blind sometimes.
    5) Yes, now a cookie please?!

    Happy Wednesday, girl!

  12. Raw cookie dough is delicious :) im usually honest when people ask-does this look ok. Color descriptions? Uh prob not :)

  13. 1. yes, when I was young, but not in the last five years and mostly I just picked out the chocolate chips. I much prefer brownie batter
    2. Beans, fruit? I thought they were a legume. Not the kind of music I like :)
    3. Yes, I’m honest, and I don’t think outfits make people look fat. If you are fat, you will look fat, to put it bluntly.
    4. no way!
    5. Chocolate + Pb = THIRSTY. not a PB gal (almond butter, baby!)

  14. Yes, yes, yes yes, and yes. (Although the fat question would take some sugar coating!)

    haha I love this post :)

  15. YUM i want that raw cookie dough right now!!! #4 is definitley a no!

  16. Yes, yes, yes, what? NO!!, yes!

  17. 1) I eat raw cookie dough every time I make cookies, and I have absolutely no concerns about the raw egg.
    2) Yes, beans are totally the musical fruit. But, brussels sprouts are worse!
    3) Nope, I would tell the friend that she looked good. It would be too hurtful to tell her she looked fat – I could never do it.
    4) I would not be able to describe the difference between those colours.
    5) I like chocolate and PB together, but not as much as most people.

  18. question #4 made me crack up! I worked at a tux shop for many years and boys have NO concept of color whatsoever. I remember one client insisting to me his girlfriend’s dress was lavender and I showed him a dozen swatches of lavender and he was sure it was the right color and then she brought the dress in and it was…pink. Not even purple.

  19. My answers are the same as yours, yes to all except number 4. And honestly someone needs to explain the differences to me before I could possibly explain them to anyone else!

  20. Fun game! My answers:
    1. Yes, in my pre-vegan days,
    2. No, I think broccoli is a musical fruit.
    3. No, unless it is my sister.
    4. Definitely not.
    5. YES!

  21. 1. I’m vegan now, but the raw egg thing never scared me. I made & ate so much cookie dough containing raw eggs & I’m still standing. (I just personally stopped for ethical reasons.)

    2. Yes, beans are a musical fruit. I have to stop making CCK’s chocolate cookie pie (made with chickpeas) because it means I need to avoid people all day… :)

    3. It depends on how close I am with that friend & how she’ll take it. I would never outwardly say, “yeah, you look fat” because I wouldn’t want to hear that from anyone. Instead, I’ll suggest another outfit that I know looks adorable on her.

    4. I would like to say “yes” but…I truly doubt it :P

    5. OMG YES!! Choc & PB are probably the best couple ever! I celebrate their union <3

  22. yes, yes, yes (although it’s awkward), no (I don’t think I even know the difference! lol) and YES! I looooove chocolate and peanut butter together. And throw some caramel in there and it’s even better.

  23. 1. Yes, but it would be the raw vegan stuff today. :-)
    2. Not so much anymore, think I’ve built a tolerance.
    3. Yes, that’s what friends are for.
    4. Yes thanks to many art and graphic design classes in high school and college.
    5. Sure.

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