Zevia for 2 People RIGHT NOW

***GAME OVER, Janetha & Eve just won it!  Thanks for being on toppa things girls!

Two of the winners to the Zevia Contest flaked out.  So, the first TWO COMMENTERS right now on this post that tell me they want 6 cans of Zevia plus a TShirt AND give me a valid email address in the text of the comment so I can quickly email you back (Blogger blocks your email address so I can’t reply to you directly if you don’t tell me your email addy), it’s yours.

Ready, set, comment….And the Zevia is yours!

3 comments on “Zevia for 2 People RIGHT NOW”

  1. Very impressive yoga pose! Love all of your veggie creations. I got a spiralizer yesterday so I am very excited to try some of your meals out!

  2. I've been wondering how you photograph your yoga moves… do you set a timer or do you have someone else take the pictures? Just curious. :) Really cool moves, by the way…

    I've been doing yoga (at home, with DVDs and online YogaToday) for a couple of years, but find it hard to make it something I do daily… I always feel great once I've done it, but for some reason I find excuses not to do it daily, chores, etc… how do you keep up the daily routine? I think I, for some reason, feel like it is a pampering thing, and so other things seem to take precedence. :/

    I love your peppy blog :)

  3. nothing like a little bit of twisty yoga to show us that life is all about baby steps HUH?

    I am glad you wrote about that though…

    I know my limits and know when I need to just bow out for an hour or whatever…and my Hubs is super awesome when I need him to HEAR me…

    regular exercise for me keeps me even keeled…and balance. and fresh air.

    Happy Monday to you

  4. Oh mondays, why do you suck so much?

    browniesssssssssssss <3 nomz!

    thanks so much for the yoga tips – I'll be honest, I tried a full headstand before I was ready to and nearly broke my skull open.. definitely takes PATIENCE and time!

    have a good day girlfraaaan! xo

  5. OMG! That food looks so yummy! Are you trying to kill me? ; )

    Don't you just love the santoku? It's my favorite knife!

    Gentle and kind to myself? I guess making my workouts a priority is being kind to myself. There is no way around it, I get my workouts in! On yoga days, I am gentle to myself:)

  6. Raw vegan chocolate brownies?! Omg they look so good. SOOOOO good.
    I am so inspired by your squeaky clean eats. I feel better just looking at them! ;)

  7. Hey! i have been following your blog for a while, but just noticed your CHIA give away!! :O i enetred :) woo!
    okay. and best.brownie.recipe.ever.

    thank you

    definatly making that ASAP!!! YUM

  8. You always impress me with your moves! :)

    That oatmeal looks delicious! I have just become an oatmeal lover, thanks to GF oats! YUM! You ideas inspire me!

  9. you never cease to amaze me with your yoga positions! i have never done yoga and i am sooo not flexible it is not funny, i can't even touch my toes, no lie! love the overnight oats creation and the chocolatey deliciousness. glad you got to spend a little time with your sweetie, even if it was short!

  10. I won't lie – I was chuckling over the last bit about yoga thinking to myself, "She's writing to you Hayley!!" :) I agree with you though – my head is still sore after all the headstands I attempted on Saturday night. Baby steps…I need to remember that!

    Man – your oats look outstanding. I am still not a fan of the nanner in the oats, but I'm sure it would still taste good without it, right? That and the brownies…ohhh my. I'm salivating – AGAIN!! I definitely need to try those. I've been making Gena's raw peanut noodle sauce but I think next time I'll give yours a go for a change. It looks great!!

    Enjoy your time with your hubbie..you're right – quality not quantity. :)

  11. I think you might need a bigger knife than that But the shape is perfect for all your raw veggie chopping. I'm thinking 10" perhaps. You can go to Sur La Table and tell them what it's for, then thank them and go back to BBB. Sneaky I know.

    Massage is what I do to be kind to myself.

    That brownie looks decadent.

  12. Your brownies making a reappearance. I think it's time for me to indulge also :)

  13. Oh goodness, I don't even know where to begin! Everything looks absolutely delicious. Glad you've got that spiralizer working it's magic!!

    I spent YEARS in a highly competitive sport and was taught the 'do it no matter what' mentality. It's hard to get out of that but I'm learning to take plenty of me time :)

  14. Missy-the spiralizer, for $30 bucks, is changin' my life. Not quite like the Vitamix did but for 30 bucks, it's hugely awesome!

    Nic-My dear hubs photographs me. Glad you love the peppy blog and I look at yoga as essential, not pampering cuz if I dont do it, things get awfully cranky round here :)

    Hi Cindy-Hope you and the fam are having a great day!

    Jenny-Yep, I had some backflop issues in full headstand too. It's not about kicking up, it's about going up w/ control. If you dont yep you're right, you're gonna break something that you kinda need…like your skull :) Happy day to you to grrrlfrannnd xoxo

    FF & Deb-I am not sure yet bout the Santoku. For the money, I should loooove the thing. It's fine, but Deb you're right, I think I need a bigger knife. Hard to believe but it's not quite big enough for even large peppers to comfortably chop. Thanks for the Sur la Table tipperoo!

    Thinny & Devan-Yep, it is the best brownie recipe ever. I tweaked it..there's that tweakin' again til I got it Right on the mooo-la!

    Lauren & Janetha-Glad you like the oats and yoga. Lauren flexiblity is one part of it, but strength is the other. The beauty of yoga is that it's 50/50 so you never get too hyperextended flexible or too musclehead strong, always in balance. Enjoy those oats, chiccccas!

    Hayley-Wasnt talkin directly to you, but you were in mind :) You remind me of me, hard driving, a bit competitive, won't stop til ya master it, no matter what…and although the attitude has served me well in certain endeavors, it's not always the best…including in yoga so just let it unfold in it's own happy way :)

    Thanks for all the great comments, I love you guys!!!!!


  15. Wow – what great looking dishes you prepared. Can I hire you?

    I think you are a lot more advanced in your yoga than I am. I do a beginners gentle yoga and it's enough for me:-)

  16. Grapes in the freezer? Pure bliss.

    I need a spiralizer! Or at the very least a mandolin.

    I'm still a newbie yoga all things considered, but I'm taking your words to heart. The give a kid a hug analogy makes me understand completely! I'm so glad I've got a go to yoga gal in my life now!

  17. I'm seeing peanut noodles all over the place/blogs tonight! I really want some now :)

  18. LOVE your blog! I just found it…
    I am eating 100% local (okay, 90%!) and am super impressed by your crow! Wow!
    would you be willing to look at my amazing race bar giveaway and perhaps do something like your breakfast cookie??

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  20. mmm, I LOVE peanut sauce. But, excuse my ignorance, what is ACV?

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