20 Recipes to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Pre-Halloween is a time when all the candy at the grocery store looks so good and somehow an impulse buy of 4 bags happens.

And those seasonal and special edition bags of candy that Target sells, don’t even get me started. Because of the ‘Limited Edition’ factor, it’s suddenly more appealing, you go into hoard mode, and buy even more.

On top of it, the 75 trick-or-treaters you were expecting really only materializes into 7 kids, 3 of which were infants-in-arms.

Whoa, you now have a lotta candy.

Whoa, I have a lotta candy recipes.

20 Recipes to Use Leftover Halloween Candy - from averiecooks.com

For the most part, the candy used in the recipes is pretty interchangeable and can be mixed-and-matched. For example, M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces are easily swapped.

Or rather than using 12 Fun-Sized Snickers bars, if you have 7, along with a few 100 Grand Bars, and some random Baby Ruth’s, you’re set.

1. Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Butterfinger Bars (GF, keep vegan by using Peanut Butter Cups instead of Butterfingers)

Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Butterfinger Bars (no-bake, GF) - Easy recipe at averiecooks.com

2.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Kit Kat Crunch Bars (keep vegan and GF by using Peanut Butter Cups instead of Kit Kats) – This bar and the bar above are my current two favorite no-bake bars of the year

Chocolate Peanut Butter Kit Kat Crunch Bars (no-bake) - Easy Recipe at averiecooks.com

3. Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Dough Crumble Bars – This is probably my favorite baked bar this year

Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Dough Crumble Bars averiecooks.com

 4. Milky Way Chocolate Cookie Crumble Bars – The chocolate answer to the bar above

5. Double Chocolate Caramel Corn & Cocoa Rice Krispies Candy Bars (no-bake, GF)

Double Chocolate Caramel Corn & Cocoa Rice Krispies Candy Bars (no-bake, GF)

6. Triple Peanut Butter Monster Cookie Bars

Triple Peanut Butter Monster Cookie Bars - Easy One-Bowl Recipe at averiecooks.com

7. Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars – This recipe has been pinned over 100k times in 6 weeks

Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars - Easy Recipe at averiecooks.com

8. Homemade Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies – Some of the best brownies I’ve ever made

Homemade Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies - Recipe at averiecooks.com

9. Candy Corn White Chocolate M&M Blondies

Candy Corn White Chocolate M&M Blondies - Fast, Easy, One-Bowl, No-Mixer Recipe at averiecooks.com

10. Loaded Fudgy Candy Bar Brownies

Loaded Fudgy Candy Bar Brownies - Fast, Easy, No-Mixer Recipe at averiecooks.com

11. Soft and Chewy M&Ms Cookies

Soft and Chewy M&Ms Cookies averiecooks.com

12. Reese’s Pieces Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

Reese's Pieces Soft Peanut Butter Cookies - Recipe at averiecooks.com

13. Candy Corn and White Chocolate Softbatch Cookies

Candy Corn and White Chocolate Softbatch Cookies - Fun & Easy Recipe at averiecooks.com

14. Soft and Chewy Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft and Chewy Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookies averiecooks.com

15. Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Fluffernutter Cookies with Peanut Butter Buttercream – The photos do not do these cookies justice. PB Cookies, stuffed with Reese’s, marshmallows, and topped with PB buttercream. No words

Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Fluffernutter Cookies with Peanut Butter Buttercream - Recipe at averiecooks.com

16. Twix Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Twix Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies averiecooks.com

17. Trail Mix Peanut Butter Cookies – NO flour, NO butter, and I didn’t add any white sugar

Trail Mix Peanut Butter Cookies (GF) averiecooks.com

18. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut Butter M&M’s

19. Ritz Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups (no-bake, vegan)

Ritz Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups (no-bake, vegan)

20. Caramel-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Caramel-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups - Easy, No-Mixer, Foolproof Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe at averiecooks.com

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What do you do with your leftover candy? What’s your favorite candy?

Have a safe and happy pre-Halloween weekend!

42 comments on “20 Recipes to Use Leftover Halloween Candy”

  1. I like to chop up leftover candy and put it into melted super dark chocolate and make my own candy bar….and I’d love to just take a day off work, buy a huge bag of candy and bake/stir up a bunch of these bars. Wow–I’m wide awake now just from looking at the selection and am possibly wavering again about which one to make for the party next weekend!

  2. Even though I don’t really eat this kind of stuff, I’m not gonna lie, these all look freaking delicious!!

  3. Brownies are my favorite platform for candy! AND you have amazing recipes for that. Sign me up! Do you think Milk-Duds would bake okay in cookies or do you think that candy will get too hard/chewy?

    • I think Milk Duds would be fine as long as you used them sort of like I did with the caramels in item #20. They have to be shielded with dough or they’d get too hard I fear. But would be good in stuffed cookies/cookie cups.

  4. :) Chocolate never is left over in our home…however the other junky treats are…

    Any suggestions on what to make with skittles, gummy treats, starbursts, sweetarts, lollipops, etc?

    The chocolate recipes looks DEEEEEEELICIOUS! :)

    • The problem is that sugar based candy like that (without much/if any fat) is going to pretty much melt/turn runny under heat and it’s very hard to bake with it. You could mix some of it into some Chex Mix/puppy chow type of creations but those kinds of candy are trickier. I actually love those kinds of candies before a run. 50 or 100 calories of pure sugar…gives me a nice little boost :)

  5. Wow, I’ve never realized how many recipes you had that incorporated candy. What a great post Halloween post. I’m sure you’re going to get tons of people hitting your blog about 2-3 days after Halloween looking for fun ways to use up all that candy.
    We always have leftover candy and usually just donate it to the dentist around day 2 and save the good candy like m&m’s, peanut butter cups for movie nights. My kids would rather have a baked treat than eat their candy, but seeing that you have so many recipes that use Halloween candy, I can come over here and create something fun! :) xoxo, Jackie

    • I realized after I wrote the post that it may be good for a google searches/SEO after the holiday – hey, that’s cool. I’ll take it!

      That’s funny you donate your candy to…the dentist! of all places. Oh, the irony.

      My kids would rather have a baked treat than eat their candy <---I agree with them :) But yeah you can just bake it right in!

  6. I think I need to go trick or treating just so that I can have the candy to make all of these!

  7. So much yumminess! All these bars and cookies and candies! I am in Halloween candy heaven. Now I just need to find some and more than my little sister us going to get tricker treating down main street. They just do not hand out the best candy around here! :(

  8. You are the candy master Averie! I realize the point of this round up is to make good use of candy we ALREADY have, but I’m also seeing a lot of great reasons to go our and buy more ;-)

  9. You are the queen of the loaded candy bar/cookie!

  10. This is such a dangerous list! I’ve been avoiding the candy aisle (heck, I try to avoid it at all times of the year) like crazy. Unfortunately, I have no trick or treaters in my apartment building, so I don’t really have an excuse to buy bags of it–I have no control when it comes to candy, haha!

    BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t make myself one of these! :)

  11. You are a MASTER at Halloween-ing! I want to go to the house that hands these out as treats instead…

  12. Nice roundup! My teeth are hurting whilst my stomach is growling, just from looking at the photos. I just love Halloween!!

  13. I’m dying here. Everything looks incredible! INCREDIBLE.

    I can usually wait until after Halloween for the candy – then I hit up the sales, and it.is.ON.

  14. Looks Spook-tacular to me! Can’t wait to try!

  15. These are all great ideas, Averie! Love the Kit Kat bars!

  16. This is (will be) the most useful post EVER!! Thanks Averie!!

  17. Other than candy corn, we don’t have much candy in the house but you know that won’t stop me from making these! I still need to make your little debbie cosmic brownies!

  18. I am now hoping there is Halloween candy left over!

  19. All these look quite scrumptious. Just looking at the photos are making my mouth water. I will definitely be trying these recipes very soon.

  20. I agree with the person who said “your food always looks so fun!” It does.
    I think 2 years ago, I made a bundt cake filled with leftover Halloween candy.
    You might want to try that, if anything it gives a great color rainbow. LOL

  21. This post makes me want to buy extra Halloween candy just so I can make all of these with the leftovers. Those PB Butterfinger bars are calling my name!

  22. Best post ever! LOL, and yes those special edition candies will be the death of me!! Target why oh why do you do this to me!? :)

  23. Leave it to me to make the obvious joke. Leftover Halloween candy? Who has leftover Halloween candy? Well actually I always do. I live in an area where we don’t get trick or treaters because they have this huge block party that all the kids go to because that’s where the real loot is. GREG

    • Greg if you only knew how much candy I have in my house…I need your kitchen, just to warehouse my candy, baking chips, and sugar stash :) It’s insane but hey, I can always walk down to the store (my kitchen) at any hour, day or night, and make a recipe :)

      I am jealous of the block party! We live in urban San Diego and everyone here is either young/fabulous/no kids or elderly/retired/no kids or pretending they’re not home and don’t buy candy and aren’t team players! So I take my daughter to a local mall b/c it’s a sure-thing, but I need a block party!

  24. I saw a recipe for starburst vodka. Take 18-20 like flavored starburst and add to 8 oz vodka – allow to melt and shake gently – enjoy! lol CJ

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