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Despite it being the first real week back at the grind in the swing of things after the holidays, I think the week’s been going by really fast.  What do you think?  What have you been up to?  I taught yoga last night as I mentioned I would be doing, and then met up with a couple new friends.  Just a tea for me because I needed to get home and whip up some din-din for Scott and Skylar.  I’ll show you what I made in a minute.  This morning I had a photo shoot and tonight is more running around teaching yoga, dinner, family time.…the usual chaos busy-ness!

I wanted to thank all the new commenters I’ve had this week, and of course, thanks to my faithful friends, readers, and daily commenters!  I love how blogging has basically allowed me to feel like I have a hundred new BFF’s and I keep up on your life and you keep up on mine through our blogs.  Not only do we share our food and what we ate, which is great and all, but the little tidbits and details of our life and our personality that come through on everyone’s blog is what keeps me blogging and keeps me coming back to everyone else’s blog and which feeds my blogging & computer addiction, which I am trying to break a bit!  Holly and Deb have been helping me with this!

I try to make my rounds as best I can to all the new commenters’ blogs, so bear with me if I’m slow in popping over to your bloggie.  And also bear with me if you’ve sent me an email and want a personalized response.  I get about 20+ personal emails daily in addition to the comments I get and I know you all want answers to your questions about yoga, raw food, your vegan needs, etc.  And I love you guys but I am only one person and do my best trying to get back to you all! 

Thanks for the props on yesterday’s Vegan Dessert Post:
Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Banana Bourbon Vanilla Softserve

Banana Bourbon Vanilla Softserve

And your Great Feedback about Managing Stress and what works for you!  I loved reading all the great comments on this one and hearing what helps you!  It’s so important to keep our stress levels in check and to do whatever works for us in our own life!

Moving along to today…
First, a Hungry Hungry Hippie sent me a Holiday Card.  Isn’t she just the cutest?!  Rumor has it, she’s marrying that guy, too!  Congrats Hippie Couple, love you Elise!

Holiday Christmas Card with man and woman

If you missed my Holiday Card Collage, check that one out, too.

Collage of Christmas Cards

Another bloggie friend, Carbzilla, sent me something I am too cheap to buy myself have been wanting for a long time and she wasn’t going to use this herself, so she passed it onto me:  Coconut Flour

Bag of Coconut Flour

From Tropical Traditions.   Kinda the Mercedes Benz of Coconut Products.  

Close up of label on bag of coconut flour

Thank you, CarbzillaYou’re the best, muah!!!!!  I think that a twist on Brownie Batter Pancakes with my new Coconut Flour and my new chocolate (keep reading!) may be calling my name.  Or wait, maybe I need to Veganize Heather’s Coconut Flour Pancakes.   Or just come up with a totally new Vegan Dessert.  So many great things WILL be happening with this coconut flour, promise!

And, my friend Marla of Family Fresh Cooking

Goodie bag from friend

had a give away for Scharffen Berger Chocolate.

Hand holding Scharffen Berger product

Kinda the creme de la creme of Baking Chocolate.  That and Dagoba I’d say are two premier chocolate companies.  Well, I was one of the lucky winners of her Give Away and look what Marla and Scharffen Berger bestowed upon me:
Cocoa Powder

Schaffen Berger Cocoa Powder

70% Bittersweet Fine Artisan Dark Chocolate

Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Bar
Back label of chocolate bar

And 62% Cocoa Semisweet Baking Chunks

Bag of 62% Cocoa Semisweet Baking Chunks
Ingredients in 62% Cocoa Semisweet Baking Chunks

Thanks again Scharffen Berger and Marla!   This will be put to very good use.  No worries!

So now that the mailbox rehash sesh is over, what did I made for dinner?  Well, as much as I love my kale and veggies salads

Kale and vegetable salad
Close up of Kale and Vegetable salad

a certain girl named Heather reminded me with this post of hers that I needed to spiralize some zucchinis.  Which is what I did.

Spiralized Zucchini Noodles
I know someone will ask, for spiralizer info and what I have, where to buy it (the best $29.99 you’ll ever spend!) check out this post.

So I took the raw zuke noods…

 Zucchini Noodles in container

And whipped up a batch of Peanut Sauce.

Overhead of jar of Peanut Sauce

Added some other veggies: Red & Yellow Peppers, Carrots, Cukes, and the funky end pieces of zucchini the spiralizer creates which I dice & mix into the recipe.

Zucchini Noodles with chopped vegetables in bowl

Bathed Slathered the whole thing in Peanut Sauce,

Zucchini Noodles and Vegetables topped with Peanut Sauce

 tossed it together, and licked up loved every bite!

Overhead of Zucchini Noodles, Vegetables and Peanut Sauce
Close up of Zucchini Noodles, Vegetables and Peanut Sauce

Dessert was a Combo…
The Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs from yesterday

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

And some Raw Vegan Apple Crumble, too.

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

I didn’t bother with a fresh batch of softserveDidn’t need to be gluttonous or anything.

Softserve ice cream

Here’s a couple pics of my cutie pie today, too!  Skylar I love you, honey!  One day maybe you will read my blog if I bind it up into a book and I want you to know how much I love you!!!!!!

Young girl wearing pink smiling standing in bedroom
Young girl looking up at camera with big smile

Such a happy little soul!

Young girl in doorway wearing pink and smiling

Striking a Pose Together

Woman and child taking picture in bathroom mirror
Woman and Child in Mirror Smiling for photo

Yoga Today involves me going on trip down iPhoto Memory Lane.  A pic from right before we moved from San Diego to Phoenix.  
Marichyasana C
Twisting is my Tip of the Day:  One of the reasons we twist in yoga is to massage and compress our internal organs.  This results in purifying, detoxing, and cleansing our organs; including improved digestion.  Start with the right side first, then the left.  This will ensure you’re working with, not against, your digestive tract.  Hold each side for 5 to 10 breaths and if you cannot bind your arms/hands together, that’s ok.   Just begin to twist and get things warm, compressed, massaged, and the prana, or life force, flowing on the inside. 

Woman doing Marichyasana C yoga pose

Were you popular?  I mean, in school.  In school, I was well-liked, and there were times I was “popular” but then there were times where I was tall and skinny and boys didn’t like me, and I was very studious, and dare I say intelligent, and the girls who were interested in crimping their hair didn’t really find my fascination with the books and academic pursuits all that interesting or friend-worthy.  So I guess I was sorta popular, but it ebbed and flowed.  At the time, it mattered hugely to my confidence and self-esteem. 

Now, as an adult, I still think it’s so important to have friends and real, honest, interpersonal connections, and in a way, are we all always still trying to fit in?  Or have you done that?  Do you feel you “fit in” in your life, with those around you, or are you still searching for your Tribe?  If you’re searching for connections and fitting in, how or when do you think you’ll find your peace, your home, your tribe?

Can’t wait to hear your answers!!!!

Stay Tuned For a Fast, Easy, Vegan (or not) Dinner Recipe…


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